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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Four Star Kelly Responds With Thoughts Of A Civil War Compromise

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Regardless of your social or political ilk, you have to recognize protest about remaining statues of Civil War Era Confederate Generals is all about taking down the US the major shame of vestiges of a US past which seems to be resurfacing.

The ongoing fervor (take the statues down or leave them stand), has come to the forefront of a national racial and social divide. Over the past few years the divide has become something of a social tsunami as whit supremacist have taken-up the brandishing the flag as a symbol of defiance to a racially divers nation.  On the other side of the fervor are African-Americana entities and protester who recognize symbols of the US confederacy for what it was: a movement to preserve and defend white supremacy.  You need go no farther than the Confederate battle field flag which became the post Civil War shield of defiance and racial purity.

The "Confederate Flag" as it is colloquially referred to, was the flag used in battle by the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. ... The flag's look changed over time, as did its meaning.
If we take the WIKI definition to its next logical point, the genesis of the flag, we find reason for movements to take down the statues and removal of the flag.

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Some Americans simply do not find the proliferation of white supremacy, its adopting Confederate statues and the Confederate Flag as acceptable. Especially, with consideration of total evil which is associated with the flag and statues; of which we are seeing brandishing of the Nazi Third Reich flag by some white supremacists.

I ask, why would Trump's Chief of Staff facilitate Fox News's continued support from the US Confederacy? Is it possible millions of Americans Fox News also support white supremacy and Nazism for a perspective of "all good?"

The Statues

As we lived through a day when the largest presidential scandal in US history continues to unfold it is noteworthy to find Trump's dispatched stooge (Four-star Kelly) sitting on Fox News answering questions produced to deflect from The Day of The Indictments.  

Apparently, Kelly was asked about the Civil war via a questions about removal of Confederate statues.  He immediately opened with a diatribe about the virtues of Robert E. Lee (a distinguished Southerner prior to the Civil War.   

It doesn't take much to know Fox News. The network fulfills its role in support all things GOP in a most effective manner. Thus, the network also performs its share of anti-tolerance of anything nonwhite.  We also know Kelly didn't simply sit and allow even a softball Fox News interview fire question at him without a pre-screened questions (and probably approval to ask certain questions).   He and his boss knew the questions regarding Robert E. Lee was coming. Kelly's choice of answered while accurate as to Lee's reputation as an army officer, we also lead with support for white supremacy.  If that reads in a harsh manner, you only have to considered the flag posted above.

Kelly also touched to that well-known conservative social Nirvana of "states rights."  A sure indication of support for the most regressive of conservative political policy and practice.  

The coup de grace was Kelly's idiotic comments regarding compromise.  Compromise?  How could anyone in the Abraham Lincoln Administration find compromise with regard to human ownership and its associated human bondage (human beings as chattel)? What we the North and South discussed sanctioning  specific number of slaves via owner choice of some weird human bondage lottery?  

Fox News's newest show host, Laura Ingraham, started her time at Fox News  (The Ingraham Angle show,) promulgating propaganda. Kelly was a conduit to an end, appease white nationalist and white supremacist while deflecting for the days events.  If you missed it above, know Ingraham bundled her racist quest with a question which included George Washington and a church in Virginia.

Take another look and listen:

There is simply something very wrong with Fox News's use of slavery as a tool to advance their brand of conservative propaganda.  Above and beyond common Fox News's business model, high ranking White House staff are well beyond decency and normalcy to expose any end to slavery in any manner shy of forced cessation.