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Monday, March 6, 2017

Ben Carson: "SLAVE SHIPS?" Really Ben?


We watched the cadre of GOP hopefuls who ran against Donald Trump. We watched and found it impossible to avoid referring to the lot as a bunch of social misfits or zany characters with Trump at the top of the list. As the eventual winner of the nomination, one could only assume conservative America is laden with equally zany minds who do not augment their knowledge base with good and credible information. I recently found a few people who I formerly held in high esteem were actually avid Fox News. Two such Trump subjects are as follows.

During a dinner setting in a public restaurant, my wrong perception of the high esteem couple was highlighted when two situations took place. Once we succumbed to the woman's repeated effort to bait us into talk of the "news" (naively not realizing Fox News was her hidden network preference), my disdain for Trump came forth. The man across the table gosh(ly) raised his arms and exhorted rather loudly "we won we won." After hearing my suggestion we not talk politics over the expensive dinner, the woman after a moment said: "Not talk politics ok, but I have to say one thing. I love my country."

Image result for fox news scaring white people

For civility sake, I refrained from the obvious retort. A retort any rational person would have anticipated before placing their neck in a debate guillotine. 

The obvious retort? "Are you saying via implication that my anti-Trump vote means, I do not love the country?" Yes, the woman was, and is, an obvious Fox News late night Tinhead. Her remark had Mark Levine written all over it.  The remarks were mindlessly myopic and indicative of what I am seeing from many who flocked to elect Donald Trump. 

The catalyst for this post or, if you prefer, relevance, please? 

No automatic alt text available. The mindlessness of Trump also permeates his White House and Cabinet like an infestation of influenza. Ben Carson, former brain surgeon, who of late has come across as having spent far too much time on the wrong side of the surgical table (doctor Vs patient) has opened up with another of his patented utterances that only he can fully understand and appreciate.   

Carson in his debut address to his Housing and Urban Development employees used an analogy which was nothing shy of "WHAT?"
....... Carson told agency employees about the virtues of the “can-do” American society and used “immigrants” who “came here in the bottom of slave ships” as the examples of that virtue. 
“That’s what America is about,” Carson said. “A land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

Rather than sit and keyboard lines of disparaging remarks about Carson's statement, I have posted a comment from one who is most noted for classic retorts and statements of condemnation. 

"Immigrants?" The shame of it all! 


Thursday, December 5, 2013

According To Fox News ObamaCare Does Not Cover Babies!!!


It will surprise no one Fox News continues to offer on camera appearances to people who literally seek an opportunity to add their face (On the star worshiping tube  [55" flat screen for all Fox News viewers] like reality TV) to tell outright lies. Since, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act Fox has scheduled quite a few unscrupulous robots to bash the Affordable Care Act. 

It is amazing the network continues to broadcast stories that within hours are moved to the file marked 'Fox News Lies.'

The latest version was a real heart breaker stretch.  A family's newborn was denied coverage because ObamaCare does not coverage babies under the age of two.  Wow!  Now, that would be an ObamaCare death knell if Fox could get that message to people of child-bearing and child-reading age.  

Another notable fact related to Fox News anti-ACA propaganda,  the faux interviews seem to appear most on Sean Hannity's Comedy show.

Hannity and coverage for "low Information" voters (LIVs).

Lest we forget Fox has a new face to add to the gallery of faux news and entertainment stories. We offer a second linked version.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Chris Hayes, MSNBC, ALL IN coverage for people who demand more credible reporting. The segment is 12 minutes plus, but at a point in the segment Hayes reveals the aggrieved father may have a past that could explain his efforts to provide an ObamaCare "bad story." How easy would it be to claim, "Oh I made a mistake and forgot to add the baby."  

Do you believe Fox will come back and retract the false claims?

Answer: Did they do so after this episode?

Salon Dot Com writer, Eric Stern, performs very basic journalism that rendered "non-truth tellers."  One Fox guest eventually stopped all conversation with Stern.  

See video mid-page to view the Hannity spectacle.

We have read about intentional attacks against the ACA website. We know of GOP obstruction to the law that literally cost the nation $24 billion dollars against GDP. We know 26 state governors have denied possible lief-savings benefits to their constituents via refusing to expand Medicaid (at federal expense for three years). We really should not be surprised at Fox News faux testimonials. Finally, should we really be surprised most of the faux testimonials broadcast on the Hannity Show?