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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lawrence O'Donnell And The Shame Of The New York Times. Also "I Will F_ _king Kill You."

The video segment below is a must view. If you read or view nothing beyond the Lawrence O'Donnell segment, that is your choice. If you fail to give O'Donnell a viewing you are enabling both bad police work and you will miss a classic example of "media by the authorities."  The articles referenced by O'Donnell isn't worthy of linking on the TPI. The level of unprofessional reporting and slanted "copy" would not pass the scrutiny of Journalism students at a Junior College in a town of 5,000. Yet editors at the New York Times passed the article on for publish and "salting" the minds of those who do not question US media. 

Bad Reporting via a Storied International Newspaper.

I could spend an hour writing in opine about the O'Donnell piece. There is little need to opine beyond what follows. When one of the world's most storied newspapers settles of diminutive reporting on the execution style killing of Mike Brown, you have to know the nation is in deep trouble.

I find it impossible to believe the wanton murder of a non-minority 18 year would receive the level of "almost apologetic" coverage as that delivered via the New York Times. 

UPDATE: Margaret Sullivan, NYT Public Editor's Journal, screeds on the New York Times "Fumble." Linked here

Act II of police gone bad! 

Mike Brown's spirit is showing the extent to which cops have no regard for decency inherent in people they are charged with corralling or herding about. 

Ray Albers 

'I Will F**king Kill You' 

A little icing on the cop abuse cake!
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