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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confederate Flag: Nine Dead, Killer Got Burger King (W/Cheese) And GOP Upset About Downing The Flag

The NAACP, many Democrats, virtually all African-Americans and the vast majority of US progressives and independents have longed for a time when the US South and the GOP were forced to abandon the "Stick in the eye" manifest in brazen flying the flag of the US Confederacy.

The issue supersedes Jim Crow, State's Rights and the very successful GOP "Southern Strategy," and stands as a hallmark guidepost of US racism. bias and bigotry.  Watch as one spin off from a well publicizes tea party event visited the home of the nation's African-American president. An event at which Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee was as visible as a camera hogging ego maniac. 



No mater the rhetoric and outcry about misrepresentation of the flag of the Confederacy, all speakers know its history, they know its meaning and they are manipulating when they "feign" no harm meant, no harm done.

Another very well known advisor to Rand Paul carved a visual niche via use of the flag and without question garnered significant support for his "act."  Thus, he gained additional notoriety from Paul The Younger" whose father has a well documented history of racism and total intolerance regarding issues of race. 

Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger, rode the wings of the flag like that of a splendid and proud Bald Eagle as a national moniker for America. Unlike some on the Right who continue to whine about nascent disenfranchisement of the flag, the Southern Avenger now sings.

 Image result for Dylann Roof’s manifesto.  
Excuse the image digression.

Jack Hunter, Former 'Southern Avenger', Repudiates Former Hateful Stance

When I first read former 'Southern Avenger' Jack Hunter's column in The Daily Beast, I was pretty skeptical. In the column, he claims to have repented of his racist ways and is ashamed of them now. I argued the Confederate flag wasn't about race. I believed it. Millions of well-meaning Southerners believe it too. I was…