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Sunday, August 11, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Charlottesville, Tucker Carlson, Trump In El Paso

Two years ago today, white supremacists perpetrated mayhem and murder in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Shortly thereafter Trump (when pressed) commented that the event and the day were shared by 'fine people on both sides". 


True leadership. How does a true leader lead in times of horrific experienced for her/his constituents? The true leader shows empathy, sympathy and offers a personal touch; which could mean much to those who suffer. 

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The Buffoon, narcissistic camera hound and his wife show exactly the core of the current GOP and US conservative mindset. The baby's parents are dead Shot by a right-wing racist who seemed to clone Trump's "invasion" moniker for brown people who are seeking a better life in the United States.  The photo opportunity was yet another example of the existential reality of Trumpism. 

If you have time and respect the sanctity and special elevation of the US Presidency, you have to sit through this MSNBC segment.  The manner of speech is as critical as a presidents judgment. We have almost three years of empirical evidence Trump has zero judgment.  Watch and listen as Chris Hayes shows us the full measure of Trump's inept mental processes (as exemplified via speech). 
A visit over on Fox News finds another evening host who suddenly announced a "vacation." 
Does Fox News management and Ruppert Murdoch so disrespect their viewers they practice disciplinary "vacation" closeting when a host shows the true core values of the organization? Is sending a host on an unplanned "vacation" a mere band-aid and hand-slap? would termination serve a better purpose? Alas, a question for credible media with viewers who might find utter racism and defense of racism a "deplorable act ".

Let's take another look (and listen). 


James Alex Fields, Jr August 12, 2017

And David Duke on August 12, 2017, put it into words.

If you are familiar with professional sports and television broadcast, you know the term "color commentator".  While the use of the term, regarding David Duke's validation and of Trump, also carries a nagging pun (hence "color"), I cannot find a better metaphorical analogy.  

Why should we ask should Fox management even respond with an "Immediate vacation"?  We suspect to slow the trickle of advertisers, more so than an attack of consciousness. 

On the anniversary day of Charlottesville, we find Fox News's Tucker Carlson on immediate vacation and we find an image of Trump and his wife with a baby with deceased via an American terrorist influenced by Trump's incessant oratory and hate speech.


Monday, July 28, 2014

“It’s called leadership"

Image via Mediaite, via Screengrab

A few days back, Bill Maher hosted a panel of two conservative guest (very popular across all cable networks) and one progressive guest. Maher interaction with one very vocal tea party spokespersons is worthy a short screed.

Follow this!!!

LiberalAgenda 22 via YouTube

Published on Jul 26, 2014
July 25, 2014 - On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher took on two of his guests, a Republican and a libertarian, who were criticizing President Obama over his foreign policy. Maher challenged them to say exactly what Obama should be doing differently, and repeatedly emphasized that they should be specific in their criticisms. FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe acknowledged it’s not all Obama’s fault––Bush is partly to blame for the chaos in the world––but at the same time, he said, “this president has zero respect in the world.” When Maher asked what Obama should do, Kibbe said, “It’s called leadership.” 
Maher said, “Remember when I said be specific?” and added, “What the fuck does that mean?”
Republican Hogan Gidley jumped in to say Obama refuses to act like a strong leader would, such as naming Putin “as a bad actor in the planes coming down.” Maher repeatedly pressed him on what Obama should do, and when Gidley didn’t directly answer, he cries, “You keep veering off the point of what we should be doing!”

“This president has zero respect in the world!” 

After sitting quietly while George W Bush ruined our national and took us to the lowest levels of international respect, the Tea Party leader dared "go there."

“It’s called leadership."

Like this?

Giuliani on Putin" That's what I call a leader"

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