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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: CNN Hires Conservative Pundits To Merely Entertain US

Image result for liar for hire

You may know for years we have complained about CNN's broadcast business model which includes nightly shows with combating panelists. The shows are purely for purpose of entertainment, as the topics discussed are news related but not pure news reporting. In order to fill 24 hour days and 365 day years, CNN is forced to offer many shows which are aired purely for purpose of garnering revenue via attracting viewers. Yes, of course, both Fox News and MSNBC also offer programs and shows for purpose of entertainment (attracting viewers to secure advertisers which provide revenue). Neither Fox nor MSNBC fill their air-time with full evening compliments of Battling Panelists.

Battling Panelists simply means CNN management and producers attract viewers via broadcasting panels comprised of people with opposing Internet, opposing points of view and a (paid) willingness to combat across a stage set. While they are called contributors, their job description has to include possession of hardcore political views with Left or Right as well as an accompanying willingness to lie as necessary.  The lie is important because anyone who sits on a CNN set is intellectually gifted enough to know they are there for a purpose. If any hardcore Trump supporter suddenly turned on his president and commenced on day after day and hour after hour anti-Trump punditry, that contributor would be of much less value to the network. 

Since Trump's declaration of intent to run for president as far bask as 2015, CNN has employed a veritable horde of talking head pundits who employed varying degrees of lies to earn that paycheck.

Image result for cnn donald trump supporters Related image
Image result for cnn donald trump supporters Image result for cnn trump supporters      
Image result for cnn trump supporter miller Related image  
Image result for cnn trump supporter kingston Image result for paris dennard republican strategist

Some have been fried, others have been less publicly fired but certainly not booked anymore based on alleged seedy interactions, and yes, most are still employed by CNN.  While never employed by the network, there is yet another who practice incessant lying on behalf of Trump: 

Image result for kellyanne conway
KellyAnne (Alternative Facts) Conway. 
Trump's Number One White House Presstitute

Alas CNN has hired another such talking head who seems afflicted and consumed with Trump denial and rationalization as critical to his life as breathing and eating. As US conservatism is increasingly showing its ugly bigoted and racist head above the body of its inner core beliefs evidence of such is being cranked to another level via the potential election of Roy Moore (Alabama) to the US Senate.

Moore's Paleozoic and Draconian beliefs have been well documented for years. From anti-civil Rights rhetoric through the side-mouthed wish women did not have the right to vote, Moore has a trail of conservatism which virtually unsurpassed in. When coupled with seemingly credible accusations of teenage (girls) sexual abuse, Moore is posing a real challenge for CNN's most recently hired Trump talking head surrogate. Meet Missouri's Ed Martin and watch a recent contribution to a panel discussion with typical head shaking and over-the-top denial of Trump and conservative reality.

Long Version

Short Version

Crooks & LIars has published a piece with renowned conservative David Frum criticizing CNN for its practice of providing a paycheck to people whose sole purpose is to backup or rationalize Trumps lies and increasingly disgusting GOP policies.

David Frum Chides CNN For Hiring 'In-House Trump Associates In Order To Promote Trump Falsehoods'
While discussing Trump's goal to discredit main stream journalism, David Frum explained that news outlets like CNN--who hired Trump surrogates on-air to appear to be balanced--made a big mistake because all they did was promote Trump's multitudes of falsehoods to its viewers. CNN's Brian Stelter's discussed Trump's war on the media with journalist icon Carl Bernstein…

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Your President

Within the hour Trump tweeted this while brandishing the November Jobs Report.   

Typical Trump mind-shaping.

Seth Abramson posted a more accurate pool result via the CBS Poll.

Pew Research (December 7, 2017)
The new national survey by Pew Research Center conducted Nov. 29-Dec. 4 among 1,503 adults, finds that President Trump’s job approval rating has declined over the course of his first year in office. 
Currently, 32% of the public approves of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while 63% disapprove.

Trump and his team apparently grabbed a poll which historically shows favorable approval ratings for Trump which far surpass polls other than Rasmussen.

Morning Consult/Politico (December 6, 2017)
The poll also shows a small uptick in Trump’s approval rating as president — to 45 percent, up from 43 percent last week. A slight majority, 51 percent, disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president.
A quick review of the Politico Poll Demographics yields a telling statistic.

While the Politico Poll appears fairly balanced relative to party affiliation, the poll respondent pool is a bit of a problem. Let's suffice it to say, there is no surprise Trump would poll at 45 percent of the respondents.

Politico (pdf)

It is important during the error of Trump to always review poll methodology and demographics.


Friday, May 19, 2017

A Trump Failed Administration News Reel

Trump News Reel...The Shame

What follows, first, is a critical report which undoubtedly speaks to why Trump is so sensitive about all things Russia. How is it possible to conduct 18 meetings with Russian officials (one a noted spy, recruiter and diplomat) with breaking any campaign laws, without stepping across the line of acceptable, without violating all sane and rational actions towards an adversarial nation?

Eighteen contacts between Russian and the Trump campaign.

As we move from those 18 contacts to the reality of two high-ranking Russian officials staging a photo operation in the White House, an unbelievable comment from Trump's Secretary of State.

Forty-three seconds of pure truisms about Trump and Trumpism from a former CIA analyst and INTEL expert.


My wager on who in te White House the Feds are investigating. 

Image may contain: 1 person, text

One last point via this post. How does this make even a modicum of respectable sense?    

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

The appointment offers visions of Trump giving the finger to the Pope. He knows her history and family background. StumbleUpon

Thursday, March 2, 2017

ACA: A Nagging Case Of Heartburn For The GOP

In October 2016 mere weeks before the fall General elections, candidate Trump spoke as such about repealing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).

(picture quality diminished)

Well, it is amazing how election aftermath includes "truthing" we realize is not a state of mind inherent in Trump, the following words are astonishing considering his use of "ease of repeal" just before you cast your vote.
“I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject,” Trump said. “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

Yes, there is less need to remind of Trump's election win via the adroit and ever-present use of any opportunity to lie which presented as expedient. There is critical need to note the fumbling manner in which the House of Representatives (under Paul Ryan's leadership) is now moving all repeal consideration and development literally under the covers.  Would Ryan and company dare go "secret" with working to eliminate a law which provides a degree of life-sustaining medical coverage to millions? The question is rhetorical. Of course, the GOP would operate as such; especially when we consider the extent to which the ACA is sacred to millions (even beyond those with direct family or personal coverage). 
Last week we published a piece with a theme of the ACA as a thorn for the GOP. The piece included survey results from credible polling authorities as well as additional information from Connect The Dots you should consider clicking over to the piece (linked above).

Polling majorities have no interest in repealing the ACA.  If you are not one who follows polling, we are comfortable you saw or heard townhall unrest focused on GOP representatives during recent recess meetings.  

A telling set of exhibitions.

Before Paul Ryan's move to take all ACA repeal dealings to the level of secret, we ran acorss a Twitter piece regarding GOP ACA repeal details.
The #ACA replacement first details have been leaked. Here's quick estimated impact. Please RT if helpful. Source at bottom.

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) February 26, 2017


Monday, February 27, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Pence And His Staff (Incompetent, Funny And Revealing)

What you are about to read through seems to be endemic to Trump's Administration?  The embodiment of the delineated FUBAR supports my growing suspicion the Trump team did not expect to win the presidency. If we think back through the past four weeks, we find almost daily evidence of a Keystone Cop operation and a commitment to regressing the nation back to the 1940s.

Behold the embodiment of governance only fit for a high school level civics class.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted to proclaim his solidarity and support for the Jewish people of Israel.

So far, so jingoistic.

But that wasn't the first version - this was:
Picture: Screenshot / Twitter (@kylegriffin1

All seems normal until you take a much closer look at that Israeli flag emoji.

See the problem?

Let's zoom in a bit...
Picture: istock / daboost

Correct - that's not the Israeli flag. That one belongs to Nicaragua.

This is the official flag of Israel.

Note the massive Star of David.
Picture: istock / daboost

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominous: The Kings Court

Image result for king and his court

If you are still thinking the nation has elected the best we can do to the US Presidency and an administration team, the person should schedule an appointment with a shrink commensurate with their household budget. The person is on ObamaCare, I suspect they are doomed to live with their twisted sense of reality for some time to come.

The RNC/GOP holiday greeting statement (release) is the latest indication of a consummate sickness which is about to infest the White House. 

Notice the word to the very far upper right of the RNC release.


RNC Message Celebrating Christmas

- December 25, 2016 
WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chair Sharon Day released the following statement celebrating Christmas:
“Merry Christmas to all! Over two millennia ago, a new hope was born into the world, a Savior who would offer the promise of salvation to all mankind. Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King. We hope Americans celebrating Christmas today will enjoy a day of festivities and a renewed closeness with family and friends.
“Even as we celebrate, we must also remember those among us who are less fortunate. Many on this day are without hope, and need the kindness and compassion of those around them. It is our prayer we will rise to meet the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals all around us, and what better day is there to love our fellow man than today?
“As we open presents, enjoy Christmas dinner, and celebrate our own family traditions, we are mindful of our men and women in uniform. Many are stationed around the world today protecting our freedoms, and cannot be with their own spouses, children, parents, and siblings. We express the deepest gratitude for service that takes them away from celebrating with loved ones, and we ought to remember them in our thoughts and prayers not just on Christmas Day, but the whole year round.” 

A Holiday statement which reads characteristically progressive for the RNC/GOP. Yet, the message speaks to a concern which is impossible to over look.  The paragraph below was highlighted for quick discernment of a problem.  I ask that you pay particular attention to the word "king' and in one case language denying a "new" king.  Also notice the subliminal use of the word "Savior" and the phrase "new king."

Image result for reince priebus 
Wiki Images
"Merry Christmas to all! Over two millennia ago, a new hope was born into the world, a Savior who would offer the promise of salvation to all mankind. Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King. We hope Americans celebrating Christmas today will enjoy a day of festivities and a renewed closeness with family and friends.
While use of the phrase "new king" is frequently part of end of year holiday celebrations in religious settings, the manner of RNC statement construction seems dutifully crafted for reaching the minds of worshiping minions and the gullible.  

Another consideration is worthy of ponder. Rience Priebus seems the perfect GOP court jester devoted to the every wish of the latest GOP "king."  Moreover, it doesn't take much to realize such verbiage is a major quencher for Trump's inflated ego.

And how does the GOP react to the what is either clear subliminal message development and delivery or bush league communication lower than the level of a high school journalism student? The response was totally evasive and frankly very deflective.

Christ is the King. He was born today so we could be saved. Its sad & disappointing you are politicizing such a holy day. 1:52 PM - 25 Dec 2016
In less than 30 days the Trump team will ascend to a level unmatched across the globe. Shouldn't we have an expectation of levels of cognition and professional at an equally high level? Efforts to manipulate the psyche of Americans who are not Trump supporters or reinforce the sycophancy of those who are Trump supporters are showing like a too tight cheap suit.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Meandering Mess (Includes A Social Security Gut)

Image result for Indifferent trump Image result for Indifferent trump Image result for Indifferent trump

Did someone say she has a couple of teen aged sons at home?

Well, are we going to be dealing with a veritable Dennis the Menace for a few years?

Slightly less than half of US voters cast votes on election day that appeared to favor Donald Trump As the weeks have passed, Hillary Clinton's vote numbers have risen and seem to be settling in around two (3) million votes over Trump's votes. The post-election day vote count disparity is a reminder we once gave credence and importance to the popular vote. Since the late 1970s, our reverence of the electoral vote has surpassed the vote of the people.  A vote (civil) dynamic written into the US Constitution to "supposedly" spread the significance of the vote across states and territories without regard to size of the state.  The so-called "Electoral College" also provided early US elites an opportunity to have elections decided without over-weightlifting the significance of that rural voters (who by all measures were considered far less than savvy on many issues. The non-wealthy, urban and non-northern voter was also considered a potential unsettling voting bloc who just might vote-in politicians who may not fit the old of what some call the "Found Fathers." A misnomer in an of itself as fathers are not generally host to slave trading and human capitol. 

Well, the Electoral College will meet in about a week (the Monday after the second Wednesday in December)  and validate Trumps non-elections win; and we move on from that point. Move to where?

Let's start with the basic indication of the character you have elected as the nation's 45th US President. Since, we have exhausted innumerable verbiage on Trump, the person, how about a peep at a couple of cabinet choices.  As you know, we as a nation are what surrounds the person in the Oval Office. (Maybe, that is why Barack Obama served as the nations 44th President with a high degree of class and a devotion to the high road).  Ben Carson, is the first actual cabinet pick after trump anointed Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon his two top advisers (one is a noted anti-Semite). Ben Carson?  Where do we start? Better yet, let's allow Carson to stand for a few minutes while we view a great video segment from Comedy Central's The Daily Show. A view from a place with a history of great comedic perspective.

Secretary of State?  

How about a Putin chum who shares Russia's major interest in fossil fuel oil? Exxon Mobile CEO taped to lead the State Department and work internationally at Trump's orders. Basically, the nomination of Exxon's Tillerson is as telling an insight into our future as we could order.  An oil man, who sits atop an inhumane oil conglomerate serving in a role which will pale him in close interaction with one of the non-Arabic world's largest oil producers (Russia).  Two points: 
A. So much for any interest in moving away for fossil fuel derivatives.  
B. Didn't Trump campaign with a mantra of "taking their oil?"
While Tillerson is reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to be a "master" deal-maker, the shift form managing a world oil conglomerate to the vastly diverse requirements of Secretary of State, is a bridge Tillerson will find "too far."  You may have noticed the WSJ article headline eludes to Tillerson and Putin ties. A troubling prospect in any rational scenario.

Actually, Trump's personal ties to Putin are a much more clear and present danger.

While a few noted Trump talking heads have not been given cabinet positions (eg. Giuliani, Christie) one noted supporter seems to be working to cleanse his storm trooper like social media trail with hopes of a Trump post. Alan West, a most despicable mind and character, recently took a scrub to his Facebook page.  Problem is conservatives never seem to learn there is no scrubbing away electronic trails. 

The Raw Story reports.

West has come back with a statement of inappropriateness, but such statements do not address bottom-line judgment and character.  West is yet another example of a parallel to Hiter's henchmen in the mid-1920s.

Alas, we move on!

In a world of  national, economic and international threats, your president says he doesn't need critical daily INTEL reports. How is it possible a supposed leader of the world's only remaining military superpower and a nation targeted by terrorist can actually publicly proclaim he doesn't need daily INTEL briefings?  " I am a smart person..." simply doesn't work.

Think about what follows for a second.

The President's Daily Brief[1] (PDB), sometimes referred to as the President's Daily Briefing or the President's Daily Bulletin, is a Top Secret document produced and given each morning at 07:45[2] to the President of the United States. Producing and presenting the brief is the responsibility of the Director of National Intelligence,[3] whose office is tasked with fusing intelligence from the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The Brief is also produced for the President-elect of the United States, between the election day, and inauguration.

Purpose and history 

The PDB is intended to provide the president of the United States with new international intelligence warranting attention and analysis of sensitive international situations.  

WIKI also has posted a redacted copy of a Brief. Do you recall the critical Brief which went ignored?
File:CIA Memo.JPG
An associated Brief memo as reported by CNN in April 2004.

"....a smart person."   Image result for trump kids to feed him intel in white house cartoon Really?

Let's move away from Trump for a bit. 

This week we found reports of GOP underhanded preparation for an attack on the life-line of millions of aged (or aging) Americans. An attack which has remained consistent since the first days of Social Security: FDR. It is important to note, you are also aging and the latest attempt to gut Social Security could mean you will be forced to work until darned near age Seventy. While your younger socially conservative mind may find the words palatable, your body and mind may not remain personally serviceable and effective till age 70. How about your parents being forced to work beyond their level of physical and mental acuity? Guess who will have to step-in as in days of old (prior to any Social Security). I have been reminded the common GOP mantra regarding aide to the elderly is "...the Church will step in."

Les Deporables


Sunday, October 30, 2016

FBI Emailgate: Chaffetz, Comey And The Trump Campaign

After FBI Director Comey enacted what is increasingly apparent as a politically motivated effort to influence the coming General elections, Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, offered a short notice brief presser.  During the course of the presser, Clinton stated director Comey sent his letter to certain GOP members of congress.  Later newscasts reported the email letter was actually sent to Democratic Party leaders of certain congressional committees.

It is not possible to overlook the prospect of Comey, a longtime Republican, decided against Justice Department standard practice and announced another initiative in the Clinton email matter mere days before a national election.

Alas, there are additional possibilities which seem to indicate Comey's actions were directly motivated to exercise political malfeasance. 

First, Clinton's claim hat Comey only sent his letter to Republican committee members wasn't totally factual, but it was most assuredly factual in a deeper sense. The Daily Kos has published a piece with seeming credible information that Comey's Gop letter recipients received their copies of the email well before democratic committee leaders. In fact, the disparate in timing allowed Gop congressional operatives to leverage their insight into Comey's political barrage before one Democrat even read the letter.

Another, and much more intriguing matter; the republican congressional Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz's unbelievable turn-around in his support for Donald Trump. 

After Trump's bus-ride video from a few ears back surface, Chaffetz "withdrew" his support for the sleazy GOP leader (Trump). During the following interview the Utah congressman invoked his daughter and wife as the bottom-line reason he would not support a person of Trump's moral character. 

"I have a teenage daughter and a wife"

Two weeks later along with reports he may have received a heads up regarding Comey's pending Trump supportive revelations, Chaffetz goes on Twitter and posted a tweet:
Jason Chaffetz ‏@jasoninthehouse Oct 26
I will not defend or endorse @realDonaldTrump, but I am voting for him. HRC is that bad. HRC is bad for the USA.
The fact that Chaffetz has joined others in the GOP in reversing previous positions of not endorsing nor voting for Trump shouldn't go unnoticed and unexplored.

What we know

Chaffetz's emphatic contempt for Trump (within the month has been reversed. A question of character and inner conviction.

Comey has now defied standard operation policy via his handling of the Clinton email issue. His strategically positioned press conference earlier in the year was considered well outside the scope of past practice. Why would Comey use the presser forum Vs. the customary written communication to members of Congress? His recent decision to ignore policy cautions (reminders) from the Department of Justice virtually ensures thoughts of his personal motives.  Why announce the insertion of email issues related to the nation's most visible pervert Anthony Wiener, mere days before election day; while Trump is lagging in the polls?


The possibilities

The Daily Kos is reporting Democratic Party a senior congressional aide has commented Comey's (for whatever reason) notification to Chaffetz offered opportunity for multiple cases of political subterfuge. 
Now, Shareblue reports that Comey may have provided early access to his innuendo-filled letter to Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, enabling him to tweet about it and frame the media narrative before Democratic members of Congress even received copies of the letter. 
Here is the statement by a senior Democratic congressional aide (emphasis in original):
Democratic Ranking Members on the relevant committees didn’t receive Comey’s letter until after the Republican Chairmen. In fact, the Democratic Ranking Members didn’t receive it until after the the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz, tweeted it out and made it public.
Of course, We don't yet know if the information from Shareblue and The Kos are true, but if there is a basis in fact, we may be witness to the most audacious and democracy killing act in US history. Imagine and FBI Director as potentially culpable in shaping an election.  

The Coincidence (s)

Didn't Donald Trump recently contribute $25 million to his re-election campaign?