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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Attorney General Barr

Isn't a facilitating Justice Department common to all dictators and despots?

If you have just arrived back on Earth from the International Space Station or recently re-emerged from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean via a deep sea explore you may not be aware of a matter related to Trump's facilitating Attorney General. Yes, Barr solicited the appointment via a 14-page memo regarding his thoughts on Constitutional rights of the "executive." And, Trump is being rewarded with Justice Department rulings and interpretations which seem written on his own iPhone.

On the eve of the much-anticipated release of the "Mueller Report" and the prospect the document will be redacted to the point few words with lots of blacked out text, CNN just ran an intriguing segment regarding Barr.

Let's assume you didn't just arrive from deep Space nor emerged from 10,000 fathoms below the surface of the sea. Let's assume you know Barr quotes regarding Trump and the Mueller Report. If that is the case the following CNN segment is very much a critical watch.


By the way, we cannot get over what follows.  after watching the Fox News Bernie Sanders interview 45 took to twitter like a child and did this:

“So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews,” the president tweeted in the morning. “Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?”

Did you notice the "we"? "We" regarding supposed or alleged news network as if the network was the defense (or offense) on a football team.

"We"....... how juvenile and shallow?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fox News, Tucker Carlson Via Stephen Colbert

Yesterday we published a piece regarding Trump and Fox News vitriol. Linked here.

There was nothing in the piece which should have surprised anyone, nonetheless, Fox News and Trump continue to wash the nation are disgusting rhetoric and dangerous demagoguery.

Trump's weekend comments about the Democrat Party hating Jews lead the ooze of insanity over the past few days. His strong Fox News supporting hosts joined in feeding their viewers dogma which Fox News appears to find acceptable. 

Stephen Colbert recently devoted four minutes of his show to Tucker Carlson comments.

Isn't it amazing that Fox News has such a huge viewer base?  What does that reality say about the inner core values of our nation?

A former employee perspective on Fox News and how it feeds its ravenous viewers.  

Show me a Fox News viewer and you have shown me a US bigot who could be a full-fledged racist.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Medicaid: A GOP Target

If you read the TPI on a regular basis you are aware of our position (the humane position) on Medicaid and Medicare.  The Human Services program may not exist as a life-sustaining from which you derive benefits, but it is a program which offers quality of life opportunities for millions.  

As you view what follows, see if you can actually avoid the reality of the GOP (and their nascent leader: Trump) as purveyors of death panel ideology leading got killing policy.  We start with a few graphics for quick delivery of information to the rational person.

Our ending video segment is a piece from last night's The Last Word. Ari Melber filled in for Lawrence O'Donnell. Melber was literally brought to tears as he sat listening to one American who's quality of life (and maybe his actual life) is enhanced via Medicaid.

Image result for medicaid Image result for medicaid

Image result for Medicaid

Michael Phillips, who has spinal muscular atrophy and whose life literally depends on Medicaid, shares his fears about what Medicaid cuts could mean for his care:

Watch the remarkable full interview with Ari Melber:

The GOP Brand is showing its colors as a critical tool for Americans top .01% (ers) who will derive major financial benefits via healthcare laws signed by Trump. VOX linked.

If you have a bit more time, MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid ran a segment this morning which totally remedies the essence of the GOP. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Illusive Republicans And The "I" Word

When a political party avoids broadcast media, you know they are doing so for a reason. We suspect Trump's insanity and ineptitude when coupled with his serial lying, provides an impetus for GOP politicians to avoid any statements about Trump.

Image result for GOP hiding cartoonWhile the reason for their avoidance has to do with their dedication to party and their personal political credibility, there is another reason to avoid the truth, to avoid doing the right thing, to avoid the ramifications of their unfit leader. They are also running from a rabid base within their party. A base which is willing to overlook each and every indication of a president who is so unfit for the office, he should consider resigning. Yes, I know people who proudly traipsed to their polling places to cast that Trump (celebrity) vote. They bought the Trump carnival barking and they voted. Trump promised them the world (according to their twisted (paradigm)l he has delivered nothing worthwhile. He satisfies a need in those who voted for him; he entertains them. Oh, certainly provides daily entertainment which is common to successful reality TV celebrities, but the matter governance simply isn't part of the Trump experience.

About those Republicans who refuse to speak of Trump's daily troubles (especially the recent report of a Comey memo)

Media Matters is reporting noted journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose and his production tram received 20 refusals to appear from GOP politicians. 

Trump supporters have to wonder if their choice of president is good for the nation.  Even the most avid supporters seem to have less faith in their national messiah as indicated by dwindling poll numbers.

Reagan and George H W Bush Era Republican official and CNN contributor, David Gergen.

The "I" word? StumbleUpon

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fareed Zakaria Nails Maher, Affleck and Sam Harris


After the widely publicized and viral Bill Maher segment (Ben Affleck, Michael Steele, Sam Harris), I have scouted around for the perfect segment to close the matter for the TPI.

My thoughts on the matter is Maher blew it by hosting a panel that would touch upon Islam and Jihadist without scheduling one person of the Muslin Faith. While we should be able to discuss an criticize Jihadist terror without indicting all Muslims, Maher and his guest spoke s some call it: "inarticulate." By hosting the segment Maher allowed one of his guest, Affleck, to claim the liberal high ground via pointing to comments that actually came across as bigoted. Both Maher and his learned guest spoke about a relevant topic, but their impromptu participation in the (not so well planned Maher) format  (segment) stuck them in them rear.

I wonder about the relevance of booking Michael Steele as he added nothing at all to the specific segment. Was his ethnicity and race of utility to the Maher production team. I hope not because Steele is a far cry from a viable talking head on individual rights or for that matter anti-bigotry. Let's face it, he is a Republican. 

In fairness to Steele, and his earnings opportunity, maybe he added value to other segments in the hour long show.

The segment I chose ran this past Sunday on, of all networks, CNN. Fareed Zakaria offer a non-Muslin, non-white and only quasi-progressive view of the Maher segment.

We all know that Maher and Harris are far from racist. However, there slip into impromptu dialog launched what can only be considered bigoted kerfuffle at a minimum.

Maher is a comedian who has garnered significant success in the political arena. He often skirts the perimeter of 'the uncool" but manages to ride his history of liberalism out of harm's way. His contempt for all religion may have led to the ill-fated segment. A mistake for which he will suffer little, but a segment that leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of some who abhor any vestige of racism or bigotry. I certainly left the segment with have such a bad taste.

I also admit to deep consternation with Maher's recent comments about voting for Rand Paul over Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of the Clintons, but Rand Paul is a disgusting counter opportunity (or quip object) for anyone who claims to be a progressive.

We can only hope Maher doesn't repeat the path of this Fox News comedian hit-man who frequently joins the network to spew anti-Obama garbage and share silly quips.
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