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Thursday, July 18, 2019

As Trump'sTurns World Turns: The Manifestation Of Racism And "Send Her Back"

... And the growing "Lie Count"

It is July 18, 2019; a full 35 years after Trump assume the desk in the Oval Office Since his inauguration, the nation's 45th President has surpassed all record keeping of lies while in office he has surpassed the level of past lies comparable to watching a Hare and a Turtle 100 Yard Dash.

According to the Washington Post, the Trump "Lie Count" was at 10,796 lies during the late spring of this year. Surely he has surpassed 11,000 to date Or, maybe his early morning Oval Office lie regarding his latest racist rally (oozfest), took him over the 11,000 lies level.

Let's visit with our lying president and his Oval Office camera opportunity.

Before viewing the video from the Oval Office, considering running the 46-second video at the tip of this post. Notice Trump has his wife very visible over his shoulder. We should recall the primary item of his verbal scorn, the congresswoman from Minnesota became a US citizen well before Trump's wife secured her "EINSTEIN VISA". Extraordinary ability? Really?

The lie? "I tried to shut-off the chant".

He has shown his true colors (excuse the pun) before. Here is but one example.