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Saturday, February 17, 2018

CNN Host As Real-Time Fact Checker (13 Indictments)

A small man on a mission
CNN and MSNBC pay contributors to sit on air as supposed experts and feed us (network customers and viewers) entertainment as a nascent form of reality TV.  There is no greater enticement for US entertainment than Donald Trump as sick and pathetic a reality as we have ever witnessed.  Yes, Trump is good for business.

The surrogate talking heads earn fat checks as remuneration, the networks garner record ad revenues, political points of view are jostled like ping pong balls, and we are entertained.  A symbiotic relationship if one has ever existed.  

In order for the symbiosis to properly work and maximize revenue, points view and pique or quest for TV absorption, the circular relationship needs very special people. No not the network show host, nor his or her producers and writers; the entertainment needs duel compensated dinks with no shame and a willingness to lie incessantly even when facts refute their on-camera mission. The relationship has to involve people who are paid by the network as well as clearly paid by the person they defend. They serve as information protectorates and they will feed you any pre-scripted talking point to facilitate their mission. To properly close the loop, the taking head also has a key client: Donald Trump. 

Since CNN fired Trump's buddy and talking head Jeffry Lord, the network has replaced him with a couple of real conservative dinks: Former Congressman Jack Kingston and former Virginia Attorney General (homophobic) Ken Cuccinelli. A couple of real storytellers.

Watch as Kingston deployed common Trump/RNC strategy against any issue which speaks badly of Trump: "Obama did it" or "Hillary Clinton's fault". The current Hillary base feed message is Uranium One. Uranium One via Snopes dot com.

While Trump's base readily absorbs and assimilates the talking head messages, take a look at how it looks on national TV. 

CNN's Victor Blackwell remained steadfast and accurate in waylaying Kingston's White House script.

It is seriously pathetic we live in a time when a network news hosts must instantly fact check administration propagandist.  

The propagandist completely disrespects his audience via spewing lie after lie, while soaking-up Trump and CNN remuneration like sucking-up a Diet Coke with a straw.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Video Quick Hits: Russian Interference A Hoax VS 13 Indictments

Russian Intelligence on behalf of Trump a Hoax?

A true clown act with lots to hide.

Well,  Mueller begs to differ. The Special Investigator has also left a poison pill against any White House denizen who would push to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.