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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Joni Ernst" Castrarted Hogs And Speaks Of The Gun As A Pacifier

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What is it about GOP politics that seems to always have a toe in that gutter of a street named: blood letting imagery or "violence?" How can so many voters ignore the politics of necessity (the economy, healthcare, housing, etc.) while focusing on the politics of false bravado often laced with imagery of the gun?

Joni Ernst Iowa Republican candidate for US Senate: castrating hogs as imagery to denote "kicking butt" in Washington DC!

When politicians win elections while reaching to the lowest denominator in the human psyche (the act of killing), the constituents are the ultimate loser. The electorate may gain a social victory, but politicians who campaign via the gun and castration of hogs, have little to offer, if one is seeks to elect competent and caring elected officials.

During times of weekly killings via the pull of the trigger, are their electorates that still cherish the imagery of killing with a gun?

Joni Ernst said she will use her "little Smith & Wesson" against the govt if "her rights are no longer important." What's she mean by that?

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Your Vote And The Insane GOP

The GOP is busy as frantic beavers working at securing your vote. They are throwing "fear" across the airways as busily as a family of beavers preparing for the spring thaw. The party knows the American voter has a short memory and they are measuring the curtains confident of you vote.  Since the party has no opportunity to use the US economy for campaigning the GOP is resorting to it time proven strategy of "FEAR."

GOP "Fear" mongering took the nation directly to an attack on Baghdad and a subsequent dip in an abyss of economic recession.  

You are the target and here are a few examples of what you will elect with a GOP vote.

Republican Insanity!!! And, they want your vote.

Post by Jeremy Huff.

OK, Johnson how can ISIL weaponize Ebola? But, then you are selling your garbage to people who may buy into it!

Money buys elections and your vote is up for sale. Why do wealthy conservatives want so much to own the nation?

And, you are thinking of voting Republican in three weeks?
The Romneys...Run Mitt Run!