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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Politifacts 2018 Lie Of The Year Reader's Poll

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Just a few minutes ago we published a piece regarding Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (Democrat Party congressional leaders) appearing to outfoxed Donald trump into a rambling and thoroughly embarrassing pubic (on-camera) exhibition. The central theme of the interaction was related to the pending funding of the US government in relation to Trump's quest for funding for his very unpopular border wall.

Herewith is the link to the piece.

If you visited the piece, you may have noticed our specific reference to Chuck Schumer's direct affront to Trump with the Washington Post's newly coined "Bottomless Pinnochios" as a weapon.

How about another reference to Trump's incessant and overwhelming pathology to lie.

2018 Lie of the Year Readers’ Poll results

As we close, allow a quick image of why Trump and his party as so inclined to lie with each and every utterance.

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