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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Obama's Developing Legacy

Imagine the nation's 44th President serving eight full years we hadn't suffered through the eight previous years of George W. Bush. Imagine a United States without the economic death of Trickle-down/supply side economics, and without a sub-prime bubble burst. How about the United States without a 43rd President,George W. Bush and his phony wars? Let's take Bush a step further. Imagine the US economy without Bush's wars and his ill-advised tax cuts.

Moreover, imagine the United States without George W. Bush and the reality of incompetent GOP economic policy and practice. 

Doesn't our musical history include a beautiful and poignant rendition of a song called Imagine?

Crookd and Liars on the OBama Legacy

Obama's Legacy: A Great Man & Good President In Bad Times

There have been times over the last seven years when the hope-and-change mantra that propelled Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency seemed like a cruel fiction. Yet despite taking the reins of a war-weary nation in the midst of an economic calamity and having to endure the unrelenting enmity of an obdurate opposition party, Obama has…

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014 Fox News Interview: Bill O'Reilly Pleases His Sycophants, Stumbles Into A Network Face Slap


Last year's Super Bowl Sunday, Bill O'Reilly pleased America's Obama haters with a stellar performance that included many interruptions during the course of an interview, I personally feel shouldn't be offered to the Fox News Network. During a previous Super Bowl interview, O'Reilly enacted seventy-two (72) interruptions of the nation's 44th President in the course of a 20 minute interview. Other Fox News interviewers have handled themselves similarly: Brett Baier and his numerous interruptions. Baier even wore his interruptions and clear disrespect for the president like a "Fox News Medal of Honor." Fox News's contempt for and disrespect for President Obama surpasses MSNBC's opposite positions from some network show hosts. MSNBC certainly has Right-wing hosts (e.g., Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and seemingly Andrea Mitchell), and provides a much more balanced approach to "host driven broadcast" than the blanket "hating" from Fox News.

We have long posited, much of the hatred and obstruction leveled at President Obama relates to not only his membership in the Democratic Party with all requisite ideology; he is, in fact, hated by millions based on the office he holds. Despite your inclinations to 'white wash' reality (pun unintended and not meant descriptively beyond its common accepted meaning) millions in America hate the fact the African-American sits in the White House. Fox News leverages that sentiment as surely as Megyn Kelly's angst filled rant of "White Santa and White Jesus."  

President Obama's commitment to grant a pre-super Bowl interview to the network with game broadcast rights guarantees Fox News (and O'Reilly) and international audience. An audience over which O'Reilly can fly the flag of conservative obstruction mixed with copious amounts of derangement and laced with efforts to annoy (the president) while seeding haters, and poisoning the minds of the gullible. Actually, for the typical Obama haters O'Reilly's and Fox News interviewers provide a form of "striking-at and hitting" the president.  "They hate you" from a previous Super Bowl interview was O'Reilly standing like General Patton on behalf of his troops while showing a defiant and antagonistic face to the enemy. Yes surely "....they hate " Obama and yes by all means he is perceived by many on the Right and libertarians as the "enemy."

The message was clear to those who have come to recognize and acknowledge pure hatred of a man based solely on his race/ethnicity. O'Reilly is the "Big Cheese" on a network that literally appeals to people driven  by social paradigms acquired through their families, their social environments. A social paradigm concomitant from learned ideology, developed value systems and mores (ˈmr-ˌāz )  and reinforced throughout their lives.  While many of O'Reilly's and Fox News viewers stand outside a sphere that includes apparatchik or sycophants hungry for daily anti-Obama 'feedings', large swaths of their audience are so driven by Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) they are averse to rational data supported facts. They live in a paradigm of perceived conferred privilege propped-up like a form of apartheid for those who wish to leverage their race as surely as US History has documented their grip on a land, people and life.

The 2014 Fox News Interview proved more of the same. Instead, substantive questions about matters that could led to nation killing not managed properly, O'Reilly sought "red meat" items sure to draw ratings and with hope of damaging the Democrats in 2014 and 2016. 

Wonkette Dot Com via Youtube

We find it amazing (yet not surprising)  issues such as Benghazi, the IRS Issues, ACA Rollout and other "gotcha issues" continue to manifest from certain media outlets.  Of course, the killings of Americans in the Libyan Consulate is not an item we take lightly. We do, however, consider the full measure  (and number) of Americans in service to the nation via US Embassies into account.  We find past administrations suffered far more casualties than the four people tragically killed in Benghazi.

Fox News would never report of nor comment about Ambassador Steven's twice refusals of additional security measures in Libya. And, Fox will demand well never address House of Representatives votes to reduce security funding at US Embassies worldwide.

The IRS Issues (AKA IRS "Scandal" from the Right). Our reading indicates the Cincinnati Office performed deep investigation of the 501 (c) (4) applications of both conservative and liberal organizations. We also know that not one request was denied, despite delays related to required process information. Of course, the reality is, Right-wing "money grabbing" organizations often use hyper-patriotic or coded organization names to tap into donor empathy and support. Thus, those organizations were reported to be easier to spot in an environment "allegedly" overwhelmed and deluged with requests post Citizens United.

O'Reilly vs. Obama

Steve Benen posted a piece on the Rachel Maddow Show webpage that also sheds light on an opportunity to interview the President of the United States in the White House. An opportunity wasted on Right-wing demagoguery and efforts to feed propaganda to people who so desire such. 

Benen wrote....
This, however, was the part that stood out most, at least for me.

O’REILLY:  I’ve got to get to the IRS –

OBAMA:  Yes.
O’REILLY:  – because I don’t know what happened there and I’m hoping maybe you can tell us.  Douglas Shulman, former IRS chief, he was cleared into the White House 157 times, more than any of your cabinet members, more than any other IRS guy in the history, by far. OK, why was Douglas Shulman here 157 times? Why?
Read More (must read) 

Notice How O'Reilly positioned his attack points with the ACA Rollout front and center.

Full You Tube video


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Morning Java (Afternoon Version): GOP War on Women!

The Common Wealth of Virginia recently passed an amendment requiring mandatory ultrasound procedures for women having an abortion.

When Americans take exception to offensive policies and practices, they have a constitutional right to gather in protest and proactive free speech.  Nothing new, right?

We experienced much of the following from the moneyed sponsors of the tea party within weeks of the election of Barack H. Obama as our 44th President of the United States. 


The Tea Party is a product of moneyed conservatives focused on developing an American plutocracy.  The moneyed plutocrats sponsored many events and contributed, along with progressive apathy, to an infestation of the US House of Representatives.   An infestation that has led to the lowest congressional ratings in US History. The GOP also leveraged the plutocrat money-grabbing success in the House and gerrymandered districts that lead GOP representative winning seats in 2012 when they actually received fewer votes than their Democrat opponents. In other words, you may have joined others in handing the nation a legislative plague which may not loosen unto 2021; after the next US Census. 

Tea Party rallies took place frequently and is some cases saw armed seditionist and terrorist sporting loaded arms.  I offer that not one event was meet with the level of armed resistance at a recent women's rights rally at the Virginia Capital. 

Ten images of armed police in full riot gear and armaments for a WOMEN'S RIGHTS RALLY!


Source: Facebook

Do you see why we refuse to stop covering the GOP "War on Women?"  Not only is the party predominately white male, it practices oppression against any group that does not march to its drum.   

The GOP "War on Women" is a stark reminder of the war against Civil Rights and the war against the Viet Nam War protesters.