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Sunday, November 4, 2018

An Opportunity For Civility

No words....just a graphic which speaks much louder than a full page of verbiage.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Aaron Rupar's Twitter Feed And Trump's Circus (VIDEO)

Image result for trump circus clown A day at the circus. 

Let's check a few performances.

Trump exits the White House replete with buckets of lies and misinformation.

Tax Cuts by November 6th (voting day)...... tax cuts being passed before Nov. 6th.
This is such an example of a "high crime" (in a mechanical sense) we are posting a Chicago Tribune piece. here.

The circus also included boasting about his lies 2016 campaign regarding Ted Cruz's father. His boasting should actually deeply offend those who flock to his rallies and those who cast votes for the reality TV president.
The next embed you will play is classic Trump for investigators in Hawaii finding great believable things about former President Obama's birth, through building a wall which Mexico would pay to construct, and his over the Trump's lie about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Yes, what you about to see and hear is an actual US President defend and repeating a tsunami lie about riots in California.  

More on the refugees from Central America.  

If you haven't seen what follows have a seat and maybe a beer. Trump now has MS-13 and Middle Easterners in the caravan.  Middle Easterners!
Fox News' Shepard Smith and his comments about the "caravan." 

CNN's take on Trump's caravan lie includes a first-hand walk along point of view. Bill Weir.

Trump's day was so full of utter oral ordure, is it possible he performed to overshadow Obama and Biden's campaign stumps? I have only caught glimpses if the Obama and Biden speeches on MSNBC. CNN is totally consumed with the Trump daily circus. And, what a circus day it was?

Friday, September 28, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: SCOTUS Justice Temperament

Image may contain: 14 people, people sitting, suit and indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, meme and text Image may contain: 3 people, suit

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Oh, how our word has changed. Yesterday as I watched parts of the Kavanaugh Senate Hearing, I was struck by a few displays of personal traits (either coached, natural or both) from Trump's nominee.

A couple of points emerge. If Kavanaugh actually wrote the words you are about to hear (and see), he doesn't fit the SCOTUS profile delineated in the 2005 blog post.  Another point.  If the comment was written for the nominee. it is obvious he is little more than a judicial activist vying to enhance conservative America's grip on the US SCOTUS. Either scenario is frightful.

Watch as Kavanaugh clearly denotes to trump and conservative America the level to which he is immersed in conservatism.

In 2005, Melinda Penner posted an opinion on the Stand for Reason web page. The option related to the temperament of SCOTUS Justices and the critical nature of Justices who will uphold the US Constitution Vs serving as an activist from either political lean. Remember what follows is an opinion piece, but we feel it offers a cogent treatise on Judicial temperament at the SCOTUS level. We identified one glowing misuse of a word but left other grammatical punctuation use as originally posted. 

Stand for Reason

SCOTUS Temperament

What kind of temperament best serves a justice of the Supreme Court - and lower courts? There's an important difference between being an originalist/activist justice and being a conservative/liberal (or whatever synonym you want to use). The former are descriptions of Constitutional philosophy, the later (SIC latter) are political opinions or views. Judges are to have neutral temperaments. They are not to substitute their personal political opinions for the judgment of the electorate expressed through legitimate democratic processes when the law is not un-Constitutional. Some laws may not be wise, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are un-Constitutional. We don't need activist judges who too often don't respect the democratic process - whether they are politically conservative or liberal. Neither personal opinion should be expressed in judicial findings.
What we need are judges who are temperamentally originalist, who base their findings on the principles expressed in the Constitution, and who respect the judgment of the people. Originalists might be politically conservative or liberal, but because of their temperament their personal opinions are irrelevant. That's why it's inappropriate to inquire about their views ahead of time. And with originalists it doesn't matter, because what matters is interpreting the principles of the Constitution.
I'll say one other thing about judicial temperament. We need judges with a humble and accurate assessment of their role in government. The judiciary is a third equal branch of government, with its own important role. But because justices are appointed rather than elected, we leave much of the checks and balance of this branch to their own temperament. So we need to know they recognize their role as interpreting the Constitution, rather than substituting their own judgment for other democratic processes.

Kavanaugh clearly fails the parameters delineated in the Penner post.  But, does it matter?  A full half of American voters opted out of the 2016 Genera Election thus offering up our nation to what seems an authoritarian candidate. A man who once elected quickly embarked on placing his stamp on or molding a nation which in many ways appears like Putin's Russia.  

For an audience of one.

No automatic alt text available.

It is also critical to recall, authoritarian states are propped up by judicial systems which facilitate and support the wishes and whims of the leader.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

As Trump's World Trumps: The Message Counts.. That Which You Saw Means Nothing

Image result for trump putin

What follows is yet another example of creeping authoritarianism from Trump's White House and a reminder of doctrine once lived and it associated horrors.

We have posted the segment before, but a reminder of the extent to which Trump's media/communications department will mimic Fox News's broadcast model. The content of the post isn't a surprise considering his hiring of the former Fox News executive Bill Shine. Edit the tape, doctor-up the scenarios, and post false video content as feed for the gullible is becoming modus operandi.

First,  a look back at horrific times.

Image result for joseph goebbels quotes  Image result for joseph goebbels quotes

 Image result for joseph goebbels quotes Image result for joseph goebbels quotes

Fix the message... despite the world seeing its original version. 

MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show

If you think we missed the mark, take a look and listen to a Fox News network segment which went outside of the script, backfired and was cut off.

A stark reality!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quick Hit Video: Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert goes frank, entertaining and politically focused.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Demographics Matter (Trump's GOP Influence)

If you failed to watch MSNBC's  The  11th Hour last night, fill-in host Ali Velshi hosted a segment with the networks data geek Steve Kornacki. While we liberals relish in what you will see and hear as you watch the following segment, know it is early April. When fall midterm elections roll around, we will probably find the white female again will follow their loved ones (spouses, significant others and relatives) into voting booths and cast that all GOP vote.


How party demographics are changing because of Trump

Additional comment; unnecessary.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Press Secretary "Lie Of The Day" (VIDEO)

Your Lie of the Day!

Citizenship as a matter of Census 2020


Sunday, January 21, 2018

More Sleaziness From The Administration

“Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants.”

Trump Immigration ad.  Seriously?

Yes, the ad reminds of what Republicans do with total disregard for decency and politics without racism. Watch and listen to a Karl Rove/Roger Ailes and Bush I ad with clear racial imagery.

As pf this morning it seems some White House officials are working to distance the White House from the ad. Huffington Post is reporting on the White House’s legislative affairs director, Marc Short's, visit with Meet The Press and Chuck Todd. HuffPo  linked.

Todd didn't exactly allow Short to pull a "trump."

It is as clear as the morning dew, Trump is rotten with racism and apparently has a tight group of White House (social) facilitators. Short may work the networks to call off the dogs on Trump's assertion of national murder perpetrated by Democrats, but it seems someone in the White House has the wherewithal to at any time affect overt slander with a slant towards racism. 

Despite our political correct tendencies to avoid comparing Trump to past dictators and nation-killing leaders, we cannot avoid thinking about a paragraph in an article from My Jewish Learning dot com:
Once in power, Hitler moved quickly to end German democracy. He convinced his cabinet to invoke emergency clauses of the constitution that permitted the suspension of individual freedoms of press, speech, and assembly. Special security forces — the Gestapo, the Storm Troopers (SA), and the SS — murdered or arrested leaders of opposition political parties (Communists, socialists, and liberals). The Enabling Act of March 23, 1933 — forced through the Reichstag already purged of many political opponents –gave dictatorial powers to Hitler.
The United States cannot survive years of Trump and his swamp in an around Washington DC.