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Sunday, March 31, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Cage Immigrants And Cut Aid While Fox Runs Interference

Check out the cheapest and most inhumane of Trump's people cages.

The embed above mentions El Salvador. recently Trump and his cabal cut aid to three Central American nations: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  The idiocy of the policy is beyond comprehension since aid to the three nations may well work to avoid more human beings seeking to enter the United States for humanitarian reasons.  Nonetheless, Trump policy as such serves to feed the twisted psyches of his supporters as well as ay well offer Trump a form of authoritarian euphoria while massages the minds and values of his advisers.

Policy is a component of governance, and leadership, which proliferates with communicates to those who support the leader. Trump's supporters probably don't need policy communications to facilitate acceptance of the policy. Nonetheless, Trump's number one cable news network, Fox News, is johnny-on-the-spot with broadcast only idiots could absorb.

First, pay close attention to this map.

Image result for mexico and central america map Focus your view south of Mecixo. 

If you fail to see the coming point, or if you know the coming point but feel others need a visual reminder, view this annotated map.

And, a little humor.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

With each map neatly tucked into your gray matter, watch and listen to Fox News feed its viewers, what can only be described as racist generalizations.  When I mentioned the word watch, I reference the graphic at the lower portion of the screen in the Fox News image. It should be noted, Fox & Friends is Trump's early morning news related viewing.

You might ask, why the harsh statement regarding racist generalizations.  Clearly, the policy relates to three nations which sit geographically south of the country of Mexico. Let's consider a few items. We should start with the reality the graphic wasn't created by a set intern.
A. Think of the mindset which would lead Fox to show producers to allow hosts to lump all brown people into a "Mexico" bundle if they are people from south of the US border. 
B Each of the three hosts in the video knows full-well Trump cut aid to three nations south of Mexico.  
C.  Think of the psyche (and possibly the intellect) of many Fox News viewers who feel the bundling is fine and well within the realm of acceptable racist generalizations.  In fairness, I should also allow for Fox viewers who do not know the distinction between Mexico and Central America.  
D. Think of Fox hosts and producers entertaining their number one Washington DC viewer. What better way to feed Trump's bigot button? Feed it via the use of the and Trump mantra: "Mexico". 
In any and call cases pathetic while lacing with pure racism. But, keep one major consideration in mind. Successful businesses thrive off giving their customers (viewers) what they want.

After sitting through the Fox New segment, how easy for viewers to reinforce their support for caging human beings while satisfying their innate need for personal feeding their bigotry. do you think for one second Fox News viewers, and for that matter, the citizenry of this nation would stand for watching white immigrants caged and treated as such.

Recall this? Ellis Island and European Immigrants.
Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island Related image

Related image Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island

As the nation moved towards World War II, immigrants of Jewish refugees escaping sure death in Europe also found one case which ended in tragedy.

Image result for US refused german immigrants returned to germany

Wonder how many of the returned refugees died in concentration camps?

UPDATE: It appears Fox News has "apologized" for the graphic. Is the apology comparable to a judge telling the jury they can't consider evidence which could clearly indicate guilt but for some reason is inadmissible to the proceedings? The message with all impact was delivered ad cognitively absorbed.  Give the customer what they want.


Friday, March 29, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: "Wind doesn't blow", "Pencil-neck", "Michelle OBama"

...Yup, another Trump rally

First a look and listen to the hordes who line-up for Trump's Grand Rapids rally.

Now let's visit inside the cesspool.

Image result for trump rally

A Trump Grand Rapids Michigan carnival show rally included personal insults, forays into a Chicago criminal case, profanity and general stands as yet another free-to-attend oozest. Would you consider viewing a few samples from the podium? 

Huff Post, link.

Aaron Ruper via Twitter
Trump has repeatedly dismissed the entire Russia investigation as a "hoax"— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 28, 2019 
Trump is about to deliver a campaign speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Follow along for a video thread.— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 28, 2019 
We're 2 minutes in and Trump has already goaded his fans into booing the media twice— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 28, 2019
Trump's audience sits with a presidential demagogue railing about our world (nothing related to policy other than slamming immigrants) while calling Democrats in Congress "sick people". Sick people? Have you ever heard of strategy related to deflection accompanied by a person with a lack of personal perception? Trump's crowd seems imbued as such. 

In another moment we find the short-sightedness of Trump and his sycophant supporters. MSNBC ratings drop? Really? How is that different from celebrating a gas price drop when prices will inevitably go up. Or, celebrating pool numbers when the same pollers could withing weeks report lowered polling numbers.
Did the crowd partake-in  "Lock-her-up" with the reality of legal action against Trump's cabal? It seems his crowds are either reacting to crowd ques from Trump's handler's or they use "lock-her-up" as if at a football game doing the "wave". I suspect the latter as the aforementioned would surely draw attention from the media.
Remember this?

Now take a look and read about the reality of Trump current rally Lock-her-up chants as nothing more than an audience wave.
Image result for trump indictments guilty and prison terms

The New York Times

Charged by the special counsel
Paul Manafort
Paul ManafortFormer campaign chairmanTax evasion, bank fraud, failure to disclose a foreign bank account and witness tampering.Sentenced to 7.5 years in prisonMarch 13
Roger J. Stone Jr.
Roger J. Stone Jr.Longtime informal adviser to Mr. TrumpObstruction of an official proceeding, making false statements and witness tamperingChargedJan. 24
Michael D. Cohen
Michael D. CohenMr. Trump’s former lawyerLying to Congress (pleaded guilty Nov. 29, 2018)Sentenced to 3 years in prisonDec. 12, 2018
Richard Pinedo
Richard PinedoCalifornia man who sold bank accounts onlineIdentity fraud (pleaded guilty Feb. 12, 2018)Sentenced to six months in prisonOct. 10, 2018
George Papadopoulos
George PapadopoulosFormer campaign adviserLying to the F.B.I. about conversations with people he believed were working on behalf of Russians (pleaded guilty Oct. 5, 2017)Sentenced to 14 days in prisonSept. 7, 2018
Twelve Russian intelligence officers
Twelve Russian intelligence officersConspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, identity theft, conspiracy to launder moneyChargedJuly 13, 2018
Konstantin V. Kilimnik
Konstantin V. KilimnikRussian Army-trained linguist and associate of Mr. ManafortObstruction of justiceChargedJune 8, 2018
Alex van der Zwaan
Alex van der ZwaanLawyer who worked with Mr. Manafort and Mr. GatesLying to investigators about conversations with Mr. Gates (pleaded guilty Feb. 20, 2018)Sentenced to 30 days in prisonApril 3, 2018
Rick Gates
Rick GatesFormer campaign adviserFinancial fraud and lying to the F.B.I.Pleaded guiltyFeb. 23, 2018
Thirteen Russian nationals
Thirteen Russian nationalsand three related companiesConspiracy to defraud the U.S., conspiracy to commit bank fraud, identity theftChargedFeb. 16, 2018
Michael T. Flynn
Michael T. FlynnFormer national security adviserLying to the F.B.I. about conversations with the Russian ambassadorPleaded guiltyDec. 1, 2017

Well, actually sometimes the wave fails to develop ad it looks like this.


But at Trump rallies with people who very well may attend rallies to exercise their opportunity to chant "lock-her-up". The moments of chanting is comparable to this.

If you have a few minutes the psychology of the wave is an interesting study in human behavior.  A behavior with roots back to 1981 and captured via this quote from former sportscaster Joe Garagiola. (link)
“Crescendo rising here. It’s amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this…”
-Sportscaster Joe Garagiola describing the first documented appearance of a "stadium wave" at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum on October 15, 1981.
Grab that Red MAGA cap and partake in a ritual chant. 

Alas, Trump moved to Michelle Obama. We will forego the rightful tendency to post pictures of Trump's arm-candy model prior to their marriage. It would be equally appropriate to post his wife's visit to the View at which she joined in racist birtherism. But, we will pass and simply post the Aaron Ruper tweet.
Huge boos when Trump mentions Michelle Obama 
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 28, 2019
"The wind doesn't always blow."

I will bring the post to an end at this point. You can visit Aaron Rupar's Twitter page via this link

Question. While I recognize Trump's rallies are campaign visits to communities in which he has great support,  I must ask: Is there anything about the Twitter post above you find even remotely respectful, decent or "presidential?" 

Before I close, consider this as you think about our nation.



Saturday, March 23, 2019

As Trumps World Turns: A Smorgasbord Of Pathetic

It is time for quick hit Trump smorgasbord.

Top Trump economic adviser says that Trump interrupted a briefing to call Lou Dobbs
 March 20, 2019, 8:41 PM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

Can you believe this?
'I personally have not seen evidence of it’ when asked about the proliferation of white supremacist groups growing....
Actually, Carson was doing fairly well in the interview until the host cornered him to the point of his inane remark.  

Maybe Carson should tune-in and watch news other than Fox News. Or, just maybe he could consider reading a piece we posted a few days ago.

Of curse, this piece wouldn't be worth the moments in reading if we didn't remind of the "deplorable" state of Trumpism. How about a MAGA hat clown intentional brandishing his Red Cap while visiting a vigil for the 50 people killed in New Zealand? Fifty killed and an equal number wounded via a self-confessed white supremacist trump supporter.

On an international basis, we have witnessed unfettered and unrestrained white supremacist in our recent past. Must we repeat via demurring acquiescence?


" ...won the largest electoral victory in history!"  Well......

CNN's Pete Alexander

"I was given that information."  Really?  Is that how Trump has amassed over 9,000 verifiable lies (according to the Washington Post) since taking office in 2017?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Bill Maher, Trump's Veracity Void And White Nationalism

We only rarely post Bill Maher on this page.  A few Maher segments have drawn our interest and seem share worthy.

Now, lets move to a more serious set of comments: Trump's motherlode tweeter attack and his denial of growing white supremacy.

CNN broadcast a segment a few days ago regarding Trump's mother lode of weekend tweets. apparently, 45 spent the entire weekend watching Fox News (and other media) tweeting with every zany thought while fully loaded with lies and manipulative fantasy. Rollingstone dot com took a shot at Trump's 50 tweets; sad to put it mildly.  

Veracity isn't a word of conception which is ingrained in Trump's character.

Chris Cillizza took to the CNN set graphics board and ran through a few lies and misstatements (AKA "falsehoods"). At one point in the three minutes segment Cillizza offered wrong numbers regarding his former employer assessment of  Trump lies. He stated the number of lies for the president (according to the Washington Post) has reached 8,000 lies since taking office. He state such while admitting he just returned from vacation. It appears his vacation time lead to a misstatement in the area of missing one thousand lies.  Washington Post headline and lined piece. On the 773rd day of his term in office, Trump's "lying scale" has reach 9,014. After this past weekend it appears the number will increase by double digits.

Now for Cillizza...

The Associated Press (AP) fact check of Trump veto signing comments.  The AP link navigates to the full post we have focused on Trump's statements regarding white nationalism as a "small group of people.
TRUMP, when asked if he views white nationalism as a rising threat worldwide: “I don’t really. I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. I guess if you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the people involved. But it’s certainly a terrible thing.” — remarks Friday in Oval Office. 
THE FACTS: Both data and many experts who track violent extremists point to white nationalism as a rising threat in the U.S. and abroad. 
According to data released this month by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League, for instance, white supremacist propaganda efforts nearly tripled last year from 2017. Reports of the propaganda — which can include fliers, stickers, banners and posters that promote hateful ideology — rose 182 percent to 1,187 cases. That’s up from the 421 reported in 2017. 
The number of racist rallies and demonstrations also rose last year, according to the group. At least 91 white supremacist rallies or other public events attended by white supremacists were held in 2018, up from 76 the previous year. 
The Anti-Defamation League in January said domestic extremists killed at least 50 people in the U.S. in 2018, up from 37 in 2017, and noted that “white supremacists were responsible for the great majority of the killings, which is typically the case.” 
Separately, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported the U.S. had more hate groups last year than at any point in at least the past two decades. The organization, which tracks white supremacists and other far-right extremists, said the 1,020 groups it counted in 2018 amounted to the highest number since the center broadened its survey of such groups in the 1990s.
The center said it was the fourth straight year of hate group growth, representing a 30 percent increase roughly coinciding with Trump’s campaign and presidency. That came following three straight years of decline near the end of the Obama administration. 
And the Justice Department reported in November that hate crimes across the U.S. spiked 17 percent in 2017 — marking a rise for the third straight year. There were 7,175 reported hate crimes that year, up from 6,121 in 2016, according to the FBI report. More than half of the crimes were motivated by bias against a person’s race or ethnicity. Anti-Semitic hate crimes increased 37 percent. 
Among the episodes in the last few years: a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 after which Trump blamed “both sides” for violence, and last October’s shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in which the gunman accused of killing 11 people allegedly drew inspiration from white nationalism. Authorities last month arrested a Coast Guard lieutenant, an alleged white supremacist who appeared interested in attacking top Democrats and network TV journalists.
End the AP (read more linked above)
“It’s not only a national concern, white supremacy is a global terror threat. There is a link between the white supremacists here in the US, those in Europe and what we’ve now seen in New Zealand,” says Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

— CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) March 18, 2019


Monday, March 18, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: The POLLS?

Marquee Scroll>57 Percent Want A New Leader In The White House

Trump at one time-loved to quote "the polls" or "the ratings".  We haven't heard those words form the nation's 45th President in many months. Every wonder why?

Maybe a recent poll leads us to an answer.

In May 2018 the FiveThirtyEight Blog( Nate Silver) published what follows.

Which Pollsters To Trust In 2018

How prolific pollsters have fared in recent elections
Advanced Plus-Minus scores for pollsters’ surveys conducted for elections on Nov. 8, 2016, and later
Monmouth UniversityLive244.8-1.5D+3.9
Emerson CollegeIVR514.1-1.0D+1.2
Siena CollegeLive184.0-0.9D+1.5
Landmark CommunicationsIVR/online144.4-0.6D+4.3
Marist CollegeLive173.7-0.6D+1.5
Trafalgar GroupIVR/online/live154.0-0.1R+0.8
Opinion SavvyIVR/online114.3+0.1D+2.8
Quinnipiac UniversityLive264.4+0.1D+4.2
Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion ResearchIVR/online555.1+0.4D+3.6
CNN/Opinion Research Corp.Live104.3+0.6D+1.4
Gravis MarketingIVR/online534.6+0.7D+2.5
Remington Research GroupIVR/live324.9+0.8D+2.1
Public Policy PollingIVR/online285.2+1.0D+5.2
University of New HampshireLive198.9+3.4D+8.9
Google SurveysOnline128.4+5.0D+1.8
Negative plus-minus scores are good and indicate that the pollster has had less error than other pollsters in similar types of races.
The “average error” is the difference between the polled result and the actual result for the margin separating the top two finishers in the race.
“Bias” is a pollster’s average statistical bias toward Democratic or Republican candidates. 
The best of these pollsters over this period has been Monmouth University, which has an Advanced Plus-Minus score of -1.5. That’s not a huge surprise — Monmouth was already one of our highest-rated pollsters. After that, the list is somewhat eclectic, including traditional, live-caller pollsters such as Siena College and Marist College, as well as automated pollsters such as Emerson College and Landmark Communications. Polling institutes run by colleges and universities are somewhat overrepresented among the high performers on the list and have generally become a crucial source of polling as other high-quality pollsters have fallen by the wayside.
Data, when applied without bias, is irrefutable.  Let's see how Nate Silver's data shows in 2020.