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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Working ACA And Failed GOP Policy!

So you think The Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) is singularly about administration of health care insurance related issues?  The historic legislation is influencing factors related to healthcare well beyond medical and dental coverage.  And, despite Michelle Bachmann, Chuck Grassley, and Sarah Palin  et al idiotic town-criers of  "death panels" the ACA is literally saving lives.

In addition to multiple media reports of lowering health care costs, The Daily Mail is reporting a few specific details.
  • 50,000 lives saved in three years
  • 17 percent decline in such errors from 2010 to 2013 preventable infections, drug errors and falls. If you think less than 20% reduction is meager, re-think in terms of raw USD at $12 billion in health care costs savings.

According to a December 2nd piece from the Daily Mail (updated December 13th):
 In May, the administration reported the Medicare readmission rate for hospitals has been slowly dropping, from 19 percent in 2011 to 17.5 percent two years later. That meant an estimated 150,000 fewer hospital readmissions over two years.
Dr. Peter Angood of the American Association for Physician Leadership, who wasn't involved in the federal report, said the health care industry has a long way to go, and it's still unclear which patient safety strategies work best in hospitals. He noted that the report finds that one in 10 hospital patients still experience such errors. 

"A 10 percent significant error rate that creates harm, disability and possible death is way too high in American health care," Angood said. 

hospital such as medication errors, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, pressure ulcers and surgical-site infections. Most of these so-called hospital-acquired conditions are considered avoidable. The findings are based largely on a structured search of hospital medical records. 

The improvement mostly happened in 2012 and 2013, according to the report, and most of the estimated decline in costs and deaths came from fewer adverse drug events and pressure ulcers, or bed sores. 

More than 1.3 million fewer hospital-acquired conditions were experienced by patients over the three years compared with the number that would have occurred if 2010 rates remained steady, according to the report.
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Five minutes on how ObamaCare saves lives and reduces Healthcare cost.

The GOP was.....
Wrong about:
  • The Stimulus
  • the Auto Industry Bailout
  • the ACA 
  • Job creation 
  • Ebola 
  • the Deficit 
  • The Federal Government Shutdown
I can stop with those GOP failures and rest assured there were many ore "wrongs."

Yet a majority of voters and progressives afflicted with malaise and indifference have allowed the two chambers of the US Congress to be lead and dominated by people who actually do not seem to have middle nor low income family interest at heart nor as a guiding force.

It appears the US voter longs for the days of Bush.

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 The Bush policy that virtually sunk the nation....