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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rick Perry Mentioned The Obama Economy. Really?

During Rick Perry's poorly planned announcement of intent to run for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, he made the statement captur in the CNN embed below. The accompanying video doesn't related to the statement, but at the 55 second mark of the video Rick Perry is exposed for what he is, an empty suit . His choice prop former Navy Seal robotic props on either side of his platform position, could be as telling as the now famous 2012 Perry debate "Oops." Perry is under indictment in his home state, and despite the fact he will never serve a moment in the Texas prison system, he is a scarred candidate. In fact, a historic scared candidate. I don't believe there is another candidate for the US Presidency who was under active indictment while running for his party's nomination.

Perry's political woes aside, he has again proved he is lacking political acuity in his choice of speech writers and campaign managers. His announcement was on a first Thursday of the month.  About the same time each month the current administration is within hours of releasing the previous month's jobs report and unemployment figures. Even with the down month of April the jobs report has consistently come-in in the positive and over 100,000 per month. Additionally, the unemployment rate has dropped ever so slightly each month with very infrequent ticks up based on Americans re-entering the job market. 

Why the concern with the jobs report and unemployment? Read the statement below. Job creation and unemployment are monthly indicators of the US economy that join other indicators for a comprehensive snapshot.  Why would Perry's team send hi to a micro[one the day before the May Jobs Report release with dire tin foil hat 'fear' mongering about the Obama economy? I report "the day before the May Jobs Report."

"We've been through a great depression..we will make it through the Obama years" -Rick Perry:

Some media are repeating job creation at 280,000 vs the 262,000 depicted below. 

Granted, candidate Perry is vying for the GOP nomination. His potential voter constituency inherently only relate to information and circumstances as far back as six months, but the red chart indicators, sheds a revealing light on Perry's ".....made it through the Obama years." 

"We've been through a great depression..we will make it through the Obama years" 

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While consumer confidence of late has dipped, a quick look at the Conference Board Key Indicators induces thoughts of  "What was Perry's people thinking?" 

The Conference Board

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® Increases

26 May. 2015

U.S. Indicators

Alas, maybe Perry was speaking to a group of Americans who sit at lofty income levels from 300 to 400 times the level at which they pay employees: the American CEO. Notice the red indicator above.

I posit the CEO is never gong to show a Green indicator as it is outside the psyche of people who earn at levels comparable to "high end" professional athletes and rock stars.

Larger version
Larger version
Of course, we shouldn't underestimate Perry's team may get their current event news from the same social media sites as did Mitt Romney's crew from 2012. If that's the case Perry may be inundated with false information for The Drudge Report comparable to Mitt Romney's Ohio Chrysler Plant closing fiasco of 2012. In any case Perry should consider forgoing references to the US economy; the greater population may not share his contempt.

If you want a complete picture of the Obama economic record and GOP support for improving the US economy, a quick meme offers all you need. 

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Two final pieces of information that refute show the futility of Perry;s step into the US economy under Obama.

The Washington Post address job creation in a recent post.

Perry is going to be fun to watch and he will lower the aggregate quality of the possible 20 candidates for the GOP nomination.