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Friday, November 8, 2013

CBS Logan Apologies, 60 Minutes Exposed and The Proliferation Of "Skin News"

"60 Minutes," that storied and pioneering television news magazine has finally "come-forth" with an official on camera acknowledgement of culpability in Benghazi derangement. CBS has apparently taken down a page related to their false story as part of their current mission in cleaning up the mess. Moreover, Ms. Lara Logan, with titillating (pun unavoidable) attire sat this morning in full apology mode.

Logan on for the 60 Minutes, "Whoops!"

My avoidable pun above, may seem a bit snarky.  Yet, I remain committed to my inner thoughts that the current model of exposed female skin and news is the domain of Fox News and should be left over on Fox, despite the reality the expositions may garner viewers. 

Yesterday, we developed a reference "deck" with linkage to a Media Matters story that was a prelude to CBS's developing retraction and apology for the story. We are going to post the deck here for a reason. I will join you and close after this deck.

Media Matters for America

CBS News Pulls Troubled Benghazi Report As New Reports Eat Away At Source's Credibility

Blog ››› ››› TYLER HANSEN
60 Minutes Report
CBS News pulled a crumbling 60 Minutes report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks from its website and YouTube channel amid new information from The New York Times that corroborates claims that CBS' star witness provided conflicting accounts about what he witnessed the night of the attack. Jeff Fager, CBS News chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer, hinted that a correction may be forthcoming.
Maybe CBS 60 Minutes Management should avoid the Fox model of leg, thigh and cleavage as a starting point of whatever is forthcoming from the network.

At great risk of appearing prudish to those who want a dose of prurience with their news, the Fox News couch, the CNN Chair, and the Logan image from 60 minutes (above) are strictly ratings tools. If you take time and look closely at viewer demographics when the exhibitions are most prevalent, you will see why producers deploy the tool. Ratings tools we refer to as "strategic disclosure." We offer a few examples that require a bit of time (video). The first example clearly shows the focus of the CNN show producer via camera operators positioning the camera with movement for best shots of the person in "The Chair."  [UPDATE: the segment has been removed from YouTube .... Interesting] Other examples follow. 

We realize many readers have visited the links  posted below for reasons other than our anti-skin in news message, but the work is nonetheless relevant. Relevant regarding 60 Minutes and Ms. Logan's use of (broadcast) titillation. Again the Logan image above had to have been approved for broadcast and re-approved. I do not believe that 60 Minutes segments are live broadcast.  

Skin and News

If we consider demographics of early morning news viewing, we could find exactly why the networks deploy "strategic disclosure." 

October 8th TPI post excerpt....
I invite you to watch a segment from this morning's News Day Show. The on-air version of "strategic disclosure" includes strategic camera positioning with as many as 16 quick shot views during six minute interview. 
(NOTE: We have foudnn the video has been removed form You Tube. wonder if the removal validates our posit on the 16 roving quick shots. ) 
If you compare what you have just watched with the table just below, you will find men comprise the major viewer audience during the "strategic disclosure" shows. Early mornings and early afternoons seem to find more strategic disclosure target opportunities.  
(A most glaring and obvious Fox News exhibition)



"At great risk of appearing prudish...." Ratings wars will continue as revenue drives all business. Should revenue center on orbiting around prurient on-camera exhibitions of the female anatomy? According to Gallup and Pew Research a majority of people get their news from television.

Pew 2010

If Gallup and Pew data is correct and extrapolates from study/poll respondents across the greater population, the nation needs credible news coverage more than ever.  We have one network with significant viewership that serves as a Right-wing communications and propaganda division of the GOP. That Network frequent uses "strategic disclosures" during certain viewing periods throughout the day. When former credible networks adopt the Fox delivery model the quality of news suffers and can become a vehicle for issues oriented derangement.  "60 Minutes' " Logan and the fake Davies, are prime examples.  

We are fortunate MSNBC, PBS, ABC and NBC and (radio) NPR are not inclined to develop "strategic disclosure" (the couch the chair nor the cleavage) model. Yet, both ABC and NBC have over the past months stumbled badly with stories that were not based in fact.

We end with a contrast of Logan's attire for the introduction of the Benghazi the subject 60 minutes piece against her attire in the apology today's video above.  Take a look!  Did notice a "big" difference?