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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The US Deficit Via McConnell Vs The Balance Dot Com

US Deficit spending is rising. The economic reality is a serious matter but fails to receive daily reminders via Cable and network news. Trump's carnival (strategically developed and nourished to coincide with major news events) consumes all major segments of television news, while dragging ratings hungry news managers and producers into a cesspool of facilitating the distraction. 

The producers and managers are becoming a modern day example of the carnival barker or the circus ringmasters: 

Image result for carnival barker
"Get you full dose of trumpism! 
The dose of Trump which will make you feel involved and informed while emblazoning pure ignorance in your brain to a point of acquiescence or simply ignoring him. Yes! Don't miss out, we have never in US History witnessed a president who so resembles your clown in chief." 
Come into the tent and watch as a president bullies a dead Viet Nam War POW and long term US Senator. Watch as he snuggles with international dictators while growing up and scowling at long standing allies. Watch him remind of the "best" US economy ever: while the Deficit is growing out of control. View him as the epitome of a metastasized president with a prototype born of Ronald Reagan. Your GOP Leader and the Worst President, I mean the least popular, I mean a president who is supported by 90 % of the nation's conservatives.

A real spectacle.
Alas, cable news...considering coverage of events which are truly newsworthy such as the floods in the Midwest, military style weapons murders, an eroding climate and higher than necessary Pharmaceutical prices. How about in depth coverage of why we pay exponentially more for medical care in the US then other industrialized nations?

Cable news managers do we really need 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump? Some of us recall going almost a full week with broadcast images of past presidents. The nation's top office was;t a cash-cow reality tv show. 

Oh we digress. How about an in-depth analysis of how the GOP devolved from a false purveyor of fiscal conservatism to the point of big sending fatcats? Fatcats who, once elected, totally ignore the wishes of their constituents.  Fiscal conservatism regarding the GO is like look back on a 1938 Ford motor vehicle and wonder if the parts are original. 

Watch and listen to Bloomberg's piece of Mitch McConnell attributing the Increasing US deficit to Medicare, Medicaid and Socials Security.  He does so without any honest regard for Trump policies. Bloomberg.

Now, counter that McConnell garbage with facts from The Balance: Current US Budget Deficit.
Three Reasons for the Current Budget Deficit
Many people blame the deficits on entitlement programs. But that's not supported by the budget. These enormous deficits are the result of three factors.
First, the attacks on 9/11 led to the War on Terror.  
Second is the impact of tax cuts.  
Lastly is unfunded elements of mandatory spending. (Must read)
Granted Mandatory Spending has a great impact on the Deficit, but McConnell and his party placing the Deficit rise sole on "entitlement " spending, is typical GOP and living the lie.

Image result for carnival barker
"Come into the tent an hear the US Senate majority leader explain the US Deficit while paving towards cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security! A once in a lifetime visit. Don't miss it!"

Friday, September 30, 2016

I Hate To Blame Everything On Him And I Don't", Mitch McConnell

For the first time since President Obama took office in January 2009, the US Congress (with GOP majorities in both Houses), vote to override a presidential veto. On September 28, 2016 Congress voted to override the so-called 9/11 Bill. The bill paves a path for the families of 9/11 victims to file lawsuits against the government of Saudi Arabia. The override was both historic and overwhelming. 

The US Senate vote 97-1 to override and the House voted 348 -77 to override. The bill and its overall aura during and so near the fall elections seem to have drawn-out the height of self-preservation from the US Congress. Well, as the average adult should have realized even with a modicum of contemplation, such a bill would lead to reciprocal acts from legislators and courts in other nations. And, you and I both know the US manages to flub-up via leveling death on innocents in foreign lands.

Yes, the GOP once again led in opposition and obstruction against the nation's 43rd President.  And, the obstruction was as stupid as deciding to jump from a 50 story building and deciding half-way to the concrete pavement below.

Obama's Press Secretary stated the Administration case with classic civility and poignancy:

The Washington Post
Traveling aboard Air Force One Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest called the vote “the single most embarrassing thing the United States Senate has done possibly since 1983,” when Congress overwhelmingly voted to override President Reagan’s veto of an Oregon land transfer bill.
Why are Congressional leaders within 48 hours of the override speaking about the level and scope of their legislative ignorance and leadership incompetence? All the while blaming legislative malfeasance on our president.

The GOP mantra: Blame Obama. Always. 

What you saw and heard via the Chris Hayes, ALL IN, segment is utter ridiculous.  It is also an advertisement for congressional term limits as well as another example of GOP legislative leadership at its worse.

If you need more to bring home the reality of lsing an ally in the middle east (and one with the oil wherewithal to fund any level of terror), check out this piece from the New York Times.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

George W. Bush Did Not Keep Us Safe

9/11: What Bush knew

Donald Trumps latest attack against a Republican rival was directed at a past president who (knowing Trump) was an indirect salvo against candidate Jeb Bush. 

During an interview this past Friday, the inimitable carnival barker chose to answer a question regarding national emergencies as such:


We can rest assured the comment was not an inadvertent truism from Trump. It was as strategic an enticement as any campaign tactic Trump has deployed since joining the 2016 run for the GP nomination. You already know how Jeb Bush responded to the "bait and hook" Trump tactic; in case you don't know here you are....

How pathetic for @realdonaldtrump to criticize the president for 9/11. We were attacked & my brother kept us safe.
Of course, you know the GOP "Twitter King" immediately responded:

No @JebBush, you’re pathetic for saying nothing happened during your brother’s term when the World Trade Center was attacked and came down.
As the Twitter war transpired, it seems someone in a position to mold Trump's oratory (albeit it temporarily) must have reached the 'barker' with a cease and desist. Trump reacted to impromptu questions about his comments and Jeb Bush's retort in a most uncharacteristic manner; he refused to open his mouth for the first time since June of this year. 

As today is Sunday with news shows across the full television channel spectrum. You had to know CNN would book Jeb Bush for additional comment.  Let's face it, Sunday is not a full Sabbath without media "gotchas." 

Jeb Bush has established himself as the least verbally gifted of all GOP candidates. His appearance on CNN, re-established his serious shortcoming when responding to media hosts or reporters.

Jake Tapper and Jeb Bush.

AddictingInfo's Sarah offers a transcript analysis of a portion of the interview.

Sitting down on Sunday with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Jeb continued his narrative in defense of his brother. Tapper was very quick to point out his obvious loyalty towards his brother, and the mindboggling hypocrisy in regards to the attacks in Benghazi, Libya and how Jeb insists Hillary Clinton handled things improperly.
After Jeb kept going on and on about his brother, Tapper asked:
“Obviously Al Qaeda was responsible for the terrorist attack of 9/11, but how do you respond to critics who ask, if your brother and his administration bear no responsibility at all, how do you then make the jump that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are responsible for what happened at Benghazi?”
Which, quite literally left Jeb speechless, leaving CNN with dead air time for a couple of seconds. Finally, mustering something up, Jeb began in his reply, stuttering:
“Well I — the question on Benghazi which, is hopefully we’ll now finally get the truth to, is was the place secure? They had a responsibility, the Department of State, to have proper security. There were calls for security, it looks like they didn’t get it. And how was the response in the aftermath of the attack, was there a chance that these four American lives could have been saved? That’s what the investigation is about, it’s not a political issue. It’s not about the broad policy issue, is were we doing the job of protecting our embassies and our consulates and during the period, those hours after the attack started, could they have been saved?”
Basically, a complete non-answer, not at all answering Tapper regarding hypocrisy.
Tapper, quick to notice this non-answer and continuing of the same narrative he’s been spouting, asks:
“Well that’s, that’s kind of proving the point of the critics I was just asking about, because you don’t want to have your brother bear responsibility for 9/11 and I understand that argument and Al Qaeda’s responsible, but why are the terrorists not the ones who are responsible for these attacks in Libya?”
Jeb, still unable to come up with something coherent, says:
“They are, of course they are but — of course they are, but if the ambassador was asking for additional security and didn’t get it, that’s a proper point and if it’s proven that the security was adequate compared to other embassies, fine, we’ll move on.”
Still, he never answered Tapper’s question, because either way you look at it, no matter how Jeb answers it, he’s going to make himself look bad.

The Jeb Bush quagmire continues to snare the candidate as thoroughly as a law enforcement (Cop) speed trap at month's end. Bush continues to tread in an area most in  the GOP have little to no interest in pursuing: "he kept us safe." 

Two key points. First, reports have it Bush and his security team ignored warnings of Osama bin Laden's interest in reaching big targets in the US. The INTEL reports included information on foreign nationals enrolled in large aircraft flying lessons with no interest in takeoff and landing instruction. It was also reported the Bush security team ignored warnings within one month of 9/11. 

Another consideration is insider reports of Bush's personal indifference to any information that appears to lead away counter to his interest "getting" Saddam Hussein. 

White House insider Paul O'Neill with Time Magazine in 2004:

From his first meeting with the President, O'Neill found Bush unengaged and inscrutable, an inside account far different from the shiny White House brochure version of an unfailing leader questioning aides with rapid-fire intensity. The two met one-on-one almost every week, but O'Neill says he had trouble divining his boss's goals and ideas. Bush was a blank slate rarely asking questions or issuing orders, unlike Nixon and Ford, for whom O'Neill also worked. "I wondered from the first, if the President didn't know the questions to ask," O'Neill says in the book, "or if he did know and just not want to know the answers? Or did his strategy somehow involve never showing what he thought? But you can ask questions, gather information and not necessarily show your hand. It was strange." In larger meetings, Bush was similarly walled off. Describing top-level meetings, O'Neill tells Suskind that during the course of his two years the President was "like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people."
 No, George W. Bush did not "keep us safe."

Additional reading from Salon:


Friday, August 9, 2013

Al Qaeda Leaders Chat; US Responds.....A Nation Has To Fight Back!

locator map
I consider myself a low Baby Boomer Liberal. Low Boomer vs. a Higher 70 plus year of age Boomer. My background includes military service (one enlistment only) with  security clearances (Top Security level for over 15 years; four of which with Top Security Crypto) through my twenties into my mid-30s (with defense contractors).  My life experiences include great dismay, disgust and emotion as the US military evacuated the Saigon Embassy as North Vietnamese regulars moved to with-in miles of the Embassy gates.  I was on duty the evening the Soviet Union ordered North Korea to captured the USS Pueblo to validate the wares of US spy John Anthony Walker.

And, I was on duty the night the North Koreans shot down a US Air Force KC-135 (airborne mission very similar to the mission I was charged to fulfill).  And, I watched as people chose to jump to their death vs face the flames unleashed by Osama bin Laden.

Yes, I remember the horrors.

My liberalism and my overwhelming devotion to fear of adversaries creates a festering dichotomy.  A dichotomy that will not cease nor wain as long as their are people on Earth who wish to kill Americans simply because they are American.

In addition to a piece we published a couple of years ago, the following people will kill you, or would have killed you, your family, your parent and your neighbors. 

 Nasser Al-Wahishi

Once Osama bin Laden's aide-de-camp, Wahishi is the top leader of AQAP. In February 2006, Wahishi was among 23 al-Qaeda militants who broke out of a detention facility in Sanaa, Yemen's capital.
Qassem Al-Raimi

Al-Raimi became the group's military commander and the brains behind a series of foiled attacks against Americans. In writings and videos, he vowed to topple Saleh's regime and to strike America.
Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri

Al-Asiri is AQAP's chief bomb-maker, responsible for building the underwear bomb used to try to bring down a Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas in 2009 and the printer-cartridge bombs intercepted in U.S.-bound cargo planes a year later. U.S. intelligence officials say he has resurfaced recently in Yemen, after months in hiding.
Anwar Al-Awlaki
The 40-year-old American-Yemeni cleric emerged as an enormously influential preacher among militants living in the West, with his English language Internet sermons calling for jihad, or holy war, against the United States. He wasi n contact with the accused perpetrators of the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, that killed 13 people, the 2010 car bomb attempt in New York's Times Square and the Christmas 2009 attempt to blow up an airliner heading to Detroit. Al-Awlaki was killed on Sept. 30, 2011 in a drone strike in the mountains of Yemen.
Major Nidal Hasan
Hasan, 42, a U.S.-born Army psychiatrist of Palestinian descent, is accused in the 2009 shooting rampage that killed 13 people at the Army post in Fort Hood, Texas. The Hasan case prompted a slew of finger-pointing among government agencies over why more action wasn't taken when red flags appeared, particularly his e-mail contact with a radical cleric in Yemen.

Abdulhakim Muhammad
Muhammad, 28, is serving a life prison sentence for the June 2009 fatal shooting of a soldier outside a Little Rock, Ark., military recruiting station. Muhammad, who changed his name from Carlos Bledsoe when he converted to Islam, grew up in the Memphis, Tenn., area and then traveled to Yemen, returning to the U.S. in 2008. Muhammad has described himself as a soldier in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and called the shooting "a jihadi attack."
We are very mindful of tragedies that accompany waging war. US adversaries do not wage war from "firing lines (as with the Colonial War). Adversaries do not wage war from trenches (as with WW I and WWII). Our adversaries have not used nuclear or hydrogen weapons.  Our adversaries practice a form of guerrilla terrorism focused on unsettling people to unsettling governments and societies. Their tactics and methodology involve sacrificing human life to take lives of people; more often innocent people. They will abduct a young American and publicly (with mask over their faces) literally slash his throat. They blow-up buildings often filled with people who practice the Islamic Faith to kill a few Americans. They do not negotiate. They do not offer flags of peace. They hate you simply based on your and my birthright. 

Our adversaries are not such that the US can deploy its military might in defense of the nation. The one methodology that has been effective in 'taking-out" adversaries is under attack by none other than some in the US.  People who are so hellbent about the inadvertent lose of life during drone strikes, strikes me as naive and ultimately callous. 

Allow an example. 

As I was listening to NPR this morning the discussion included a gentleman who said something to this effect. "When we use drones to kill those men, they have families, they have tribes or clans, there is collateral damage?  Well, let me say this.  "That man" should have contemplated all factors before he took up arms against the United States. Those people who chose to jump from the WTC on 9/11 had families as well.  Innocent victims of their anti-American terror also had families, lived in clans, and looked forward to life. 

As a Consequentialist  I have to ask, "Should that man have contemplated his family, his clan and his life before he joined with Al Qaeda?" 

I am in no way able to speak from a position of direct knowledge, but I assume to facilitate drone warfare the US must use the NSA, FBI and the CIA for effective execution. My mind cannot take me to a place where I imagine effective use of drones without INTEL ,which is predominately electronic.

As dichotomies exist, mine also spreads to the angst from the US about programs that factually have proven successful. Respect for individual privacy is a Constitutional right.  The US Constitution, as amended, is a great document. But, not one member of the Constitutional Congress is alive to offer perspective on how the framers of the document would interpret it in relation to combating modern-day threats to the nation's "security and general welfare." 

All new sources are reporting on stepped-up drone attacks over the past three weeks.  Huffington Post has reported 34 Al Qaeda combatants have been eliminated as threats based on the attacks. Security experts are indicating the communication between Al Qaeda's Number One and Number Two leaders was electronic and provided enough INTEL to avert an attack. On the earlier NPR show,  another guest mentioned the Administration measures to pull people out of harm's way served two critical purposes. The drawbacks and alerts may have garnered concern from some, but the actions also alerted our adversaries their plot was, in part, compromised. Thus, an effective intervention.

Huffington Post provides details related to the attacks in Yemen. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

"What My Eyes Have Seen" ..a tribute to a US Memorial and Remembrance

A re-post from Memorial Day 2011....LAMB12

I made my way to the 9/11 Memorial last Thursday. It was a cold, rainy, windy day. We took the E train from The Port Authority subway entrance to the very last stop. The World Trade Center stop. I made my way up the stairs into the rain and wind and was immediately greeted by the Freedom Tower surrounded by blue wooden barriers with directions written as to where to go to enter the Memorial site. You must have a pass to enter beyond the blue barriers.

As we approached, the rain seemed to increase and the feeling of whispers seemed to scream by the people walking to and from the buildings as the work day ended. We passed by Zucotti Park. The sound of drums coming from the protesters echoed in the rain matching the beating of my heart. I continued on moving closer through the folks on the streets to the Memorials entrance.

We passed through through several checkpoints always showing the computer pass we printed out at home and our ID finally passing through metal detectors, much like you do at the airports. It is almost like going through a maze. As we moved around the perimeter of blue walls, we had to continuously show both our passes and our Id's, right up to the last curve in the pathway where we passed between two large stone blocks, remnants from the twin towers that separate the end of the maze and the entrance to the Memorial.

 The first glimpse took my breath away. Laid out before me are marble pathways surrounded by trees and marble square benches. A lone attendant tends to the walkways, keeping them clear of the falling leaves from the newly planted trees. He tends these walkways with an almost solemn reverence though there are many visitors around him.

To the right of me is the first pool. It is massive. I can hear the sound of the water falling into the deep pool below before falling again into an even deeper almost bottomless end. As I walked closer to the first pool the names carved into the marble framework surrounding the pool began to take shape.

There are so many names. From every background. Every ethnicity. Every belief. Every walk of life. Every one of them important. Every one of them loved and missed by their families, their friends, and by us. By me. As I make my way around the first pool looking at all the names, my path crosses a small group of folks gathered together. They are placing two small rose buds at the beginning and end of their family members name. It's a small remembrance. They are holding hands and one of them is quietly crying. I want to ask if they are ok,but, it is plain to see they are not. I bow my head as I make my way past them, deciding not to intrude. I finished walking the first pool and made my way to the second pool. As I approached the lights came on in the second pool illuminating it. I stopped in my tracks.

It's a breathtaking sight. The waterfalls are illuminated from the base upward. I found that the names carved into the framework are hollowed out and illuminated from underneath, as if reminding me of the brilliance of each life lost that day. Up until now, I thought I could make my way around the pools without getting emotional. I couldn't. You couldn't. I don't think anyone could.

I reached out to touch a young woman's name. My tears slowly fell and mixed with the rain falling on her name. It wasn't just the young woman's name. it was that her name was listed with the ending phrase "and her unborn child". Hers was not the only one. There are many. One was too many. I slowly continued my way around this second pool, passing by the Museum that will open next September making my way to the small gift shop just outside the exit of the Memorial.

It is small. there are many different things you can purchase. What drew me inside was not the small mementos I could purchase, but the small displays of things recovered or donated by the victims families. The fire hat covered in dust. The personal belongings of a man who didn't make it out. His wallet, ID, wedding ring, a two dollar bill he had. There are pieces of the Towers themselves. I found myself standing in front of an aluminum piece that I could only describe as molten yet solid. But, it is the film playing on the back wall of the gift shop that grabs me and pulls me towards its display. It's the families.

 Telling you their stories. They are personal, they are heartbreaking. I listened as a woman tells of how she overcame her husbands loss and how this Memorial being completed has given her a place to be near where he last was. Someplace to be close to him, if only for a short time. I stood and watched these stories. It was important to hear them, to feel them, to understand in some small way what they felt, what they feel to this day.

Name after name. Men and women. The office workers, the executives, the maintenance crews, security officers, the visitors that day, the firemen and police officers all gave their lives unknowingly. This Memorial honors them in a most hauntingly beautiful way.

I found myself wandering back to the E train. I had to move on to my next journey of the evening.

I stopped just outside the underground entrance to the train and looked again at the construction going on non-stop at and around the Memorial site and I felt the need to make a wish for us, for all of us. My wish?

My wish is that everyone of us who lives in this beautiful country of ours will have the chance to come here and see what I have seen. Feel what I have felt and understand that this tragedy, this place is here for all of us to remember who we lost, what we lost, and what we all should never forget....Our differences matter not, not when every single one of us has faced the same loss.


Monday, May 14, 2012

George Tenet, Colin Powell as authors on an "Undebated War"

George TenetAt UN AssemblyColin Powell

                                 An Undebated War

If you continue to somehow retain and believe that astronomical lie of Iraq as WMD threat, another of The Bush Administration key cabinet members, Collin Powell, will release a book on May 22. Powell's book will join a George Tenet book as archival documentation of "fraud' perpetrated on an international basis, on the American People, and precedent setting fraud against US History. The US has no record of official and focused efforts to publicly start and engage in war. The Bush Administration was hell bent of attacker Iraq, and I posit, from the day Bush was inaugurated to the US Presidency. Bush entered the Commander-in-Chief climbing on the white horse of a crusading pirate.

Within two years of his election to the Presidency, Bush was lighting the fires of demagoguery against Saddam Hussein.

CNN reported on September 27, 2002.
" discussing the threat posed by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Bush said: "After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad."Bush was speaking in Houston at a fund-raiser for Texas Attorney General John Cornyn, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Phil Gramm.
Houston (TX) is the adopted hometown of the president's father former President Bush, and in discussing the threat posed by Saddam, the current president offered his staple list of complaints about Iraq's defiance of the United Nations and his contention that Iraq is working aggressively on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs. "This is a man who continually lies," Bush said. 
He said the Iraqi leader's "hatred" was largely directed at the United States and added: "After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad." 
In his speech September 12 to the United Nations on Iraq, Bush mentioned the alleged plot to kill a former U.S. president but did not mention that it was his father. The alleged assassination attempt came when former President Bush visited Kuwait during the Clinton administration. The former president had orchestrated the U.S.-led coalition that pushed the Iraqi army from Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War.George W. Bush entered the Presidency without regard for the full-scope of his leadership responsibilities to the nation. He accepted a healthy economy from the incumbent Democratic President, Bill Clinton and he inherited a nation enjoying the prosperous peace of no-declared standing army wars.
President Bush with a singular focus on war, and in my opinion, settling a score, arrogantly ignored key cocoons of a national disaster. He spent negative energy and focus on the charge to war without an iota of similar concern for his regulatory agencies. The Clinton ideological dream and initiative to help all Americans the dream of home ownership provided an opportunity for FREE MARKET: NO REGULATION greed mongers on Wall Street and in US banking:

The Inside Job


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Eric Bolling!!!!

The following needs no commentary. It is typical of the people employed by Fox News. This guy will make an appropriate replacement for Beck.

"America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008," he said. "I don't remember any attacks on American soil during that period of time." Nobody on the panel challenged this comment.

Life on Fox is like a box of Chocolate  LINKED

This is sort of commentary and reporting is what the Fox audience relishes. StumbleUpon