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Monday, July 16, 2018

A Trump's World Turns: More Trump Embarrassment in Helsinki

A Day In The Life Of Trumpism

A month ago Newsweek published a piece on its web page. We have posted the title below along with a link (the title).



Today Putin admitted publicly his desire for Trump to win in 2016.  While I am certain some will applaud Putin for his "honesty" I suggest such honesty is an after-confession of orders (implied or direct) for his cyber cadres to perform as they did in helping Trump win in 2016.

Watch and listen (40 seconds)

Donald Trump long ago expressed an interest in hobnobbing up to Putin. after 18 months he received his gift from heaven via time with Putin. Almost two hours of this time was in total private (other than translators).  An ideal environment for a person who did same with Kim Jong Un and now have o record of what Trump agreed to. It goes without saying the North Korean situation is fizzling into yet another crevasse as is the history of presidential interaction with North Korea leaders.  

Imagine what Trump might have agreed to in private session with the Russian dictator.  

While considering the unfathomable, how about Trump finding Putin's suggestion that his troopers great to join Mueller's investigation. 

Think Progress 

Trump endorses Putin’s plan to allow Kremlin to interrogate U.S. officials who work with Mueller

What could possibly go wrong?

How about a summary of five relevant points about Trump's failed presser.

Think Progress

The 5 Most Bonkers Moments From The Seminal Trump-Putin 

Press Conference By Tierney Sneed | July 16, 2018

As we move to another day of Trumpism remember this Trump mention Peter Strzok in today's 

Trump on Putin cleansing. 
Trump today: “If anybody watched Peter Strzok testify over the last couple of days, and I was in Brussels watching it, it was a disgrace to the FBI, it was a disgrace to our country, and, you would say, that was a total witch hunt,” 
Watch and listen to a rather long news segment regarding Peter Strzok and the extent to which he is, in fact, an American hero.

If you watched that segment, then you know despite his indiscretions with a co-worker, Peter Strzok has a national defense and love of America compass unequaled among Trump and his cabal.