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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

George Will's Validated As A Koch Stooge!

George Will
The hired demagogue has ethics issues

Anyone who follows politics knows Right and Left wing punditry and paid obiter dictum is big business. The talent for drawing an audience or Pied Pipering readers (or listeners) is a lucrative gift. A gift that harbors danger for those who are not intellectually inclined to question nor enact deep thinking. As I consider that last statement, a gift most dangerous for the 50% of US voters who vote from conservative their socially nourished and regressive paradigm. Unfortunately, the social and political Right has a dominate share of opinion mongers and a equally dominate position of social and mind-altering influence over segments of the nation.

We all know of the more zany and over-the-top Right wing talking-heads: Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham. If you are one who skips church (if church service is an inclination) to view Sunday morning news shows, you are familiar with the McCain, Graham, Krauthammer, Kristol, and Noonan. Yet, there is another conservative demagogue who stands as a deliverer of sophism and conservative dogma without equal. Along with his recent employment at Fox News, George Will has elevated his rhetoric to that caliber common to talking-heads on Murdoch's flagship network.

Media Matters has again scored a major exposition related to Will's pandering with far-right conservative Americans for Prosperity and its money-brokers: Charles and David Koch. The Media Matters piece is partially embed and linked below. But, as I often compliment embed screeds with a bit of historical flavor, I will follow my model with George Will.
Will on President Obama and Atty. General Holder as "Race Baiters."
While no surprise for those of us who follow and know right-wing demagoguery, George Will's nascent appearance at a Koch brothers sponsored event is validation of the fallacy of his punditry. His appearance also speaks volumes about his marketability as a purveyor of anti-progressive, anti-Obama Derangement and mind-shaping, or reinforcing far-right dogma.

Washington Post columnist George Will deepened his ethically challenged connections to big-money conservative groups by participating in an Americans for Prosperity summit where prominent Republican presidential hopefuls made their pitch to major donors. 
Will's attendance at the Koch-backed group's annual convention comes after he spent months promoting Koch-backed candidates for public offices and advancing Koch-backed policy issues in his syndicated column. 
On August 31, Politico reported that Will was part of an "exclusive group of major donors and VIPs" who "dined privately" at AFP's eighth annual Defending the American Dream summit. According toPolitico, the summit "has become an increasingly important stop for aspiring GOP presidential candidates." In previous years, Will has also spoken at the summit and been given AFP's highest honor, the George Washington Award. 
Will's cozy relationship with AFP has not been disclosed in any of his recent columns promoting key Republican candidates for Congress or governorships, who have benefited from AFP's ad spending. Using his platform at The Washington Post, Will has promoted Michigan Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, suggesting that she is "the GOP's best answer to the so-called war on women" and contrasting her with Sandra Fluke, whom he smeared as "a professional victim and virtuoso whiner." Will argued that by electing Land, Michigan voters would be able "to show what they think of 'war on women' hysterics as a substitute for thought." Like Will, AFP supports Land and, as Will noted, has already spent $5 million on her behalf. Will did not note his connections to the group. 
Will has similarly promoted North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis' candidacy for the Senate, parroting his anti-Obamacare campaign advertisements in a May 30 column. Will defended Tillis against charges that he is an "establishment" moderate by praising his conservative credentials: "Tillis has been an enthusiastic enactor and implementer of the conservatism that North Carolinians voted for." Will noted that AFP has spent $8 million on advertising attacking Tillis' opponent, Democrat Kay Hagan. Charles Koch and his family have also maxed out their contributions to Tillis, and he received a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC. 
Will has profiled Republican Bruce Rauner, who is running to be governor of Illinois, framing the election as a choice between Rauner's push for term limits and his "vows to change the state's fundamental affliction --its political culture" and "the acceleration of stagnation" under the Democratic incumbent, Pat Quinn. AFP has spent at least $120,000 attacking Quinn.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

AFP Ad Again Manipulates People

Nice UNI-demographic crowd, eh?
The Koch funded Americans for Prosperity continues to run anti-ACA ads that are not fully revealing while reaching into your psyche for pity. 

We are certain there are people who are being negatively impacted by the cancellation of policies some felt was "their cup of tea."
Yesterday February 28, 2014, Steve Benen addressed the Lamb commercial, and her medical insurance experience, here
Benen's article is particularly noteworthy in its probing of Lamb's actual insurance experience. 
Here’s Lamb’s message:
“I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 27. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. It’s dramatically affected my life. I voted for Barack Obama for president. I thought that Obamacare was going to be a good thing. Instead of helping me, Obamacare has made my life almost impossible. “Barack Obama told us we could keep our health insurance if we liked it. And we can’t. I got a letter in the mail saying that my health insurance was over, that it was gone. It was canceled because of Obamacare. My premiums went from $52 a month to $373 a month. I’m having to work a second job to pay for Obamacare. For somebody with lupus, that’s not an easy thing. “If I can’t afford to continue to pay for Obamacare, I don’t get my medicine; I don’t get to see my doctors. I am very disappointed in Barack Obama as a president. He made promises he didn’t keep. And that’s disheartening.”
Benen cogently and concisely address the Lamb's insurance experience, thus showing the AFP ad for what is is worth: Propaganda. 
Lamb’s old insurance plan included low premiums because it was part of a Tennessee program that split the costs between consumers, their employers, and state funds. The plan, however, wasn’t very good – it included, among other things, a low annual cap, exactly the sort of thing the Affordable Care Act prohibits.   So it’s true that those with bad insurance were required to make the transition to better insurance.   But what about her high premiums? Glenn Kessler took a closer look. 
Once Lamb was required to go on Obamacare, she discovered she qualified for a $15-a-month subsidy, which could be applied to nearly 40 different options. She chose one of the more expensive options – a Platinum plan – because it limited out of pocket expenses to $1,500, as her doctor fees and blood tests would be higher under the Obamacare plans. She also considered a plan with a lower premium, but it would have meant higher out of pocket expenses. “Instead of paying $6,000 a year, I would have been paying $10,000 a year” with the plan with a lower premium, she said. […] In other words, AFP has managed to highlight a very unique case – someone with a chronic condition who did not face high annual costs. A very unique case, indeed. Kessler flagged a more typical experience for someone with Lupus. 
One Lupus sufferer, Erin Kotecki Vest, blogged that she was amazed at Lamb’s tale of woe after she researched the coverage provided by CoverTN. “Just ONE of my treatments ALONE wipes out everything CoverTN had to offer me,” she wrote. “I would hit CoverTN’s $25,000 annual limit the first week of January.” In contrast to Lamb, this Lupus sufferer is thrilled to be on Obamacare. Kotecki Vest gleefully wrote in November that her family ditched her husband’s employer-provided plan after they discovered they would save nearly $19,000 a year by switching to a plan offered on For some reason, Kotecki Vest was not asked to appear in an AFP ad. 
Imagine that.
Concerned Americans should know, the Kochs are would be plutocrats who would love nothing more than an American oligarchy with their faces emblazoned across the first 50 feet of the Washington Monument.   

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Plutocracy Is A Nation Killer. American Plutocracy: The Kochs and Other Conservative Uber Wealthy (and your vote)

Do remember the revelations of IRS scrutiny of applications of Tax exempt status for alleged 501 (c)(4) organization?  Do you recall the conservative SCOTUS Citizen's United Decision? How about recognition the decision would (and has)  inseminate hundreds of organization seeking status for purpose of funneling money to political campaigns, political parties, and socio/political causes? Since, we are on a roll, could we convince you that many conservative (behind the scenes) political organizations adopt names that denote some sort of false nationalism and serve as easily recognizable as 'dog whistle' draws for those on the Right.  They can simply read the 501 (c) (4) title and know it is there to fit their mindset and socio/political views. 

If all of the previous worked for you, it shouldn't have come as a surprise the Cincinnati IRS office charged with 501 (c) authority would seek to investigate false or misleading organization claims of "non-political." Of course, you know eventual investigations yielded data Left leaning organization received similar scrutiny. It is important to know, not one organization submitted an application was denied 501 (c) (4) non-profit status

If you follow American politics via any sources other than Fox News or the Wall Street Journal you know of Charles and David Koch. You know the brothers have DNA genesis in a father who help build the John Birch Society, and you may also know three Koch brothers shared inheritance in the billions. 

Billions in inheritance, a solid foundation as American Industrialist, non-profit status shadow groups, social and political beliefs solidly Libertarian, and an obvious deep-rooted desire to shape American society as Koch-Top 1% feudalism. If you are reading this piece, rest assured a Koch society will not include the good life for you and me. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or the degree to, one can affix to the nation's Top 20% (ers), society rooted in libertarianism with the Koch's as pseudo kings, is a society doomed to eventual erosion. And, if you are purchasing Koch Industry products, you are funding our de-evolution to regressive libertarian plutocracy.

The Tea Party is the child of Koch(ism). Polling results indicate a clear diminution of the Koch movement. We assume you now understand where the tea party movement has taken the nation.

The People's Press Dot Org


Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Pollutocrat Kochs

If Pew Research is accurate the Koch Tea Party has waned in approval. We can assume the movement has taken "hits" due to growing perception the tea party is not about governance, it is about reshaping the nation with a focus on 'regressivism.' Moreover, the tea party is funded by the Kochs and other far-right wealthy plutocrats.  We can only hope that funding is only in the form of support for political campaigns. CNN recently ran a segment that has us wondering about political contributions and how members of Congress are becoming increasing more wealthy. 

The only weapons we have against what you are about to read and that you have just is the vote.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mary Berra Appointed General Motors CEO; A Befitting Illustration Of Changing Times

Mary Barra, General Motors, CEO

Yesterday, General Motors announced a historic executive appointment that spans well beyond General Motors.  For the first time in auto industry history one of the big three producers appointed a woman as Chief Executive Officer. 
General Motors literally "broke the glass ceiling." 

Huffington Post published a short video related to the appointment of Ms. Barra.

The decision to promote Mary Barra from within and to promote a long-term employee (since age 18) also stacks-up as firsts."  While not an item that will lend to validation, I wonder if the Obama Administration (and progressive ideology) set the 'wheels' (pun intended) rolling towards a more gender inclusive high-level corporate decision.  It is a fact progressive minds saved our auto industry against GOP and conservative indifference during a time of high need.

We have re-blogged an Agence France-Presse, AFP,   (via RePostUS) article below. We think it important to review what may have contributed to a historic corporate decision. I find it impossible to believe GM would appoint Ms. Berra to the CEO leadership role had the 2008 and 2012 elections gone Republican.

Let's face it, were it not for the Obama Administration's commitment to jobs, maintaining US industry and the middle class, the US auto industry could have gone the way of US steel companies and electronics companies. And, US auto executives have rewarded the nation, their stockholders and the administration with market success, and their financial commitment to the nation has been fulfilled.

The Bailout (in Brief)
In January 2009, the Federal government used $23.4 billion of the TARP funds to create the Automotive Industry Finance Program. Its first loans provided operating cash for GM and Chrysler. These funds made auto loans available for car buyers : 
$13.4 billion for General Motors. 
$6 billion for GMAC. 
$4 billion for ChryslerFord Credit used funds from the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), a government program for auto, student and other consumer loans. (Source: AP, Timeline)

And, the fruits of the Obama Administration's commitment to America and our auto industry ripened very quickly. As we see, read and hear, the nation is harvesting those fruits via jobs, national pride, and corporate success that leads to higher GDP.

Not only have US auto producers moved their industry standing from the depths of bailout loans and the prospect of overseas purchasers, the industry has turned itself around and is more than simply flourishing. Edmund's 2012 - 2013 sales forecast preceded the declaration of GM as the world's 2013 auto producer (based on international sales).

Edmund's forecasts 

During the Bush economic collapse the crumbling economy caught up with the US auto industry.  After years of ignoring the strides in Japanese, Germany and Korean auto production, the US auto industry started to make critical modifications in their business model, manufacturing 
processes and related (and equally critical) changes in the way the giants managed their finances. 

As US auto manufacturers gained ground on foreign producers and actually accomplished critical improvements in their vehicles (autos, trucks and Suvs), the nation via a State governor, State Attorney General and a sympathetic SCOTUS handed George W. Bush the 2000 Election.  What followed will be archived in US history as surely as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the Great Depression. The Bush Years will be known for nothing beyond financial mismanagement, political malfeasance and governing incompetence coupled with GOP trickle-down economic practices. Ultimately, he will be known for plunging the nation into the depths of a second Great Recession. 

The economic crash was tragic, but even more tragic was the level and scope of the GOP indifference to the health of the nation. US economic health is as strong as its auto industry and its financial sector. It is important to keep in mind, despite Bush Administration denial the US Recession started in December 2007. Jumping ahead, it is equally important to know the Bush Administration admitted the December 2007 start of the recession. The Administration issued the admission, after Barack Obama defeated John McCain and "you know who" in 2008. One year after the recession started around December 17, 2008 the Bush team admitted, their error in analysis. "....Their error in analysis," pretty well captured their official statement to cover the potential lie until after the election.  How very GOP was that

The party that lied about the recession and objected vehemently to measures to recover the ailing/dying US economy watched as the following took place, while holding on to the Faux conservative fiscal paradigms.

How about a quick St. Louis Federal Reserve look at how GOP and Bush policy gutted the US auto industry?

In 2012 Hedges & Company published a cogent and relevant piece regarding Obama Administration efforts to revitalize the nation's auto industry. Linked.... 

Ever heard of cash for clunkers.
Monthly light vehicle sales (SAAR) through Sept 2012

The program was widely criticize and often laughed at, but it seems to have contributed to the auto industry turn-around as surely as the industry bailouts. 

We posted this preliminary information to support our point that an industry leader may have found value in incorporation of policies and methodology resulting from the reality bailout assistance was provided by the progressive commitment of the Obama Administration.

Read AFP on Mary Berra after the break below


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tea Party Fades..What About the Cancer Left in Congress? Southern Ideology Vs. The Ideal House

Tea party ralliers wave flags outside the Capitol. | Jay Westcott/POLITICO
The only thing missing at the event attended by three senators? A big audience. | Jay Westcott/POLITICO
The Tea Party is fading like an Alka Seltzer in four ounces of tap water! However, the cancer has taken a toll on American society.

There are few in the United States who are unaware of the Koch brothers (Charles and David). Well, I should qualify my statement, "...the Koch brothers well-known among people who follow contemporary politics, current events, and the erosion of US politics for the people."  The Kochs are two of the world's richest men with family DNA including co-foundling the John Birch Society, have a stranglehold on the majority of conservative politicians. We posit there are few legislative initiatives, decisions or agreements from the GOP that are not in some way influenced by the Koch brothers. 

The Kochs have disavowed intimate involvement in creation of the Tea Party. Rest assured the position is a deep and straightforward a lie as any told from conservative America. The Koch Facts Dot Com page offers the following graphic for media inquires regarding the Kochs and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation. 

The proliferation of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), receives major support from the Kochs, thus providing a Mixed Martial Arts "rear-naked choke hold" on state legislatures.

As John McCain and Sarah Palin fizzled-out of the 2008 General Election, Koch money and their conservative/libertarian support structure led to development of a movement with a singular purpose. Conservative America needed a strategic hold on US Federal government via control of both Houses of the US Congress. What better way to excite a movement than an opportunity to leverage the election of a Democrat president and an African-American in the Oval Office.  The 2010 Elections for conservative plutocrats offered tantalizing prospects. 


A Koch public relations statement from the page.
Koch and Americans for Prosperity
Among the hundreds of organizations that have received monetary support from Koch companies, Charles Koch, David Koch, and/or the Koch foundations are Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation. 
AFP and AFP Foundation’s overall mission of promoting sound economic thinking is one in which we firmly believe. In addition, they stand for ideals that are critical to our nation’s future and the well-being of all people: limited government as set forth in the Constitution; fiscal responsibility; removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship; and restoring fairness to our judicial system. 
AFP and AFP Foundation operate independently of Koch Industries. We are not involved in their day-to-day operations and we do not direct the activities of either organization.
As a matter of fact, the Kochs contribute to organizations numbering in the hundreds. They are reported to be contributors to the arts, but they also provide significant support for a cancer that is now eating away at the US House of Representatives. The cancer is the aforementioned Tea Party. 

Within the week, the National Journal has accessed previously (and published) non-public IRS documents that clearly show Koch involvement in organizations that have and continue to provide bed-rock financial support for the tea party movement. AFP (and Freedom Works) provided the money seeding for the tea party. The document you are about to view, lists the Kochs as top donors for the  2003 (then) newly formed AFP.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Obama Welcomes Syria Deal, Expects Assad Compliance

Re-Blogg via Free Range Content via AFP

US President Barack Obama welcomed the deal reached Saturday to strip Syria of chemical weapons but said much remains to be done and warned Damascus to comply with the accord. In a statement, Obama said that if the regime of Syria's President Bashar…