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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GOP and Trump "Death Panels" (AHCA)

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Paul Ryan's House of Representative gleefully and dutifully passed a bill through the House which will (to keep it short) lead to 35 million Americans taken off the roles of human beings able to have medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate now has the bill and is apparently working in secret to get the bill passed into law.  The American Health Care Act is without question a legislative death panel.

Image result for trump's death panelsWe do not feel the topic is one which will lead to a personal desire to delve into paragraph after paragraph of text.  Let's save time and effort with a few snapshots of the current Republican effort to instill Ayn Rand like government across the fill scope of the nation. 

Unite Blue's 10 takeaways from the GOP AHCA.

If you are an American with any health conditions, a disabled American, a child or a pregnant woman, you should carefully review what is coming from your GOP.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cable News On Trumpcare And The US House of OZ

On a day when, Trumpcare moved through your House of Representatives and Trump invited GOP House members to the White House for a reality TV appearance, cable media trodded through Trumpcare in a divers manner.

CNN gushed over the optics of a Trump staged reality show. You may notice (in the Rachel Maddow segment below) the reality show is absent any diversity. Most GOP elected officials who wished the Trump reality show visual were baby boomer and older white men stand to sound their celebrity party leader. You will also notice certain key members of the GOP House elected Trumpites strategically avoided the visual.

First, watch CNN entertain its viewer.  Alas, the timing was perfect for CNN. Brooke (Obama didn't have the "guts" to bomb Syria) Baldwin lead the discussion.

Jake Tapper sitting with (Mr. Excitement) Wolf Blitzer also aired their House vote town crier, Jeff Zellney.

Yes CNN relished int he reality show ratings. How crass?

Each the person who spoke about Trump's staged show knows the House bill is a Draconian version of the bill which never received a vote. They also know, if passed through the Congress as Ryan promulgated today's version it will lead to catastrophic financial and health ramifications from millions. 

Now, for another perspective from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. 

Maddow offer points of consideration totally important to CNN's rating quests and Trump admiration segments. 

Over on Fox News (the crumbling Fox News), things got a bit out of control. Yet, I am certain Fox News viewers loved every second of it all.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump and Rethuglicans: AHCA

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As Trump and Rethuglicans celebrate their narrow vote in the House today to gut the ACA’s funding and patient protections, let’s not lose sight of what their plan is really all about. Bernie Sanders nailed it when he indicted the GOP’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) as not really a health plan, but rather a tax cut for the wealthy plan. In short, WealthCare not HealthCare.

The GOP rushed their vote through today before the Congressional Budget Office could score their additional cruelty — namely, gutting of pre-existing condition protections and other essential benefits. Based on the CBO’s March report, however, this chart shows the major spending cuts to programs that help low- and middle-income families afford healthcare versus the tax cuts that disproportionately benefit higher incomes and very profitable corporations — to the tune of $465 Billion in tax cuts over 10 years. 

While at least 24 million will likely lose health insurance and costs will skyrocket for older, lower-income families under the GOP scheme, the Top 1% (avg income of $1.3 million) will see an average tax cut of $50,000/year, with the Top 0.1% (avg income of $3.75 million/yr) getting an average tax cut of $197,000. Even more obscene, the wealthiest 400 households (avg income of $300 million/yr) will see an average tax break of $7 million/year.

And the recent paltry sweetner of $8 Billion more (over 5 years) for their magical high-risk pools, which are probably underfunded by at least $20 Billion PER YEAR, is not going to change the horrifying math of GOP/TrumpCare.
According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “The $8 billion falls far short of what’s needed to make high-risk pools sustainable. The $8 billion represents just a 6 percent increase in the $130 billion that the bill already includes for grants over the coming decade that states could potentially use for high-risk pools. But experts have concluded that $130 billion would leave these pools underfunded by at least $200 billion (and that estimate assumes that people would still have to pay premiums of roughly $10,000 a year)… not all of the $130 billion would likely go for high-risk pools, as states can use these funds for a variety of purposes unrelated to people with pre-existing conditions — and the House bill provides no such funding whatsoever after 2026… Historically, state high-risk pools have featured very high premiums, benefit exclusions, annual and lifetime limits, and other problems — even when the pools had enough funding to avoid waiting lists (which they often did not).”