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Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump Lied To Get On The Forbes 400 List

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35 plus years ago but an indication of character 

Since the nation doesn't seem to care much about Trump's pathological lying, we shouldn't be surprised the extent to which he has lead a life very much like the information via the links and graphics below.

Posted in a TPI post earlier the week

(If you do not wish to read via the links, certainly take a close look at the Tampa Bay Times, Politifact, link).

The New York Times (June 2017)

Opinion | President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List - The New York ...

The Tampa Bay Times (Politifact)

The Washington Post

As of yesterday or this morning, a former Forbes reporter is telling a story (with video) about how Trump adorned his telephone alter-ego to misrepresent his wealth to gain mention and entry into the Forbes 400 Wealthiest List.

While Trump's rationalizers and CNN contributors (Trump backers) are speaking about not believing the tape reported in the following segment, give it a good listen. It is also critical to know Trump has actually bragged about adopting alter-ego personalities: A, B, C 

Since we now live in an age when an expectation of decency and honesty are not traits necessary to sit in the Oval Office, the question has to be addressed: "When will enough about Trump's lies be enough." 

For rational Americans who are not part of the 80% of Republicans who support Trump, the answer is fleeting and becoming something of a non-fulling reality. For those who support Trump, it is amazing the level and scope of lies you will ignore as Trump takes the nation to the depths of a bottomless swamp.