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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A New GOP Sect; Watch It Grow

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"Identity Europa"

Since we spend moderate amounts of time reporting on growing racism and white nationalism at the core of the GOP, it is also important to note and report on new fissures. We are speaking of white nationalist (racist) offspring which feels it has something in common with the GOP.

Of even more importance, we do not find riposte actions from the GOP. Retort actions which would send a message to the white nationalist they are not welcome in the party. In the absence of such, we can only assume these movements are welcomed in the GOP.
A new hate group wants to take over the GOP via @msnbc
Is there any reason for more verbiage?  How about that GOP vote?

Utter racism follows. 

Former US Congressman (R-UT)

And here is how it ends.


Monday, October 15, 2018

Witches And Hexes Via Trumpism

Related imageIf the phantom guy who comments about my writing more and less relying on video to carry my message wants to comment on this pro-Trump activist, feel free to do so and I will publish the comment.

There is about enough need to comment on the comments from Amy Kremer as there was a need to challenge Trump's proclamation against Obama's birth, Trump Tower secret taping via Obama, and even less need when one considers Mexico paying for the wall. What we have here is entertainment for Trump supporters via wallowing in WWE like rhetoric. Actually, the fill-in host Ali Velshi should have in some way commented about the insanity of such statements on international TV. If hosts allow such spreading of Chicken-Little like insanity it lowers the credibility of the network and the host.

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Mediaite and the video clip. 
The essence of trumpism: "...witches and hexes."

Actually, we shouldn't have experienced any surprise with that which emanates from Kremer's mouth. YouTube is full of video segments of her zany punditry on behalf of all things Trump (and US conservatism). How about a sample? What follows is one three minute example. Linked, here.


Monday, April 23, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Bolton (video)

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History seems to repeat itself. A reality which shouldn't surprise. If we don't know our history we are doomed to repeat it.  Now, therein lies a problem.

Image result for joseph goebbels memes

Image result for joseph goebbels memes

Image result for joseph goebbels memes

Image result for joseph goebbels memes

Image result for joseph goebbels memes

The history lesson is stark, real and frankly very much repeatable.  Take a few minutes for a look at Trump's latest staff appointment. 


We have grown to expect nothing more from Trump's daily lies, (e.g. tweets, pressers, personal comments) and abnormal defense strategies of a seemingly guilty person.   

Think of life in our nation if Trumpism continues unchecked and reversed.  We should never look back on past society and think, we will never end like that.  We are seeing the daily undercurrent of Germany in the mid to late 1920s.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Demographics Matter (Trump's GOP Influence)

If you failed to watch MSNBC's  The  11th Hour last night, fill-in host Ali Velshi hosted a segment with the networks data geek Steve Kornacki. While we liberals relish in what you will see and hear as you watch the following segment, know it is early April. When fall midterm elections roll around, we will probably find the white female again will follow their loved ones (spouses, significant others and relatives) into voting booths and cast that all GOP vote.


How party demographics are changing because of Trump

Additional comment; unnecessary.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Conspiracies, Conspiracies, Conspiracies (VIDEO)

Ali Velshi Names And Shames Websites Pushing Conspiracies On Florida Shooting Survivors

Fake News! That's what Ali Velshi calls, by name, those websites pushing conspiracy theories about survivors of the Florida School Shooting. (And of course Don Junior, who re-tweets that garbage on a regular basis.) Transcript: STEPHANIE RUHLE: Out of the tragedy in Parkland, we are now seeing a despicable and ugly part of tragedy. Conspiracy theories.…

Monday, November 27, 2017

CNN Also Booked Breitbart Propagandist and Rightwing Silly Talker

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Small image (person) of the day!

As we experience the reality of an alleged child molester close to winning an election tt he US Senate, America's political/social Right is charged up for the defense.

Charged up and as effective as Auburn's offensive line front-four, as solid as the old west wagon train circled to fend off an attack, and the Roy Moore defenders are as intellectually diminutive as a nocturnal snail slugs.

Watch the following ever-increasingly popular (MSNBC's Ali Velshi's too frequent guest) and now CNN, talking-head Breitbart editor: Joel Pollack.

Watch and listen to 30 seconds of Rightwing media insanity.

If you need a more in-depth perspective of Rightwing Bannon and Mercer media, the following is a seven-minute segment with Pollack and his MSNBC host facilitator Ali Velshi.

If we can twist our minds to the possibility US media has a dual role, it isn't a surprise MSNBC and CNN books such a feeble demagogue. The roles are clear: Inform between entertaining viewers who are the basis for advertisement revenue.

While Fox News is the ultimate purveyor of Rightwing ideology and mind-altering propaganda, we must not overlook the shortcomings of cable news media we tend to prefer.  

When Trump attacks media (other than FoxNews) and people like Pollack make a mockery of the venue while defending an alleged pedophile, the nation suffers greatly.
Image result for hitler and the press
"Other than Fox News?"  Did someone coin a phrase: Fake news?

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Lack of Decency And A Twist Against Diversity While Defending A Self-Soiled Politician (VIDEO)

We posted this segment in our final post of yesterday. It is such an important glimpse into GOP politics and Alabama racism, we feel it is worth a video only post.

We often hear conservative feign our nation is free of bigotry and racism; we also know there are millions upon millions of so-called liberals who also cringe at the word "racism." Let's be honest and face the reality most white people really do not have a deep interest in issues related to race until the issue strikes close to their homes or family. On a personal note, we actually notice a decrease in readers of this site when we post a few too many posts with titles indicating matters of race, US racism, white supremacy and whoa be it upon us to post about "white privilege."

Since we live in a nation with uber-wealthy political donors who have deep inner cores of racism, is there any surprise the GOP would exist with an inarguable undercurrent and noticeable fissure of overt racism? The question was a rhetorical question as the answer is obvious. One clear example of our point emanates from legal entanglements involving one of Trump and Bannon's major financial money broker: Robert Mercer.

A few weeks ago the Washington Monthly published a piece focused on a legal battle between Mercer and a former business associate: David Magerman. In politics, worldwide money is a driver. If money is a driver, and it is an irrefutable driver, is it at all a surprise politician's consider billionaires their most beloved constituents Further on, would it take much to convince you politicians work hard to repay their election donations and PAC contributions via working to please or placate the uber-wealthy donors? The following excerpt relates to the legal entanglements of Magerman Vs Mercer. Notice Megerman states in private conservation he personally heard mercer categorizes US Jim Crow laws as "not important."

Washington Monthly

In court papers filed on Friday, Magerman argues that following a pair of phone conversations in which Mercer expressed arguably racist opinions, Magerman felt obliged to inform the press about his boss’s viewpoints—and that he received verbal assurance by Renaissance C.O.O. Mark Silber that the statements he intended to make were “permissible under company policy.” Those racist opinions, according to Magerman, included comments such as: a) The United States began to go in the wrong direction after the passage of the Civl Rights Act in the 1960s; b) African Americans were doing fine in the late-1950s and early-1960s before the Civil Rights Act; c) The Civil Rights Act “infantilized” African Americas by making them dependent on government and removing any incentive to work;d) The only racist people remaining in the United States are black; and e) White people have no racial animus toward African Americans anymore, and if there is any, is it not something that the government should be concerned with.

The best part of the filing, at least to us, was that when Magerman “point[ed] out that society was segregated before the Civil Rights Act and African Americans were required to use separate and inferior schools, water fountains, and other everyday services and items,” Mercer allegedly responded that “those issues were not important.” In a subsequent phone conversation (the “white supremacist” one), Magerman claimed Mercer initially “disputed that he had said such things, although he did not actually deny saying them” and “in the course of rehashing the conversation . . . repeated many of these same views, and even cited research that allegedly supported his opinion that the Civil Rights Act harmed African Americans economically.” (A spokesman for Renaissance declined to comment.)

Is there any wonder Trump has a following which includes many fissures into white supremacy?  

Let's take the piece back to Roy Moore. Alabama's candidate for a special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the US Senate.  Roy Moore is a racist in a state with many racist denizens and evangelicals who seem to find his serial sexual abuse of teenage girls acceptable, or at least not worthy of scorn.

During a Monday night campaign stop, Moore lamented a society with restrictions on state  (government) sanctioned religion as well as clear lamenting of Civil Rights laws circa 1965.

"they started creating new rights in 1965"
And, how does Moore's racism translate for people with whom he associates or contracts for services?  An exact and clear example manifest on MSNBCs late morning Velshi & Ruehl show.

The following video runs for ten full minutes.  While most the video offers a glimpse into GOP robotism via an attorney who seems a member of The Walking Dead "walkers", lit includes the clearest example of conservative racism over the past few months. If you are not aware, Ali Velshi was born in Kenya and is a Canadian citizen.   What does the racist attorney do?  He reaches to ethnicity and race in a defense of a sleazy client.  

The segment also includes a telling image of Moore's signature on a high school student's yearbook page and very recent signatures.

The full morning segment (10:06 minutes)

You have seen the core elements of racism and an example of a person who willing lies and offers services (for a fee) without any sense of decency. (UPDATE: Stephanie Ruhle spoke this morning about the shock of Moore's associates racism.)

When a nation allows racism to ooze to the level of increased acceptance of public exhibition we are doomed to more of that follows.
While the perpetrated seemed intoxicated, how is it no one stepped up to work at bringing the attack to an end. Yes, of course, I recall the racist killing of two citizens who attempted to stop an attack on a woman wearing traditional cultural Islamic headgear. Is it a reality that killing has worked in pushing "right thinking" people into a closet of what they don't see doesn't hurt them. Yet, they saw and heard every word of the racist attack.  


Thursday, October 26, 2017

The GOP Tax Trojan Horse

Trump and Ryan's Tax Trojan Horse

Be very aware of this:

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It is important to recall the citizens of Troy facilitated their downfall via pulling the Roman Trojan Horse through the gates of Troy. After seven years of war, they thought the Romans had given-up the fight and left them a gift.

Be Aware of Republicans Baring Gifts. 

The Trump tax plan is as circa an economic Trojan Horse any subterfuge perpetrated against the citizens of Troy. Besides, Trump has been assessed as lying over 80 percent of the time. why would you believe his claims of a middle-class tax relief plan? 

Watch 51 seconds of MSNBC's Ali Velshi and his adroit response to what you are I are being told on a daily basis.

Within minutes Velshi and Ruhle took-on yet another Trump plan talking head as head attempted to use his "CPA" background as a gimmick to facilitate misinformation role. Crooks & Liars capture the moments.

Crooks & Liars

Ali Velshi To Lying GOP Lawmaker: 'Ignore The Fact That I Don't Have Hair And I'm Not Really Bald'

MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle held Rep. Jim Renacci's (R-PA) feet to the fire on Thursday after he floated budgetary math that didn't pass the smell test. After House Republicans paved the way for tax reform negotiations by passing a budget on Wednesday, Renacci insisted to the MSNBC hosts that tax cuts would be…

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: In The Absence of Truisms Some Combat Trumpism

The Lie As National Policy Begets Failure

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels Third Reich Ministry of Information and Propaganda                           Image result for joseph goebbels

Is there anything about the Trump Administration which is sacred while touching into high character realm of the truth? Trump's continued snipping at the Gold Star widower of Army Sgt. La David Johnson is not only inexcusable, it is indicative of a person with a mind which no longer contains his subconscious. 

How can rational Americans resist the onslaught of Goebbels like propaganda and lies from Trump's information forces?  We can seek credible news sources and credible reporters of current events. But, there is one very critical component to combating the daily barrages to Trumpism: challenging the liars and countering with the truth. 

If we fail to recognize the signs of a out-of-control leader, we fail to accept the first steps towards righting a wrong. The truth is the first line of defense.

Yesterday CNN ran a segment with a one-minute diatribe from a former US INTEL operative, Philip Mudd.  Give the segment a look and listen.
Philip Mudd as a truthsayer and soothsayer is hard to ignore.

Trump's messaging is also offer to those who watch cable news via dedicated demagogues who are paid by the cable networks while defending Trump even if 45 was caught with his pants around his ankles completely compromised.

CNN panel dismantles Trump surrogate, Jack Kingston, as he works to defend all things, Trump.

And it goes on and on.

Crooks & Liars published a piece with the perfect exhibition of how to shut down the political talking head who spews talking points obviously crafted in the White House. The Republican congressman didn't hesitate to throw-out a common lie about GDP growth (3%). When challenged he simply ignored the correction and went about working to occupy segment time with over-talking data and common talking points.

Let's visit with a segment from last night's, If we are failing in reporting on mind-shaping lies from the Administration comparable to Joseph Goebbels' paving a path for Adolf Hitler,  The Rachel Maddow Show. The State Department attempted to offer the world a lie to about the safety of Rex Tillerson's surprise visit to "Kabul." Well, the visit wasn't in Kabul. 

How is it the White House has turned into a carnival-barking cabal of lies to cover what is becoming an obvious Keystone Cop administration? A better question is how so many on the Right actually constitute to fail to see Trump's metaphorical "trees" are hiding a forest of lies, deceit, and misinformation? 

Ad, yes media has a role. Media Matters just published a piece about the extent to which CNN has facilitated its ratings via paying Trump surrogates to go on-camera either with lies or to defend lies.

Trump's world is that of the carnival barker advancing his agenda by hiding the truth while selling the unsuspecting a false reality in his carnival tent. 


Thursday, October 12, 2017

24 Hours Of Trumpism: The Incessant Lie

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We start with Ali Velshi and Stephanie rule responding to Trump's sycophant feed over the past two days. Trump's lies about the stock market under his leadership drew particular attention from the liberal MSNBC hosts.

Trump's lies also spill onto the CNN News set as host Chris Cuomo partook in a critical and necessary on-camera battle with yet another GOP  (Trump Administration) rationalizer. Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry towed the GOP post-Hurricane Maria party line with claims of "we are doing a great job in Puerto Rico and what could we do better...people would be dying.

What follows is an excerpt from the ShareBlue web page. The excerpt video and partial transcript offers all rational Americans they need not know about the GOP.

______________________END SHAREBLUE_______________

Trump also spent part of yesterday offering lies on an audience of "truckers.'

Philadelphia's ABC News 6 and two minutes of Trump hawking his tax plan in Michigan.

As is always the case Trump used standard Trump mantra (God, county et al) to hawk to an audience billed as "truckers." Trucker and rational Americans beware Politifact Trump File

Trump has also taken to spewing utter lies about how his tax plan will not offer a financial benefit to himself. 
Let's count the ways 

Says "No, I don't benefit, I don't benefit" from his tax proposal.
— PolitiFact National on Thursday, September
Before we leave the daily Trump lie machine, allow one more peep at a recent Politifact "Pant on Fire."
Share The Facts
Donald Trump

Ending the estate tax would "protect millions of small businesses and the American farmer."
That’s a ridiculously high estimate. Only 5,460 estates even pay the tax each year, according to a credible estimate, and of those, about 80 represented small businesses or farms. We rate the statement Pants on Fire.
Yes this is a huge tax cut. But it goes overwhelmingly to the top 1%. Hedge funds. Lobbyists. Lawyers. Real estate investors. 2/2
— Chye-Ching Huang (@dashching) October 11, 2017
From effectively ignoring the catastrophe and strife in Puerto Rico through outright lies regarding the GOP tax plan, never a day goes by without a copious dose of Trumpism.

On another note, another day has passed into US history without a word from Trump about the four Marines killed last week in Niger. He took a moment this morning to wave the "respect" Flag regarding Pakistan's military-style operation and release of a Western couple (An American woman, a Canadian man, and three kids)  from the Taliban, but no word about four dead servicemen.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan (Trickle-down Trump)

If you are old enough to recall Ronald Reagan's insemination of Supply Side economics (trickle down) into the heart of GOP ideology, you shouldn't be at all surprised about what Trump is promulgating as his "tax plan." The tax plan is a mere rehash of past GOP economic policy which almost leads to a total economic collapse.

Two MSNBC news segments best state a case against a return to Trickle-down economics. 

I offered two segments, but there is more. If you are an informant geek or a High Information Voter (HIV) MSNBCs Morning Joe Show included an extensive segment with great detail and relevant comment about Trump's "sly of hand" tax cuts.

Trump's tax cut will not only offer a significant tax benefit to the uber-wealthy it could launch the nation on another path to economic oblivion. Especially if we consider other GOP policy regarding "regulation."

Related image

Now, take a look at the same chart with specific direction to compare two out data points.

Compare these two figures<br />
If you review a comparison chat of income growth from 1980 through the subprime Bubble burst of the Bush Era, the effects of trickle-down are stark and frankly, "in your face."
The superrich have grabbed the bulk of the past three decades' gains.<br />

If the chart about isn't descriptive enough, check out the is graphic.

Image result for trickle down economics myth
Trickle-down (supply side) economics is the most stifling economic measure Republicans had ever administered against the US middle class and lower-income citizens.

Image result for owsley county white GOP voters

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump, TrumpCare, Repal ObamaCare And Your GOP

ObamaCare Facts dot com

Have you followed the developing story of US Senate efforts to ramrod an ObamaCare repeal through the chamber prior to a September 30th, procedural deadline? If you have followed the story, you know a preponderance of US Senators are ready to cast a vote to effectively turn national medical coverage legislation over to the states. If you haven't followed the story, follow it below.

We start with an MSNBC segment via the network's Ali Velshi.
The details from a liberal network perspective.

Take a minute and watch what happens when GOP elected operatives appear on camera while totally ill-equipped to  speak intelligently (without lying) about a bill the party wants to rush through to a vote. Wisconsin's Ron Johnson should have declined the interview.

If you have a few more (video) minutes take time to watch "Mr. Quip" Vice President Pence avoid questions about pre-existing conditions guarantees with a false statement about a Thomas Jefferson quote.
Pence"Thomas Jefferson said, ‘Government that governs least governs best.’ "
— Mike Pence on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 in comments on 'Fox & Friends'

Is there anyone in the Trump cabal who can wear a collar called credible? Maybe Pence should also avoid on camera interviews. A decent thought, but how can one campaign to replace Trump if he doesn't show on Fox & Friends with misinformation to feed the shows absorbent audience. 

If you are a news geek or a person who enjoys Jimmy Kimmel, late night ABC, you are following his point-counterpoint with Senator Cassidy (R-LA) and the aggregate GOP talking heads who support TrumpCare. The current kerfuffle started after Kimmel delivered an emotional monologue about the post-birth health of his second child (born with a serious/chronic heart disease). 

As Mitch McConnell moved his Senate GOP Majority towards an ObamaCare "kill bill," Cassidy appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and stuck his naive foot in his mouth all the way through the heel of the foot. As you watch an excerpt from the Kimmel show (from May of this year) think about what is currently transpiring with the Senate efforts to kill medical care for millions while offering significant tax cuts to the nation's Top .01% (many of which financially supported Trump's election).

It is also important to note Kimmel's is catching the wrath of conservatives who are obviously following tightly transcribed talking points which include one rotund New Jersey governor referring to Kimmel as "not a serious person...on this matter."

Kimmel vs the GOP is one item and a sure loss for the GOP. Kimmel's personal experience with chronic ailments didn't relegate his family to financial ruin. Think of families in the hundreds of thousands who receive similarly dire health diagnosis without the comfort of millions to secure the best healthcare. 

What does the bill actually take away from current ObamaCare recipients (and the recipients of medical coverage under ObamaCare)? The nation's (and possibly the world's) most credible news sources, NPR sums-up the Cassidy-Graham bill as such.

"The Graham-Cassidy plan would take health insurance coverage away from millions of people, eliminate critical public health funding, devastate the Medicaid program, increase out-of-pocket costs and weaken or eliminate protections for people living with pre-existing conditions," says Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, in a statement. 
Here's what it does: 
Graham-Cassidy essentially deconstructs all of the major programs created by the Affordable Care Act, gathers up the money and hands it over to states to run their own health care programs. 
It gets rid of both the subsidies that help people buy individual health insurance policies and the reimbursements to insurance companies for offering price breaks on copayments and deductibles to the lowest-income customers. 
It rolls back the Obamacare Medicaid expansion that was adopted by 31 states and Washington, D.C., and it eliminates the Basic Health Program that was created under the ACA and implemented in New York and Minnesota. 
All the money that currently goes to those initiatives would instead be distributed to the states as block grants that would particularly benefit those states that did not expand Medicaid earlier and those states with lower health care costs.
And, what do some in the White House think about the developing bill and possible vote?  Politico reports at last one White House officials has stated they 'don't know what to think" the developing bill.  (Talking Points Memo)

Under normal condition's I would adjoin the Politico report with a question like: "Can you believe that?"  As I consider Trump and his GOP, the need for such a rhetorical question doesn't present a real need.

Finally, how does the healthcare industry rate the GOP "kill ObamaCare" bill. Huffington Post link.

It seems health care isn't buying the GOP tax cut bill.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump: General Pershing And The US Economy (180 Degree Lies)


Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years! 

Pants on Fire!


Says that in the Philippines more than a century ago, Gen. John Pershing "took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood," and shot 49 Muslim rebels. "The 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem."
— Donald Trump on Friday, February 19th, 2016 in a rally in North Charleston, S.C.

When will it ever end? Donald Trump is so obviously lost in a world of false reality it is no longer funny. After the recent terror attacks in Barcelona Spain, someone in Trump's White House staff posted a professional and compassionate statement regarding the terror attack. Within hours of the statement, Trump grabbed his IPhone and tweeted a few characters of a completely debunked story of an American Admiral who ordered the deaths of Islamic terror attacked via pig blood dosed bullets. Notice the bigotry and racism. "PIG" and Arabic "Isllamic" are polar opposite ideology.

The over-the-top lying doesn't stop at the top. Trump has a well oiled cadre of "presstitutes" who earn millions traipsing through cable news shows while spewing what often seems agreed upon talking points. MSNBCs powerful financial minds Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle hosted one such mouthpiece earlier today. The rational viewer will recognize the Trumpeteer should not have eaccepted the invitation. The irrational Trump support (lover, sycophant or minion) will continue to accept the lies from the mouthpieces.

Trump's first mental output is to push a lie or an exaggeration across his lips.  If you are a person who believes anything from the mouth of the 45th President of the United States, well.....