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Friday, October 25, 2013

A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A GOP Election Official!

The American public is only rarely able to get a glimpse inside the mind of a core paradigm for some in the GOP.  The former GOP official depicted in this screed seriously reminds of listening to an pre-Civil War plantation owner, or a southern ante-bellum politician. 

We offer via the Daily show, GAWKER and The Raw Story your latest glimpse.

Despite Yelton's termination (AKA resignation) this man is prototypical GOP. He simply made the grievous mistake of being honest, going public and validating GOP voter suppression. How many people do you know readily admit to being called a bigot.  Would you like this man choosing your President? 
Yet, another GOP official has spoken frankly about Voter Id laws. The latest revelation comes from the GOP battleground state of North Carolina. Don Yelton, North Carolina Buncombe County Republican precinct chair, spoke with a Daily Show interviewer with a level of frankness rarely seen or heard in public. Yelton spoke about "lazy blacks" and buoyed by his fifteen minutes of fame, spoke as if behind closed doors, under masking hoods, or he spoke as if at a GOP election strategy session. We feel since voter suppression is obvious, it has to be discussed at some GOP election strategy sessions.

Yelton was fired today.  

How about a look and listen to your GOP?

The Raw Story


“There’s nothing I said that I would take back. So be it,” state GOP executive committee member Don Yelton said in an interview with the Asheville Citizen-Times published on Thursday. “The activity going on across the state today proves what I said is true. The Democrats are jumping on it like flies after honey.”

In the interview, which aired Wednesday night, Yelto tells Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi that the new voting law, which mandates voter identifications, the curtailing of early voting operations and does not allow college students to vote using their school ID, “is going to kick the Democrats in the butt.” He also dismisses concerns that the law will particularly affect communities of color by saying, “If it hurts a bunch of lazy Blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.”


The Daily Show's "field reporters" have dealt with a fair amount of hilariously oblivious responses from interviewees over the years, but on last night's show, correspondent Aasif Mandvi appeared to have been caught off-guard by just how hilariously oblivious his interviewee was.

Speaking with Buncombe County Republican precinct chair Don Yelton on the subject of North Carolina's controversial voter ID law, Mandvi attempted to prompt a reaction by declaring "the law is not racist, and you're not racist."

Expecting Yelton to fire back with an unequivocal "no," Mandvi was instead treated to several long seconds of introspection, followed by, "well, I've been called a bigot before."
Read More at GAWKER

We offer the Daily show video

Later this afternoon, word came from the GOP Yelton had resigned.

The Raw Story
According to WRAL-TV, Buncombe County GOP Chairman Henry Mitchell confirmed in a separate statement that Yelton had been asked to vacate his position and also called Yelton’s statements “offensive, uniformed and unacceptable of any member within the Republican Party.” 
“Let me make it very clear: Mr. Yelton’s comments do not reflect the belief or feelings of Buncombe Republicans, nor do they mirror any core principle that our party is founded upon,” Mitchell’s statement read. “This mentality will not be supported or propagated within our party.”

We at the TPI feel the forced resignation stands as it is. If Melton had not agreed to the interview, his racist views and his commitment to GOP voter suppression would have gone undiscovered. There is no way Yelton's chain of command of his reporting official did not know his views. If you watched the video, Yelton clearly felt comfortable in his comments.

The Yelton exposition is more a case of being caught with "truism-in-mouth" revelation than a GOP aberration.