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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oregon Anarchist And Your Tax Dollars


Barrett Kaiser - Public Land Advocate

'This is about furthering a right-wing extremist agenda,' says public lands advocate
Barrett Kaiser of the Center For Western Priorities spoke to the crowd to offer an opposing viewpoint after Ammon Bundy's Friday morning press conference. "This isn't about loving your neighbor," said Kaiser, "this is about furthering a right-wing extremist agenda."
AddictingInfo's Jameson Parker published the following piece yesterday's. The piece relates to the on-going occupation of a federal government wildlife refuge building by what all should call anarchists and terrorists instead of militia. These people are so obviously operating outside the scope of US law it is amazing the Justice department hasn't taken any action to dislodge them from the refuge building.
AddictingInfo (Via Creative Commons Licensure)

Bundy’s Anti-Government Militia Costing Taxpayers $100,000 A WEEK During ‘Indefinite’ Standoff

AUTHOR JANUARY 9, 2016 11:45 AM
We already know that the citizens of Harney County do not want the Bundy militia around, but neither should the rest of us. Their stupidity is costing us a fortune.
While it may seem that occupying an empty, powerless wildlife refuge during the harsh Oregon winter would be an exercise in harmless stupidity, a fuller picture is emerging that reveals the Bundys and their fellow anti-government extremists are costing America hundreds of thousands of dollars a week in tax money.
The occupation of the refuge is still centered around a single building, the amount of extremists with guns marching around and threatening to shoot cops has meant nearby buildings have also had to be evacuated. The employees have been placed on paid leave for their own safety. This means that while protesting the government, the militia has caused a costly shutdown of operations that actually wastes more money than it saves.
Government Executive did some digging and found that the total amount of money being paid out to employees that can no longer do their job without risk being caught in the crossfire of this ill conceived insurrection is staggering.
Nearly 120 permanent and seasonal employees report to BLM’s district office in Burns, Ore., nearly all of whom are now on paid administrative leave.
The salaries of those workers total approximately $117,000 per week, according to a BLM spokesman. The office has already been closed for more than one week. About 50 more employees work at the refuge center or the Forest Service’s Emigrant Creek Ranger District office, many of whom are also on paid leave.
An official at the Harney County, Ore., joint information center — which is handling inquiries on the situation — who refused to be identified due to “security threats,” said federal officials “don’t have a cost estimate yet” on the other two facility closures, noting they are dealing with a “fluid situation.”
In other words, the expenses are only getting worse as the siege continues and the tension mounts.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been lost and the militia is only growing more emboldened. On January 8, the Harney County Sheriff’s Department announced that negotiations have all but fallen apart and the militia appears to have dug in for the long haul.
While the militia has been dismissed by some as clowns (and they are), they are still dangerous. But even “fiscal conservatives” should have a problem with this approach. They are expensive dangerous clowns. Every day they stay in Oregon and continue to make threats, the total damage caused by their actions continues to tick upwards.
Feature image via YouTube screengrab

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson: Character Deficient Or Simply A Political Character?

In early December, we posted a piece that included an interchange between two conservative talking heads (SE CUPP and Katrina Pierson) SE CUPP Vs. Katrina Pierson (Texas Tea Party operative with a history of a brush with the law)., The callousness and flippant demeanor of the bi-racial tea party talking head is both shameful and indicative of what I perceive as the typical Trump supporter.
“You know what? So what? They’re Muslim!”

"So What" They're Muslim!"  As American as "Apple Pie?"

It seems Trump's callous and motor-mouthed spokesperson has anotgher crimp in here character: unemploymebnt claims.


Donald Trump’s National Spokeswoman Is A Welfare Cheat, Shoplifter


Katrina Pierson, the national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, collected at least $11,000 in unemployment benefits while she was still working.
Pierson received these benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission between January 2012 and November 2013. At the same time she received this government money, Pierson was working as a consultant for Ted Cruz’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.
Receiving unemployment benefits while she was still working would seem to go against the grain of the message being pushed by Trump and the Republican Party, who have often been quick to blame minorities and immigrants for being on the government dole, supposedly taking up resources that should be going to white Americans (in reality, whites are the most likely to receive welfare benefits).
The spokeswoman, who recently made news in a CNN appearance where she wore a necklace made out of bullets and promised to wear one stylized like fetuses after gun violence prevention advocates called her out, also had an arrest for shoplifting. She stole clothing from a JC Penney store in Plano, Texas. She had her child with her.
Pierson made her name as a Tea Party organizer and spokesperson in Texas, working in the era after President Obama’s first election to push a conservative message across the state.
As part of that work, Pierson pushed the “Agenda 21” conspiracy, which claims that American lives are under threat from a sinister United Nations plot.
Under the UN’s aegis, she told the frightened crowd, Americans would be forced into crowded apartment buildings, and UN-empowered block captains would be “given police power over your neighborhoods.”
She appeared on Fox News, often to comment on racial issues from the perspective of a black conservative – something that is always in strong demand at the conservative news network – and once argued in favor of companies profiting off of the Martin Luther King federal holiday.
Pierson then tried her hand at electoral politics, mounting a primary challenge to Republican Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX). She wasendorsed by conservative figures like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and Joe The Plumber, and even had Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, on the campaign trail with her.
That campaign was a failure, and she lost to him 63 percent to 36 percent, despite his connection to criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
After those failures, Pierson went to work for the Tea Party Leadership Fund, described in some news reports as a “scam PAC” for its practice of scaring conservative voters into donating money which then is heavily spent on administrative costs for the PAC and its top tier employees. One source told Politico that Pierson’s affiliation with that sort of money operation disqualified her from affiliating with the Ted Cruz presidential campaign. Too unethical for Ted Cruz, apparently.
Pierson again became a fixture on Fox News and other cable news networks, eventually finding an extremely prominent role as one of the faces of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
In that role she has advocated for Trump using nuclear weapons as president, while downplaying abuse and discrimination against Muslims.
Politico also reports that Pierson has plans for a clothing and fashion line, but it is unclear if she will pursue that venture while also riding the Trump gravy train.
Featured image via Twitter

Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump's "Unhinged" Supporter: "Pants On Fire!"

Do you know what unhinged looks like?  We suggest this is the archetypal illustration of unhinged.  We offer the Donald Trump supporter who simply cannot accept the reality of her candidates and one who doesn't also seem to have any degree of introspection.

New Hampshire State Rep. Susan DeLemus (R) , a Donald Trump supporter (Twitter/Screenshot)

Let's now take a listen to unhinged.

Notice the unhinged mind and her emphasis on "Liars, Liars!"

Take a 59-second look and listen to key considerations of "The Unhinged."


We mentioned introspection above. Implied in our use of the words was "The Unhinged's" reality as a "liar".  She claims to have no background nor interest in politics.  Both The Raw Story and AddictingInfo have published pieces with details regarding the GOP party official (or past official). The Raw Story piece shows via videotape she has a penchant for the unhinged. 

The AddicitingInfo piece includes another intriguing tidbit about "The Unhinged." Her husband has a background at Cliven Bundy's (renowned  Nevada tax evader) Ranch.

We are posting the AddictingInfo pieces via its Creative Commons License policy.

CNN’s Trump Superfan Was A Dangerous Birther, Married To Bundy Militia Man (VIDEO)

AUTHOR DECEMBER 10, 2015 11:56 AM
CNN assembled a group of Trump supporters for a focus group to discuss why exactly they back the reality TV star and current Republican presidential front runner.
Among that group was Susan (Sue) DeLemus, identified on-air as a “Trump Supporter.” She complained to CNN that President Obama “lies to me,” and “lies to me all the time,” adding, “I believe Donald.”
She told CNN she’s “never been involved” in politics and “never had an interest” in any of it. But that’s a lie.
But there’s more to the story than that. It turns out that Susan DeLemus is a state legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. She represents the Strafford 11 district (you can see her campaign Facebook page here).
DeLemus was also a conservative activist involved in Glenn Beck’s “9-12 Project” in a New Hampshire cell of the movement with her husband that contemplated forming a “militia” to “protect the general population from despotism or tyranny.”
In 2011, DeLemus and one of her colleagues, state Rep. Harry Accornero, created havoc in the state capitol. They were attempting to remove President Obama’s name from the presidential ballot because they are both birthers who believe the President was not born in the United States.
The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission ignored them and went ahead with placing Obama’s name on the ballot, and DeLemus freaked out.
According to a memorandum from Assistant Attorney General Matt Mavrogeorge, who represented the Secretary of State’s Office in the hearing, Reps. Henry Accornero, R-Laconia, and Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, were yelling in his face and demanding answers.
He said he feared for his safety and that of Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd and went into an office where the doors could be locked.
Once in the room, they called capitol security and the attorney general office for assistance.
Here is the video of DeLemus’ meltdown:
After that display failed to remove Obama from the ballot, DeLemus publicly endorsed Rick Santorum for President.
DeLemus isn’t the only one in her family with bizarre hobbies. Her husband, Jerry DeLemus, claims to be a Marine veteran and traveled to Nevada in order to support rogue rancher Cliven Bundy in his standoff with the federal government.
Speaking to a fellow right-wing activist, Jerry DeLemus said that an armed confrontation with the government was a possibility and that he may not make it home.
He was also a featured speaker at a 2013 gun rally where he shared with attendees his belief in using guns to “defend the republic from tyranny.”
Jerry DeLemus also spoke to a local newspaper about his plans to put on an anti-Muslim “draw Muhammad” art contest in order to “defend our way of life in this country, our constitutional rights, for everybody.”
Featured image via Twitter


Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Nation Awash In Trumpism

Let start with a very quick look and listen to what I consider the archetypal Trump supporter. No, the woman you are about to hear (for only 50 seconds) isn't Michelle Bachmann, but she obviously suffers from Chronic hatred of our president. As I viewed her portion of the CNN panel, My mind offered comforting thoughts about how my social and political views are diametrically opposite her clear hatred.

Demeanor aside, the key reason or our focus on the bundle of hatred in blue is her assertion of a lying president and her obvious devotion to a Trump.  She is the perfect sycophant as she not only implies she buys Trump hook, line, and sinker, she states with non-verbals how Trumps speaks for a large portion of conservative voters. 
The angst filled CNN panelist is either overcome with celebrity worship, paid for her on camera angst, or she has social issues that include constant rightwing media and a tendency o never visit fact-checkers. Actually, I strongly suspect  the panelist is inflicted with all conditions.

Politifact (Tampa Bay Times Fact - Checker)

Find Trumps specific rating reviews, here.

The irate panelist pointed to her head and says, he speaks for us.  It doesn't take much to realize Trumps bigoted and racism is not only popular among his viewers, some admit he speaks their core beliefs.  

A friend of the TPI and founder of AddcitingInfo posted a comment on Facebook that sheds a telling light on the irate panelists (group speak) comments.

Matthew Desmond
So far Donald J. Trump has attacked ALL Mexicans (not just immigrants), black people (by encouraging his supporters to attack a ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬supporter, and then defending it), women (through Megyn Kelly), veterans and POWs (by attacking John McCain for his service), disabled people (by mocking a disabled reporter and then doubling down on it), and every single member of the world's second largest religion (Islam).

End Desmond comment.


"I am doing good for the Muslims."  What is it about those words remind so much of the image to the left above? Trump sat with CNN's Trump facilitator, Don Lemon, during a segment in which he gave a response other utter words that truly bring back horrific memories of the evils demagogues eventually perpetrated against the European and Russian Jews.

Reaction to Trumps remarks beyond his seething sycophants hasn't been positive.  Foreign leaders have commented about  his bigoted remarks. From Britain's Prime Minister to the recent cancellation of his planned trip to Israel, reactions have been consistent and disdainful. 

International reaction pales compared to reactions from the preponderance of US media.  Of particular note is Fox New's Chief Bloviator, Bill O'Reilly,  hosting segments with Trump and noted anti-Obama haters to entertain his audience. Bill O'Reilly recently reached his huge cable news (conservative audience) by booking Trump for a segment with no serious nor constructive purpose. If Trump isn't inclined to listen to anyone on his staff who might (at great risk) suggest he tone down his rhetoric, why would he listen to O'Reilly's cautions? Therefore, the following O'Reilly segment is mere fodder for his viewers.

O'Reilly Vs Trump

Did O'Reilly seriously try to quell fervent demagoguery from Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs? While the segment was good for Fox viewers, it was as fruitless as pouring expecting US conservatives to embrace diversity. Obama haters simply are not people who lend themselves to rational thought and subsequent behavior. Let's fail to acknowledgment seven years of hate-laced yelling, desk-beating,  and on-air emotional breakdowns helped to pave a path for Trumpism.
"You've gotta be smart!"Posted by Mediaite on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
We will end with a couple of anecdotal items.  Trump recently quoted outlandish survey data while speaking with a host on CNN.  Closer Scrtunity via Media Matters shows the survey was from a ridiculous poll from Frank Gaffney. 

Harrison Ford has commented about Trumps comments about Trumps use of a movie characters as a prop for his carnival barking facade of the tough guy. We are seeing more and more right wing use of fictional movie characters and creative scripts as desired models for a president. 
Donald Trump mocked by actor Harrison Ford Actor Harrison Ford mocks Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump for saying Ford "stood up for America" in his role as the US President in the 1997 movie Air Force One:Posted by Channel 4 News on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Do you recall Joe Scarborough's assessment that President Obama would be better to pattern his leadership after characters in the showtime series: Homeland?
Joe Scarborough Peter Quinn (Homeland) on why the West does not have the will to win the war against Terror. Scarborough goes full "Quinn."

I suppose US conservatism really does live in a fantasy world. The problem is, their regressive ideology and their devotion of creative script writers is danger to the greater society (you and me.) StumbleUpon

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Showtime Series "Homeland" As A Model for National Security Policy? Only On Conservative TV

As an American,  we all know the nation has a past of rational discernment of situations that generally lead to successful strategy, if or when faced with a problem. Rational thought requires situational education and an ability to assimilate the various components of learned information focused on rational and actionable outcomes. 

Since the early 1980s (the Reagan Years) and the proliferation of Fox News as well as the convenience of AM talk radio, our illumine past has devolved into a seething witches brew of false reality.  A false reality that literally has a known charlatan carnival barker leading GOP primary polling along with a veritable nutcase serial liar running second.  

From Trump's fraudulent  scam Trump University through his literal "unpresidential" touching (50-second mark) an admirer in a recent campaign visit to Las Vegas, the Right ignores all for the false hope of a messiah. A messiah supporters hope will lead them away from years of failed GOP leadership.  

While Trump and Carson lead supportive hordes down a path as Judas Goats, other conservative operatives are reaching into the twilight imaginary zone of television for national policy.

On yesterday, AddictingInfo ran a piece with Fox News's Gretchen Carlson feeding Fox viewers a healthy dose of inane sycophancy.  The Fox host literally followed another conservative national media demagogue in postulating Obama should follow the ways of the ShowTime series Homeland in dealing with ISIS. 

You have no need to re-read the last sentence above, you read it correctly the first time. The conservative playbook this week includes national strategy and policy based on the creative works of television and movie writers.  Thus, demagogues like Gretchen and Joe Scarborough (address below) are marching to GOP lock-step dogma where its politicians cannot tread. 

Fox New's Carlson, first.  

Gretchen played a clip that basically only said “the terrorists are there for one reason only, to die for the caliphate. We need to pound them into a parking lot.” That’s pretty much it. Nothing too revolutionary there.
Here’s the transcript of part of their conversation:
GRETCHEN: You know, I don’t know if it’s scary or there’s another adjective to describe it, but Showtime has a show called Homeland. And one of their characters actually seems to sometimes know more about this war on terror and ISIS than possibly the administration. Listen to this.

(Plays clip from the TV show)

GRETCHEN: So on that show, Lieutenant Colonel, they’re talking about what needs to be done in Syria. I mean, should we be listening to Homeland?
BILL COWAN: Yeah, we probably ought to, Gretchen. I don’t watch it. I know it’s a wonderful show. But the fact of the matter is, we have rules of engagement set down by the administration that preclude us from actively and aggressively attacking ISIS thinkers, the headquarters, what have you.
Let's illustrate the extent of the dogma. Remember, the following segment aired before the last night's Fox News segment.

From the November 16 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: That was a scene, opening scene of Homeland for this season, which, Willie, that was on a couple of months ago. I happened to be watching it the morning after Paris and it's unbelievably telling because they do have a strategy. They can identify their enemy. They can call us out by name. They know exactly what they're going to do. They know how they're going to do it and they know that they're going to die doing it. They have focus. We have absolutely no focus. We have no strategy. We have candidates that won't even mention our enemies' name by their name. It's frightening.

WILLIE GEIST: That was dramatized but just a little bit, right? I mean it was pretty close to the truth. We had the guest on earlier who said this is an Islamic cult. And what he meant by that is they seek this end times fantasy where they draw infidels into their territory and have a war and the armageddon is upon us. That is their goal and they're following very, very old early text from Islam and that's the goal.
Even with Willie (Whatever you say Joe) Geist's attempt to explain producer use of the Homeland dialog, the matter illustrates a few points about our society. Conservatives have won the battle of electronic media to the extent millions tune-in to shows with the singular purpose of advancing US conservatism by any means necessary. They do so quite successfully (via their viewers) despite clear evidence the GOP is not the party which seeks to better life for most Americans. It is not the party that best manages the US economy; via its Trickle-down economy core. Moreover, the demagogues serve the GOP and conservative America cause well via driving the nation back via a concert commitment to social regressivism.  

The fantasy mongers also illustrate exactly why the celebrity is the pinnacle of life for Americans. There isn't a presidential candidate alive nor deceased who could have escaped overwhelming criticism for the smoochy head kissing and massaging the waist of a woman on national television. Another and better point imagine any presidential candidate who involved in legal entanglements resulting from an alleged fraudulent education program.

The showtime series Homeland as a guiding light to international strategy.  Is it possible conservative show producers understand the scripts for Homeland are developed to leverage false and very slanted messages that garner audience favor Vs. depictions of reality?

The answer isn't straightforward nor rational. Basically as with the television show, conservative demagogues have a singular role in delivering communication to viewers.  And, that message is in the same context as Homeland: entertain for repeat views or votes.