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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Addictinginfo, Stephen D. Foster, and The US Confderacy

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A piece that echoes the reality of a continuing confederacy in the United States. A confederacy that is the tool of plutocrats and greedy politicians, the tadpole pool of the gullible and an anvil for the nation.

How Southern States Are Harming America And What We Can Do About It

Author July 5, 2013 4:27 am

There are currently two versions of America operating in this nation. One comprises the states in the North, the other, the states in the South. At first glance, the average visitor wouldn’t notice much of a difference. After all, we nearly all speak the same language, eat the same kinds of foods, share common histories, customs, religions, wear similar clothing, and enjoy the same sports. The only thing that seems to be dividing us is politics and how we view government. In the South, conservatives are in control. Fear and hatred of the federal governments run rampant, which leads to the election of those who want to dismantle it. In the North, liberals are the majority. Government is generally viewed as a bastion for the common good, which leads to the election of those who seek change to advance the country and solve its problems. The question is, can these two visions of governing co-exist or do we have a problem that only separation of the union can solve?

In an article published on Alternet, an argument is made explaining why allowing Southern states to secede would be good for America as a whole. But is this a viable option, or just a fantasy of what a perfect world would look like?

It is clear that there are major differences between the North and the South. The South is anti-union while the North is largely pro-union. The South is anti-choice while the North is pro-choice. The South is anti-gay while the North is rapidly expanding gay rights. Religious fundamentalism is more prevalent in the South than it is in the North. The South is still fighting the Civil War while the North has moved on. Furthermore, Southern states oppose gun regulations, government health care, increased voting rights, lower taxes, do not fund public education as much as they should, and are profoundly more racist. To be sure, lower taxes appeal to just about every American, but when the nation has a debt problem, it is the liberal North that generally supports raising taxes as part of the solution to debt issues. And even though all Americans support Second Amendment rights, the liberal North realizes that common sense regulations can prevent gun violence without infringing on gun rights. And there is no doubt that racism can be found in every state in the nation. It’s just that the South has a deep-seated history of it. 
The main argument for allowing the Southern states to secede is that the South is dragging the nation down. Because the South is anti-union and anti-worker’s rights, they offer foreign nations cheap labor which brings in jobs at the expense of Northern industry. Cheaper labor leads to cheaper products, which means Southern businesses will rake in more demand. The core example used to show this is the American auto industry which is based in Michigan. Since the South is able to offer cheap labor to foreign auto-makers, they can sell cheaper cars to the American public resulting in less American made cars being purchased by consumers. This is a major problem if you support worker’s rights and strong American industry. How can we have strong protections for workers and revive American industry if Southerners are constantly willing to work for far less money and fewer protections? As Alternet notes, by voting for conservative politicians and conservative policies, Southerners are voting against their own interests and as a result, “also have “inferior health and pension plans, less job security, higher risk of being fired for trivial reasons, and diminished safety precautions. …” But the question is, wouldn’t the cheap labor policies still hurt the North even if separation occurs? I assume foreign countries and businesses will still prefer the cheap labor of the South and unless tariffs are enacted, I’m betting Northerners will still buy the cheap goods produced by Southern industry. 
Another argument for separation involves the amount of taxpayer dollars that go to red states (the South) versus blue states (the North). According to Alternet, the South, “home to nine of the nation’s 10 poorest states, is rabidly against government spending, yet all of its states get far more in government subsidies than they give back in taxes.” In short, conservative states are welfare states that benefit from the tax paying blue states. As it turns out, liberals have been supporting conservatives financially this whole time and not the other way around. That means conservative states are parasites even while they accuse liberal states of being lazy. 
The argument concludes that if separation were to become a reality, both sides would be happier and everyone would prosper in their own way. Blue states could keep their policies and tax dollars and red states can keep screwing over their uneducated populace and maintain their conservative policies. 
So would separating into two different countries solve our problems? The answer is, no. Yes, the North and South are divided along political, economic, and social lines. But that will not make both sides happier. The problem with this argument is that there are conservatives in the North, and there are liberals in the South. Is the South going to transfer political opponents to the North and vise versa? Certainly not. What would more than likely occur is that the South will likely oppress liberals, African-Americans, Latinos, and women in worse ways than they do now. The only thing stopping them from doing so currently is federal law and the judicial system. Sure, the Supreme Court wrongly gutted the Voting Rights Act, which will allow Southern states to suppress the vote of those they hate even more than in the last 40 years. But remedies still remain to challenge oppression and suppression. It’s wrong to abandon half of the nation’s citizenry simply because we disagree. 
Another point to make is that if we allow separation to occur, the blood spilled by 600,000 Americans during the Civil War would mean nothing, especially Northern soldiers. Should we really invalidate a hard won victory for civil rights and Union by allowing the South to leave 150 years later? Wouldn’t that allow the South to go full on state’s rights and return back to the kind of way of life (segregation, Jim Crow, etc…) that contradicts the Constitution in every way? The Civil War was fought for a damn good reason. It settled the question of slavery and so-called state’s rights for good. The South needs to get over it and move on. 
Another reality to consider is that conservatives currently control state governments in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Maine, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Indiana. These are Northern states. So even if North and South separated, it wouldn’t render conservatives and conservative policies extinct, including the economic policies that are dragging the nation down. In fact, it is more likely that the same destructive conservative policies would continue and anti-voting policies combined with ridiculous redistricting maps could result in Northern states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to turn red and continue to cause the same divisions in Congress and could even place a Republican in the White House. What then? Do we merge back with the South? Or do we transfer those new red states to the South as well? The whole idea of separation sounds very messy now. It can also be dangerous. 
Conservatives are very fearful and paranoid, especially of liberals. That’s because they’ve been brainwashed by Republican politicians to see liberals and Democrats as the greatest enemy of freedom on the homefront. That being said, it is likely that eventually the South will strongly consider going to war against their liberal neighbors in the future to protect what they call freedom. There is not an ocean separating the North and South. We are landlocked, and thus would be right next to each other the same way Israel is with Palestine. So it’s not out of the question to see war breaking out, because once we are separated, the differences will only become greater, leading to guaranteed conflict. As Alternet points out, there is no other subject that Southerners express their patriotism more than on war and the military. Combined with rampant religious fanaticism, that kind of patriotism will lead to bloodshed the likes of which this nation hasn’t witnessed since the Civil War. What will we do to prevent that? Turn states like Kentucky and Tennessee into a no-man’s land? 
Separation is not the solution to our nation’s ills. The only real solution to our problems is the American people themselves. We have the power to settle these political battles between liberals and conservatives. Not only do we need to start voting more intelligently and in greater numbers, we need to wage a movement to change people’s minds. One ideology is wrong. That much is clear considering the conditions in the South due to extreme conservative policies. Southern voters have the power to change these policies, but that starts with education, either by school or by life experience. By life experience, I mean the federal government could strip benefits from Southern states and show the people of that region what a hell hole their elected officials have turned their states into. The results of losing all government funding would be disastrous to the South. And when people start to lose things, they get angry at who represents them. Conservatives in Southern states have been able to use government funding to hide what their policies have actually done. That should end. And when it does, the fireworks will begin. 
But separation is a bad idea for another reason. In states across the South, demographics are constantly changing. The old guard is dying off, while the idealistic youth are becoming more powerful politically. Not only that, women are waking up to how their state governments are trying to legislate their bodies and African-Americans are mad as hell about more restrictive voting rights. On top of that, demographics are changing because of increased Latino populations. For example, the Latino population is growing so rapidly in Texas that it is believed that Texas will turn blue as early as a decade from now, maybe earlier. Even Florida is turning a deeper shade of blue. That change has resulted in Florida flipping to the Democratic column in the last two Presidential elections despite voter suppression efforts by the conservative controlled state government. A liberal Texas would tip the scales on the electoral map and if you add Florida, Republicans may never again occupy the White House unless they change their policies or stoop to illegal means to win it. Why give up on America now when the long-term looks so promising? 
The relationship between North and South is a long and complicated one. Although both have many things in common, the differences between the two haven’t been so fever pitched since the Civil War and Civil Rights eras. But change does and will happen. It always does. At one time, the South voted Democratic and hated Republicans. Then Democrats changed their positions and the result was a nation transformed by liberal policies. Out of that, we got the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, Title IX, the Environmental Protection Agency, several landmark Supreme Court rulings such as Roe v. Wade and Brown v Board of Education, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and a whole host of other pieces of legislation that has shaped the America in which we live. 
Republicans, divided as they are now, morphed into a party of conservatives and have grown in strength over the last 60 years. But once again, change is on the horizon. It’s going to take a grassroots movement to combat conservative bad ideas, and a changing demographic will only aid that movement. Conservatives will either change their policies, or they face certain political doom, and the new liberal majorities in southern states will drag them kicking and screaming into a new American era. During the most divisive time in American history when Southern conservatives and Northern liberals couldn’t be more different, Abraham Lincoln once said that “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” That adage holds true today. Conservative politicians are fooling the good citizens of the South, and it’s up to liberals across the country to convince them to open their eyes. America should be one nation as our Founding Fathers intended. We cannot separate and pretend to be one nation dedicated to liberty and freedom while our southern brothers and sisters are oppressed in their new separate nation. It just won’t work and considering it amounts to giving up on America. 
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

McConnell Laid Bare By Addictinginfo!

Addictinginfo places Mitch McConnell's ignorance in real perspective. Re-post

Hillary Clinton Is ‘Too Old’: Republicans Play The Age Card In Hopes Of Winning Youth Vote
Author July 2, 2013 4:19 pm

Haven't we evolved to a time when a person like Hillary Clinton is judged not by her age but by her vigor, awareness and energy? Nah. But we should be. Image@Bohomamma
Haven’t we evolved to a time when a person like Hillary Clinton is judged not by her age but by her vigor, awareness and energy? Nah. But we should be. Image@Bohomamma
Why are we having this conversation??! Why is Hillary Clinton’s viability as a candidate for president in 2016 viewed through the filter of age? She’s healthy, she’s strong, she’s got the energy to travel more than most young people will in their entire lives, and if she win the election, she will only be 69 on election day (yep… same age as Reagan). Considering that women’s life expectancy is, on average, a full 5 years longer than men’s, that would make her 64 in man-years… when did 64 become too old to be a leader of either gender? 

It didn’t, it doesn’t; it’s all deflective. It’s ageism, sexism, and anti-Clintonism all wrapped up in a neat little bundle of bullshit. Let’s, for example, question why Mitch McConnell is making the condescending and ageist remark at a conservative conference that the potential Democrat field for 2016, inclusive of Ms. Clinton, would be like “a rerun of the !.” Really, Mitch? Cuz you’re 71-years-old nowway older than Hillary Clinton, and by the time she might be elected president, you’ll be 73… to her 64 (remember, in “man-years). Are you ready to hand in your keys to Congress? Didn’t think so. So keep your gum-flapping to yourself. The rest of us have to make decisions based on points of actual importance and age ain’t nuthin’ but a number… for either of you.

This old white man is REALLY gonna make this about Hillary's age??

This old white man is REALLY gonna
make this about Hillary’s age??

The fact is, Republicans are deeply afraid of the power of Hillary Clinton, a woman so publicly vetted at this point in her long and storied career, that to hold out hope for some new limb-dangling, news-meriting skeleton is folly. They’ll continue to flog Benghazi, they’ll batter her about Bill, but ultimately, she’s a high-profile figure of significant popularity (voted “most popular politician” in February, which held even post-Benghazi hearings) who, as recently as six months ago, was given the backing of a majority of Americans should she choose to run. Even Republican kingpin, Newt Gingrich, said Republicans have no chance if Clinton does run in 2016. Of course, we all know political fortunes can change in the blink of an eye, but still… what is the GOP to do with that backdrop? They’re going to play the age card. They’re going to knock her for being OLD. It works in the entertainment business, the corporate world, the media; pretty much anywhere where women exist, so, hey, why not give it a whirl in politics? After all, do YOU want an old, craggy, crochety crone running the United States of America?
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Slut", "Prostitute"..horrible even for Limbaugh

Addictinginfo's Wendy Gittleson has published an article with video and audio embeds which will lead to your stomach turning over and over. Rush Limbaugh's continued mining in the depths of the ludicrous, crass and disgusting has not reached bottom. The article further exposes Limbaugh as a Far-Right clown with microphone and a huge contract. What happens when a person is highly paid For his/her work with the prospect of even greater riches for a job well-done?  The person most often takes their performances to an exponential higher level. That is the American way, right?

Yes, it is and Limbaugh fulfills his role as zealously as his 'ditto heads' eat and digest the garbage. Well, what is wrong with following a favorite radio personality and digesting garbage?  After all, we all have our favorite media entertainers. We certainly follow those people incessantly and yes we  'eat-it-up' all they offer.  However, is it too much to ask how we allow ourselves to listen to and follow a person who is so obviously 'playing to a contract'?  The person is also an unabashed sexist, chauvinist, racist and in some ways show signs of a mental disorder. Large contract, no morals, no values, diarrhea of the mouth, all contribute to a very immoral entertainer/audience relationship.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Was Komen sincere in apology or continuing bad strategy?

Multiple sources are expressing skepticism about Susan G. Komen's major organizational leadership 'fumble.'  Skepticism about Komen's true commitment to their apology and words related to possible consideration of Planned Parenthood request for funding.  Komen's Top executives fumbled the future funding issue comparable to losing the football via  (a game winning) fumble one yard before the end-zone;  with 10 seconds left in the game. Surely the skepticism is unfounded. Is it possible Komen would attempt such a 'sneak play end-run"   to avoid backlash from their announcement?  

I apologize for the 'football' analogy, but the "BIG GAME' is tomorrow. 

Honesty and credibility will take a backseat to strategy when an organization has too many conservatives in decision-making positions.  Yes of course, the same can happen with an abundance of progressives on a management team, but I see far more authoritarian dogma from the Right.  One can only hope politics played a lesser role in the apology and reestablished funding, than is being reported.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011



November 16, 2011
This picture provided by the U.S. Park Police shows an undated image of Oscar Ortega-Hernandez. Police believe he is connected to reports of gunfire near the White House last Friday.

Suspect taken into custody from last weekend's shots fired near White House.

CBC News /World (linked)

Previous Article


Shots Fired Near White House! (DETAILS)

News has just broken that gunshots have been fired near the White House on Constitution Avenue in Washington DC.
A suspect with an AK47 fired shots before causing a police chase which in turn caused Constitution Ave. between 15th and 17th streets to be shut down.
The gunfire took place approximately 700 yards from the Executive Mansion, before the suspect jumped out of his car at 23rd Street and Constitution Ave. abandoning his vehicle, reported to be a Honda with Idaho license plates. A second vehicle is also reported to be involved.
The suspect is at large and the machine gun has been recovered and appears to be equipped with a scope.
Story developing...

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LINK will provide on-going coverage. Apparently the gunman is at large.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Poll Shows Republicans Have It All Wrong With Social Security

This piece is posted from the website.

October 1, 2011
According to a new CNN poll, 80% of Americans think Social Security has been positive for the country, including 70% of young adults and over 90% of senior citizens, the group who benefit the most from the program. Half of those surveyed said they would be open for a fix in the programs long-term issues, but the only negative from the survey came when it showed that 1/3 of Republicans actually believe that Social Security is unconstitutional. With big money coming from the radical right-wing money machine, that statistic is not surprising.