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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"I like conflict, I like to watch it. (Video)

Wonder how he likes turnover?

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Everyone on Earth who has access to a television or radio and use the communication vehicles for staying abreast of news and current events, know Donald Trump's 3Bs (bluster, bullcrap & bombast). His personal paradigm and behavior aren't new to the world, however, it is manifestly obnoxious in its current state as a leader of a once great nation. 

Yesterday during a press appears with the leader of Sweden, Trump responded to a question about his dissolving administration. Of course, he claimed to like conflict, (watching, seeing it) and he went on to issues an insane claim that "everybody wants to work in the White House", "everybody wants into the administration"; alas the insanity.

No, Trump's Administration is not running smoothly.  Watch his 3Bs in embarrassing reality TV.
MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow and her production team do not agree with Trump. As is always the case with Maddow "A" Block segments, it is long, but we again offer, not one word is without merit and relevance.

I like conflict, I like to watch people with different voices, I like watching it..... Wonder if he really deeply "Likes" the turnover from his administration? Many years of Human Resources service to Fortune 250 corporations have taught me turnover at the 40% level s a sign of a sick organization; certainly an indication of very poor leadership. It is not normal nor is it healthy for the United States.