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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Delusional Rand Paul or "Lying Rand Paul: How About Both?

Rand Paul continues his false prophecy. Even his own party is not listening nor will the GOP and the libertarian party ever listen to Paul.  Al Shaprton recently ran a segment related to a few outright lies from Paul. Will, the man ever learn that we have archives, databases, video libraries and evidence of his penchant for lying to draw upon was he speaks.  

Since, he doesn't seem to grasp the reality of verifiable information, we can only assume he is seriously delusional

MSNBC, Politics Nations.....Al Sharpton

Paul, "..the president keeps offering you free stuff....".  

The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy-Ann Reid, Ari Melber, one week after the 2012 General election.  Watch for the "GOP world view" towards the end of the segment. "Free stuff" has become a GOP paradigm as surely as their guardianship of the nation's Top 20% income earners. 

Paul (April 2014), "...we are in a terrible recession..."

The New York Times Economix

Economix - Explaining the Science of Everyday Life

The Recession Has (Officially) Ended

Demonstrators in San Francisco this month. The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began in June a year ago.Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesDemonstrators in San Francisco this month. The United States economy has lost more jobs than it has added since the recovery began in June a year ago.
1:50 p.m. | Updated
The recession officially ended in June 2009, according to the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the official arbiter of such dates.
As many economists had expected, this official end date makes the most recent downturn the longest since World War II. This recent recession, having begun in December 2007, lasted 18 months. Until now the longest postwar recessions were those of 1973-5 and 1981-2, which each lasted 16 months.
The newly-declared end-date to the recession also confirms what many had suspected: The 2007-9 recession was the deepest on record since the Great Depression, at least in terms of job losses.
Recession and expansion dates are based on various economic indicators, including gross domestic product, income, employment, industrial production and wholesale-retail sales. The Business Cycle Dating Committee typically waits to declare that the economy has turned until well after the fact, when it has a longer track record of economic data to confirm a new trend.
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Paul has also recently spoken about how he will transform the GOP.  Paul is overwhelming in his delusion. While speaking with Glenn Beck (February 2014),  Paul spoke as follows.
“I think Republicans will not win again in my lifetime for the presidency unless they become a new GOP, a new Republican Party,” Paul told Beck. “And it has to be a transformation. Not just a little tweaking at the edges.” 
"There is a struggle going on within the Republican Party," he told Beck. "I will struggle to make the Republican Party a different party, a bigger party, a more diverse party and a party that can win national elections again." 
.....the GOP has to have "a better message and a better presentation" when talking to African-American and Latino communities.
Yes, Al Sharpton and his team  delivered a "gotcha" regarding Paul's penchant for outright delusional lies. Sharpton was gracious and politically correct in not delving into Paul's comments about the black and Latino communities. We are not politically correct nor gracious, when it comes to people like Rand Paul!

Paul is deeply paradigm-ed with libertarian doctrine that includes "state's rights." "States Rights" for areas of the nation that support the GOP are not geographic regions that have a history of fair and equal treatment for all races and genders. Paul has openly commented that private business owners should not be forced to provide services against their wishes. America knows the exact meaning of Paul's libertarianism and his "false prophecy" is yes, being delivered to a social base that is never going to hear him.

I have spent the greater part of this piece on Paul's delusions with lesser comment about Paul's penchant for lying.  As titled (above) the reality: Paul is lying for effect. Or, as some might call it, he is practicing "Fake it to make it!"  All aimed at the GOP primarily campaign in 2015/2016.

The Paul reality. While his party will never accept his false prophecy, we are obliged to depict the Kentucky Senator for what he is.....

The Trojan Horse of Troy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tax Policy, The GOP, And You.... Part I

Tax, Spend and Defend (the wealthy).

So how does our Military spending compare to other countries? We are off the charts. The U.S. alone spent 39% of the entire world’s military spending in 2013 — more than $600 Billion. That’s actually down from the 46% share the U.S. spent in 2011. The next biggest spender was China at only $112 Billion. And they have 4 times as many people as we do!

Now I think security is an important priority, but it is not the only priority at the expense of all else. Similarly, I have an alarm system on my house, but I don’t have round-the-clock security guards or an alligator-infested moat. Preemptive wars and nation-building are perhaps beyond the scope of reasonable security efforts. And certainly beyond our means.

What else could we have done with that money?

What’s the trade off?

What could we afford to do if we cut the military industrial complex by even 25%?
What else could we have done with that money? What’s the trade off?

What could we afford to do if we cut the military industrial complex by even 25%?
After reading Connect The Dots, one should have a sense of the astronomically ridiculous level of military spending we, as a nation, enact each year. Our tax dollars are spent in ways most of us would find objectionable if we truly had any semblance of  representative government. Our system of federal governance is such electorate officials are not bound to the wishes of the people. If you need examples, think in terms of background checks for gun purchases, think in terms of national healthcare reform, think in terms of unemployment insurance payments to former workers. Yes, the GOP stands as obstructionist of each stated example.

Let's at a National Proprieties Project graphic that drives home the point. We offer a look at how our tax dollars contribute to the tax funded cache our government spreads around, often without our interest at the forefront. 

A CNN Money version is less descriptive, yet relevant.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb..... "Building Keystone XL Pipeline Will Mean $100 Billion in Profits for the Koch Brothers"

$100 million dollar windfall!

When you think of your net worth and your earnings power, do you ever imagine a figure at what point you might feel satiated, and maybe sit back with the thought, "Now, that could be enough money for me, my family, for maintaining business operations for generations and any philanthropy (should you have that inclination)?"

A thought wasted on these plutocrats corporatist.

How about the prospect of being two of the wealthiest people on Earth with an opportunity to earn an additional $100 billion via approval of a pipeline?  A pipeline that travels from Canada across the health of the Midwest (and tornado alley) with fissures across the Mississippi River with end terminals on or near the Gulf of Mexico. The Keystone XL Pipeline offers that opportunity to the Koch brothers. International Forum on Globalization (IFG), A progressive think tank, has completed and published a report that may explain over-the-top GOP support and dogma for the pipeline.

Koch Cash Dot Org published the October 2013 report in pdf form. We are posting a (must read) link to press page with the Google map embed below. 
Below is our Google map showing all the Koch Assets in the tar sands as well as interests all along the proposed pipeline itself. Or if you prefer to see it the whole page itself, click here.

View Koch Assets Map in a larger map
one piece key
Wealth is a state of being that has grown to a common expectation and standard in the United States. According to Huffington Post, October 17th 2013, America blows away the rest of world when considering individual wealth.  

The U.S. Blows Everyone Else Out Of The Water In 1 Key WayThe Huffington Post  |  By Posted:   |  Updated: 10/17/2013 11:38 pm EDT

That one way? We're really, really good at creating really, really rich people -- like, $50 million-plus rich. Just ignore the fact that our 400 wealthiest people are worth more than the entire bottom half of the country combined. And now, the chart:
rich people

Wealth in the US is such that the people who comprise our upper  (uber wealthy) crust 20% have carved a special niche comparable to a caste system. Caste systems exist in environments where in aggregate people accept their plight and scrap among themselves for trappings of the good life. 

The US caste systems differs via the very nature of its uber wealthy obscenely opulent button pushers: the Koch brothers. The Kochs are biblical "temple money brokers" who, if you are follower and believer of scripture, Jesus extricated from the Money Changer Temple." 

When do we say, "enough is enough?"  Since first mention of an expanded XL version of existing Keystone Pipeline (beyond the current Keystone Pipeline), conservatives, politicians, and even a few noted quasi-Democrats (e.g.,Harold Ford) have spoken frequently and loudly about approval of the project. Outright lies about potential jobs and to decreasing US energy dependence, have peppered Pipeline-friendly media and barraged the Obama Administration.

Studies have documented the fallacy of thousands of jobs from the project and the US will soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the leading energy producer on Earth.  Additionally, the Keystone XL Pipeline will deliver fossil fuel derivatives to overseas market in Asia (China). Before, we move on, it should be noted the Canadian Province of Alberta has denied approval of  a western pipeline (to the Pacific Ocean) based on inadequate safety measures from tar sands oil producers.

Why should the United States stand-in as a conduit for pushing the Kochs to the top of  the international uber wealthy?  What should the heartland of the United States become the next potential major oil spill? While we dread the thought, what if that spill deposits tar sand sludge into the nation's busiest commercial thorough fare? Catastrophe in either scenario would lead to armies of Koch Lawyers combating corporate responsibility much like that of British Petroleum and the Gulf Oil Spill.

From another perspective, why should the US pave a path for uber wealthy people who have serious social shortcomings probably handed to them by the John Birch Society co-founder Fred Koch.
 DNA that today manifest in attempts to re-segregate a school system in North Carolina. The brothers are Ayn Rand like Libertarians who suffer from innate contempt for people who are less fortunate regarding. financial wherewithal, jobs, medical coverage and who are simply unfortunate as denizens of the middle class or poor.

We can find no rational justification for spending $200 million to combat the ACA, when neither the Koch's nor their families have need for medical insurance.  If we place the $200 million in perspective,  there should be little doubt why the House of Oz voted 45 times to repeal or defund the ACA (at a cost of over $65 million). Can you imagine a  GOP Government shutdown, without approval via the party's major "Money-Brokers?"  The shutdown cost the nation $24 billion tangible dollars and untold international ramifications.

Now we find the Kochs will benefit at the tine of $100 billion with full development of the tar sands fields in Canada.

Al Shaprton, Politics Nation provides a poignant segment on people who would rule our nation without regard for common people. 

It is important to know, if you are reading this piece, you are probably one of America's common people. When you go to the voting booths and vote GOP, know that you are handing the Koch's another $100 billion dollars! You are also voting to elect Koch approved candidates who will work to advance Koch plutocracy detrimental to the well being of the nation.

Friday, January 27, 2012

PoliticsNation hits a Homerun!

I often speaks with people about the stark fact that an American inventions is no longer made in America. Of course, there are many more such tragic stories, but the television industry was the first of much electronic off-shoring.

Of course, we all know very few, if any, electronics products are made in the USA.  After television manufacturing disappeared, the entire electronics industry followed suit. Well, you say companies like Emerson Electric still make television sets. You are correct, in Juarez, Mexico. 

Al Sharpton on today's MSNBC Politicsnation ran the following segment.

Rest assured that once the sets make it to  the retail markets, and if reasonably priced, I will make a purchase.  

If we do not work within that we control to make things better, how can we expect any president, Congress of foreign entity to help us out.  We have to help ourselves.

Kudos to AL Sharpton the the Polticsnation segment.  MSNBC gets accused of being a LEFT-wing rag at times ,but I do not see comparable shows on Fox News nor CNN.