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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Adviser As A Russia Recruit

Yesterday, former Trump adviser Carter Page (to Buzzfeed):
"I didn't want to be a spy," Carter Page told ABC News. "I'm not a spy."
Time passes, information comes uncovered and the story adopts a chameleon look based on the degree of revelation.

Slightly over one month ago Page was here: 
“I have no comment about any meetings or discussions that may or may not have occurred at the off-the-record Global Partners in Diplomacy event in Cleveland as alleged by USA Today. Although people in Washington frequently disregard such confidentiality rules as we have seen throughout recent weeks, these were not the standards and practices I learned while serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy. However, I will reiterate that I never did anything improper in my activities related to Russia, both last year and throughout the quarter century that I have been traveling to that country.”
An explanation crafted with a great deal of care, caution, and seemingly and suspiciously vague.

The saga is nothing shy of intriguing (and revealing). The matter is especially intriguing with consideration of the GOP party leader's comments on the total innocence of contact with Russia, or lack of knowledge. Of course, that is if you believe anything which emanates from Trump's (Pants on Fire) brain and mouth.

On February 16, 2017, a Trump press conference included an answer which has proven to be another case of "Pants on Fire." 

From Paul Manafort to Mike Flynn it seems Trump's words were simply more "Pants on Fire" rhetoric. Trump's comments are unbelievable, even with consideration of his plausible denial disclaimer:  "...not my knowledge." 

PBS published a piece on March 2, 2017, which included a brief recap of matters related to Trump's former adviser Carter Page and Russian officials.
Published on Feb 15, 2017

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, is among those alleged to have had contact with Russian officials, and was named in an uncorroborated dossier. Page, who manages an energy investment company, joins Judy Woodruff to combat claims of campaign contact with Russian officials, calling recent reports “fake news” and “public relations attacks.”

The PBS piece also included an interview with Chris Hayes, MSNBCs ALL IN and Page.
As we often do here on the TPI, we borrow news show "A" Blocks from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show. Yesterday's' "A" Block was customarily a bit long, but totally relevant to any consideration of Carter Page and the business of Russia and US politics.

No matter your political preference as to party, no matter your love of dislike of Trump, and no matter your affinity for Russia (as many are showing these days), Russian interference in our elections and US politics is unacceptable. If you can not see the blazing fire under the cover of profuse smoke from this issue, you are actually enabling a political climate conducive to Russian interference in the sovereignty of our nation.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thugs, White Privilege, And Storm-troopers

When you hear the word "thug" what image conjures in your mind? 

Did you go here?

Or, are you old enough to recall these guys as "thugs?" The original Black Panther Party (for Self defense): Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton.

I have little doubt you have forgotten this episode after the an NFL playoff game who years ago.

How many times did you hear or read Richard Sherman's exuberant post game rant against his game opponent? Now, think of the number of times you heard the word "thug" as integral to criticism of the defensive back?

Sherman's comments on his exuberant rant, reaction to his exuberance and the label given to him via right-wing racist, bigots and indignant fools. The latter characterization (indignant fools) should have worked to capture anyone who thought of Sherman via thoughts of "thuggery."

Yet, not one person in America referred to these video pugilist as exhibiting "thuggery:"  NASCAR fight. Is it necessary to comment on why no label regarding the NASCAR fight and over-the-top repeated labeling of Sherman's exuberance? The last question was rhetorical. 

If you are a high information person, you might know the origin of the "thug" vernacular. An origin far removed from American society and very much antithetical to commonly accepted paradigms.


1.    a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2. (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

1800-10; < Hindi thag literally, rogue, chea  

How often have you hear the word thug used in association with white me acting badly? After the killing of Michael Brown (Ferguson Missouri protesters, hooligan (opportunist) and locals were referred to as "thugs' far more than happenstance.

The Missouri National Guard was deployed to Ferguson and it looked much like a scene from Omaha Beach in France of world War II.........

No let's take a look a phenomenon that can be called nothing shy of white privilege. Whites behaving badly and no concern with being labelled a "thug."


Penn State riot..No tears gas, no militarized cadres, no plastic handcuffs, no CNN and  no Fox News.  

Location unidentified, but these two clearly not leaving the WalMart Store. Ever recall a looter with a Nine-Iron? I have seen black looters with flat screen television and newly acquired tennis shoes, but never a Nine-Iron.

We move from opportunist with a flair for the links to a more dire exhibit of white people behaving badly (replete with racism chants and disrespect for the nation).

Right-Wing Watch
Overheard At Anti-Obama Rally: 'Hang Him! We've Got Rope'  SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Thursday, 12/11/2014 1:30 pm
Yesterday, a small group of right-wing demonstrators gathered in front of the White House at a rally scheduled to coincide with the visit of a number of sheriffs who were in Washington, D.C., to protest President Obama’s executive action on immigration. 
One activist who was filming the rally spoke to several attendees who said they wanted to lynch Obama.
Among the remarks picked up by the cameraman:  
 “Hang the traitor!” 
 “Hang the lying Kenyan traitor!”  
 “We’ve got rope.” 
 “Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”  
 “Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?” “Don’t snap his neck, you watch  him choke to death.” 
 “He’s just biding his time until Satan takes him home to where he belongs.”
 See more 

Not once did you nor I read any reference to "thug" to label whites acting badly. I posit the diminution of a people (even hooligans) facilitates the prospect of catastrophic acts against a minority from the majority population.

While it is not my express intent to predict evil acts comparable to genocide (against a people), I am certainly positing on growing evidence of deleterious acts against segments of the American population. Overt militia and so-called Oat-Keepers activity, growing hatred manifest in racist acts, homophobic name calling and increased autocratic edicts against child-bearing aged women from conservative politicians. And, how do authoritarian regimes and majority oppressors enforce their will on the oppressed? 


Last night Ari Melber, All In, delivered two stellar segments that exemplify, my point. Watch as militarized cops perform "their Jobs" via death in case when just a bit of communication and competent policing could have avoided. How easy is it to kill?

Segment 1Notice the Cleveland Police Union Chief's concern for the death of the 12 year kid Tamir Rice.  Rice was summarily shot after a call to 9/11 in which the caller stated the victim looked like a kid and they caller suspected the gun was not a real handgun. Of particular note is the union chiefs closing remarks.  " as you are told, do as we say...and if we are wrong the courts will rule?  Really, the courts do not rule the courts work to justify and exonerate the work of veritable storm-troopers. 

Let's take another look and listen to what can only be described as blue badge authoritarian and language I am certain many Jews heard as they were herded from their homes to train cattle  cars.  The last 40 seconds of the segment.

Do as we say....and let the courts settle it out if we kill inappropriately. Really? 

South Carolina State Trooper shots innocent man while the man was "doing as he was told.

New Jersy cop attempts to claiming "he is grabbing my gun." 

allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="">

Didn't Michael Brown's killer Darren Wilson claim Brown grabbed his gun?

Segment 2: Questioning the innocent after the Walmart killing of John Crawford. Notice the person who called the cops recanted his comments that Crawford was pointing the pellet rifle at people.

Simply stated, behavior for some Americans (black people) does not garner the same level of response as similar behavior from others (white people), and the dynamic is particularly pathetic when we are seeing bold overt evidence of cops as enforcers of socially disparate treatment.Imagine our world with a republican in the White House with two Houses of Congress led by Republicans and the Robert's court.  

Complete oligarchy with enforcers paid via our tax dollars and now attorney General to seek proper policing and civil redress.

Thugs, white privilege, and storm-troopers.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

(UPDATE From TYT) Did Someone Say Grand Jury? How About Prosecutor Malfeanse?


Regardless of your thoughts on the guilt or innocence of Darren Wilson, you would have to live the life of a self-centered ideologue to ignore the intricacies the Ferguson Grand Jury. You might be one who cares nothing about Justice for others as long as justice serves you well. Moreover, you may not even care about justice and actually place the fairness and balance of justice in display jars for retrieval at your convenience. 

When the system fails anyone, the system fails us all.  

As we move away from the Darren Wilson Grand jury proceedings, let's observe as details of the process devolve or fizzle into the latest national fiasco agaisnt justice.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell does it like few others. How about a segment of The Last Word.  You will find the 10 plus minutes as educational and relevant as any you may have sat through in years. If we cannot expend time for justice, we deny ourselves a great society.

There is something to be said about deeper cognitive thought accompanied by basic discernible language and communication messages that ensue. The process feeds the brain and insults against those who fall shy of living life with regard to fairness and equality for all. The O'Donnell segment for some should provide an epiphany comparable to something observed within the past year and will never forget.

Watch the figurative epiphany.

funny gifs

We could leave analysis and reporting regarding the Ferguson Grand Jury and the 'shepherd' prosecutor, but allow a few more segments from another MSNBC host: Chris Hayes, ALL In.

ALL IN 11/25/14
Was Ferguson grand jury process unusual? 
How unusual was the grand jury process that resulted in no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown?
ALL IN 11/25/14

Eyewitness Dorian Johnson tells Chris Hayes what he saw the day Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson.
ALL IN 11/26/14
African Americans and ‘superhumanization bias’ 
Darren Wilson’s testimony describing Michael Brown’s almost superhuman strength reflects common, subconscious perceptions about black people in America.
The Young Turks 11/27/14


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anonymous VS KKK: KKK Threatens And Uses Common Racists Disparaging Words; "Chimps" and "N" Word

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.10.36 AM

MSNBC's airing of the segment (two paragraphs below) has touched off the most intriguing non-combat battle in modern American History. The KKK vs. Anonymous (after an admission of a KKK connection to local police officers).

Chris Hayes, ALL In, granted air-time to a Missouri KKK Leader, Frank Ancona, Grand Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. I previously posted my thoughts on the futility of providing air-time to the white supremacist. In essence, Fox News nor CNN gave the racist air-time (until well after the MSNBC segment). Why would the supposed half-progressive network provide a forum for Ancona while performing another failed interview from Chris Hayes? Hayes has a way of fumbling interviews with guest who agree to come on his show with an obvious mission: deliver a message to Hayes's viewers.

If you did not follow the link above, here is a link to the Hayes interview. The KKK leader was allowed opportunity to "salt" lies across the MSNBC airways like many Fox News evening segments. He used racially charged comments regrading threats to police of their wives being raped (Black protesters; predominate white cops...get the innuendo?). He was allowed to spew bravado as is often the case on Fox News: "awakened a sleeping giant." And, he was allow to talk himself into a corner that fueled the hacktivst group Anonymous. He stated that his chapter had friends within local police departments. A mistake for the secretive racists and supremacist comparable to a the "oops" of a military officer after running or her mouth to the point of inadvertently divulging a battle field strategy. OOPS! Oral diarrhea does not clean-up so well.

In fairness to Hayes, he posted a brief rationale for booking the racist: linked here. As with his failed interview with Jennifer Stefano prior to the 2014 mid-term elections, he should avoid right-wing zealots who accepts invitations to his show to spew Right-wing garbage via Hayes's penchant for the gentlemanly approached to hostile guests. 

Ancona's "loose lips" and revelation of 'KKK friendly cops has led to the intriguing back and forth with Anonymous. While Anonymous struck the first blow via taking over Web pages and manipulation of Twitter accounts (including #Hoodsoff publishing of KKK member pictures), the white supremacist have threatened violence while sprinkling racist comments as one would expect from the KKK.

We have posted and linked two of the more recently salvos between Anonymous and the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

"We Will Hunt You Down" - KKK Declares War On Anonymous - "You'll Be Strung Up Next To The Chimps"

By Susan Duclos

The race war begins in Ferguson, Missouri where the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Verdict is expected to be handed down on the police shooting of Michael brown, where Anonymous activists are siding with the Ferguson protesters and now the KKK is threatening to shoot what they call "nigger lovers" as they say "we will hunt you down," accoding to this RT report (article here and video below). 


Read more

News2Share reported on the ongoing battles.

Published on Nov 20, 2014
This video was received by News2share's Ford Fischer early this morning to release to the public. News2share should not be perceived as affiliated with Anonymous in any way.

After an online dispute, members of Anonymous hacked the official KKK Twitter page. As of Thursday morning, it is still under Anonymous control ( Following that hacking, a Pastebin ( was posted publicly online, purporting to be from Frank Ancona, Grand Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. In the statement, he threatens Anonymous directly by claiming that "we will hunt you down and tear those masks from your face. You'll be strung up next to the chimps. On display for the whole world to see. The Klan is to be feared, not threatened."

While the outcome of this feud is yet to be determined, Anonymous has claimed through this new video that "[The KKK's] violent ideology will not prevail in this fight."

CNN has reported that a decision regarding the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson could occur Friday, with an announcement Sunday. At that point, it is quite possible that the feelings expressed via videos like these and social media will be expressed on the streets of Ferguson from all sides.

For more, go to

Media: Contact for questions or comments from News2share.

The battle continues.... StumbleUpon

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone XL Failed To Pass A Senate Vote (A Temporary Reprieve)

Embedded image permalink

MSNBC's Chris Hayes, ALL In, reported on the "one vote shy" outcome as follows.

Forty-two thousands pipeline jobs is as phony a statistic as the GOP promulgated level of voter fraud across the United States. The number is a flat out. 
CNN's Carol Costello invited Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont, on her show for what turned into yet another "ditzy" set of questions very much common to the host. Costello's turned head, raised chin, pleading demeanor style of interview is indicative of where US electronic media has gone: "to the pits."

Watch a less than two minute segment of the interview.

For those who prefer a script of the segment clip If You Only News offers this piece.

CNN producers and writers know the KXL project only offers job numbers in the tens of thousands if the numbers are extrapolated to thousands of peripheral temporary jobs. The perfect example: restaurant workers who will provide sustenance as the project is completed. They also know the project offers less than 50 full-time jobs and they also know there is no prospect of US energy consumption from oil derivatives developed and pipeline for consumption in Asia.

Trans Canada's CEO seems a bit nervous and unconformable while answering questions about the project and the talk of 42,000 jobs.

When networks like CNN and Fox align with big business lies, the nation suffers journalistic malpractice. Of course, I am reticent to mention Fox News and journalism in the same set of words, as the network serves a greater purpose for the GOP and potential US oligarchs. 

Unfortunately, the pipeline will get another vote in 2015, once the 114th Congress is sworn into office. Pipeline legislation will pass in both Houses of Congress and it will be President's Obama veto pen that will stall construction yet again. 

The Koch brothers stand to gain far too much from the completed KXL to believe it will quietly evaporate into the annals of US history. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Criticizes Obama; Milt Shook Provides Real Perspective

Criticizes Obama, laughs based on a flawed poll and shows signs of an affinity for Ran Paul.

As MSNBC moves farther towards a conservative and Libertarian political lean, the informed voter must seek reliable information while leaving the media darlings to their celebrity. 

Take a few minutes to see exactly why US media is literally walking the nation back into the greedy and incompetent arms of the GOP. The perfect example is the increasing anti-Obama segments broadcast on MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball. 

If you are a progressive, the five minute segment is a horrific as it gets. Watch (below) as Matthews leads his seemingly conservative panel in literal laughter when mention of "the country on the right track" worked into the discussion (1:00 minute mark). Matthews also asked the panel questions that show support what I perceive as neo-affinity for Rand Paul. He literally asked one panelist if President Obama would "actually lead in his last two years in office." As matter of over-kill. Matthews frames a question with seemingly disparaging remarks about Obama as a professor with sub-group disparaging "Law professor."

Matthews actually used data from a Politico/GfK poll. In addition to data showing media polls as less accurate, GfK has a history of inaccurate polling and polling with a major slant right. 

Allow an example.

AP/GfK: Flawed And Conservative Survey Company Reports Only 26% Support ObamaCare   (Excerpt)

My past experience with AP/GfK was along this line. As we approached the 2012 General Election, I ran across this headline:
"Majority Harbor Prejudice towards blacks."  

Now, why do you think such a headline would attract my interest? May I suggest,  if you are a normal person with any interest beyond sitting each day watching six different TV judge shows, or flipping between various mindless reality shows (including various derivatives of talent panel contests), the headline should have piqued your interest.

My askance and curiosity took me a few steps farther. The following is an except from a piece I wrote after reading the October 2012 headline posted above. The TPI AP/GfK piece is long. Out of respect for your time and possible lack of deep interest in the genesis of the headline, I am posting a Awesome Screenshot Capture &Annotate image below the table box (below). 

TPI (October 2012)
If you never reviewed poll data, you have to give a look at the AP/GfK Poll  data released just a few days before the November 6th Elections. The poll's major tickler was, a "Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks".   [See Link above]
Page 33 of the Growth for Knowledge (GfK) poll reads like this (Key Demographic data):

The TPI link provided in the table will take you to even more startling and ridiculous survey findings related to perceptions of candidate religion. The 1,071 survey respondents (predominately white and from the South) seem to have been comprised of a potential respondent pool stacked for achievement of desired results. The headline:"Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks,";was both indicative of what many should consider flawed survey administration via 
GfK, and indicative of the dangers of subsequent headlining via media or political operatives.

But more than two-thirds distrust polls conducted by political parties or candidates and automated telephone surveys. Media polls fall in the middle, with somewhat more distrusting than trusting.  Note: the "News media" category below.
2013-09-04 Which polls do people trust
Nate Silver looked at which polls scored best coming out of the 2012 elections. His review also included look and reporting of poll bias. If you look about midway through the table below you will find AP/GfK; you will quickly notice the AP/GfK poll has a strong bias to the Republican Party. You may also notice GfK uses the very survey methodology shown by Silver as biased towards the Republican Party with moderate margins of error.
The New York Times 538 Blog  
"Which Polls Fared Best (and Worst) in the 2012 Presidential Race"Excerpt
We can also extend the analysis to consider the 90 polling firms that conducted at least one likely voter poll in the final three weeks of the campaign. One should probably not read too much into the results for the individual firms that issued just one or two polls, which is not a sufficient sample size to measure reliability. However, a look at this broader collective group of pollsters, and the techniques they use, may tell us something about which methods are most effective.
You Gov Dot Com
Figure 1 below shows the point estimates (and reported margins of error) for final national polls from different polling organizations for the Obama share of the national major party vote. The final YouGov poll, released on Sunday November 4, based on 36,472 interviews of likely voters between October 31 and November 3, had Obama at 48.5 percent, Romney at 46.5 percent, other candidates at 2.3 percent, and the remaining 2.7 percent of voters undecided. This translates into a 51.1 percent share of the national major party vote for Obama. As of this writing, the Associated Press reports that the Obama share of the national two party vote was 51.0 percent, so the YouGov estimate had an error of less than 0.1 percent. Two other polling organizations also pegged the Obama lead at two percent.

A few words about AP/GfK. Any polling authority would publish a survey with results indicating a "Majority harbor prejudice towards blacks," and show respondent demographic data with southern while males are the predominant data source, shouldn't be considered reporting.

Mattews? The Hardball host was noticeably absent in criticism of Rand Paul through the full scope of Paul's plagiarism. He has even intimated that Paul was a 'watcher' for 2016. The old school former progressive, Matthews, seems to have joined the neo-libertarian, Chris Hayes, ALL IN, in on-air complements and nascent affinity for GOP quacks. 

Image via FireShot Screen Capture

From the 47 second mark to the 59 second mark on the video below, you have cause for my increasing disdain for Chris Hayes and a couple of additional quasi-liberal MSNBC hosts (include Chris Matthews and Steve Kornacki).
When progressive media hosts audition for GOP campaign soundbites and video, I find ti contemptible.  While, criticism is appropriate where and when it is due, MSNBC seems to reach for viewers well outside the reality of its potential audience. When a supposed progressive host induces laughter regarding the state of the nation and literally exhorts a guest to take shots at the Democrat president, the network moves farther away from my viewing interest.

As MSNBC management has changed my news viewing habits. US media and some polling authorities have provided much more time to actually perform research on issues critical to life as an informed voter.

There are few sources more reliable and timely than Milt Shook and his PCTC Blog. 

Read more after the break