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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

YOUR GOP, Call the COP's And American Conservatism

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We will start with a five minutes exposition of "Your GOP". Even considering our utter contempt for all things conservative with ultimate contempt for the GOP and RNC, we must admit what you are about to see and hear is being repudiated by the Georgia State Governor and Attorney General. 

Meet Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer (R), the person pictured below with his trousers below his knees. Republican elected representative Spencer was punked onto the Showtime filming, but it should be noted being punked to the extent Donald Trump and Spencer was (individually) duped denotes deep deficiencies in common sense and self-respect. Basically, what follows is not only vulgar examples of a video post of personal degradation, we also find another example of deep-rooted ideology in the GOP as well as a very stupid person. A horrific combination.

Watch and think of the reality we simply do not find such people who claim the Democrat Party or people who have inner core values in liberalism or progressivism (if you prefer).

CNN's Chris Cuomo broadcast a segment about the GOP racist.


Cuomo condemns GOP lawmaker: Come on, man

Spencer actually lost a primary election this spring is head for leaving his office. He has also issued a perfunctory apology; the same we are seeing on a weekly or monthly basis. We are seeing the word "apology" so much the concept of issuing an apologetic statement has become trite; and perfunctory.

Read Spencer’s full statement below:
“In 2017 I received countless death threats in connection with my introduction of legislation involving the wearing of masks. The threats escalated to the point that my wife received threatening phone calls concerning her and my children. I was very afraid for my safety and the safety of my entire family. 
“Then, on June 14th, a gunman opened fire at members of Congress on a baseball field. I knew people on that field. Now, the fears I already had became more intensified as the reality of my family being targeted by a similar, deranged, would-be assassin became even more possible. I was in such a poor state of mind that my wife and I also undertook marriage counseling with a licensed therapist during this time. 
“Sacha Baron Cohen and his associates took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked. In posing as an Israeli Agent, he pretended to offer self-defense exercises. As uncomfortable as I was to participate, I agreed to, understanding that these ‘techniques’ were meant to help me and others fend off what I believed was an inevitable attack. 
“My fears were so heightened at that time, I was not thinking clearly nor could I appreciate what I was agreeing to when I participated in his “class”. I was told I would be filmed as a “demonstration video” to teach others the same skills in Israel. Sacha and his crew further lied to me, stating that I would be able to review and have final approval over any footage used. 
“I deeply regret the language I used at his request as well as my participation in the “class’ in general. If I had not been so distracted by my fears, I never would have agreed to participate in the first place. 
“I apologize to my family, friends, and the people of my district for this ridiculously ugly episode. Finally, there are calls for me to resign. I recently lost my primary election, so I will not eligible to hold office next term. Therefore, I will finish the remaining five months at my post and vacate my seat.”
We thought of ending this piece and probably should have ended it here. Yet, we cannot resist other examples of utter disgust from the Right. 

The ever-present and Increasing "Call The Cops" phenomenon.  

Calling the cops can backfire.

The following Daily Mail piece is a bit long, thus our linkage to the piece.

Daily Mail 

'Get out!': White woman trails a black family around Berkeley telling them they don't belong and the police are called... but it doesn't end as you'd think


Monday, December 11, 2017

Quick Hit: Manipulating Christmas And Anti-Liberalism (Merry Christmas As A Weapon)

Image result for hitler the lieSince the late 2990s, one cable News network has manipulated the psyches of millions among the nation's conservative community. Fox News commenced operations in 1996 and took little time in offering mind alternating alternatives to other news outlets. If you know anything about the human mind you have to know the best way to shape the mind is via infusions of information. People are easily led and manipulated (both positively and negatively) by absorption of information.

Fox News has set its mark at leading cable news with hardcore American conservatism laced with copious does of outright and intentional lies. One recurring piece of Fox News programming has been (and continues) its annual just after Halloween mind games regarding Christmas: "Liberals hate Christmas and political correctness has moved from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays.  Liberals don't say Merry Christmas."  Let that stand for a moment.

By now the nation knows Trump's early morning TV includes watching the mind-altering insanity of Fox News' Fox and Friends. Trump spends his early mornings with the insanity Twitters feeding of his supporter, probably drinks a few Diet Colas, and when the time arrives tunes into Fox and Friends. 

Before we move to the point of this piece, take another moment for a syllogism: 
Fox News lies about liberals and Christmas
("Happy Holidays" works for the holiday season 
post-Halloween trough New Year's Day, and works for Jewish Americans) 
All Fox News viewers hear the incessant Fall
drumbeat of "War on Christmas lies. 
Millions watch, listen and believe Fox News 
Trump watches Fox News 
Fox News viewers hear Trump and Fox 
Thus, millions who watch Fox believe Trumps "Liberals Hate Christmas" rhetoric.
Now watch as Trump manipulates his supporters.

Why did we develop this quick hit piece.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Kill Mexicans and Muslims?

Kudos to If You Only News for their sharing policy and their frank down to earth screeds and information.

If you think American conservatism has reached its lowest level of decency, think again. 

Over the last two days, the media’s racially biased reporting has been center stage. When three rival biker gangs got into a shootout like something out of the Wild Wild West on Sunday, leaving nine dead and dozens injured, the media was noticeably quiet. There was none of the commentary that usually explodes after the black community protests. The bikers weren’t called thugs or psychoanalyzed — nope, the media just reported it like it was no big deal. When black people stand up against police brutality, they are lawless thugs with no redeemable qualities; but a bunch a white gang members who killed each other can be totally “retrained” to fight our enemies according to Fox News contributor Sandy Rios:
Police have their hands full fighting our real enemies, the cartels, the Islamists, and now they’re fighting motorcycle gangs? I find myself thinking, let’s have a little retraining for motorcycle gangs and put them on our side fighting our enemies. That’s what we really need. [Source]
First of all, notice that our enemies are all brown? Mexicans (cartel members) and Islamists (Muslims). No racism there at all! 
Secondly, cops only began to fight these fine upstanding thugs when they got into a fight in a restaurant parking lot and started shooting and stabbing each other in the middle of the day. Apparently though, these animals can be “retrained,” but African-Americans fighting against police brutality are a lost cause. No racism there, either. 
You see, these biker gangs are the “enemy.” They are a bigger threat to Texas than the cartels or make-believe ISIS members who the right wants you to believe have infiltrated the United States. The Bandidos, one of the gangs involved Sunday, is one of the biggest and most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the country. Not only does the gang sell drugs, but they have a long string of murders attributed to them. 
But they can be “retrained.” Okaayyyyyyyy. 
The right isn’t even pretending not to be racist anymore. They just open their mouths and it spews forth like an uncontrollable sewage leak.


Featured image via

Does Sandy Rios have a contributor contract with Fox News?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SAE Has A History Of Racism And Anti-Semantic Acts

American conservatism is also imbued in some of our young and manifest as racism.  Now, guess how it got there!

Unless you are visually impaired, you need no introduction to the following one minute video. 

The video was apparently taken by a young woman bus rider who did not take part-in, nor sympathize with, the racist chanters and members of the SAE Fraternity.

Watch for the over-the-top exposition of "white privilege" that manifest as raw racism with no real purpose beyond personal satisfaction of the psyches of a few. A few who were obviously raised in racist household and who without question was raised by racist parents. 

As we rant and rave about the horrors of ISIS, recognize that we also have undercurrents of over the top horrors in our communities and apparently among our young. The SAE chant (obviously not new to the Fraternity) and references to the "hanging tree" is all I need for reinforcement of my view regarding growing racism and hatred form conservatives.

The images on the bus are not far off form the US past and young people who adorned ties and "Sunday-go-to-meet-attire" to witness a killing.

SAE has a storied history with roots in the deep US South.
SAE was founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama, five years before the American Civil War, according to the fraternity website. When the war began, the group had fewer than 400 members, of which "369 went to war for the Confederate States and seven for the Union Army," the website says.
Interesting!  But, let's jump forward to a more nascent look at the SAE.

CNN's Carol Costello and a spokesman for the SAE.  Recall..."If is quacks like a duck and walks like a duck....."

Think Progress also published a piece with a detailed chronology of recent episodes of outright racist for members of the fraternity. It seems their Confederate army roots continue to sprout saplings.

Think Progress

This is hardy the first time, however, that an SAE chapter found itself in hot water due to the racist actions of its members. To the contrary, a brief search for publicly available articles and in the news database Nexis uncovered several similar incidents:
  • In 2013, the frat’s Washington University in St. Louis chapter was suspended after pledges reportedly sang racial slurs to African American students. According to one description of the incident,
    One guy began to recite the lyrics to a rap song (Bitches Ain’t Shit by Dr. Dre) as if it were a slam poem. He was reading the lyrics from his phone. The majority of the group of guys he was with found it funny and some were laughing. One member of the group was videoing the event on his phone. The guys in the group asked the black people in the booth to “show some respect” for the performance. As [redacted] continued to recite the lyrics, he came across the word “nigga” and said it with no hesitation. One of the black students tossed an empty bottle at him in anger only to be told by the group that it was part of the song, so it was okay. The black student replied that it was still offensive and the group apologized half-heartedly.
    The student later apologized and admitted that this stunt was “part of an initiation for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.” The president of the Wash. U. chapter also apologized on Facebook.
  • In December of 2014, SAE’s Clemson University chapterhosted a “Cripmas” party, named after the California-based “Crips” street gang. Photos of the incident depicted attendees at this party flashing gang signs and dressed in costumes intended to make them look like gang members. Much of the chapter’s leadership resigned after this incident, and the chapter “suspended all activity indefinitely” shortly after the incident, according to a statement by SAE’s national office.
  • In 2006, an SAE member at the University of Memphis quit the fraternity after two other frat members harassed him for dating a black woman. According to an editorial in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the former SAE member “said SAE members used the N-word to refer to his girlfriend” and that they “also suggested that he must have met Darden on the street one night and that he couldn’t possibly be interested in a real relationship with someone of another race.” The Associated Press later reported that two students were suspended by SAE’s national office after they determined that these students “made comments that were inappropriate and unbecoming.”
  • In 2006, SAE’s Baylor University chapter hosted an “E-Dawg”-themed party that the university’s NAACP chapter labeled “insensitive.” According to the Baylor Lariat, pictures “captured students wearing bandanas and holding 40-ounce bottles in brown paper during the party. One of the pictures depicted a student who covered herself in bronzer in imitation of a black person.” The pictures were discovered after they were posted to Facebook.
  • In 2000, SAE’s Oglethorpe University chapter was put on probation, along with chapters from three other fraternities, after an incident where African American students visiting from other schools faced racial harassment and assault. According to one news report uncovered on Nexis, officials at two predominantly black colleges that competed in a cross-county meet at Oglethorpe “complained that Oglethorpe students in fraternity houses threw bottles at athletes and screamed racial epithets.”
  • In 2009, Valdosta State University in Georgia hosted a community forum on “Heritage, Hate or Fear?” that was inspired by the university’s SAE chapter’s practice of flying a Confederate Flag on its front lawn. A lawyer for the fraternity’s national headquarters warned that the chapter could lose its charter if it continued to fly the flag.

If you think the SAE episode was that of young people who may have consumed far too much alcohol, think again.

How about the mock family lynching discovered on a US military base at a family housing unit?

Image result for lynching in front of kids

The problem is a deep rooted mindset that flows under the surface in America. A deep core reality that has not been extinguished in part due to US politics, but moreover it thrives within the minds and inner core of people raised by bigots and racists. To argue differently is an exercise in futility.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fox News On Facebook, A Burst Of Fox On Twitter And Bill Moyers: GOP "Dog Whistle"

Recent court decisions reversing Republican strategy to restrict the vote has Fox News riled up even more than an improved US economy. There are some things that are not supposed to happen. The court decisions are so outside the conservative and Fox News paradigm, the network is reacting like a WWE wrestling match in which the pre-determined winner did not follow the script.

While CNN has taken to employment of the "black conservative" Obama hater Kevin Jackson for coverage of the St. Louis, Missouri protests.  I will give the network credit for booking inane drivel speakers like John Lott and allowing the talking-head to show their ignorance.  Actually, Lott is not ignorant. He is the archetypal Fox News guest who goes on camera, spews a wealth of false info and rest comfortably knowing the host (s) will provide cover. The host will close the set by covering the guest with flowing praise and tucking the guest away with supportive comment before moving to commercial break (eg, Hannity, Fox and Friends, Megyn Kelly, Bill Hemmer et al).

As to Kevin Jackson? CNN should be far more careful about telegraphing its efforts to appeal to conservative audiences while covering a protest related to a black teenager was summarily executed by a white cop. Is the network so consumed with appearing balanced network producers would book a avowed conservative to ward-off the prospect of a progressive view of the protests? Networks rarely make severe booking mistakes. Kevin Jackson is covering the St. Louis protest for a reason, and the reason points an indicting finger at CNN producers. Why not declare network intent to compete against Fox News as the new One America Network?  

CNN your political dirty skirt is showing!

Let's move back to Fox News and a burst of Twitter posts.

Killer Democrats, really?
Fox producers should have avoided this segment, California Congressman Duncan Hunter and his 10 captured ISIS infiltrators.
I will bring this exhibition to close with a two plus minute segment from Bill Moyers and Company. Ronald Reagan is without question the Father of Modern Conservatism and the catalyst of all racial divisiveness we experience today. He and his operatives (Lee Atwater et al) promulgated political strategy that has metastasized into racial divides only manifest in the ante-bellum South. 

The essence of GOP "dog whistle" politics and its racial charged base.

How pathetic is American conservatism?


Saturday, December 7, 2013

US Media: Broadcasters For The Right and Serves As Mind-shapers


If you are a progressive, liberal, or open-minded Independent, you may have noticed television media (news Media) is joining AM Radio as the domain of American Conservatism.

From Fox News through ABC News the year has been bursting at the seems with broadcast that were not only in error, the broadcast appeared have been developed to beat other networks to the airways.  When television media reaches for races to broadcast they do not fulfill a basic journalism standard: Verify story and double check sources. Of course, we exclude Fox News from the latter as that network is an obvious outlet for Right-wing propaganda and servers well as a communication division form the GOP.  We do not expect stories  with any intent other than erosion  of the Obama Administration policy, and practice.   We have to only consider the 60 Minutes debacle, the ABC Benghazi email screw-up, and 

While not an established corporate media outlets, checkout this headline....

CBS News May Drop Benghazi Bomb On Obama - Free Republic

Other than Fox News, corporate media other than would never publish nor broadcast with a headline like the headline above. Of course, the 60 Minutes Benghazi report was of "Dropping the Bomb."

The Global Movement Dot Info, published a detail piece related to the extent of consolidation of US media since 1999. 


Larger Version: Click

Am ugly picture!  We understand cronyism and uber wealth plutocrats. It is impossible to imagine the Kochs and ultra conservative like the Kochs do not have cronies at the highest level of the Boards of the six media conglomerates. 

It shouldn't take much convincing for anyone to realize any industry with few corporate families have opportunity to shape US policy as much as any elected administration. Since, corporations have fiduciary responsibility to earn revenues and subsequent profits, along with CEO commitment to fulfill HIS multi-million dollar contracts, can we convince you can six corporate leaders and their Boards of Directors can act as mind-shapers.

If you are not yet convinced, keep in mind Both Gallup and Pew Research have reported survey results indicating we get our news from television. Did you notice that Fox News ranked highest in viewership according to the Gallup poll? We suggest that is a perilous thought. Fox doesn't broadcast news! The network broadcasts right-wing propaganda and is some cases (O'Reilly Hannity and Meghan Kelly) stories are fabricated or developed without total commitment to ethics.

If we consider the number of apologies, retractions, and Fox News fake story "busts" since the Democrats won the White House in 2008, our posit isn't a stretch. Actually, our posit is existential. The reasonable person would have thought the  Bush Years was a primer for a strong Left media lean.  Media never collectively leans Left.

The FaceBook Page FORWARD published a detailed review of what they called "Media Fail." 


How Disinformation Has Become The Norm

The vast majority of the American media is owned & controlled by corporations. 

Corporations now more than ever are using the media to shape public opinion. 

In this age of reality TV & shock entertainment Americans have become desensitized. 

Thus the same Republican Party that ruined the economy…

Murdered nearly a million people with their lies…

And literally robbed the tax payers blind.

Have been allowed to openly sabotage & smear the President for five years. Without being called out on their rank hypocrisy. 

Republican’s brazenness comes from their faith. Yes faith in the enormous propaganda machine they have created.

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Images with an exception for FORWARD meme, from The Global Movement Dot Info