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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Trump Vote And The Diminution Of A Nation

Nate Slivers 538 Blog and a quick look at how the vote for Trump Vs Clinton played out. It is important to recognize and recall over 60 million eligible voters either did to vote or voted third party. A shameful state of national mindset and a testament to how US politicians have driven close to one-third of eligible voters into a state of "non-voter". 


Let’s now move to African Americans.

Graph 1

Let’s now move to African Americans.
The Youth vote? 

The Atlantic reports the Youth vote skewered left but not the extent of past general elections. 

Image result for 2016 votes, third party votes and non voters

How about a peep at the major voting blocs? The Latino vote was alarming.

Image result for 2016 votes, third party votes and non voters

In February 2016, The Center for American Progress published a piece with validating data the GOP will always garner a majority of white voters. The Center's data period ran from 1972 through the 2012 Obama Vs Romney presidential election. The data indicates a 54.8 to 40.6 deep lean of white voters opting to support a party which historically offers failed and disastrous economic policy. Should we assume the white voter, for the most part, casts social votes?


Of course, there isn't actually a surprise to see the majority of white voters lean towards the nation's conservative party. While not a surprise, we do find it shameful as it offers a foundation for how we, election after election, face a future under regressive GOP Policy; unless minority voters and white women stand against the GOP. Well, via the 2016 general election we see Latinos and White women share in our current Trump reality TV show.

Voting matters.  If we sit for the daily runs of the Trump reality show the importance of casting a vote for a candidate who will work to move the nation forward Vs moving the nation back into GOP Paleozoic policy.

Yet, NPR's recent article about results from an NPR/Ipsos Poll indicates a cooling off of American zeal for Trump's "fake" American First mantra and campaign promises. The results again point a revealing light on the utter shallowness of voters who buy into GOP politicking and, who after voting, suffer along with us liberals as we watch the GOP fumble through federal (and state) governance.

Observation since Trump's inauguration indicates Trump should have run of "Russia First."  While offer as a bit of humor, American conservatives would still have flocked to the polling places to cast their "social vote." 

In early April, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow ran a segment about Trump's catastrophic Administration. The segment is typical Maddow long but touches on foreign policy issues (Russia other authoritarian regimes) which have to sit uncomfortably in the minds of rational voters.

While the list of available shame for Trump exudes in cyber-space and newspapers, we off one an additional perspective via MSNBCs Ali Velshi. 


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump "No Muslims To Enter The US"

Your GOP!

Tonight's Rachel Maddow Show included two segments that any rational American should view, listen to contemplate. Maddow refers to the number one Amercian demagogue (who happens to claim the GOP) as Mr. Trump.  Her guest in the second segment also refers to Trump as "Mr. Trump."  I await that day when media ceases to provide reverence for a person who is as dangerous to the United States as Adolf Hitler was for the world in the mid-1930s through his suicide in 1945.  The parallels are overwhelming to the point of viewing history with the prospect of reliving it.  

Media deifies and people pay attention.  I have yet to hear any media refer to Jeb Bush as "Mr. Bush".  How about Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Sanders?   Celebrity and acquired wealth shouldn't as a matter fo practice lead to auto-respect when the person via his acts incessantly lowers himself to the level of a bigot (to put it mildly). 

While almost all GOP Primary candidates have joined in the anti-Islam mania growing int he Right, Trump has evolved from a bigoted birther to a seething white nationalist.  It should be noted white nationalism is one step away from national killing racism.  "Isms" come in bundles, Trump offers bundled bigotry for all.

I digress. 

Let's check-in on Mediaite's piece on the Maddow segment followed by the MSNBC segment with Richard Engel.

Donald Trump‘s proposal to ban all foreign Muslims from entering the U.S. is so outlandish and so insane, Rachel Maddow is now seriously wondering if Trump is deliberately trying to kill his own campaign.

Maddow seriously threw out the theory tonight that Trump is so “spooked” by his own success, he is saying ever-more-provocative things to “blow up his presidential campaign.”

“Is he trying,” she asked, “to get himself effectively kicked out of the Republican party so there’s no longer a threat he might actually get nominated as that party’s nominee for president or, God forbid, that he might win the office?”

Does Trump want out of the GOP?

But not only is this a potential black mark on the GOP and Trump himself, Maddow found it more than a little troubling how Trump’s “radical to the point of obscenity” proposal might impact the country as a whole.

Watch above, via MSNBC.
[image via screengrab]

Let's finish the Maddow segment with an MSNBC international journalist (Investigator) who has, in my opinion, complete credibility: Richard Engel.

Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel

American conservatism has gone insane!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

We the Middle Class and Poor: No Privilege!


Priorities in Washington are undeniably reprehensible! While they are fighting for the wealthy, who are doing just fine, they are pointing fingers at the elderly, disabled, unemployed, underemployed, working poor, middle class, those in need of food assistance, and health care. How have we we become so complacent with such injustice? We the people need to keep speaking up until we gain back a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

And by the way, corporations are NOT people!

Corporate tax rates are irrelevant after you apply all the government handouts! We are being played for suckers!

I don't think it would be fair to say that Obama...

By: Formidable Republican Opposition

Monday, September 3, 2012

Romney and His Campaign Team Stumble AGAIN: Gallup Poll

    (Keystone Cops)A political campaign is a sign of preparedness for the White House

The latest Gallup Poll (Politics) shows Romney may not have hit the 'home run' he needed to hit and has party claims he hit.  As I have written in other pieces, the fact that Romney was forced by his own demeanor, reputation and background to deliver a 'I am really a nice guy, love my wonderful parents, defend myself,  and declare pseudo war, speech was 'a bridge too far'.  He did not even have the mental and heartfelt capacity to acknowledge our war dead, their families and current fighting men and women.  A shameless omission and an omission attributable to the candidate and his advisers.  Yet, they gave time and space to an asinine and failed performance by Clint Eastwood. 

While conservatives or republicans viewed Romney speech favorably, Gallup points out those voters were "in the bag" Romney voters as a matter of preference. 

If you are open to information that is completely relevant and data that refutes all rhetoric, give the following link a good read.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Idiotic Dichotomy of Conservative Philosophy

Image Linked to source and added by  The Pardu

by The Fault Guy

Let's end this week with a thought. Hopefully it's a good one.

Conservatives feel that if people lose their job, then they shouldn't be a 'lazy bum' and stay on unemployment for years at a time.

Conservatives want to dismantle the 'ponzi scheme' that is Social Security. The elderly, obviously, should have saved up enough money over their working life to be comfortable in retirement.

But, there is one massive caveat - for the economy to be strong, growing, and robust, people MUST spend. Spend A Lot. And that's where our current economic system falls flat on it's face. You just cannot pay the average worker $35k a year and expect them to both pump money into the economy via spending AND save enough to get through lean times/sickness/unemployment/retirement/etc.

The one and only way for someone to be both the good consumer and the good saver is for their salary to increase. If the average worker made, say, $350k a year, they could put 10% into savings each and every year, as well as pump the rest into the economy. So when sickness or unemployment hit, or they decide to retire, they wouldn't need a social system to assist them. $35k [plus interest] saved each and every year would result in true socioeconomic stability and independence.

But how do you pay every worker $350k a year?

Well, the upper tier of workers would have to take a massive salary cut.

Also, earnings that companies pump into stock buy-backs, dividends and acquisitions would have to be directed towards worker salary.

Essentially the ceiling would have to lower in order to raise the floor. And, sadly, we all know that will never happen. The right simply will not let 'the job creators be punished' in this manner.

In the end, the economy still needs spending, the average worker still needs assistance, and the right refuses to acknowledge that the former affects the latter. If we could only get people to realize that spending-saving relationship, perhaps things might start to change in this country. Perhaps.

Written by The Fault Guy

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