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Saturday, August 15, 2015

GOP 2016: GOP Strategy via Ben Carson's Hypocrisy

Abortion is a personal choice and experiential reality. We do not argue that African-American unintended pregnancies out pace white and Hispanic unintended pregnancies. We also do not argue that Planned Parenthood, factually, has more facilitates in so-called African-American communities. That dynamic is more a service reality and also may have much to do with socio/economic reality. If abortions are only 3% of Planned Parenthood performed services, the community facility may also have utility regarding other Planned Parenthood services.

On August 14 20, NPR posted an article written by Amita Kelly. While I did not hear the specific "It's All Politics" show, the article relates to Ben Carson's recently assertion that Planned Parenthood was developed to perpetrate genocide of African-Americans black people.

Real Clear Politics /Ben_Carson_people_should_read_about_margaret_sanger_a_woman_who_hillary_clinton_says_she_admires

Without fail we read and research from our individual paradigms. Our reading will much more often than not result form a desire to expand knowledge to support our paradigm, and to a much lesser degree result for a desire to refute our paradigm. How often have you read a book or article that you chose to read which actually induced a paradigm shift? Now, think about the number of times your reading led to the following: "Aaah, I thought so," or "that is just in line with my thoughts." Probably your choice of reading may have led to the much more common reality of the non-verbal: "Ugh huh" (as an affirmation and confirmation of a belief).

Ben Carson knows Margaret Sanger? I think not, and I assert "not really." 

Ben Carson is an enigma. He is a conservative ideologue who has a history of severe anti-LGBT rhetoric, he is an anti-Black Lives Matter opportunist, and he is an evasive conservative mouthpiece. He has also been revealed within the week as an anti-abortion Planned Parenthood hypocrite.

Carson's hypocrisy is no surprise. He is currently polling close to the top of GOP 2016 candidates, and frankly, the full group of 17 GOP candidates have en common trait.  They to the person exhibit a great deal of "Do as I say, not as I do" belief and value systems. 

A friend of the TPI wrote a cogent and relevant Facebook post about Carson's assertions that Planned Parenthood has a mission to affect control in the Black Community. 

Was Planned Parenthood developed to control the Black populations?

Mike Victor

Short answer: hell no. 

60% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in predominantly white neighborhoods. 
14% of PP clients are African American (lower than the national average and much lower than the average among the poor who make up 79% of PP clientele). 
Yes, Margaret Sanger was into soft eugenics (the idea that by voluntary disproportionate raising of wanted children from mothers emotionally, physically, and financially prepared to raise them there would be a positive inter-generational effect) versus the sinister hard eugenics espoused by Nazi Germany and to a much lesser degree the United States government in which those felt to be genetically defective were sterilized against their will or even euthanized (both have the same genetic effect of course). 
Many contemporaries were into eugenics at the time in some form and despite its horrific abuses there is of course truth to the idea that more offspring among those sharing some genetically determined trait can lead to greater expression of that trait in the general population in a few generations. But since most traits are polygenic and/or recessive, requiring both parents to be affected or at least a carrier for an offspring to be affected, selectively breeding by traits is unlikely to have much impact especially if there is great ethnic diversity among parents. 
Dog breeders know that you pay a horrific price when you try to select for a few targeted traits leading to overall loss of fitness and survivability. Humans are little different in this regard.
Even sexual selection, a form of soft eugenics of you think about it, since the traits you sought in a partner from intelligence to temperament to dexterity or physical strength all have at least some genetic component. But even the children of deviant bright parents suffer regression to the mean with their patterning of cognitive abilities falling somewhere between that of their parents and that of the general population. It's why hereditary monarchies or family dynasties are doomed to failure since the great grandchildren of the very bright or bold founders of kingdoms or empires are likely to be mediocre in ability.
One thing on which we can all agree: little good and much misery will come from the past of the poor being forced to have as many children as their husbands demand while the better educated and more economically prepared for parenting have exclusive access to effective contraception and pregnancy termination services. Shut down Planned Parenthood and that is what you will virtually guarantee: society becoming increasingly poor and miserable as the poor increase in number exponentially faster than the middle and upper classes. You would have to be naive to claim that cutting off family planning services to the poor would be a good thing.

End Mike Victor's remarks.

Planned Parenthood is a target of conservative political necessity during a time when few viable political options avail towards capturing the White House in 2016. 

Let's run through a quick set of graphics related the topic.


"Almost 95 percent of all (Planned Parenthood) pregnancy services were abortions."Sandra Smith on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 in an interview with Mike Huckabee

The educated reader or listener knows that Planned Parenthood is not the exclusive provider of abortions nationwide. It is, however, a symbolic target of the social/political Right based on the organization's partial funding via the US federal budgets.

Number of Abortion Providers and Number of Abortions by Provider Type, 2008

In 2012, UT/TT Poll (may have been confined to residents of the State of Texas)

The link to the UT/TT survey contains noteworthy charts related to the favor-ability, or lick there of, regarding abortion. One chart may address a component of the changing population dynamic that finds the Hispanic population growing at a much faster pace then other ethnic groups (including whites). The inclination not to abort a unintended pregnancy and the preponderance of Hispanics as Catholic, may contribute to a racial composition dynamic that has white conservatives over the top shuddering about threat to their population majority.

Ben Carson has issues. He is forced to restrict his quest to social issues as he has no background whatever in political office. Thus, he is at the mercy of his learned skills set, his personal institution and that of which he likes to brag: his brain. A brain that more often than not seems confused and discombobulated on matters that means much to voters in General Elections. It is sad he has lived the life of a conservative ideologue and African-American functionary after his career as a neurosurgeon. 

His waffling and wavering aura (due to his background) lacks acuity in the public arena and will lead to his failing to secure the GOP nomination.

Another very quick point. 

What the hell will the GOP do should conservative voters hand Carson the nomination?
 The constituent based of overt racist, bigots and inherent biases on the Right would fuel a third party independent candidate, and we all know what that means. No, Carson will never get close to the nomination. It is too bad he is traipsing in areas that offer more harm to the party and than good for the nation.