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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Talking Head Insults Rational Americans

Watch a Trunp presstitute literally make a fool of himself. Of ourse, the perception of being foolish depends on the person and when money is an issue, fooolihsness takes a back seat.

A shame really.  These people so disrespect your intellect. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Money In Politics According To CNN (VIDEO)

Corruption, money in politics, extortion, "Pay-to-Play," are not phrases that are new to anyone who has navigated to this site.  In fact, the essence of the phrases is embedded in the business of politics world-wide. While Fox News and conservative media will only rarely foray int the shady business of money in politics, we are fortunate others do so and do so very thoroughly.  

One of our most cherished website is the Center for Responsive Politics  "Open Secrets" website.   Reading our pieces on money in politics and extensive pieces from Open Secrets takes time. 

Our credo is 'time equals value, if expended to feed the brain." Alas, we are information geeks and do not expect same from most reads.  

We have found out that CNN (diminished in our minds but clinging to vestiges of journalistic integrity) has announced the network will probe deep into money in politics throughout the year.  Yes, CNN has moved decidedly right in its business model, but can never move as far right as the number one cable news network: FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network).  Why CNN will probe and track money in politics for the year, we have no idea.  We suspect the year as a mid-term election year is someplace in the genesis of the (periodic) series. 

The following is the first segment, aired last night on Anderson Cooper 360.  The segment is 9:17 minutes long, but it is a real get your popcorn and watch segment. 

And, yes we know money in politics spans political camps and is in fact as bi-partisan as money will allow. There seems to be plenty money to spread around

Let's see how the next few segments flow.  We suspect it will get even uglier.   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

An America That Refuses To Change: Mississippi Killing

I have friend who is getting close to retirement age. He told me recently to settled in Arizona or Mississippi post retirement.  My friend is a white American. If you recall, you rarely read me "go there" with such a racial identifier. I have "gone there" in this case to make a point. 

The friend seemed surprised, when I informed the guy I could never ever consider moving to Mississippi, he seemed surprised and asked me why? My friend such watch and listen to the following video segment.

 The embed is from an Anderson Cooper CNN 360 serment. You will not find an overuse of 'blanket' statements on the TPI, unless I am referencing the GOP, Fox News, Limbaugh, Coulter and the like.  My intent is not to blanket that State of Mississippi, but there should be serious questions about what you are about to see and hear  The video is almost 11 minutes long, so do not go overboard viewing at your place of employment . You must, however view the segment in its entirety to get the full impact of an indication of just how we have not come as a nation.

Anderson Cooper 360, Drew Griffin reporting.

I offer that cases such as the murder depicted in the video is an indication of the very life the majority of progressives, liberals, and most conservatives recognize as a miscarriage of justice.   

As an indication of how life once existed for millions of African-Americans in the South, and there are people in our nation who want active regression to re-install forms of Jim Crowe.  Unfortunately, that same number of conservatives mentioned above would fine the video segment a disgraceful example of injustice (both physical against the victim and the legal system). It is also unfortunate those same people have a political paradigm that leads to voting for people who will not resist the regression and injustice you witnessed in the video.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Gohmert of Texas

The Daily GOP Ignominious ......How do people like this Wing-nut member of Congress get elected? Better yet, once elected how do they remain in office? This is the prefect example of the caliber of psyche, mentally and person President Obama has been work again for almost four years.

It appears we have yet another representative from the State of Texas who shows the volatility of Republicanism Circa 2010 and forward.

Fireworks at 2:00 Mark!

Have you ever seen a baby crying for a pacifier?  How about a kid who enter the department store knowing full well, a tantrum will result in a new toy?