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Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Eddie Snowjob (Edward Snowden)": AMEN!

A re post from Friend of the TPI: Andrew Rei.

Every word is point-on, we agree and the sooner people realize Snowden is no hero the better.   

So, he wants to come back to the US. Suggestion, he should spend his time cleaning the lens of those hidden INTEL cameras placed surreptitiously around his dwelling.  

Andrew Rei

I should write a note about this, but, until I do, please remember a few things: 
Eddie Snowjob (Edward Snowden) is NOT, I repeat, NOT a whistleblower. The reason? In 2005 and 2006, BOTH the Washington Post and The New York Times reported on the Bush 43 administration's domestic surveillance program and correctly noted that the administration was using the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 to justify it. That makes Eddie Snowjob a DUMBASS, not a whisteblower and a patriot. 
The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 was written, passed and signed into law by the GOP, the REPUBLICANS, IN 2001! Just 45 days after 9-11! Please get that through your thick skulls. The Democrats had the Senate super-majority required to quash the GOP's Fascist, insurrectionist, seditious and juvenile overuse of the filibuster and other Senate tricks for about four months in late 2009/early 2010. Outside of that four month period, the GOP have done everything they can to keep the Patriot Act going.
The high-profile person who truly IS a whistleblower is Chelsea Manning. She exposed the Bush 43 administration's corruption and cover-up of war crimes committed by the military. But, she was convicted of espionage for her actions. Espionage is what Eddie Snowjob actually committed when he "exposed" the domestic surveillance program. 
Since the GOP wrote, passed and signed into law the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, seven cases regarding it have come to the Supreme Court. In all but two of those cases, the FFFCCC (Fascist Feckless Five Christian Con Coward) majority upheld it. That's the reason it needs to be repealed. In the two cases where they didn't uphold it, one involved the incarceration of "foreigners" at Gitmo but gave them the right to legal representation and use of the federal courts in adjudicating their cases. The other is the reason that NDAAs (National Defense Authorization Acts) every year don't allow for the "indefinite detention (military or otherwise) of US citizens, legal resident aliens or anyone caught or captured on US soil", as the court created three protected classes in their decision. That case debunks the Firebaggers' (Libertarians') pathetic "indefinite military detention" propaganda/ talking point in opposition to the NDAA every year.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Confusion on Social Security and Medicare? You Might Believe Such

Andrew Rei Andrew Rei

There seems to be some confusion....

I've been writing and saying for a long time that Social Security and Medicare have nothing to do with the deficit and debt. However, that's not completely true. It's half-true and I'm explaining why right now. 
Over the past 2.5 years, I've written several posts and comments regarding the Fascist GOP talking point/propaganda about SS and Medicare adding to the deficit. Even Ronald Reagan famously said that they don't have anything to do with the deficit and debt. But, then, he went out and did something that did make them a part of the deficit and debt: he "borrowed" $500 billion from the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF), from which SS and Medicare benefits are paid, to finance his deficit-spending. Reagan was the first of four US Presidents in a row that "raided" the SSTF to pay for deficit-spending. Sadly, President Clinton did, as well, but, he remains the only President to "pay it back" by raising the SS income tax "cap". 

The biggest offender in raiding the fund was Bush 43. In early 2003, with one war and one coming plus tax breaks already in effect, Bush 43 and his party knew that they had to be financed somehow. At that time, there was more than $6 trillion in the SSTF. So, Bush 43 and his party raided the SSTF for $2.75 TRILLION to finance all of that deficit spending. In order to avoid being charged with grand larceny, Bush 43 and his Fascist acolytes left "Treasury Bonds" as "I.O.U.'s". To this day, those bonds are still drawing interest, which means that the SSTF is owed more than $4 TRILLION. It is that interest that's adding to the deficit. 

But, here's how the statement at the top is half-true: we are not borrowing money to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits. That's a pathetic Fascist GOP talking point and the GOP use it to justify their secret plan to abolish both programs, thereby leaving the money left over in the SSTF to be redistributed upwards to the wealthy and big corporate masters of the GOP in tax breaks. 

So, yes, the SSTF is a CREDITOR of our national debt. But, there's something you must realize: only about 15% of the current $17 trillion debt is owned by "foreign interests", like China and foreign citizens, etc. Just 15%...the rest is "internal", owned by other governmental agencies who had their funds raided and American citizens. But, what do the Fascist GOP propagandists say, "we're borrowing money from China to pay our bills". That may be true for other programs, but, as for Medicare and Social Security, they are not being financed by debt. The SSTF is a CREDITOR and still has enough money in it to pay full benefits through 2037 and 75% afterwards. 


Since I wrote the part above this sentence more than three months ago, the response I'm getting from Seniors is that, "Meh...I won't be alive 20 years from now, so I'm only worried about the here and now". 

Here's why that's pathetic....and dangerous. it seems that Seniors don't realize the GOP's real plan for Social Security and Medicare. While the GOP say that spending on Social Security and Medicare benefits drives up the debt (debunked above), what they REALLY want to do is to abolish both programs and take whatever money is left over in the SSTF and distribute it to their greedy and Fascist wealthy and big corporate masters via tax breaks. If we're stupid enough to give the GOP supermajorities in both Houses of Congress as a result of the elections later this year, that's EXACTLY what they'll do. 

Listen, people, especially if you're near, at or past retirement age: the GOP doesn't give a flying f*ck about you. As a matter of fact, the GOP considers you to be "Useful Idiots" because you vote for them (if you vote for them). I'm a "Tail-End" Boomer (born in 1964) the time I and the other Tail-Enders reach the current retirement age, 65, it'll be 2029. More than 70 million Boomers will be alive and retired. This will put a strain on the Social Security Trust Fund, if it still exists then. That's the reason why something must be done starting very soon so that the SSTF is still there when the Tail-Enders and Post-Boomers reach retirement age. Pre-Boomers and older Boomers worked hard and paid into the SSTF for years. The way to stop the GOP from using the SSTF as a "piggy bank" for their deficit-spending is to make sure they don't have the power to do it. That means putting as many Democrats into Congress as possible. The Democrats want to save Social Security and also want to give Social Security beneficiaries a raise in benefits. They would accomplish this by raising the income tax "cap" so that the wealthy and big corporations pay what they should into the SSTF. 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

US Media's Complicity In Growing US Devolution To The Right

Andrew Rei, Friend of the TPI, non-affiliated voter (NAV), avowed anti-Fascist and political screed developer has keyboarded a piece that nails the growing move of MSNBC away and other television media from entities that report news to facilitators of Right-ring dogma. Why MSNBC? Because over the past decade the network stood as the sole purveyor of progressive news and current events coverage. As the nation has moved through six years of the Obama Administration, even MSNBC has moved to a business model that in many ways supports American conservatism. 

NBC's President, Phil Griffin, believes MSNBC offers an effective business model. We understand Phil Griffin's affinity for network's model. He has carefully developed a broadcast model with his former exclusive morning conservative fare opposite his former evening progressive broadcasts. Chuck Todd's promotion to Meet The Press seriously dampened the morning segments conservative lean and the conservative leaning Hardball has worked to dampen the progressive lean of the networks evening programming. Griffin support of Todd for the Meet The Press host also signaled a concerted effort to move Right, and will prove to be a short-lived decision. 

In January of 2014, Griffin responded to questions regarding an MSNBC "ideology" from The Daily Beast's, Lloyd Grove.

An ideology is a single thought across all programs,” he said. “We’ve never had that.” However, Griffin asserted, MSNBC instead has “a progressive sensibility,” which he claimed is not the same as an ideology. “Obviously, I hire people who fit the sensibility” because “we do stay true to facts. You have to build your argument. That's why I call it a sensibility.”
He continued by saying:
If you’re a Democrat in trouble, we’re not a place where we’re going to rehabilitate you. You’re not going to get a free ride if you did wrong.

I think [the people at Fox News] do have an ideology because every Republican who’s in trouble goes on that network to be taken care of.

Nevertheless, Griffin praised his network's competition by stating that it's “owned by News Corp., which is Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes runs it, and he comes out of the Republican Party.”

“That’s fine,” he continued. “They’ve done an incredible job over there. They’ve been very successful. They drive a lot of the conversation.”
Read more 

In October 2014, Griffin sat for an interview with the with Bill Carter of the New York Times. He responded to continued MSNBC ratings slippage (both liberal and conservative shows) while speaking in oral anticipation of moving away from a sole "Washington beat" network.

Griffin has most assuredly injected measures to slow the ratings bleeding, but I question measures that appeal to conservative viewers. Many of the networks liberal shows have become entertainment critique show with solely focused on entertainment segments. From critiquing movies, to New England Patriots "deflatgate" (and opening segment for Chris Hayes a week ago) to Maddow's sometimes inordinately long lead-ins to segments, and the obvious strategy of the Hardball crew to move at attracting more right-wig viewers. Why else would Chris Matthews and his New Years holiday segments book Michael Steele, former RNC Chair, and GOP shill, as guest host?

Andrew Rei's piece far exceeds concern for a changing MSNBC. The piece also doesn't reach the depths of personal criticism I have of Chris Matthews. The Hardball host has successfully evolve to a schmooze master for the periphery of the US political Right and periphery conservatives who retain a vestige of sanity. Rei's piece very effectively captures the essence of the diminution of American media; its focus and intent. 

Andrew Rei.....

Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSM, listen up!

As those who've watched MSNBC know, Chris Matthews hosts a show on the channel called "Hardball", which is an offshoot to his book of the same name.

Conservatives consider Matthews and his show a part of the "Mainstream Media" (MSM)....

Last year, during the first Hardball where Matthews answered tweets live on the air, I tweeted a question and the producer included it at the end of the segment....

Matthews prefaced my question with this statement, "this question packs quite a punch". My question regarded as to why don't we simply call the Republicans Fascists, as they adhere to each and every one of the 14 defining characteristics (now 15 as I added one last September) of it. 

Matthews' answer was very "unHardball-like". He employed two things that the MSM and GOP Progressives/Moderates do constantly. First, he mentioned that we could call the Democrats "Socialists", which is version of "false equivalency". And, besides, even if the Demos were Socialists, since when did Fascism become a better governmental system than Socialism?!? If you ask any Socialist if the Demos are Socialists, they'll laugh in your face. Democrats actually believe in a governmental system known as a "Social Democracy", which is half-Socialism, half-democracy. It's the only governmental system that's ever worked in this country. 

Next, Matthews admitted that he thinks that some of the GOP's policies are "Authoritarian", an argument which is a version of cognitive dissonance. As we know, cognitive dissonance is a situation where, if one is faced with the truth and it conflicts with their view, the person either "digs in deeper" and denies the truth or simply "shuts down". Republican politicians are's a fact. Were it not for the GOP continuing to act like Fascists at every turn, I'd not be able to correctly call them Fascists. 

In another note I wrote called, "Why are we letting a loud, wrong and INSANE minority control politics?", I detail how the FRWNJ (Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job) "media" (Fox "News", Limbaugh, Beck, Michael Savage, The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc.) actually cater to a very small number of people, in comparison to the country's population. For instance, Rush Limbaugh makes the dubious claim that he has 15 million "distinct" listeners per week. If you ask me, it's the same 3 million listeners five days a week (hence, the 15 million figure). Fox "News" averages 2.5 million viewers during "prime time" hours (8-11pm Eastern). The FRWNJ "media" are simply propaganda arms of the Fascist Republicans, so don't expect them to tell you the truth, ever. And, thanks to Conservative icon/hero Ronald Reagan, they don't HAVE to tell the truth. In 1987, Reagan obliterated the "Fairness Doctrine" by executive order. It required that all media give "equal time" to both sides of an issue, which usually meant that the media would "officiate" the issues by reporting the truth. Now, not so much. The abolition of the Fairness Doctrine is the reason we have FRWNJ media now. 

So, let's take Limbaugh at his word and say, for the sake of argument, that he does have 15 million distinct listeners. About 315 million people live in this country. That means, for every listener Limbaugh SAYS he has, there are 20 people who don't listen to him, meaning that he caters to less than 5% of the population. If you knock that down to 3 million listeners, that's one person in 105 that listen to the man. So, how do the Fascist and psychopathic Conservatives control the media (despite their bogus claim that Liberals do)? 

That's where the MSM come in. I'm talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. They usually do one of two things that helps out the Republican Party in amassing and keeping the power they have. The first is the aforementioned false equivalency, which is also the favorite argument of the political "Kissin' Cousins" of the GOP, the Libertarians (I call them, "Firebaggers"). "Both parties [GOP and Demo] are the same"...blah, blah, blah...this Non-Affiliated voter has already debunked that BS so many times that I've lost count. Even worse, however, is the other thing the MSM do, which is inherently more dangerous to us and a severe breach of responsibility of the media: they simply ignore the Fascism, corruption, greed, bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy of the GOP. 

Because the MS p;do this, many people are not aware of the sad truth of the Republican and Libertarian Parties. The MSM caters to a majority of the voters in this country. But, since they don't do what they're supposed to be doing, getting at and exposing the truth, many GOP Progressives and Moderates think there's nothing wrong with their party and happily vote for Republicans when they should vote for Democrats, because, the Democrats truly represent them now. 

My message to Matthews and the rest of the MSM: DO YOUR JOBS!  Stop suborning the evil and Fascist Republican Party! We don't expect the FRWNJ media to do anything except spread propaganda, Fascist Republican your jobs and tell the truth, FFS! :( ssmdh

Update: since writing and releasing the note above, several of my FB friends have mentioned something else that makes the situation worse: the corporate executives, most of whom are greedy, Fascist and psychopathic Conservatives, hold the "purse strings" of the mainstream media through advertising dollars. That's why this is a "vicious cycle" or "Catch-22". Remember, back in the middle 90's, when CBS/60 Minutes started investigating Big Tobacco and then quickly shut down the investigation after the first few news reports/60 minutes segments? That was because Big Tobacco used their wealth and influence to get the bigwigs at the Eye Network to shut it down. So, lest you think corporations helping the Cons control  the media is a recent development....

Listen up, people, especially if you're one of those Cons: one of the major problems Fascist regimes like the GOP have regards the population of the country they rule...they can't have TOO many people because larger populations are harder to "control". Remember that about 315 million people live in this country. If enough of them discover what I and others have and start doing something about it, you Cons are going to be in trouble. Allow me to, again, point something out: before the French Revolution in the late 18th century (1789-1790, believe), the French monarchy and elites did EXACTLY what you're doing now: upwardly redistributing wealth and power....when those elite/monarchy types had upwardly redistributed nearly all of the wealth and power, the peasants/middle class were left with just one thing: REVOLUTION. 

Before you Cons get your panties in a bunch, I am NOT, repeat, NOT advocating for a violent revolution...far from it. What I am advocating is an "Icelandic" style revolution...about four years ago, the "monied interests" and corrupt politicians in Iceland were doing what you're doing now. There was a revolution whereby the wealthy and their political stooges were arrested and tried for crimes against the citizens of the country. The Icelandic Constitution was changed to bar the monied interests from ever having that much political power and barred politicians from taking campaign donations from said greedy and Fascist bastards. To date, everyone one of those who were arrested and have been found guilty and have begun serving very long prison sentences. it is that kind of revolution for which I'm advocating...there are already laws on the books to do the exact same thing to you greedy and Fascist bastards, but the USAG and Justice Department have no interest in holding you accountable for it. 

I'm afraid, however, that, if a revolution does occur, it's not going to be one that's similar to the one in Iceland...I will continue to advocate for the Icelandic-style revolt, but my suspicion is that I'll be in the minority of opinion and you'll be subject to something similar to what happened in France. So, you might want to start treading a lot more lightly. After all, wasn't the old saying, "keeping your head while others are losing theirs" begun during the French Revolution???!???  

Americans get the preponderance of their news via television.


Poll Position (2012)

Your source for political news?

There is good news for television, not so much for newspapers and a rising trend for the internet when it comes to where Americans get their political news. In a Poll Position national scientific telephone survey we asked where you get most of your political news, the internet, newspapers, television or somewhere else? Here are the results:
Television was the number one choice in all categories except one. The Internet was the choice for Americans in the 30-44 year old age group with 35% choosing the internet, 32% said television was their source for most political news, 18% said somewhere else and 14% picked newspapers. 
Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,113 registered voters nationwide was conducted January 24, 2012 and has a margin of error of ±3%. Poll results are weighted to be a representative sampling of all American adults.
Read more (linked above)

When television networks (national and cable) devolve to streaming media for US conservatism, the nation follows, is it any wonder the US has moved well right of center socially and politically?

Have you noticed internet based websites are the only media that reports on dark money contributions to US politicians (e.g. Open Secrets, GOV Track)? MSNBC, may on occasion foray into money driven politics, but even NBC's quasi progressive business unit avoids deep exploration of the US politics. Our legislators and legislatures state and federal are magnets for the nation's powerful and greedy. How would the networks report honestly? The networks are singularly focused on revenue garnering ratings based on viewers moved to the right by its own managers, producers, writers and hosts.

Some would refer to the symbiotic relationship as a "cluster ...." I will leave the state of US media as Andrew Rei's colloquial and effective screed: callous to the point of deleterious. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Right Wing Watch... (Andrew Rei)

Friend of the TPI, Andrew Rei, has been busy on fascist watch. When Andrew goes hunting he rarely returns empty handed. Actually, there are few Right-wing watch sentinels who perform better than Andrew Rei.

Today's catch relates to The ultra Right-wing nut job web page called Judicial Watch. After viewing the web page for a few minutes (titles only) self preservation set-in with a knee jerk page closure. My brain simply will not allow soiling to the extent promulgated by Judicial watch.
Andrew Rei
I'm about to expose a group of Fascists and their use of propaganda...

So, if you're a Republican who refuses to acknowledge that your party is Fascist or a Libertarian and who refuses to acknowledge that your party is Fascism-suborning, leave this page right now....

The truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense I'm about to lay on you is going to hurt....

I've got Judicial Watch's 2015 calender....

First, under "who we are and what we do", the group claims to be "constitutionally conservative" (a dead giveaway that they're FRWNJs---Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Jobs) and a "nonpartisan educational foundation". They also claim to "promote transparency, accountability and integrity in government, policies and the law. Our dedicated staff share a common commitment to the principle that 'no one is above the law' and to the American people's 'right to know"

They go on to list what they've been doing over the past few years and how they've used the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to expose corruption in the Obama Administration.

The above claims made by Judicial Watch are a perfect example of what Fascist organizations and groups do: Fascist propaganda, BS, lies, etc., designed to convince others that the truth are lies and that lies are the truth. The truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense of matters are an anathema to the philosophies and goals of a Fascist regime.
If you want to know which statement they make that represents the worst propaganda or the most obvious use of a psychiatric ploy known as "projection", the statement that they're "non-partisan" is the one that qualifies. How we know that it's a pathetic lie and propaganda can be divided into two parts. First, it's projection, which means they're actually talking about themselves but falsely accuse others of being as they really are.
Second, if they were truly "non-partisan", how come there isn't any mention whatsoever about the corruption of the GOP and Libertarians?!? We all know that every GOP and Libertarian politician in this country is guilty of insurrection or sedition, and, in many cases, BOTH. We also know that the FFFCCC (Fascist Feckless Five Christan Con Coward) Supreme Court majority have committed at least 16 impeachable offenses, as per the Judiciary Act of 1789. So, Fascist jackasses, how about you start working on those?

That's how Fascist propaganda works, kids. You have to read "between the lines" to see the propaganda for what it is.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Andrew Rei GOP As Mafia And Reflections of Russia

Repost from Andrew Rei (Friend of the TPI)  

Andrew Rei wrote a new note: Let's just go ahead and admit the sad truth.

Let's just go ahead and admit the sad truth

Ya know how something just "dawns" on you, aka, you have an "epiphany"? This past week, I had yet another epiphany.

GOP Progressives and Moderates: you need to "listen" to me here and reject the fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance you've had instilled into you by the GOP's nearly century-long Fascist "gaslighting" propaganda campaign....

ISIL and the glorified Mafia organizations that run Russia and the GOP are terrorist organizations. Yes, I just wrote that: the GOP are Terrorists.

Now, before you get up in arms about my truthful statement, allow me to explain the two types of terrorist organizations......

ISIL is an example of the "pure" or "classic" form of terrorist organization, one that I call "Blue-Collar". Not only do they have the Fascist and terrorist ideology, they also do the "dirty work" (aka, bombings, beheadings, etc.) themselves. Most terrorist organizations fall into this category.

The GOP and Russia, on the other hand, are "White-Collar" terrorists, meaning that, while they have the Fascist and terrorist ideology, they pay or get others to do their dirty work for them. Those people they pay to do their dirty work are in three categories: military, civilian authorities and Fascist Reich-Wing "patriot"/religious groups. In Russia, you'll notice that their military does the dirty work for them, whether in their own country or others and the "Russian Separatist" group in Ukraine is doing the dirty work there. As far as the GOP goes, you'll note that there's been an exponential growth in Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job domestic terrorist groups since Barack Obama became President. That's no accident. In fact, the GOP show us that they're on board with those organizations through their silence, as they refuse to admonish, criticize or condemn these groups for their activities/ideology.

The GOP could get out front of this and condemn those organizations, but they won't, which provides further proof that they share the same Fascist and terrorist ideology. What a shame. Very similar to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are loathe to support efforts against ISIL, which, in turn, lends credibility to the belief that several Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are funding ISIL.

Sorry, kids, but it's the truth: the GOP are a White-Collar terrorist group. If you vote for them, you give them your approval for their ideology and activities. I'm going to "cut off at the pass" the false equivalency argument many will spew in opposition to these truthful words: "well, the Democrats are terrorists, too, because they're supported by unions".....ssmdh. Of course, one of the 15 DCs of Fascism is the suppression or elimination of labor unions. While the One-Percenters like the Koch brothers represent themselves, unions represent thousands of people. And, yes, while some mafia organizations in the past, most notably, Al Capone's (the political machine of Chicago), were supportive of the Democratic Party, the simple fact of the matter is that the GOP and their supporters are the mafioso-types these days. The truth is the truth and the facts are the facts; denying them proves mental instability. And, since the GOP are truth-averse and fact-challenged, they need to employ Fascist gaslighting propaganda to try and fool people into thinking that the truth are lies and that lies are the truth. The GOP abandoned the truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense of matters long ago in favor of that Fascist gaslighting propaganda campaign.

GOP Progressives and Moderates: this is your party now, a domestic White-Collar terrorist organization...........ssmdh :-)


Monday, September 15, 2014

Andrew Rei: Cognitive Dissonance And The GOP

Andrew Rei on the twisted state of GOPism.

Another GOP mental problem: cognitive dissonance

"Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors.

This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance etc.

For example, when people smoke (behavior) and they know that smoking causes cancer (cognition).

Festinger's (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance)." 

I've already written two other notes about the "Unholy Trinity" of mental problems the GOP have: projection and false equivalence. It's now time to tackle the third one. 

Not all Republicans suffer from cases of cognitive dissonance. But, the wing of the party that doesn't, the Fascist and psychopathic Cons, depend on everyone else in the party suffering from it, thanks to their nearly century-long Fascist "gaslighting" propaganda campaign. The Cons have conditioned the rest of the party to believe in a certain set of "values" and beliefs. And, when you confront them with the truth, such as telling them (the Non-Cons) that they're being duped into supporting a Fascist regime, corruption, elitism, greed, insanity, etc., that's when the cognitive dissonance kicks in. It's sad, really. 

The Cons began that aforementioned Fascist gaslighting propaganda campaign in 1920 to get the millions of newly-minted voters of the time, women, to vote for them. Remember that, eight years before that, the Cons had succeeded to drive out most of the Progressives of the party when Teddy Roosevelt took most of them with him to found the "Bull Moose" Party. The Cons and Progressives battled for four decades for control of the party after the Cons succeeded in their seven-year plan to leave the Democratic Party, infiltrate and infect the Republican Party and drive out the Liberals. They achieved that in the middle of U.S. Grant's two terms in the White House, 1872. 

Thanks to the millions of new voters, women, the GOP ruled politics in the Roaring Twenties. Women wrongly believed that the GOP were all for Prohibition/the Volstead Act/18th Amendment. However, the Fascist financial policies of the GOP caught up to them in October 1929, when the stock market crashed, which, in turn, launched the Great Depression. From 1930-1966, many Republicans did not suffer from cognitive dissonance. They knew EXACTLY what the GOP had done and knew they'd been fooled, which is why they launched what I call the first Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution. After 1928, the GOP would not win the White House and both Houses of Congress in the same elections until 1968. In fact, the only Republican to be elected President during that time, Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower, was a Moderate and railed against what he called the "Military-Industrial Complex". He commanded thousands of men in World War II to fight the Fascist German Nazis and Italians. When the Fascist Con bastards who'd eventually found the ultra-Reich Wing John Birch Society approached "Ike" about using the GOP to foist their Fascist agenda, Ike rebuffed them, allegedly telling them: "I commanded hundreds of thousands of men in WWII to fight Fascism...why should I help you establish a Fascist regime here??". The Bircher psychopaths then called Ike a "traitor" for not helping them. 

You're probably wondering how we came to our current situation, with so many Republicans suffering from cognitive dissonance about the GOP. The turbulent 1960's are what launched most of the Fascist and bigoted attitudes the GOP have now. In 1960, John F. Kennedy chose Texas Democratic Senator Lyndon B. Johnson to be his running mate. The plan worked well, as enough Southerners could tolerate a "Massachusetts Yankee" as the President, so long as "one of them" was Vice-President. Although there's little proof of this, one of the many conspiracy theories behind JFK's assassination in November 1963 had the "Dixiecrats", Southern Democrats, arranging to have JFK assassinated so that LBJ could become the President and he'd leave the South to be racist and bigoted forever. If that was the plan, it didn't work....LBJ was considered a "traitor" by the Dixiecrats for signing the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts into law in 1964 and 1965. Then, he decided to not run for re-election in 1968, which left the Democrats scrambling for a candidate. And, they found one: Robert F. Kennedy. But, he was assassinated a few months after Civil Rights leader/icon Martin Luther King, Jr., was. That left no real "contender" for the Democrats and allowed Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, whom was Ike's VP and lost to JFK in 1960, to be elected by the Dixiecrats and Republicans. Nixon's henchman/comrades/co-conspirators called this the "Southern strategy". Like the Fascist gaslighting propaganda campaign begun in the Roaring Twenties, it worked like a charm. But, Watergate woke up the cognitive dissonance-addled GOPers yet again, just as the Wall Street Crash had done in 1929. Ronald Reagan used the Southern strategy in 1980 and 1984 and it worked. 

Before Barack Obama, the last Northern Democratic President was JFK. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both Southerners (Carter's from Georgia; Clinton's from Arkansas), used the Democratic version of the Southern strategy to get elected. But, again, the GOP used propaganda and depended on the overall cognitive dissonance of the GOP to get and keep power. 

But, guess what, GOP Progressives and Moderates? You're the voting majority of the party. If you can get over your fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance (the first two stoked by that propaganda campaign, as well) and vote for the politicians that truly represent you now, Democrats, there's a good chance that you can drive out the Fascist and psychopathic Con, Fascist and sociopathic Tea Partiers out of the GOP and send the "Firebaggers" (Libertarians) back to their own party. Then, and only then, can you have your party back. Rehabilitation is not possible; the three insane wings are too far gone to be rehabilitated. They can only be treated like rotten pieces of fruit: THROW THEM OUT! Staying home in protest, as millions of you did in 2012. isn't going to work, either. You must go to the polls and vote for Democrats if you want your party back.

Friday, August 22, 2014

ISIS/ISIL Via Andrew Rei. A Reflection On Reality

Re-post from friend of the TPI Andrew Rei.

Okay, then....

Now, ISIS/ISIL is a huge threat and we should be doing more about them  (I shake my damned head!)

Why am I getting a feeling of "deja vu" here?

Listen up: ISIS/ISIL arose as the opposition to the Fascist regime of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. You might remember that the Republicans (who are Fascists) wanted to arm them even more than we do to fight Assad. Just think of how much worse things would be if we did that?!?

So, once again, a Democratic president has to clean up a mess made by the GOP. 

Now, I'm NOT saying that we should become "isolationist" in world affairs. What I am saying is that we need to let the people of Middle Eastern countries fight their own battles, as President Obama did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. I keep on saying/writing that, if the people of an oppressed country want their freedom, they'll fight for it. 

This country has a history of helping to topple Totalitarian/Fascist/Communist regimes, only to have it backfire on us when the people we help turn on us.

There's an old joke, "a man goes to the doctor and says, 'hey, hurts when I do this' [raises his arm]. The doctor says, 'don't do that'" We should mostly take that doctor's half-joking advice...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Andrew Rei On Eric Garner (Victim Of Summary Execution)

 Andrew Rei...friend of the TPI on Eric Garner and death by New York Police trial, conviction and execution..... (Descriptive parenthetics added by The Pardu)

Andrew Rei
I've had a few days to think about the death of Eric Garner....

As we know, Garner was the 43-year-old father of six in NYC that had a confrontation with the NYPD. One of the officers used an illegal "chokehold" on Garner. While Garner lie on the ground saying, "I can't breathe", none of the several police officers and even four EMT personnel thought to give CPR or chest compressions. Later, Garner died of a heart attack in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Portland residents, I'm sure, had a chill run up their spine with the similarity of the Garner case to that of James Chasse in 2006. Chasse was a homeless and mentally ill man who was suspected of "offensive littering", the city code's crime designation for public urination. Chasse was confronted by two Portland Police officers and a Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy. Chasse ran and one of the officers chased him down, eventually making a football-type tackle. But, when the officer tackled Chasse, he put his full weight on top of him. Chasse was cleared to be taken to jail by EMT personnel at the scene. But, when Chasse was brought to the Justice Center, the nurses at the Center refused to allow him to be admitted, saying that his injuries needed to be tended to. While Chasse was in the back of a police car that was on its way to Portland Adventist Hospital (which was across the river from where he was arrested), he died. An autopsy revealed that Chasse had 16 fractured ribs and a total of 26 broken bones. The County Medical Examiner eventually ruled Chasse's death by "blunt force trauma" (aka, the tackle by the police officer).

While Chasse's "heinous crime" was public urination, Garner's was selling loose cigarettes....FFS (For Fucks Sake), people....

Those who know me well also know that I'm anti-Fascist. Cases like these, where the authorities use highly excessive force to subdue "low-value" criminals, dovetails, unfortunately, with the "obsession with crime and punishment" defining characteristic of Fascism. Meanwhile, in Nevada, we have a deadbeat anti-government rancher that has had his minions point guns at federal officers and even a couple who went on a shooting rampage in Vegas, situations where those criminals should have been met with deadly force, get away with Insurrection and Sedition "scot-free". WTF  (What the Fuck) is this world coming to when people in positions of power have taken complete leave of logic, reason and common sense?

The question I asked after the Chasse situation was, "why was Chasse chased down by the police?" Chasse was not a murderer, robber, rapist...he wasn't even being accused or arrested of any kind of felony----just "offensive littering". The same can be said for Garner----selling of loose cigarettes? Give me a f*cking break! Both Chasse and Garner were "low-value" suspects that didn't deserve the treatment they got. Although Portland's Mayor at the time, Tom Potter, who was a former Portland Police Chief, convened a task force to deal with changes on how the Bureau deals with mentally ill persons, country DA Michael Schrunk held a grand jury, which refused to indict the three officers. Also, the PPB didn't sanction the officers involved in any way.

I have to ask: "when does logic, reason and common sense return to law enforcement?" The Chasse case was one of several cases involving the use of force from 2003-2009 in the Portland area. For the most part, Portland Police have had the "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality regarding the use of force. And, the "shoot first" part is meant as "shoot to kill first". As we know, dead men tell no tales....

There's one fact that I left out, on purpose, from the post above: Chasse was a Caucasian man. However, because he was mentally ill, he was treated badly. I suppose that the mentally ill could be considered a "minority"....


Friday, May 23, 2014

Andrew Rei, The Reid Report and Jon Stewart: VA Scandal As Nascent A Problem Baby Boomer Vets And Two Simultaneous Wars!

Friend of the TPI, Andrew Rei keyboarded a piece (comment, Op-Ed, diary, er al.) that we are posting to our front page. The piece relates to the current so-called VA Scandal, which like Meta-data monitor has a long history; but for some reason have become political issues.

Andrew's piece certainly is a stand-alone screed that truly embodies our thoughts and position. Yet, we have posted the piece sandwiched between video segments. We think the video segments are complimented and well-icing'd by the words of "A. Rei."

The Reid Report, Joy Ann Reid

Ok, kids....I've made a few comments on comment threads about the VHA (Veterans Health Administration) scandal. Here's my official position on the situation: 
As we sadly know, the GOP are Fascists. One of the "DCs" (defining characteristics) of Fascism is Supremacy of the Military/Avid Militarism. Fascist regimes use their militaries as pawns to further their Fascist agendas and ideologies. With that comes the truly sad fact that the Fascist regime doesn't hold Veterans in much regard for their service. One of the 10 Tenets of the GOP is hypocrisy. So.... 
It is projectional hypocrisy and further proof of the GOP's adherence to Fascism when the Republicans talk about their "outrage" for the VHA problems. The GOP's complicity in this scandal means that, as usual, their "outrage" about the situation is simply them trying to cover their asses for their large part in it. 
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling...Fat Cats, Lawsuits, Racist Rants, Ownership Decisions

Here's my official position on the Donald Sterling comments:
(For those who don't know, Donald Sterling is a Southern California real estate magnate that has owned the LA Clippers for much too long...over the past few days, audio recordings purportedly have his voice making highly racial comments)
Donald Sterling is the worst owner in pro sports today. As a matter of fact, he has been since his closest competition, Ted Stepien, sold the Cleveland Cavaliers. It should be no surprise to anyone, if the allegations are true, that Sterling would say these things. Today, his team, before their playoff game with the Golden State Warriors (a game they lost badly), all put their warm ups in a pile at center court of the Oracle Center, the home court of the Warriors. A Warriors fan was shown on TV holding a sign saying that racism is not welcome.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who's been the boss for less than three months, told the media last night that he'd make a decision before Tuesday about what to do. Tuesday night, the fifth game of the series between the Clippers and Warriors is to be played at the Staples Center. Luckily, Sliver has some sports precedent to use: back in the 90's, the late Marge Schott, who owned the Cincinnati Reds at the time, was suspended twice for making racist comments. After a third offense, MLB forced her to sell the team. Silver should skip over suspension and force Sterling to sell the team ASAP.

For his part, Sterling has said, through a press release, that the woman to whom Sterling purportedly speaks in the recordings is the defendant in a $1.8-million civil embezzlement lawsuit. There are two things we can take from that: first, the fact that it's a civil lawsuit instead of a criminal action means that the LA District Attorney doesn't believe the embezzlement charges. Second, civil cases are decided on the "preponderance of the evidence" standard, not the "beyond all reasonable doubt" standard required for criminal cases. What the woman's attorney(s) have done is to suggest that race is behind the lawsuit, not an actual criminal action. The woman is half-African-American and half-Mexican.

I think what needs to be done is fairly clear. Whether Sliver has the balls to do it is the question now. 

We'll see what happens...