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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Anonymous Attacks Trump (Video)

Image via Counter Current News

We are going to do our best to triple verify the following report.

Anonymous earlier int eh week vowed to go to on a cyber attack against the GOP's number candidate for the nomination as we move towards the fall General Elections.

Sources are reporting on an invasive attack within the past 24 hours and, if accurate, it seems the hacktivist group is calling deep and releasing information.

We do not find releases of a Social Security number an item on which to reap lauding remarks. But, how often we have a Donald J. Trump-like character turning half the nation into a carnival cesspool.

Freakout Nation

Anonymous Releases Donald Trump's Social Security Number, Personal Information (VIDEO)

The ubiquitous collective Anonymous promised to wage a ‘total war' on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and if the information in the pastebin is correct, the hotel magnate will be having a very bad day. However, this is a different Operation than #OpTrump. Counter Current News reports that Donald Trump's social security number was released as…

Saturday, November 21, 2015

More ISIS Attacks on Sunday?

Internatioanl Business Times Report via The Raw Story.

Anonymous Says New ISIS Threat To Paris

Anonymous, the loose collective of online activists, said Saturday it has uncovered information about Islamic State group attacks in Paris as well as on locations in the U.S., Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon, all apparently set for Sunday. OpParisIntel, a group within Anonymous, released a statement saying it had collected information about imminent attacks by the militant…

Monday, November 17, 2014

Anonymous: #Hoodsoff And #OppKKK Yield Racist KKK Supporter Among St. Louis Area Police

Hackavist Anonymous garners a great deal of respect from the TPI for its efforts in combating white supremacist affiliation and support for the murderer of Michael Brown. 

We published this piece yesterday with an update later in the day.  It appears the KKK threats and antagonism of Anonymous place the racists out of their league of hostile influence. 

Facebook post....

Cop in Ferguson suspended after Anonymous Group exposed the pictures of the KKK twitter pic ‪#‎hoodsoff‬ #‎oppkkk‬ a success.

All Hail anonymous!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

COP Reports Ferguson Protester To Tweeting Protester's Employer Riles Anonymous

Yes it is true, a member of a St. Louis Area police department called the employer of a St. Louis protester with full intent to practice fascists behavior change related to the killing of Mike Brown. The offending cop is under investigation for using a protesters tweets to extract retribution. Retribution against the protesters freedom to protest and freedom of speech.

How is the cops act any different than (yes, I am going there) Hitlers SS Gestapo and how is it different than that of FBI infiltrators during the Occupy Wall State protests? Imagine the gall and temerity of such an act?  Did the cop assume all are supportive of Mike Brown's murderer? Did the cop assume the protesters employer would support the murderous cop without regard for the employee's freedom gather and protest. Regardless of assumption or expectation, the cop is alleged to have performed the shadowy subterfuge with a great deal of assumed comfort. 

The cop exercised a form of privilege commonly perpetrated against minorities. I extrapolate "minority" to anyone who protest against the lack of charges against Mike Brown's murderer; and anyone who doesn't blindly support authority that oppresses population sub-groups (African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT people and progressive protesters) 

When the authorities resort to fascists acts regarding attempts to cover-up a wrong, it warrants special scrutiny. Police and prosecutors do not "police the police." 

And, there-in lies my affinity for Anonymous

Operation DOX The Informants

Someone with special skills and tools may be watching!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anonymous Vs. WalMart

In January of this year,  the website Ruthless Politics published a piece regarding the Hactivist Group Anonymous intent to target WalMart. The underlying reason for the targeting? According to Anonymous WalMart's business practices: wage practices, issues with women in management position and other social issues.

Each article except to following has "Read More"  opportunities, here.
  • ______________________

Ruthless Politics......

The hacker group Anonymous has decided to take on Walmart.  After being contacted personally by a representative of Anonymous I was given a first look at a new official declaration to Walmart that has not yet made the mainstream of the public.  If past actions by Anonymous are a hint towards what awaits Walmart, the corporate giant has a fight on their hands.

Anonymous #OpWalmart

Published on Jan 10, 2014
Join us at on channel #opwalmart
Video Transcript at
Facebook Group at
Black Friday Protest Locations at:
Op Posters for Your Home Town at:
Direct Walmart Employees you know here:

the plan for this op is that it kicks off with in person protests on black Friday 2014. (coordinated with some online/virtual protests, if you want to discuss that go on IRC) That day will be followed by a year of researching the Walmart corporations lobbying for a low minimum wage and d0xing of Walmart executives. Then, on black Friday 2015 we do more protests. If anyone has any other ideas I'm open to suggestions, and please, try to get more people involved!!!
  • ______________________
Ruthless Politics....
Anonymous announces first stage of action against Walmart 
The hacker collective known as Anonymous declared open hostilities and promises of action against Walmart’s corporate policies on Jan. 10, 2014.  Two weeks later details have emerged within the activist group of the first stage of that action. Public strategy sessions will be held via Internet Relay Chat (mIRC) beginning on Feb 1, with meetings following every two weeks, from 7 – 9 p.m EST to set forth a non-violent act of protest to combat Walmart’s open and egregious wage theft which has been left unchecked. 
The following information was found in the description of the video

irc chan for meetings: #opwalmart

#OpWalmart Call to Living Wage Activists

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Anonymous is issuing a call to all activists in favor of a fair and\
 living wage, join us!
irc setup help:
irc web client:
irc chan for meetings: #opwalmart
facebook group:
  • _____________________
Ruthless Politics......

Anonymous Vs. Walmart: Top executive’s private information leaked 


Anonymous is beating their war drum against Walmart.  In previous weeks Anonymous has released a set of videos describing their grievances with Walmart, and their intentions to impact Walmart’s business.  After a successful IRC public strategy session which drew many participants, the hacker collective moved into the second phase of their assault against Walmart; doxxing.  Specifically, doxxing the former CEO of Walmart and Chairman of Walmart.  
Doxxing is the vernacular term which describes when a trove of personal information about a private citizen is collected from readily available sources and is published in its entirety in a visible way.
First to receive the treatment was the former CEO of Walmart (2009 – 2013), Michael Terry Duke.  Why did Anonymous choose to target Mr. Duke after his departure? They don’t forget, after all.  All known telephone numbers and addresses were listed.  Along with that information his financial standing, political donations (mostly Republican) and criminal record was also disclosed.  The following information was copied in its entirety from the original source found here.

  • -;- UGNazi -;- Nanonamas -;- RustleLeague -;- AlQaedaSec -;- BlackHijabs -;- OpWalmart -;- OpHolocaust -;-
  • D0X CEO of WalMart
  • Name:Michael Terry Duke
  • Age:62 (DOB 12/07/1949 Oakton, VA)
  • Address:16 Pinnacle Dr Rogers, AR 72758
  • Phone #s
Read more linked above 

Rest assured we at the TPI will monitor the Anonymous activity against WalMart. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Million Mask March: Washington D.C. November 5, 2013

As we watch as the world's elitist plutocrats solidify their hold on "Life at the top vs Life for all", we at the TPI are committed to social and economic justice coupled with elimination of elitist impropriety.  Our commitment to information not shared by media, and information for those who strive for cognitive development, is an underlying basis for maintaining this web page. 

We posted announcements and updates related to the recent 50 Anniversary Commemoration March in Washington D.C.The March was a success for many reasons, we like to think we contributed to that success and the good that may come from that commemoration.  We posted about the Martin Luther King, Jr. event within days of the 50 Anniversary March.  Our commitment to efforts and initiatives with the singular purpose of advancing the rights of people and efforts to improve the world in which we live, will also garner page space on the TPI. ~The Pardu

As we keyboarded the commitment, we are pleased to post on the coming Million Mask March on Washington D.C. 

Million Mask March


Million Mask March: About


You may have heard of Anonymous through a friend, in the news or through social media. Anonymous includes lawyers, architects, IT specialists, programmers, writers, nurses, waiters, taxi drivers and even government workers. Anonymous is the people. It is not an organization, because there are no leaders. Anonymous is an idea – and if you share that idea, then Anonymous is you and you are Anonymous. 

Anons are everywhere – they are your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. Anonymous is not only a network of hackers – in reality, it includes any citizens who are concerned about the future of this world, sharing a common simple goal, which is freedom for all – from oppression, censorship and unjust laws. 

Whether you follow the mainstream news or not, it is clear that the direction our country and its leaders are taking is not in the best interest of the citizens. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, we are granted the right to peacefully protest. On November 5, 2013, we will hold a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. 
There will be no hate speech, no threats, no violence, no drugs, no vandalism, no alcohol and no disorderly conduct. We simply want to congregate in a large group to protest in solidarity and show our government that we are displeased with their actions – and want to see some changes. We have been promised reform in several areas but have seen few changes that benefit the people.
If you are tired of empty promises, new unconstitutional laws being passed every day, ever-increasing taxes that are only funneled into more wasteful spending and debt we cannot afford or laws that eliminate jobs and increase living expenses, then you are welcome to join. This is a public event. 

In the short time since it was created, the event is already gaining overwhelming popularity, and many attendees have committed to carpooling. 

This is an opportunity for you to express your right to free speech while you still have it. 

This is not a time for violence or causing trouble. 

This is a time to peacefully show our country’s leaders that we are all tired of the corruption and would like to see them make some positive changes that benefit the struggling people of this weary nation. 

There is already too much violence and hate in the world as it is, so it is time we stand together as citizens and assemble peacefully. Forget religious affiliations, forget sexual orientation, forget political party affiliation, forget race, forget gender – we are all American citizens and we all want our freedom back. 

Until we stop dividing ourselves, we can never stand together for the common good of everyone. This event will be a time for everyone to gather peacefully, make friends and make a peaceful, non-violent statement that will hopefully go in the history books as a positive one. 

Please join the main D.C. Facebook event for updates!
Updated Map Linked below

New Events Update – 194 Worldwide

There have been quite a few events added this past week. Each of these new locations are now on the new map. We have noticed several duplicate events lately, so hosts, you might want to search from time to time to see if there are any other event pages made for your city and combine efforts with them. If you want the direct links to the event pages, groups or fan pages that correspond with the new events, here they are (and they’re also on the map):

Paris, France
Boston, MA
Raleigh, NC
Cardiff, UK

Manhattan, KS
Cloudcroft, NM
Seguin, TX
Kaui County, HI
Honolulu, HI
Kaunakakai, HI
San Francisco, CA
Gulf Coast (general) Facebook
Gulf Coast G+page
El Paso, TX
Houston, TX
San Marcos, TX
Galveston, TX
Texas City, TX
Bern, Switzerland
Kansas City, MO
Seattle, WA
Hilo, HI
Kahului, HI
New Braunfels, TX

Also, these events were found online, and we’re not sure how long the pages have been up:
Waco, TX
Sudbury, ON, CA

Madison, WI
New York, NY

Someone requested that KĂžbenhavn, Denmark be added to the map – we approved the pin, but we do not have any links to that event at this time. If anyone has a URL to an event page for that march, please email it to us or leave it in a comment on the blog and we’ll add it to the marker description.

There are a few other pages we wanted to share. There is a transportation event page for followers in Seattle who want to go to the Olympia event. In the UK, there is an event page set up for anyone in the Southwest who wants to travel to the big event in London. Also, Anon medics will be more than welcome at any event. If you are qualified, please join the Anon Medics Network page on Facebook. Medics, you can also get cool medic-themed masks from Operation Transformation Gear
If we missed any events or you have one to add to the map, please email it to or comment on the blog.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anonymous: Companies Supporting CISPA

CISPA anyone?
The US House and US Senate are legislative bodies comprised of Democrats and Republicans (And scant Independents) who agree nothing (along party lines). When we find agreement across party lines we ask ourselves about the impetus for such strange and unusual behavior.

Concern for government abuse of the Internet: War For The Web (excerpt trailer)

On April 27th, 2012 OpenSecrets Blog (Dot Org) posted a comprehensive article on congressional measures alleged to provide protection against violation of intellectual property laws. (PIPA, SOPA, and CISPA). CISPA (Cyber Information Security Protection Act) remains an active congressional cancer a permanent host on our Internet. Over the past week the House of Representatives (The House of OZ) passed CISPA [288 (for) -127 (against) vote] and the bill moves to the US Senate. President Obama has threatened to veto the Bill, if privacy protection isn't sufficiently developed in the bill.

The April 2012 article linked this list of companies that published letters of support for CISPA. A 2013 list of supporting companies and associated lobbying dwarfs the 2012 list and spending amounts. (See Sunlight Foundation, The Daily Dot, House of Representatives Intelligence Committee).  The numbers of supporting expenditures appear much like Jonah and the Whale.  One hundred and 140 times spending in support of CISPA than spending against CISPA ($605 million "for"; $4.3 million "against").

We have posted a Anonymous Pastebin post in supporting of direct Twitter protest to a group of companies that support CISPA.

  1. #tweetstorm CISPA supporting companys

    BY: A GUEST ON APR 18TH, 2013
    Tweet them some messages like :
  2. - @(company'stwitteradress) your company is willing to take down our privacy, then we are willing to take down your company, greeting #anonymous
  3. - @(company'stwitteradress) Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world
  4. - @(company'stwitteradress) we are deeply unhappy that the House seems poised to destroy everyone's online and by extension offline privacy
  5. - @(company'stwitteradress) CISPA overrides existing privacy law, and grants broad immunities to participating companies.
  6. - @(company'stwitteradress) We're not going to sacrifice all of our liberties for the illusion of safety.
  7. - @(company'stwitteradress) your support of CISPA shows your hypocrisy, asking everyone else to give up their right to privacy, while you remain able to hold onto yours.
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. ACCEL Partners:                 @accel
  10. Akamai:                         @akamai
  11. Amgen:                          @amgen
  12. Apple:                          @apple_worldwide
  13. Arch Ventrue Partners:          ???
  14. AT&T:                           @att
  15. Bidgely:                        @bidgely
  16. BloomEnergy:                    @bloom_energy
  17. Broadcomm:                      @Broadcom
  18. ChargePoint:                    @ChargePointnet
  19. Cisco:                          @CiscoSystems
  20. Craigslist:                     @craigslist
  21. Covington & Burling LLP:        @CovingtonLLP
  22. Davis Write Tremaine, LLP:      ????
  23. Dell:                           @Dell
  24. Dewey Square Group:             @DeweySquare
  25. ebay:                           @ebay
  26. eHealth:                        ???
  27. Elance:                         @Elance
  28. EMC:                            @EMCcorp
  29. Encryptics:                     @encryptics
  30. Enernoc:                        @EnerNOC
  31. etagen:                         ???
  32. F5 Networks:                    @f5networks
  33. Facebook:                       @facebook
  34. FloDesign:                      ???
  35. Gap Inc:                        @GapInc
  36. Genentech:                      @Genentech
  37. Gilead Sciences:                @GileadSciences
  38. Global Foundries:               ???
  39. Goodwin Procter:                ???
  40. Google:                         @google
  41. GridX:                          ???
  42. HP (Hewlett Packard):           @HP
  43. Intel:                          @Intel
  44. Intellectual Ventures:          @IVinvents
  45. Juniper Networks:               @JuniperNetworks
  46. KPCB:                           @kpcb
  47. Lee and Hayes:                  ???
  48. LiveOps:                        @LiveOps
  49. Lucid:                          @luciddg
  50. Madrona Investment Group:       @MadronaVentures
  51. Marvell:                        ???
  52. Microsoft:                      @microsoft
  53. MIND Research:                  @MIND_Research
  54. Nasdaq OMX:                     @NASDAQOMX
  55. Oracle:                         @oracle
  56. Palantir Technologies:          @PalantirTech
  57. pfizer:                         @pfizer_news
  58. pointb:                         @PointB
  59. Pokeware:                       @PokewarePR
  60. Rackspace Hosting:              @rackspace
  61. Reboot Partners:                ???
  62. SalesForce:                     @salesforce
  63. SilverSpring:                   @silverspringnet
  64. SmartSheet:                     @smartsheet
  65. Spokeo:                         @spokeo
  66. Stanford University:            @stanford
  67. SV Angel:                       @svangel
  68. Sillicon Valley Bank Fin Grp:   @SVB_Financial
  69. Symantec:                       @symantec
  70. Synopsys:                       @synopsys
  71. TechNexus:                      @TechNexus
  72. T-Mobile:                       @tmobile
  73. Tendril:                        @tendril
  74. VeriFone:                       @verifone
  75. Verisign:                       @verisign
  76. Visa:                           @visa
  77. WGBH:                           @wgbh
  78. WSGR:                           @wilsonsonsini
  79. Yahoo!:                         @yahoo
  80. yelp:                           @yelp
  81. TechNet:                        @technetnews

What is the deal on CISPA?  Many corporations support the bill, or support some from on legislative corralling of the Internet. Companies that fought SOPA and PIPA appear as supporters of CISPA. Many users of the internet and people like you and me have concerns for future abuse of the legislation. Personally, I am not one who subscribes to  "....corporations are people, my friend."  

The corporation is a chartered entity, with a singular focus of providing a service or product with an exchange of some form of remuneration.  The entity needs customers (people or other companies for purchasing products or services) and it needs people as employees.  The relationship between corporations and people stops at that point. An exchange relationship ends at that point with proliferation of a chartered living entity with no other purpose beyond maintaining itself as an ongoing business concern. 

Why is legislating the internet so critical and important to major corporations?  We do not have an answer. ServInt published a piece in March of this year that is an effective appeal to people in opposition of CISPA.  The piece does not pretend to address the "why" of corporate support for CISPA.  ServInt's piece echoes my perception of the Obama Administration's concern about CISPA: erosion of individual privacy. 

It should be noted and reinforced, Anonymous has published a list of supporters of CISPA to facilitate activism against CISPA. The Hacktivist group is not purporting any sort of boycott of the corporations.

While the TPI will not go dark tomorrow, we will not post any pieces to the web pages  for sake of openness we do not have the technical wherewithal nor web developer savvy to affect going 'dark'.  We agree with President Obama's threat of a veto if privacy issues are not effectively developed in the bill and we agree with the Anonymous appeal for going 'dark' tomorrow (April 22nd, 1013).