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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anti-Vaxxers..As Dangerous As It Gets

Anti-Vaxxers? Yes, they proliferate..and they are dangerous people. I find the following Pew Research study indicative of the extent to which some in our society are absolutely off the chart ntus with disregard of the greater society and humankind.

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Pew Research February 2, 2015

Young adults 18-29, Slight "Parent should decide" for Blacks, and middle incomers compromise the primary Anti-Vaxxers groups. 

Vaccines Public Opinion               Measles Cases fall with vaccine

And, look at how the Anti-Vaxxer gap is evolving when we consider political party. Check out the Vax Gap from 2009 - 2014. What happened in 2009 that soiled the minds of so many? 

Vaccines Public Opinion

The Pew Research data is both interesting and tragic. It is, however, what it is.

Now how about a well crafted piece from Ed Stein;  a person I consider a "friend of the TPI."

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Vexed by Anti-Vaxxers

Here’s why the anti-vaccine movement drives me so crazy. Actually, there’s more than one reason. The first is that, aside from those who object for religious reasons or think that an organic diet prevents all ills, anti-vaxxers still rely on a wholly discredited 1998 paper based on fraudulent data linking vaccines with autism.

The second is that almost all the anti-vaxxers I’ve heard quoted live in a dream world that they can indulge precisely because of the vaccines that have kept them safe up until now. They simply have no idea what it was like before the  diseases that our grandparents so rightly dreaded were brought under control.

In 1912, the year my father was born, the life expectancy of a male was 51.5 years. Today it’s 76, a 50% increase in a century. That’s a startling improvement in a relatively short time span. What caused it? Partly, better nutrition, but by far the biggest impact was the widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines, which brought the biggest killers of young people to bay. We no longer fear that measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, smallpox, the flu and polio will kill or maim our children.

And the fear of those childhood killers is what we’ve forgotten. If the current trend continues, and we lose the herd immunity that large-scale immunization affords us, our children will suffer, and many of them will die from easily preventable infections.

Maybe then we’ll remember.

When I was growing up, and vaccines were new and miraculous, there were still those who found reasons not to immunize their children. Check out my latest story at

Yes , ED...they vex me also.... StumbleUpon

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Alex Jones's World With Rand Paul At Center Court

Image via Media Matters
Rand Paul supporters show what they and Paul are about.  Imagine Paul as the GOP candidate for the 45th president of the United States of America.  If you can stomach that thought stretch a bit to the likes if Alex Jones as an indication of those who support. 

The language from the segment is about par with what I expect from Jones and his audience.  I trust you will agree the segment speaks to the lowest level of intellect in the nation while serving as a barometer of far-right sleaze who idolize Paul. 

Alex Jones...

Shameful, eh? 

Let's deal with Paul's chameleon "say what they want to hear" from another perspective. Rand Paul is a supposed 'eye doctor'. He has committed about vaccinations as a item of "Freedom" as a Liberation without regard to the fact Measles causes blindness. The following is a must read.

Is measles a leading cause of child blindness around the world?

Gounder "Measles is one of the most common 
causes of child blindness worldwide."                                                                          

— Celine Gounder on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 in an interview on CNN   

Yet, we have Alex Jones hosting a radio show in which the CNBC host/reporter was called a "whore" among other derogatory labels. And, called such from a person who knows nothing about the reporter.

The mindset of the American conservative is unbelievable.