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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Foiled Again... Applause Or Lack Thereof

Applause Or Lack Thereof? A Rhetorical Question 

Your White House strikes again.  But, modern-day technology lays the strike to the realm of more lies, thus...

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During the 2019 Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Mike Pence took to the podium with standard speaking decorum..and ran immediately up against a buzz saw of quiet (lack of applause) at a point where applause was not only protocol it was an expectation.

If you follow this link and peruse the text you will find 11 parenthetic use of the word "Applause" (i.e, Applause).   

Herewith is a specific example of how the White House and Donald Trump deal with matters of truth: They avoid it altogether.   After a few days of widely publicized video of Pence addressing ..... with one well-defined lack of applause, the White House posted an utter lie.
...It’s an honor to be here with them and with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker, my greetings to you.  (Applause.)  We’re grateful for Senator Graham’s leadership of this delegation and grateful for the strong bipartisan American presence represented here.  To them and to all of you, it’s my great honor to speak to you today, on behalf of a champion of freedom and a champion of a strong national defense, the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.  (Applause.)
Actual video highlights the lie.

An utter lie from the Whtie House communications cabal. Since I do not do Trump and Pence, I am unable to assess how many additional "applause lie exist in the White House post, but I will wager there is at least one other lie and even if the remaining use of "Applause" is accurate, the one very egregious lie is enough for our daily dose of Trump lying.

Alas, we shouldn't be surprised. Within mere hours of his inauguration, Trump and his inner circle sent Sean Spicer, then Press Secretary, to the White House Pressroom podium to deliver an administration commencing lie. 

Spicer post firing from the Press secretary position eventually admitted regret for his part in the day two administration lie.

Australian media published this report on White House efforts to offer the public and the world an utter lie. (you really should go back an visit that link).  If you prefer a news host face with the report, here is a CNN version (only 56 seconds).


Here is the reality of the crowd size via Sean Spicer.  If you recall the Trump propaganda machine first indicated media was comparing images from differing tie points of the inauguration.  Well....yet another case of lost veracity. 

We again posit the "applause: lie shouldn't be a surprise. It is tragic as it will be yet another document in archived US history asterisks for as a lie.