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Saturday, March 23, 2019

As Trumps World Turns: A Smorgasbord Of Pathetic

It is time for quick hit Trump smorgasbord.

Top Trump economic adviser says that Trump interrupted a briefing to call Lou Dobbs
 March 20, 2019, 8:41 PM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

Can you believe this?
'I personally have not seen evidence of it’ when asked about the proliferation of white supremacist groups growing....
Actually, Carson was doing fairly well in the interview until the host cornered him to the point of his inane remark.  

Maybe Carson should tune-in and watch news other than Fox News. Or, just maybe he could consider reading a piece we posted a few days ago.

Of curse, this piece wouldn't be worth the moments in reading if we didn't remind of the "deplorable" state of Trumpism. How about a MAGA hat clown intentional brandishing his Red Cap while visiting a vigil for the 50 people killed in New Zealand? Fifty killed and an equal number wounded via a self-confessed white supremacist trump supporter.

On an international basis, we have witnessed unfettered and unrestrained white supremacist in our recent past. Must we repeat via demurring acquiescence?


" ...won the largest electoral victory in history!"  Well......

CNN's Pete Alexander

"I was given that information."  Really?  Is that how Trump has amassed over 9,000 verifiable lies (according to the Washington Post) since taking office in 2017?

Monday, March 11, 2019

As Trumps World Turns: Dems Hate Jews? Fox News Demagoguery

Also on Fox News; another case of vile mouth from a host. It is important to keep in mind; Fox News has huge viewership. The network obviously gives, viewers, what they want. Is that hard to imagine?

Listen and know this set of remarks has drawn scorn from Fox News management.

Before we move into Trump's heinous remarks about Democrats hating Jews uttered (and oozed) from his mouth at Mar-A-Lagog this past weekend, take a quick look at what follows.  The Jewish Virtual Library table regarding historical national votes form Jewish voters.

Over the weekend Trump went here: "The Democrats hate Jewish people.”  Vanity Fair is reporting on a series of what I call questionable but not surprising remarks from Trump's weekend among the wealthy and behind the curtain supporters.

Vanity Fair
Some of his remarks raised eyebrows.

1. Referring to the recent anti-Semitism controversies with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump told the donors: "The Democrats hate Jewish people." 
Trump said he didn't understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days. Trump talked about how much he'd done for Israel, noting his historic decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 
Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he'd be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there.
Read more liked above

And how does the White House respond?  You know that was a rhetorical question.
And for that rarely used sports analogy on the TPI: When all else fails to drop back and punt.

Are Trump's remarks really another different than Romney's now famous 47% voter's remarks at the home of Pap John Pizza chain owner? 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

As Trumps World Turns: Media As Enemy of the People And CNN Bomb Threat

How about a couple of tweets from Trump's past 24 hours.  Just a couple mind you. For some reason, Trump has been hyperactive on Twitter.  Wonder if he is suffering from Mueller contagion?

Yesterday around 4:30 PM.

Does the Fake News Media ever mention the fact that Republicans, with the very important help of my campaign Rallies, WON THE UNITED STATES SENATE, 53 to 47? All I hear is that the Open Border Dems won the House. Senate alone approves judges & others. Big Republican Win!4:27 PM - 6 Dec 2018

Within a matter of hours, the nation's 45th President had suffered a Twitter breakdown to this point.
Haven't we witnessed recent US history involving Trump supporting maniacs building and mailing bombs to people Trump proclaimed as, or perceived as, enemies of the people (state)? 

The New York Post late October.

A Trump-obsessed, steroid-popping ex-stripper from Brooklyn was busted in Florida on Friday for mailing more than a dozen bombs to the president’s rivals over the last week.

Modal Trigger
Cesar Sayo Jr.
Cesar Sayoc Jr.
Broward Sheriffs Department

Cesar Sayoc Jr., 56, was nabbed at an AutoZone parking lot in Plantation for allegedly sending the improvised explosive devicesto former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert De Niro and at least 10 others.
It was a single fingerprint on a package mailed to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) that helped authorities narrow their nationwide manhunt to the onetime New Yorker with a lengthy rap sheet, officials revealed.
A glimpse at the "Mad Bomber" Trump supporter.

While we do not yet have the connection to the mad bomber and Trump, basic deductive reasoning could make the psychic connection. 

End digression and back to Trump's December 6th, tweets.  Within hours of Trump's 7PM tweet (above), check out the happenings at CNN. 

The network received a phoned-in bomb threat. 

We were evacuated in the middle of my live show. Bomb threat. We’re running taped programming. NYPD is investigating. Stay tuned.

CNN's Don Lemon Live.

Wonder why the threatening caller waited until Don Lemon's broadcast?  Between Trump's tweet and the call, I believe Anderson Copper broadcast a full show.   

US History doesn't include a US President who blatantly manipulates the minds of millions as a matter of personal self-preservation. Yet the real tragedy is the level of gullible imbued in Trump supporters.

If you need an example of sycophancy taken to the edge, follow this redacted Facebook thread.

A picture of Trump showing his national patriotism and following protocol at George H.W. Bush's lying in state this week.  

We will pick up the thread here.
A Trump Supporter lashes out Named Deleted     This is photoshopped!! Look at the rest of the room!! Geez!!!

Image may contain: 21 people, people standing, suit, wedding and indoor

It should be noted Pence also didn't place his right hand over his heart.  OK, so if the use of the physical sign of respect wasn't protocoled, the image most assuredly shows a matter of choices.  The salient point is the Facebook supporter's quick knee-jerk reaction via offering up the prospect of photoshop.

Maybe the reaction is the in-point example of why the United States and the world have a veritable elected neuter sitting int he White House.  A miselected celebrity whose every word is absorbed in the minds of minions who strive to stifle any rational thought and who will use threats of violence to irritate certain media outlets. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018

As Trumps World Turns; Leaders Lead, Ugly Leadership Leads To An Ugly World

"...make sense" 

Image result for leadership

I ran across the following post on Facebook this morning. The author of the post seems to lament Trump's lack of interest in reaching out to, or inability to reach out to, voters who may not sit as denizens of his Red hat crew.
"There are some people who, no matter what he says, agree with everything Trump says. There are others, a lot of 'others', who disagree with everything he says. Does it not make sense that he should concentrate on the ones that disagree with him and try to win them over? Isn't that what a leader does. Not just pander to those who already follow you? Leaders lead...."

The author mentions "...make sense."  I suspect the author knows full well, Trump doesn't manage himself with attention to making sense

I suggest Trump is void of any such thoughts or inclinations. He is an entertainer who derives more satisfaction from personal narcissism and applause then reaching into an empty chasm of rational thought. A place where "making sense" resides.

Herewith is an example of Trump's mindset mere hours after the nation's second hate-related gun killing of the week. Of specific interest is the second Tweet The first tweet from Rupar's feed is far too many seconds of Trump. 
While we are seeing an exponential jump on hate-related crime over the past two years, Hate crimes against Jewish people have skyrocketed.

 Related image

Related image

U.S. Anti-Semitic Incidents Spike 86 Percent So Far in 2017 After ...

 In July o 2017, The Right Mind.US published this comparison chart


How about a comprehensive review of targets of hate since January 2017. Of course, we know what to pace in January 2017, right?

MIC dot com

While Trump and his handlers work to avoid pubic horrors which can be traced to Trumpism, facts a "pesky things" (as Ronald Reagan stated). 

Image result for the florida bombers van  Image result for the florida bombers van

Image result for the florida bomber at rally Image result for the florida bomber at rally

Some will say the terror emanates from both sides. Well, the assertion is only that of a seeker and promulgator of "alternative facts' (AKA lies) as a tool for deflection. The Washington DC softball practice shooting of the House Republicans team was perpetrated by a Left-wing nut case, granted. He was also a Sanders supporter, but no one can find a case of sanders exhorting his (often zany) minions to violence. No one can point to a case of Sanders encouraging violence against US media. But, Trump's allies and tweets are virtual daily exhibitions against freedom of the press/media and his rally oratory often encourages violence.

One case of Trump inspired violence which led to a court case against the perpetrator.

That sucker-punch attack led to this....

The price the attacker paid for his Trump sycophancy.  you have to wonder if Trump actually paid his legal fees are Trump promised.

Does Trump exhort violence (Snopes)
FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump Encourage Violence at His Rallies?  
Trump Tells Supporters to Beat Up Protestors With Tomatoes - YouTube
Laughter as Trump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalist ...
Lest we forget,'' Good people on both sides."

"Jews Will Not Replace Us" in Charlottesville


Shortly after Charlottesville and the death of innocent anti-Nazi protesters, the very visible Nazi leader was found crying like a baby about the prospect of an arrest.

What a difference a day makes. Please excuse the cliche. 

 I wonder if Trump paid his legal expenses.

We find very little from the 45th President of the Untied States which: "makes sense."


Image result for leadership


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

As Trumps World Turns: Trump's Wife In Africa While Trump Maintains Internment Camps


Today we find Donald Trump's, wife, Melania, arriving in Ghana for the first stop of a five-day whirlwind trip across the continent of Africa.  The stated purpose of the trip to Africa: child welfare.  I repeat; child welfare.

How noble a facade and typical of the Trump carnival act?

Based on Trump's wife first international solo trip, we are reminded of the actual core of the Trump policy toward immigrant or refugee children in the United States. 

Image result for trump continues to jail children Related image Related image
Image result for trump continues to jail children Image result for trump continues to jail children Related image

While Trump's wife traipses across Africa supposedly with a core mission of child well-being (or child welfare), her husband and his cabal continue a policy of family separation and retaining children in internment camps.
As of Tuesday of this week, the Trump Administration addressed the prospect of an end to term limits on retention of immigrant families and associated separation. The New York Times reported: linked here.  After reading the NYT's piece I have left with yet another case of dissonance and askance emanating from Trumpism. Indefinite detention In the United States?

A few months ago this memory was emblazoned in my mind and in US history as Trump's wife visit a detention center in Texas.

Image result for melania trump wears an 'i really don't care' jacket to visit migrant

The jacket continues to baffle as to the genesis of wearing the jacket on such a pathetic stage in US history. Even if she lives in a bubble lined with pristine gold walls, her staff should have been more attuned to the impact of the jacket. Unless, and of course, the jacket display was accompanied by, should I say, remuneration of some sort.

No matter the mission of Trump's wife, it is impossible to overlook the existential reality of Trumpism and its immigration policies against brown people from Central America (and Mexico).