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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sen. Tim Scott Is The Only Republican To Sign On To The Anti-Lynching Bill

Pure Republicanism!

I often wonder why African-Americans support the GOP. Yes, I understand the need for some human beings to overstep all rational existence via reaching to differentiate themselves from another group they literally stand as utter fools. In the context of this past that Pother group: happens to be other African-Americans. As I move through the piece it is important to remind readers African-American who claim and affiliate with conservative Amercian refuse to refer to themselves in the commonly accepted vernacular of "African-American." You refer to them as "black" or do not refer to them with any skin color phraseology at all.  well, an ideal state which has not come to be in the US. 

A few examples are clear. Clarence Thomas and his confessed hatred of his "blackness' and year after year of disassociation from the black community while so diligently working to associate with the GOP he often makes himself appear pathetic. Another well-known example...

"I am an American. Black. Conservative," he said, punctuating each aspect of his self-identity. "I don't use African-American, because I'm American, I'm black and I'm conservative. I don't like people trying to label me. African- American is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people."
While the vast majority of "black" conservatives work to disassociate from African-American it should be noted they to the person claiming the GOP. The next and logical question is why doesn't the GOP work to at as a minimum to offer some degree of support for slam-dunk humane issues?  Before the following segment allow me a moment to answer the question.

First, the part, movement, and conservative America don't give one damn about Americans who are not white. The statement may appear harsh, but the reality is irrefutable. Another consideration is the basic paradigm of the Conservative mind: Ayn Randism and the reality of their "It doesn't affect me" psyche.  On a tertiary basis and probably the most influencing of them all, GOP politician will not go against the underlying core values of their constituents.  If the politician signs on with legislation or measures which only addresses the African-American community, the politician risks the wrath of all things conservative among their constituents. Basically, and in much more simple terms. Give the constituents what they want and avoid that which would raise their eyebrows. 

The need for an anti-lynching bill is a bit perplexing, but still a measure only one GOP Senator supported. The one supporters: Southern Carolina's Tim Scott.

Crooks & Liars

Sen. Tim Scott Is The Only Republican To Sign On To The Anti-Lynching Bill: Sen. Tim Scott could not explain why no other Republican in the Senate is supporting his anti-lynching legislation.



Friday, June 29, 2018

Ayn Randism As A Basis For YOUR GOP

Now that conservative voters, non-voters, and third party voters handed Donald Trump the US Presidency it is important to know the base foundation on which those people live. While many may not realize the deeply ingrained self-centeredness of Republicanism, they nonetheless are deeply inflicted with a social theory (and practice) which will eventually lead to a frayed democracy and a nation susceptible to the whims and erratic manifestations of an idiotic money driven (power hungry and self-loving) narcissist. A person who, if left to his desire, will work to amend the US Constitution to facilitate the prospect of ruling the US as the Chinese Leader, Xi Jinping has established in China. China's two-term limit has been dropped.

So much for Trump, let's allow Former Secretary of Labor (Bill Clinton Era) guide us through a quick video on the social basis of GOP self-centeredness and social callousness: Ayn Randism.

Rather than spend valuable time seeking specific examples of GOP Ayn Randism, and there are many specific examples, allow me to simply link to a Google search performed within the hour.  If we contrast any of the linked articles with the net-net outcomes (to date) of the Trump/Ryan tax cuts it is obvious which constituency the GOP relishes and works to serve.

The most trusted and reliable of US media published a piece in December 2017 regarding the tax cut, which Ryan calls "tax reform", and its true beneficiaries.  We are not talking middle and lower-income Americans by any measure.

Put another way, in 2018, households earning $1 million or more — or, 0.4 percent of all tax filers — would be getting 16.5 percent of the total benefit from the bill.
Take a look at Trump's proposed 2019 Budget.

Image result for us budget 2018

Let's also remind ourselves Trump has come forth with a new "Space Force" branch of the US military.

We will revisit this piece in a few hours.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Cross posted from The Obamacrat Dot Com 

An Insider’s Look Inside The RepubliCANT Party

By Jueseppi B.

I am fresh back home from a small trip overseas last week and a stunningly exciting trip down town to see POTUS Obama, his wife, the Vice President and HIS wife as they all made a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids yesterday.

I was sent this piece by a twitter family member, this was written by Joy Reid of The Reid Report who I assume re-posted it from the original author, Mr. Mike Lofgren, whom I don’t know. Read this and then do some thinking…..especially if you are a TeaTardedRepubliCANT.

If you read nothing else today, read this: notes from GOPer who fled the ‘cult’

AUGUST 18, 2012

Stop me if you’ve read this before… I don’t know how I missed it when it was originally published, in September of last year (though maybe it was because it was scarcely mentioned in the media. I find almost no commentary about it online.) I’m not entirely surprised that the author, Mike Lofgren, wasn’t booked all over TV to talk about his 28 years as a staffer on the Republican House and Senate budget and other committees, often dealing with national security and defense issues, according to those D.C. journos who are very familiar with him. Lofgren’s critique of his own party, the Democrats and the media itself, is as thorough as it is devastating.

In short, Lofgren says the modern, post-Eisenhower GOP has morphed into a cult, led by plutocrats and their elected, media and faux intellectual minions, who have crafted an elaborate, continual ruse to serve the rich at all costs – even the cost of the country itself. And he explains how that cult recruited, and retains lower income, low information white Americans, and why they are pushing headlong to stop non-white/Christian/straight Americans from voting at all. (Hint: its partly Democrats’ fault for letting them do it unassailed.)