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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bachmann's Legislative Incompetence, Master Story Teller And Drain On GOP Veracity.
Despite the well developed and produce statement from Michelle Bachmann related to her decision not to run for a 5th Term in the US Congress, we are reminded of the scope and depths of her penchant for lying.  As we moved through the 2011/2012 General Election campaigns, we realized that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's first thoughts and responses to elections issue was to tell a lie.  Their penchant for lying manifest in many instances. The most notable of which was Paul Ryan's "bull-rush" (unscheduled, unannounced visit) of a soup pantry with cameras and family in tow.  Ryan's "bull-rush" was bad enough, but when compounded with their using clean posts and pans as a prop, the true level of their mores` and ethics were revealed.  Our second and third most notable instances of a serious lack of personal integrity and respect for others was Romney's tan-face at the Univision Event and his stumble over his ethics with the Chrysler/Jeep Plant closure lie. 

Politifact recently published information supportive of their position that the GOP exercise far more falsehoods than their counterparts in the Democratic Party.  

"PolitiFact Rates Higher Percentage Of Republican Claims As False, Study Finds"
 We offer yet another piece that shows Bachmann as the "Queen of Pants on Fire."
 The Progressive Influence: Politician Veracity: "Pants on Fire."

Well, are you surprised? If you are surprised your time spent on the International Space Station was far too long and obviously without news coverage beyond,, Fox News and The Daily Caller.

If PolitiFact runs another review of political party veracity across the political spectrum in two yeas, the GOP may pull-up from the gutter.  Their Number Three (#3) "naysayer and chicken little false hood spewer" has announced she will not seek a 5th Term in the US Congress.

As you review the abbreviated segment from last evenings Rachel Maddow show, think about the real prospect the absence of Mitt Romney and the absence of Michelle Bachmann could increase the potential for veracity in the GOP.  

Rachel Maddow in classic form!

If you are like me and like a nice spread of icing over your cake, Jason Linkins, Huff Post published a piece about Bachmann's legislative incompetence. And, the icing really does close it all out very well.
Michele Bachmann's Complete Legislative History (source:

Other than that, sure, Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan are essentially correct when they say that Bachmann "has never had a bill or resolution she’s sponsored signed into law" and "never wielded a committee gavel, either at the full or subcommittee level" and that her "amendments and bills have rarely been considered by any committee, even with the House under GOP control."  

But, you know, details. There's still a chance between now and the time she leaves office on Jan. 3, 2015, Bachmann might sponsor something that becomes law. Isn't there? You never know what could happen! Minnesota is 155 years old now, for instance.
Bills Sponsored58
Referred to Committee (aka: went nowhere)53
Reported by Committee (Got out of committee)1
H.R. 850 (112th): To facilitate a proposed project in the Lower St. Croix Wild and Scenic River, and for other purposes.
Agreed To (Simple Resolution)3
H.Res. 373 (111th): Expressing support for designation of the month of September as “National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month"
H.Res. 923 (110th): Recognizing the State of Minnesota’s 150th anniversary.
H.Res. 789 (110th): Honoring public child welfare agencies, nonprofit organizations and private entities providing services for foster children.
Passed House1
H.R. 45: To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
Signed Into Law0
It is intriguing and disappointing to think that Bachmann could go down in US History for the reasons delineated above.
Intriguing because her history is deserving. disappointing as we consider those who placed Bachmann in office.
Who voted for their congresswoman across four election cycles?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michelle Bachmann Chief of Staff Talks!

In late March of 2013, Michelle Bachmann came under investigation for violation of federal campaign funds laws.  The New York Times published this article from which I have excerpted a short snippet.

The inquiry by the Office of Congressional Ethics — a quasi-independent agency that acts as a grand jury to address allegations of wrongdoing by House lawmakers and their staff members — follows claims by her former campaign aides that Mrs. Bachmann may have improperly used money raised by one of her House-affiliated political action committees to assist her presidential efforts in advance of the Iowa presidential caucuses in January 2012. 

Peter Waldron, a political organizer who once served as national field coordinator of Mrs. Bachmann’s presidential campaign, is among those who raised the accusations, which he also brought to the Federal Election Commission, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in January.
Read more 

The inquiry/investigation is not settled with a final determination. As is frequently the case in such investigations people start to think about securing themselves an easier settlement via turning state evidence. To rephrase the latter, some negotiation a lesser conviction via telling the truth.  It is happening in the Bachmann investigation.

Andy Parish, former Bachmann chief of staff, has come forth to confirmed the Bachmann Campaign made improper payments during the course of the 2012 campaigns.  

Huffington Post

Have you noticed, as have I, Bachmann has been uncharacteristically quiet since the end of March? Next questions, why does this investigation not surprise me? Do we have animals that live in coops "coming home to roost?"