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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tim Wise: A true and coureagous American (VIDEO)

Tim Wise (Wiki)

It takes courage to do what Tim Wise accomplishes his lectures and prose on social diversity or lack thereof in America. 

I have posted his entire speech many months back. I going to re-post it here for those who are visitors. It is not easy for some white people to listen Mr. Wise. It is also not easy for some African-Americans to listen to Mr. Wise.  His message is not even an easy message to deliver regardless of speaker. He stands tall as a white man delivering a speech that would be ignored by, millions more if he was a black man.

If "white privilege' as phraseology is new to you, regardless of your thoughts about race, you should do some reading about what I can "conferred privilege'. Privilege conferred simply based on one's birth.

Just think for a minute. It is possible for one to have unlimited privilege that is denied to others simply based on race, gender or later in life sexual orientation.

Listen to Part 1 of  6  Tim Wise (10:29 minutes)

The complete speech (57:42) Minutes. Yes, I know far too long for our attention spans.  His message is so relevant.

I hope Mr. Wise does not mind the comparison, I do not find a lot of difference in his eloquent message than that of one who was killed before the significance of his message soaked into our society. Tim Wise reminds me so much of Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Young Republicans Learn Early and They Learn Well

"Increase Diversity Bake Sale"
Young republicans at University of California-Berkley have learned well and they are practicing their 'privilege' in accordance with GOP Doctrine.
— White/Caucasian students, $2 for each baked good.
— Asians/Asian-Americans, $1.50.
— Latinos/Hispanics, $1.
— Blacks/African-Americans, 75 cents.
— Native Americans, 25 cents.
And, they're taking 25 cents off for women.