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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rick Staggenborg shares LIBOR Iceberg, Underbelly and Remedies

This is the best summary that I have seen on the list of known crimes by banksters in the international racketeering cartels that tanked the world economy.

Even better, it details what we are doing about it and how we can take down the cartel and end transfer of public assets to the hands of a few overly-powerful and unaccountable thieves.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

LIBOR For The Novice

Greed, corruption, and scandal (again)

Any time I see a news segment that includes Matt Tiabbi, I stop all activity and give my brain an opportunity to receive lessons, credible and factual information, and more important from a progressive perspective.

I will admit that we do not follow the serious of the LIBOR issues percolating in England.  

The scandal is now coming to full disclosure as the banks again, have allowed greed to influence their sanity and good business practices.

Some of us lost as much as 40%R or our meager wealthy between 2007 and 2010.  The sub-prime scandal was the root cause of our losses.  Those who are approaching leaving the workforce full-time can ill-afford another such hit.  Some can lest afford another catastrophe and behold we have one brewing.

As you view the ten minute interview (extracted from a much longer television show) is important for those who want to stay up on matters that directly affect their lives. Towards the end of the segment, the interviews asks Taibbi critical questions. Regardless of Tiabbi's answer, nothing will take place this year and as we witnessed the sub-prime scandal dissolve into the precipice of an economic Depression, we should hope someone in Washington DC is one their game.  Geithner does not seem to be a credible answer.  He is extremely wealthy and can without doubt absorb losses far better than you or me.  We surely cannot imagine the GOP will address the issue at all should Romney (forbid) wins the election in 2012. Another example of opulently wealthy who can absorb major financial losses.  Additionally, his holdings are spread across the globe in very secure offshore investment vehicles.

Tiabbi is asked to define issues related to LIBOR. If nothing else his response is a real educational opportunity.

Matt Taibbi: 'I Can't Imagine How A Sane Person Could Possibly Describe This As A Victimless Crime'


Friday, July 20, 2012

Marion Young: LIBOR An International Crime, Uber White Collar Perps and a Circle of Privilege!!!


A Marion Young OP-ED


Have you heard about the Libor scandal in the UK? You should know that Libor is the largest economic scam in world history and the largest insider trading scandal ever. The biggest banks in London and the world CHEATED BIG TIME and it is threatening to crash the UK economy. The LIBOR scandal is being called the "Wall Street scandal of all scandals" and the "rotten heart of finance," but the massive fraud can be hard to fathom for anyone who doesn't follow the markets.The US is involved too. It's bad...really bad, and the people of England are in the streets over this.

If you can wrap your mind around that...

Well, Romney and his Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" wife are heading to London next week. He's taking his dressage dancing horse (that you and I paid for), on a jumbo plane (that he writes off as a tax, that you and I pay for), to the Olympics. 

The day before the Olympics, he will attend a $75,000-a-plate dinner to raise campaign funds from THE VERY SAME CRIMINAL BANKSTERS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR THE LIBOR SCANDAL!!!

Did you get all that?

The location of this SECRET MEETING will probably not be secret after the UK press discloses it. But that's not key to this scandal. What is key is that this is classic Romney. He has no scruples. These are the type of people he hangs around with to get money. Not that they like him. No one likes Willard. And why would he get money from these people? Overseas banksters? Can you imagine the policies of his administration if he works for these billionaires around the world? 

Romney clearly has what it takes to be President. Yeah, right.

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