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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 Top Picks From Politifact

Should we make additional comment? NO! Why? Because you know what we have to say about what follows.

PolitiFact's Top 5 fact-checks for January

By Angie Drobnic Holan
Published on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 at 1:08 p.m.
January brought fact-checks on employment, energy, education -- and beheadings. Here are our top five most popular fact-checks for the month, as determined by page views.
1. Bloggers say Obamacare coding system could usher in beheadings
Bloggers offered headlines like this one: "Obamacare Medical Codes Confirm: Execution by Beheading To Be Implemented in America." But we found the coding system in question long predates President Barack Obama, and the "beheading" classification is only relevant for death statistics, not for insurance billing that would be under Obamacare’s purview. Finally, any change in legal execution methods would have to be approved by the states, not by the federal government. Our diagnosis: Pants on Fire!
2. Obama adviser says there are three unemployed people for every job opening
Gene Sperling, a top economic adviser to President Obama and director of the National Economic Council, said that in today’s economy, there are three people looking for work per job available. We crunched BLS numbers and got the same ratio, as did economists. We rated his statement True.
3. Obama says U.S. produces more oil than it imports for first time in nearly 20 years
In a speech in North Carolina, Obama said the United States is producing more oil at home than its buying from the rest of the world for the first time in nearly two decades. That claim is on the money. However, a lot of this has been in the works for awhile, including dynamics that pre-date the Obama administration. As a simple statement on where we stand on oil exports vs. imports, though, Obama’s claim is accurate. He even repeated it during his State of the Union address. We rated the statement True
4. The story behind Rand Paul's son, Medicaid and Kentucky's marketplace
As an example of the glitches plaguing Obamacare, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said his son had been enrolled in Medicaid even though he wanted to pay for private insurance. We couldn’t settle on a ruling on this one, but our research pointed to a few interesting explanations.
Bottom line: It is possible for someone who fits the son’s description — a young adult under the age of 26 who makes less than $15,856 and is applying for health care coverage separate from his parents — to qualify for Medicaid, even if the parents do not. But if the son had told officials he was someone else’s dependent, he should not have qualified.
5. Rand Paul says more than half of students at medical, dental and law schools are females
Women are indeed seeking advanced degrees at rates that far outpace men — in fact, that has been the case for many years. But Paul mentioned professions that actually go against that trend. Women are close to 50 percent of enrollees in medical, dental and law schools, but they’re not a majority in any of them. And in both law and medicine, the trendlines for female enrollment have actually fallen in recent years. We rated Paul’s statement False.

Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama Signs a Critical Executive Order

Guest Writer Marion Young

Marion Young
White House gives Homeland Security control of all communication systems

I follow right wing conspiracy sites who say Obama wants full control of the US and the world for negative reasons. That's what they want their crazed base to think. When Obama signed this executive order last week that allows the government to command privately-owned communication systems, the right wing went BERZERK. Yes they did. And the GOP went bat shyte (Misspelled out of professionalism and to avoid censorship via the original media) crazy that this was done over their heads. Yes they said that too.

Here's what it really means...

This Executive Order effectively means President Obama has shut down any control the cabal had over the world’s communications systems to move, hide and delete any funds or illegal activities.

This means that world "banksters" and wealthy elites can no longer divert money without Obama or Homeland Security knowing about it. Without going into buying countries, leaders, weapons, starting wars, espionage and the whole nine yards, this order has essentially cut off illegal activity from the top. Those who are under investigation (banksters, elites, politicians, cabal) cannot move money for any reason. If found guilty for major crimes, that money will be retrieved for compensation and penalties.

This can only be a very good sign! It tells me things are really moving along behind-the-scenes now…

End Marion Young...

I submitted the following and Thank Marion Young for her 'Eye on the Prize'.

We have grown accustomed to every comment from the White House inducing body fluids secretion from the Right.    The announcement of this necessary security measure, last week, caused major congestion across the Internet and probably occupied newscasts on Fox News (and CNN) for days. I can only guess as I  would not know, I do not view those networks.

As I sought specifics relative to the Executive Order (EO), I performed a Google search: "Obama executive order private communications firms" (my search). The search yielded 3,150,000 hits in 40 seconds. After I scrolled through first 33 pages of pure garbage related to the EO, I decided to go straight to the White House Dot Gov site. The following is a partial post of the EO.

Linked Executive Order.... (partial text after the break)

Friday, May 25, 2012

President Obama Campaigns in the face of questions about "Looking Presidential".

Looking Presidential????

What does it mean to "look presidential," and why does it matter? An enormous amount of the media coverage of presidential candidates is focused on whether or not he (or, very rarely, she) "looks presidential."
Grow up, America! Has the great democratic system of the Republic really come down to choosing leaders not on the basis of what they say, or even the way they say it, but on the way they fill a suit while saying it?
While listening to Andrew Mitchell this morning, I actually heard her relate a sentiment that President Obama is possibly breaking the mold of presidential protocol and etiquette via his direct involvement in the campaign: "Looking presidential"

Mitchell asked Chris Cilizza if President Obama's campaign strategy to oppose the presumptive GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, early and directly is "presidential" It is time to ask, "what in the heck does looking presidential mean". I hear all too often from Liberal and conservative TV News Hosts. I hear it from GOP pundits based on their being outside of the White House and throwing rocks at the White House windows (metaphorically of course).

Looking presidential?

Cilizza seemed to reluctantly agree with the host. He said that (paraphrased) "yes this dirty work is generally left to pundits".  Mitchell pressed with a specific and direct question. "Does he look presidential"? After showing a moderate degree of non-verbal (while smiling) reticence Cilizza said the direct campaigning is outside the box of what presidents do.  He then added comment about the current political climate and he commented that Romney seems to be the nominee going forward.  The previous sentences are not meant to be quotes. I paraphrased to this point.  The essence of the talk was: the president runs risk in direct campaign involvement this early in the campaign election cycle.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Political posturing Vs. Executive Branch Leadership: A win for Chen!

I recall Mitt Romney's ill-advised and very Un-American attack on President Obama's handling of The Chinese activist Chen.  Romney jumped into that forbidden area of criticizing a US President and Administration just as the international incident was taking place. Furthermore, he he exhibited a serious lack of common sense and political acumen via his comments while a high-ranking delegation was in China for a trade conference. If the aforementioned is not enough to show just how unprepared is Romney for the Oval Office, think about his failure to recognize that Chen caused the incident via deciding to stay in China then abruptly changing his mind.
Published on May 3, 2012 by 
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney criticized the Obama administration over the case of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, saying U.S. officials in Beijing had failed to ensure Chen's safety.(May 3, 2012)

As Romney, again, stumbled through the riggers of a political campaign, while showing major shortcomings in diplomatic and Executive Branch protocol, one stood tall. President Obama never once commented about Romney's diplomatic failure!  A true leader handles her/himself in accordance withe the POTUS.

Now, let's skip forward to May 19, 2012.

Huffington Post/ABC News

Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Activist Who Escaped House Arrest, Arrives In U.S.

AP  |  Posted:  Updated: 05/19/2012 7:27 pm

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Blind Chinese activist who escaped house arrest arrives in US after negotiated departure.

Leadership anyone?

Sunday, April 29, 2012