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Saturday, September 21, 2013

SNAP Reductions: GOP Ideology Leaders, The GOP, The Children, The Vets


When politicians follow the rhetoric of their demagogues and propagandist ideology leaders, they perform stupid and callous acts.

The Demagogue
  • Limbaugh July 2012: Linked (no video racist. "All black people want is more food stamps)
  • Limbaugh October 2012: Linked (no video. "To curb hunger you work.")
  • Limbaugh July 2013: Linked (no video, "Shuck and Jive," Obama drawing Mexicans offering Food Stamps)
  • Limbaugh September 2013: Linked (no video, Poor Kids getting free lunch is like family pets.  $400 million dollar contract demagogue said,  "When you get a new pet what is the first thing you do to try to bond with it, you want to be the one to feed it right? You don’t want anybody else feeding that new puppy or kitten because you know that that puppy and kitten will bond with you first…"
  • Limbaugh March 29, 2013: Linked (no video)
We all know that Limbaugh earns lavish amounts via feeding 'red meat' to very "low information" listeners.   He also serves as an ideology leader of the GOP, despite frequent claims to the contrary by members of Congress. 

The Politician

Attacking poor Americans is as common form the GOP as incompetent fiscal and economic management.  Ronald Reagan following the political consultancy of Lee Atwater (Southern Strategy) spoke in 1980 for none other than Philadelphia Mississippi. "Welfare Queen." The party has  used dog whistles and code to ignite inertia for its sycophants since.

Modern-day ideology leaders like Limbaugh and Beck earn millions with the use of "food stamps" as code. Their rhetoric is like marching orders for GOP politicians. The same rhetoric is like an evangelical hymnal for the Limbaugh and Beck audiences.

And, there-in lies the foundation of the House of OZ SNAP reduction vote this week.

The Underprivileged

Of course, we know the reductions will lead to hunger for children in the millions. They will go hungry while the GOP ideology leaders and wealthy members of Congress live the lavish life.  We know the impact of the cuts on poor children; obviously it does not bother us to the level of anger.

What about people who volunteered to serve the nation and who are fortunate enough to have avoided the ultimate sacrifice?

By Jay Kirell
My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job was maintenance work at a public pool when I was 17. I worked 40-hours a week while I was in college. I’ve never gone longer than six months without employment in my life and I just spent the last three years in the military, one of which consisted of a combat tour of Afghanistan.

Oh, and I’m now on food stamps. Since June, as a matter of fact.

Why am I on food stamps?

The same reason everyone on food stamps is on food stamps: because I would very much enjoy not starving.

I mean, if that’s okay with you:

…Mr. or Mrs. Republican congressman.

…Mr. or Mrs. Conservative commentator.

…Mr. or Mrs. “welfare queen” letter-to-the-editor author.

…Mr. or Mrs. “fiscal conservative, reason-based” libertarian.

I do apologize for burdening you on the checkout line with real-life images of American-style poverty. I know you probably believe the only true starving people in the world have flies buzzing around their eyes while they wallow away, near-lifeless in gutters.

Hate to burst the bubble, but those people don’t live in this country.

I do. And millions like me. Millions of people in poverty who fall into three categories.

Let’s call them the “lucky” category, since conservatives seem to think people on welfare have hit some sort of jackpot:

Those living paycheck to paycheck? They’re a little lucky.

Those living unemployment check to unemployment check? They’re a little luckier.

Those living 2nd of the month to 2nd of the month? *ding* We’ve hit the jackpot!

The 2nd of the month being the time when funds gets electronically deposited onto the EBT card, [at least in NY] for those who’ve never been fortunate enough to hit that $175/month Powerball.

I fall into the latter two categories. But I’ve known people recently - soldiers in the Army – who were in the first and third. They were off fighting in Afghanistan while their wives were at home, buying food at the on-post commissary with food stamps.

And nobody bats an eye there, because it’s not uncommon in the military.

It’s not uncommon – nor is it shameful. It might be shameful how little service-members are paid, but that’s a separate issue.

The fact remains anyone at a certain income level can find it difficult from time to time to pay for everything. And when you’re poor you learn to make sacrifices. Food shouldn’t be one of them.

The whole concept is un-American. People living here, in the greatest country on Earth, with the most abundant resources, should be forced to go hungry because of the intellectual notion of fiscal conservatism and the ideological notion of self-reliance.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I didn’t risk my life in Afghanistan so I could come back and watch people go hungry in America. I certainly didn’t risk it so *I* could come back and go hungry.

Anyone who genuinely supports cutting food stamps is not an intellectual or an ideologue – they’re a bully.

And nobody likes a bully. Except other bullies.

It’s time for regular Americans to stand up to these bullies. Not cower in the corner, ashamed of needing help. Because if there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that you never know when you’ll be the one in need.

The better part of valor would be to end this piece here.  We have a bit more for "high information" people.

If you listened to all of the Limbaugh rhetoric above, you may wish to pass on the following embeds. The embed offers perspective on the GOP SNAP reductions you as an American should watch and listen. If you feel the GOP cuts will help the nation, you should certainly pass on the embeds. We do not suggest you waste time on an issue to which  you have already assimilated via your ideology leaders and your political party.

MSNBC All-in Ezra Klein for Chris Hayes


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mario Piperni: Conservative Leadership

Re-Blog......Mario Piperni digs deep! 

Most Conservative Leaders Will Never Understand

Upton Sinclair quote - Conservatives  :
Sinclair has it right. I would also add that the understanding is even harder to come by when the people involved are, for the most part, suffering from a personality disorder that “manifests itself in such traits as dishonesty, charm, manipulation, narcissism, and a lack of both remorse and impulse control.”
That’s right – sociopathic behavior.
Which is why these conservatives and their minions…
O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Malkin, Ailes, Limbaugh, Inhofe, Savage, Cruz, Drudge, Paul, Palin, Levin, Will, Rove, Krauthammer, Coulter and many others
will never understand…
health care, poverty, climate change, middle class issues, fair taxation, gun control, immigration, marriage equality or women’s issues.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laura Ingraham Out Paces Limbaugh With A Gunshot Audio Effect! Gun Shot!

Queen of the Right-wing demagogues plays gunshot sound over audio tape! A shooting sound!

OK, we are not into the daily ravings of right-wing talk radio. In fact, all AM radio hosted shows have converted to conservative dogma, as it sells.  Liberals and progressives plus "high information" Independents do not need daily doses of dogma filled hatred of the Obama Administration. When we have concerns we do not hesitate to air the concerns in forums known for a much higher use of cognitive process, backed with data and without over-the-top angst and Draconian exhibitions.   If you look close, you might find the AM radio demographics are perfect for GOP and conservative income streams (revenue and host contracts).  "High information" people get information from other sources and they do not have that 'clinging need' to reinforce horrid paradigms on a daily basis.

Horrid paradigms? As is the case with most Right-wing demagogues a good portion of their programs this week have been devoted to disparaging remarks about the 50th Anniversary March on Washington DC (over this past weekend.)

"Oh, do we have fodder for our sycophants on Monday."  Laura Ingraham was classic in delivery of her "red meat." She actually go out ahead of the king Right-wing demagogue: Limbaugh.

Ingraham not only took cheap shots at the gathering, she used march speaker topics for 'dog whistles' to her festering throngs.  It took her about one minute into the embedded video below to take the killing of Trayvon Martin to right-wing dogma about killings in the black community. She mentioned statistics. Statistics exist that show the murder rates are not much different from murder in white communities. Let's face the bottom-line issue. We interact within our own ethnic groups far more than other ethnic groups. If there are going to be murders, it will take place predominantly intra-ethnic group. "Black-on-black Crime!"

Twenty-three (23) seconds of pure truism on "black on black" from someone not of the black community: Tim Wise, diversity consultant, author, educator and "One who GETS IT."

The Ingraham Show.  The  following audio tape is eight (8) plus minutes long. I skipped through the Ingraham 'ditto head' remarks.  I have too much respect for my psyche, my grey matter and I have contempt for 'low information' people who rail about positions each day. The audio segment is eight minutes long. Can you imagine sitting listening to AM radio for the full run-time of shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Savage, Beck and others? Ingraham's gunshot antics hit at approximately the 4:40 minute mark as Lewis's comments are cut short.

Now. for a bit of background as to how propagandist like Ingraham gather their sustenance as feed for their throngs of ravenous listeners.
The linked Politifacts piece is a bit long, but full of relevant information for people who consider themselves "high information."  We will not use any article text to save your reading time and space in this piece. You have to check out the Truth-O-Meter on this one.
The Truth-O-Meter Says: 

"In the 513 days between Trayvon dying, and today’s verdict, 11,106 African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans."

Tweets on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 in tweets

A look at statistics on black-on-black murders

Linked article Read more after the coming break
We do not in any way challenging there is far too much killing in communities, the black community in particular. We take major exception to right-wing fear mongering and pro George Zimmermannism via use of flawed or skewered statistics.   If we are not a fully-integrated society, the relevance of the references to killings in the black community seem to accompany 'motive based messaging." 
Your Black World Dot Net published a piece this morning that encapsulates the many aspects of the truth related to "Black on Black" Crime. Chenelle A. Jones, Ph.D., Ohio Dominican University, wrote the piece. (NOTE: We realize many have disdain for long reads, but 'high information" people will read such works on an intermittent basis until done. So, we take the risk of thoroughness and delving deep)
Article excerpts
Excerpt One. There is no question that crime within the Black community is an issue.  However, there is a need to discuss and deconstruct this notion of “Black-on-Black Crime”.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) notes that most crime is intra-racial.  Statistics show that 84% of White victims are killed by Whites and 93% of Black victims are killed by Blacks (BJS, 2011).
Excerpt Two. So to argue that the intra-racial phenomenon of crime victimization is unique to the Black community is to demonstrate an inaccurate assessment of historical and contemporary crime and victimization trends.  Furthermore, to acknowledge the existence of “Black-on-Black” crime without equally acknowledging the existence of “White-on-White” crime is to perpetuate a myth of inherent black criminality, and Blacks are not inherently criminal.
Excerpt Three.The final issue with the “Black-on-Black Crime” argument involves the disparate treatment of Black and White offenders in the criminal justice system.  Whites represent a majority of the American population and are responsible for 54% of murders involving an intimate partner, 59% of murders involving a family member, 55% of murders involving infants, 56% of murders involving elders, 54% of s*x related murders, 53% of gang related murders, 70% of workplace related murders, 55% of arson related murders, 80% of poison related murders, and 53% of murders involving multiple victims (BJS, 2011).  Blacks comprise 13% of the population and are responsible for 59% of felony murders, 65% of drug murders, 50% of murders involving an argument, 56% of gun homicides, and 54% of murders with multiple offenders (BJS, 2011).
We will not comment additionally about the Ingraham cheap shot for her listeners. The gunshot sound effect speaks volumes about the GOP and its propagandist. they know how to play to GOP supporters. Ingraham piece linked.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Republican Racism On Front Street and Overt!

Bobby Jindal within the past year. Stand by for Bobby Jindal today!

How can we expect different from the sycophants who support these people and who go to the polls and vote them to public office? Of course, George Will is not a politician. He is however, a most esteemed and supposedly learned conservative. His comments in the following clip places my use of the word "esteem" in question. His comments are comparable to looking up to a street gutter. George Will stands along side the far less intellectual yet equally guttural Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, and Maulkin.

MSNBC's The Ed Show is BACK..and hitting on all Cylinders.  Watch conservative racism and propaganda and analysis that places it all in perspective.

  Ed's "Pretenders." 

If the overwhelmingly racist Colorado legislator possessed a modicum of intellect and knowledge, she would recognize the danger in laying "Sickle Cell anemia" and other disease endemic to the black community of diet influenced DNA.

She might recognize that far more white people eat fried chicken and Bar-B-Que then her mind comprehends.

She might also recognize that she speaks as the classic " white supremacist" and one who exercises white privilege without batting an eye.

Racism is alive and very healthy in the GOP! 

.....And The Band Plays On......

Saturday, June 22, 2013

MARIO PIPERNI: " Who Needs Immigrants....?"

Re posted from Mario Piperni Dot Com

Who Needs Immigrants When You Can Breed Your Own Voters

Bryan Fischer - Dick-of-the-Day  :

Sad day for liberals. The jig is up.

As much as liberals wanted to conceal the real reason they felt so strongly about immigration reform, they simply weren’t smart enough to outfox the likes of Bryan ‘Sherlock‘ Fischer of the American Family Association. Fischer revealed to his listeners the true motive behind liberals’ attempt at comprehensive immigration reform.

Conservatives are just outbreeding liberals and that’s a huge problem for liberals…because there’s just going to be more conservatives…10, 20 years down the road, they’re just going to be outnumbered. And that’s why they are so dedicated to amnesty.

We are breeding our own voters. We are conceiving our own voters. They’ve got to import them. They’re not producing them so they’ve got to import them. So, that’s why they’re so enamored with illegal aliens and amnesty for them is they’ve got to find some way to get these people on the voter rolls to just maintain numerical parity with conservatives.

Great point! Conceiving is always preferable to importing and as always another astute analysis by a conservative.

I need to ask again: why do conservatives get all the smart ones? Palin, Beck, Gohmert, Bachmann, Bush, Perry, Cain – the list goes on and on and on…

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Friday, November 9, 2012

GOP Change? GOP Ideology Leaders Will Not!

After watching GOP pundit after pundit appear on MSNBC and listening to others on NPR speak about how their party needs to change and pursue more outreach into minority communities,   I was yanked back into the reality of the GOP via the following.   

The GOP has a foundation in avowed racism. The GOP's ideological leaders are unabashed in their prophecies of doom for the White Race (in America).  As you sit through the following know each of these white supremacist earn millions via their vitriol and they influence the minds of minions who tune in to their shows or subscriber to their racism. 

Bill O'Reilly


Limbaugh's insanity

Glenn Beck 

Pat Buchanan
Racist Moron!
The Daily Currant,  G. Gordon Liddy 
 When asked for his reaction to Obama's victory, Buchanan replied brazenly: 

"White America died last night. Obama's reelection killed it. Our 200 plus year history as a Western nation is over. We're a Socialist Latin American country now. Venezuela without the oil." 

Stunned by his clear racisim, Liddy tried to walk his guest back from the ledge: 

"With what you just said right there...You seem to imply that white people are better than other people. That's not really what you're saying is it?" 

"Of course that's what I'm saying," Buchanan replied "Isn't it obvious? Anything worth doing on this Earth was done first by white people." 

"Who landed on the moon? White people. Who climbed Mount Everest? White people.  Who invented the transistor? White people. Who invented paper? White people. Who discovered algebra? White people." 

"And don't give me all this nonsense about Martin Luther King and civil rights and all that. Who do you think freed the slaves? Abraham Lincoln. A white guy!" 

Carte Blanche 

"But we're not led by Lincoln anymore, we're led by an affirmative-action mulatto who can't physically understand how great America once was." 

"I cried last night G. I cried for hours. It's over for all of us. The great White nation will never survive another 4 years of Obama's leadership" 

Liddy tried to reason with Buchanan, reminding him that he shares similar positions with the President on Afghanistan, Iraq, and relations with Russia:

"Of course I agree with half of what he does,"  Buchanan answered, "He's half white! That's not the half I'm worried about."
No, I have little faith the GOP will ever change. It will die a slow death as the nation's demographics change and deprive racist such as the three above a 'play ground' for their hardcore intolerant paradigms.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Progressieve Influence & Lefteous Indignation: The Vice Presidential Debate

Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., participate in the vice presidential debate, moderated by Martha Raddatz of ABC News, Thursday in Danville, Ky.

Full Debate Link

The Vice Presidential Debate took place last night, and it was a debate to remember.  Regardless of how you felt about the debate, it was entertaining.  Joe Biden needed to wrestle back momentum for the Obama Campaign. Paul Ryan was on a mission to hold ground won via the Romney/Obama debate.  Both accomplished their mission

As to whom I think won the debate, it was obvious Joe Biden (antics aside) carried the night.  As far as antics, how else can one set across from a serial lair on a lying mission and react without flat calling him out as a liar. Frankly, I would have preferred the calling of the lie. Yet, we should be politically correct and show some level of sophistication when it is time to close the deal before the election. An interesting dynamic since the GOP has been nothing shy of guttural since before nine 'stooges' declared interests in running for president.  Factually the GOP has been guttural and unsophisticated as a party since January 20, 2009.  

Mitt Romney was aggressive in his demeanor as he approached the Presidential debate last week. His 'STYLE" as some call it m, carried the day in that debate. Of course, President Obama did little to defray Romney's aggressive lying style until well into the debate and by that time far too late.

Vice Presidential Debate and fact checks. 

Frankly, you can seek fact checks that focus on Joe Biden's debate comments.  I am biased, but After the Paul Ryan speech at the RNC and comments from the Right about his lies, I have no interest beyond the scope of his lies.  Notice I typed from the Right (e.g., Peggy Noonan for one)



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Really, O’Reilly?

The following post has been duplicated on The Progressive Influence. Mmetrics1's posts are part of the "Talent Place for Special People ' Page. 

Posted by mmetrics1

I was channel-surfing last night, jumping back-and-forth from watching sports to the O’Reilly Factor during commercials. Given my interest in media bias, it was as if cosmic forces were at work. Let me explain…
The first time I tuned into “the Factor,” O’Reilly was doing his Talking Points segment. He was once again railing about OWS protesters, who this time had the temerity to interrupt a public speech by Newt Gingrich. Bill made some pretty interesting assertions, such as:
  • “The protesters are being used as point people by some in the Democratic party.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fox News Toning Down? Roger Ailes Public Interview : TROJAN HORSE

(This article is cross posted from and

Roger Ailes, the inimitable one, declares a mellowing Fox News!

September 26, 2011
Comes forth a man who earns a reported $23 million per year, a man who helped elect a few GOP presidents, and a man who has presided over a cast of characters who have practiced ‘television yellow journalism'. Fox News can be categorized in no other way than  ’yellow journalism’.