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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's TPI Gazette: GOPism; Carson, Trump, Racist Rant, Editor's Choice

Non-Progressive News...

Let's start our quick Gazette piece with a visit to Politifact and a chain email that continues to flow among the nation's tin-foil heads.  The rational person should question the continued proliferation of such garbage as President Obama will leave office at the end of this year. The more distrusting sorts, as am I, know the genesis of the false depiction and its continued promulgation: racism and an attempt to punish a nation for electing a non-white male president in 2008.

Obama As A Foreign Student (As part of a Politifact "Pants on Fire" Gallery)

Pants on Fire!

This image has been around for a few years now. Here’s a 2013 post from "Tea Party United."

Other Internet debunkers have looked at this before (Snopes, for one), but we wanted to take our own look.
It may not surprise you that it’s a sham.

Read more linked above. If you clink the link and take a few minutes review some of the faces, false reports and outright "pants on Fire" lies, you will notice a heavy social and political  skewering to the Right.  

How about a case of pure subterfuge that shines a light of human sycophancy. A creatively nefarious developer replaced an Adolf Hitler quote with an image and signature of Donal Trump.  The response to the false attribution is noteworthy in delineating the extent of danger inherent if celebrity worship and contempt for US politicians. 

Read the story from the Bipartisan Report, below.



The BiPartisan Report

Sycophancy Kills!

One Twitter guy recommends Jeb Bush deal with Donald Trumps "phonyism" as Trump has benefitted from his association with the WWE.
White House qualified or entertainment hound?  A rhetorical question; I have my answer.

A New Year's Day Gazette wouldn;t be complete without a quick visit to that ever-present racist who, unlike Paty Buchanan, refuses to go ahead and openly flaunt white privilege racism.

Again a racist who declares she is not a racist...How often do you read and hear such?

What was that famous lyrics refrain from the late Reggae icon, Bob Marley,?  "Who Da Cap Fit Let Them Wear it." 
Some will hate you, pretend they love you now,
Then behind they try to eliminate you.
But who Jah bless, no one curse;
Thank God, we're past the worse.
Hypocrites and parasites
Will come up and take a bite.
And if your night should turn to day,
A lot of people would run away.
And who the stock fit let them wear it!
Who the (cap fit) let them (wear it)!

If one lives the life of the racist, one should  proudly wear the collar.

Case in point. The following relates to the very issue of wearing one's racism as proudly as one political preference. A Pennsylvania racist was fired from his job after publicly confronting protesters and calling a camera operator a "Nigger", along with associated Great Ape mimicry. 

He proudly wore his "cap" given to him via his parents right into the reality of the unemployment line. 

Ben Carson in the news!  The following is a comprehensive (yet abbreviated) delineation of Ben Carson's staff resignations. We have shrouded the resignations (without specific name and title details) with a review of some aspects of Carson, "the insane one."

Let's take it from the top.

Ben Carson has issues that seem to center in the very area of the human anatomy for which he carved a historic medical niche.   He reminds of that advice we all received as pre-teens. "If the fool keeps her/his mouth closed, they are not likely to be discovered as a fool."

According to Carson, he spent parts of his life attempting "stabbing" in the neighborhood, threatening his mother with a hammer and throwing bricks at cops cars. The zany former medical doctor never heard the advice from a parent. Since bursting on the political scene with a public confrontation fo President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast a few years back, Carson has talked himself into a what could be diagnosed as a lack on cogency between his brain and his mouth coupled with an inclination to lie.

Carson's advice when confronted with a Popeye chicken outlet robber. Don't rob me, rob that guy behind the counter. A claim unsubstantiated by Popeyes, not the Washington DC Police Department. How can any sane presidential candidate respond to a mass killing in such a manner? The operative word from the last sentence is "sane."  Ben Carson is not sane.  If you need any validation of such, follow the short videos linked and embed to follow.



Carson saw the cheering New Jersy Muslims as the WTC fell on 9/11.

As with his political opponents Donald Trump, Carson incessantly lies while deflecting off on others.  He claims to have a problem being lied about. No, he clearly has a problem with lying.


As Carson's time on the campaign trail starts to crumble, his "Business Manager" joined CNN to discuss changes in the campaign staff (resignations).  Why is this man titled "Business Manager" vs. the more common campaign staff titles?  

Despite resignations, it is going to be OK.

Why the title of "Business Manager?"  Armstrong Williams knows the GOP will not soon nominate a black republican (the do not embrace the vernacular of African-American) to the top of the GOP presidential ticket. As a longtime friend of Carson, Williams is far too smart to pigeon-hole himself into a position so easily discarded when times go bad. He is also smart to the point of knowing Carson has US dollar marketability; thus personal riches for Williams.  

As to Willam's CNN interview, I posit not one word made a modicum of rational sense. Carson and Willaims speak to a level of GOP insanity never before illustrated in US History. 

We should all thank Donald Trump and Reince Priebus for revealing what all high-information folks have known about the GOP for many years. It doesn't maintain itself as a party of 92% white people with many associated racist fissures since the days of Richard Nixon (personified via Ronald Reagan). 

Editor's Choice

After the Break below


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Your GOP: Trump Unleashes A Lie, Traps Carson And No Reaction From The RNC

When the "carnival barker" sells too many tickets to a false reality, a nation should pay attention.

"Your GOP"

Pants on Fire! 


This Is the Footage Donald Trump Thinks He Saw on 9/11

We’re now on day two of the latest media controversy to engulf Donald Trump, namely his insistence that he personally saw footage that featured “thousands” of American Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. For a time, Dr. Ben Carson even backed up Trump’s delusion by claiming that he had also seen the footage, a claim that was subsequently retracted by his campaign. For two days now, the media has been parsing Trump’s claim, which he now supports with an unsourced paragraph in an old Washington Post article that describes “law enforcement authorities” questioning people who were “allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops.”
The controversy is obviously a big deal to the media, and even has some predicting that this could be the thing that finally puts a dent in Trump’s poll numbers. On Tuesday’s Morning JoeMika Brzezinski predicted that this could really hurt Trump:
“This is what could really hurt Trump. I mean if — he’s got to be smart and strong and correct, and if he’s not correct, when push comes to shove people will coalesce around a different candidate.”
This is hilarious on so many levels, starting with the notion that being “correct” means anything to Republican voters, who lap up GOP candidates’ weird fantasies like kittens with a saucer of milk. In this case, though, the media is blinding itself to the fact that Trump’s claim has more then enough truthiness to give him the cover he needs.
That old WaPo report, it has to be said, is pure bullshit. The reporters who wrote it have since said that they were unable to verify the allegation, but no one has questioned them on where it came from in the first place. Based on the lack of attribution, the only possibilities are that it was from some law enforcement source who insisted on deep background attribution (not likely given the broad nature of the claim), or it was from residents and/or local political figures who claimed knowledge of the incidents.
In any case, in the weeks following the attacks, literally everyone I ran into in New Jersey had a story about how they had personally seen the FBI or the cops raid their local convenience store/gas station/other business that happened to be owned by brown people, and that they knew for a fact the people scooped up in the raid had been plotting against America. People were scared shitless, and talking out of their asses.
For some reason, though, none of the coverage of Trump’s remarks has included the footage that Trump was probably talking about, footage that every American either saw or heard about that day and was deeply traumatized by. While still reeling from the tragedy, Fox News viewers got to see this footage of Palestinians allegedly celebrating the attacks:
It wasn’t just Fox News, though. Here’s how the scene was presented by CNN:
MSNBC also aired similar footage from the West Bank:
Appearing when it did, this footage gave many Americans a distorted view of Muslim reaction to the attacks, which was, in fact, widespread condemnation. It is perhaps out of concern for this sort of distorted impression that media outlets are now reluctant to replay that footage, but it bears direct relevance to the political price Trump will pay for his current campaign of lies. To the Americans who matter to Trump, the resentful Republican base and low-information independents, Trump’s conflation of this footage with that unsourced WaPo report will be seen as a forgivable transgression at worst, and at best, something that feels true.
What I find even more bizarre about this current controversy is the immense gulf between coverage of Trump’s bogus 9/11 memories and the balls-out anti-black racism he displayed almost simultaneously. There may or may not have been people celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11, but the racist tweet Trump sent out this weekend was definitively a lie, definitively racist, and yet became a one-day footnote to the 9/11 story.
Some have correctly expressed concern that Trump’s 9/11 story could lead to violence against Muslims, but his supporters’ anti-black sentiments have already led to violence against at least one black man. Tweeting that black people are doing all of the murdering would seem to be at least as problematic, and orders of magnitude more racist, yet it has been treated as a sideline. Only Bill O’Reilly has managed to press Trump about it, and even then, it was only to warn him that it might give people an excuse to falsely believe that racism is even a thing.
To her credit, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow became one of the very few media figures who has even been willing to use the word “racist” to describe Trump’s tweet on Monday night’s show, but even that was a small part of an 18-minute segment on the 9/11 story. The rest of the media is apparently allergic to calling Trump’s tweet “racist” and a “lie” in equal measure, instead often referring to the completely fabricated statistics from a made-up source “questionable.” No, people, “slugging percentage” and “QB rating” are questionable statistics, these are lies.
As outrageous as Trump’s lies are, I find the media’s treatment of them even more of an outrage, because Trump has no duty to serve the public. Apparently, the media doesn’t think it does, either, or at least not that segment of the public.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of years of GOPism.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

GOP Politics: Can It Get Any Worse?


The United States has a political party that is undergoing and promulgating the most heinous of social regression in US History.  

Over the centuries, we have evolved away from our more shameful historic events and historic washy of life.  Native American genocide (via manifest destiny), Women's Suffrage, Anti-Union thuggery, Japanese internment (during WWII with no Germany ancestry internment), and Jim Crow (albeit it short lived), are classic examples of how we as a nation we overcame past horrors. You might have noticed I expressly avoided past treatment of Italian Immigrants, horrors perpetrated against Irish immigrants. Moreover, I am certain you noticed no mention of the forced immigration of Africans to facilitate early American capitalism and elitism. 

All in the past; all with documented and existential evolution away from the sins of our social past.  Alas, we now regress.  we regress out of the shadows of GOP regression that commenced in the early 1970s via political expedience under the auspices of Richard Nixon. Social regression that was honed to a fine science under Ronald Reagan under the tutelage and ownership of Lee Atwater and a finely tuned version of Richard Nixon and Kevin Phillips "Southern Strategy."  No, my point isn't one that gyrates solely around race.  My point is a direct address of policy and ideology born of political expedience and turned into paradigm shaping fodder via Fox News.  

In 2015, the two leaders of the herd of GOP candidates for the 2016 nomination have, over the past 24 hours, illustrated US social regression. Donald Trump and Ben Carson remind of why voting against the GOP in the coming elections could be tantamount to nations saving. If you are inclined to feel comfortable Trump and Carson will wane of the primary race, know the GOP has a few equally regressive candidates on their bench. Rubio, Cruz, Huckabee, and Paul are social misfits ready and willing to follow the footsteps of the party's leading demagogues.  

Trump and Carson over the past 24 hours. As you pursue the following recall, the Paris terrorists were to the person citizens of Belgium and France.  Could we have a racial or ethnic components to what follows?

The Hill: Trump won't rule out database, special ID for Muslims in US

The Hill piece was developed from a Yahoo News interview. Excerpt
“We’re going to have to do thing that we never did before,” he said during a Yahoo interview. 
“Some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule,” Trump said. 
“Certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy,” he added. “We’re going to have to do things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.” 
Trump would not rule out warrantless searches in his plans for increased surveillance of the nation’s Muslims, Yahoo reported Thursday. 
He also remained open toward registering U.S. Muslims in a database or giving them special identification identifying their faith, the news outlet added. (color added by The Pardu)
More here
"......identification identifying their faith."
 Children of the Yellow Badge
Thirteen must watch minutes of developing US History and very audaciously so. We offer The Rachel Maddow Show with Trump on camera. Ben Carson's "Neighborhood Rabid Dogs" Talking Points Memo


 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

Ben Carson Compares Some Syrian Refugees To 'Mad Dogs' (VIDEO)


AP Photo / John Locher
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday compared the process of vetting Syrian refugees wishing to enter the U.S. to a parent protecting a child from a rabid dog. 
"If there's a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood, you're probably not going to assume something good about that dog," Carson said during a press conference in Mobile, Ala. "And you're probably going to put your children out of the way. That doesn't mean that you hate all dogs." 
He said it was simply "putting your intellect into motion" to call for a strengthened screening process to weed out potential terrorists before letting more refugees into the country. 
"We have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are," Carson said. "Quite frankly, who are the people who want to come in and hurt us and destroy us."
Watch Carson's comments below:
Donald Trump and Ben Carson are setting a tone across conservative America that alone could fill a vault with evidence of dangerous social regression.
Before I move on with a salient point regarding GOP regression, I will once against ask, why no forced internment of white American homegrown terrorist who are becoming more overt with their acts of horror. I have yet to hear one single comment from the right about people such as those in the following video news segment.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (local News segment)

UPDATE: And, this man is an alleged minister!
How very Christian of him. Posted by If You Only News on Thursday, November 19, 2015
Can it get any worse? StumbleUpon

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ben Carson: China In Syria; Yet Another Lie

Fifty-six (56) seconds of utter insanity.

Maybe, one day within the next few months the GOP/RNC will do something to clean the messes out of their perspective primary candidates.  It is apparent, GOP rank and file find both Trump and Carson appealing; a major problem for the GOP.

What a difference a few days make when considering the GOP and its top candidates?  Also, those days were probably filled with serious talk of cleaning up that specific lie.

Ben Carson assertion of intimate knowledge of Chinese troops in Syria, did not pass the Finnochio test. After what was certain to have been campaign handler coaching, counseling, and cautions, the obviously unbalanced Carson come forth today with a retraction.  Carson pulled a Fox News Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly like: "It was tongue in cheek."  

Tongue in cheek. Do you think Kelly advised Carson to try that one? It worked well for her cleanup show.


Carson Backtracks on Syrian Intel Claim: ‘That Was Tongue in Cheek’

by  | 5:23 pm, November 16th, 2015
Ben Carson backtracked Monday on claims his foreign policy “sources are better” than PresidentBarack Obama‘s, telling reporters, “that was tongue in cheek.”
Carson said the suggestion that he has better sources than the president was intended as a joke, adding it “would be very alarming” if his campaign had access to superior foreign policy advisors.
At the last Republican presidential debate, Carson told the audience “the Chinese” are operating in Syria, a declaration met with criticism by some foreign policy experts. National Security Advisor Susan Rice rebutted Carson’s claim, telling reporters the U.S. has no evidence of Chinese involvement in Syria.
In an effort to back up his statement, Carson said China supplies “a lot of military equipment, and they supply radar equipment and sophisticated monitoring systems” to Syria.
In a separate interview, Carson told reporters his campaign would release “some material on” China’s operations in Syria. “I have several sources that I’ve gotten material from. I’m surprised my sources are better than [the Obama administration’s],” Carson said.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that hearing the Republican presidential candidate say he has better sources than Obama left him “speechless.” The president also rejected the candidate’s foreign policy claim, telling ABC News that Carson is ill-informed. “He doesn’t know much about it,” Obama said.
Though Carson clarified his comments were meant as a joke, the candidate took the opportunity to criticize the Obama administration’s Syrian refugee policy. Jabbing at Obama’s poorly-timed assertion that ISIS forces are “contained,” Carson said Monday, “The only thing that seems to be contained is this foolish policy inside our government.
[Image via screengrab]


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Polls, Polls, Polls (Often Wrong And Poorly Administered)

"This post was first published on"

Why Horserace Polls Are Bad for Democracy


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ben Carson: Colonial Elected Officials, And A Smorgasbord Of Shadowy Dogma

"Point made" on how Ben Carson benefitted from the very federal assistance conservatives call Big Government. 

After a week of truly phenomenal talk and revelations regarding the GOP's number two 2016 candidate of the nomination, I personally look forward to next week with Ben "Stabby" Carson.  After closing out the week with unsustainable reports that Carson alleged sheltering a group of white students in a laboratory during riots in 1968, I ran across this today:
An unlikely Carson defender?Posted by Talking Points Memo on Sunday, November 8, 2015
Before I move to criticism of and disagreement with Sanders, I seriously wonder in what context would Carson stand in front of a group of people with his alleged shielding of whites students as a topic.  I can only imagine it fits Carson's dire need to please and enamor himself to white conservatives. Let's be honest no black person (most African-American conservatives seem to share a disdain for the common racial identifier) can expect any level of success in conservative America unless the person fits a mold.  A mold of quiet, soft-spoken, unassuming, outwardly critical of any federal program that benefits the poor, an inclination to join in bannering slavery for political gain, and a mold that includes religious dogma to the point of ridiculous. A mold the vast majority of Africans-Americans will not fit nor would most care to fit. Thus, a GOP with 92% white members with no interest in reaching out to minority communities; especially the African-American community. 

Bernie Sanders is campaigning as a true liberal with a political need to focus all campaign or election-related dialog on "the issues." On that point, I agree without question. However, I strongly disagree with Sanders regarding press or media scrutiny of Ben Carson's past. Carson has brandished his past since fulfilling an appearance at a 2013 Washington DC prayer breakfast event.  After his direct affront to the 44th President of the United States who sat mere feet from the developing right wing demagogue, he has sky-rocketed in the hearts and minds of conservative supporters. The candidate himself has at one time or another blast his past to various audiences with what has proven to include copious helpings of lies, misrepresentations and the appearance of developing insanity. Why shouldn't media investigate his claims of alleged attempts to stab, hammer clobber a relative, or brick someone at will?  How can Sanders overlook a commencement ceremony speech that included utter insanity regarding the genesis and utility of the Egyptian Pyramids (Grain silos)?  How about Carson claims of dinner with General Westmoreland in the early 1990s with a related 'full scholarship' to West Point (The Detroit News, The Daily News Bin)? The benevolent and desperate Sanders is wasting air-time with any effort to criticize media probing what seems to be a potential presidential candidate who comes across as a pathological liar and one who relegates both Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's penchant for lying at the level choirboy fib status.

Of all of Carson's reported forays into the realm of the undereducated, his major misstep regarding what some call the Founding Fathers should be a GOP nomination eliminator. Children learned about the crafters of the first colonial (federal) government, the US Revolutionary War, and the US Constitution early in primary school studies. Was the lesson called Social Studies?  We can assume Carson learned Social Studies as did the rest of us, but we run into a major disconnect when we consider why he would deliver the following statement to an audience. The following AddictingInfo piece is far more informative regarding Carson colonial government misstep than the Politifact piece.  The AddictingInfo writer included a Politifact list of officials who must have escaped Carson's early learning or his lie to that particular audience. 

"Every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no federal elected office experience."
— Ben Carson on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 in an edited Facebook post
Pants on Fire!

Carson is the ultimate charlatan. From his "business manager-Armstrong Williams, who will not be called his campaign manager, through numerous cases of a veracity deficient personality, he trods along as the number two GOP primary candidate to date. Let's visit with the AddictingInfo piece referenced above.

 Wiki Commons image added by The Pardu.


Ben Carson Says No Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence Ever Held Office

In a post on his campaign site, Ben Carson compiled some answers to his followers’ questions on Facebook last week. One of the questions asked whether his political inexperience was going to be a challenge for him. His answer was edited several times, but the essence was that men and women ;with government experience are the last people we should be electing. This fits in with his dubious argument that he is the superior choice because he isn’t your typical politician. 
Bill Maher made fun of Carson for being an amateur on this week’s “Real Time” by comparing the presidential candidate to a plumber. The comedian jokingly described what a Carson supporter might do if his toilet ever got backed up. “The shit’s about to back up in here, what we need is an outsider!” Maher also asked the logical question, “If neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson really believes that somebody with zero governing experience is qualified to be president, he must first let someone with zero medical training operate on his brain.” 
So, when Carson took to Facebook to promote his lack of political experience, he instead proved he has about as much understanding of American history and government as a middle school student. Perhaps even less so. (emphasis is mine) 
“You are absolutely right — I have no political experience,” Carson wrote in the Facebook Every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience. What they had was a deep belief that freedom is a gift from God. They had a determination to rise up against a tyrannical King. They were willing to risk all they had, even their lives, to be free.”Carson-Declaration-Of-IndependenceTo try to salvage his answer the post was rewritten to now read: 
“Every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no federal elected office experience. What they had was a deep belief that freedom is a gift from God. They had a determination to rise up against a tyrannical King.”
BenCarson2This assertion from Carson earned him the extra special “liar, liar pants on fire, rating” from PolitiFact. Even in the final edited version of Carson’s post his point is still incorrect. There was no official federal government, so, there couldn’t be a federally elected official. However, local governments were set up to keep law and order. In fact, 28 of the 58 signers of the Declaration of Independence were office holders. 
Many people throughout the years have advocated having professions other than lawyers or lifetime politicians in elected office. Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks that there should be more scientists in Congress. Others have suggested there should be more service members in office. But presumably each of these potential officials must have some kind of knowledge of how a bill becomes a law, the basic history of our nation, and some understanding of existing laws and how they work. That’s not true in Carson’s case. Sadly.
PolitiFact kindly listed them:
 John Adams. Elected to Massachusetts Assembly, 1770; attended First Continental Congress, 1774-1776. 
 • Thomas Jefferson. Represented Albemarle County as a delegate in the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1769-1775 
  Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia councilman, 1748; elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly, 1751. 
 • John Hancock. Elected to the Boston Assembly, 1766; president of the provincial congress of Massachusetts, c. 1773; elected to the Continental Congress, 1774, and then president of the congress in 1775. 
 • Samuel Adams. Elected to Massachusetts Assembly, 1765; delegate to the First Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • Elbridge Gerry. Elected to Massachusetts Legislature, 1773; provincial Congress, 1774. 
  Roger ShermanElected to Connecticut General Assembly, representing New Milford, 1755-1758 and 1760-1761; elected to various offices representing New Haven in the 1760s and 1770s; elected to the Continental Congress starting in 1774. 
 • Caesar Rodney. Elected to Delaware Colonial Assembly, 1758-1770 and 1771-1776; delegate to the Stamp Act Congress, 1765; elected to the Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • George Taylor. Elected to Pennsylvania provincial assembly, 1764-69; elected to Continental Congress, 1775. 
 • John Morton. Elected to Pennsylvania provincial assembly, 1756-1775; delegate to the Stamp Act Congress, 1765; president of the provincial assembly, 1775. 
 • George Ross. Elected to Pennsylvania provincial assembly, 1768-1776; Elected to Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • James Wilson. Elected to Pennsylvania provincial congress, 1775; elected to the Continental Congress, 1775. 
 • Thomas McKean. Member of the Delaware Assembly, 1762-79; Delegate to the Stamp Act Congress, 1765; delegate to the Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • Matthew Thornton. Member of the New Hampshire provincial assembly, 1758-1762. 
 • William Whipple. Elected to New Hampshire provincial congress, 1775 and 1776. 
 • Stephen Hopkins. Speaker of the Rhode Island Assembly,1750s; member of the Continental Congress beginning in 1774. 
 • Lewis Morris. Member of New York provincial legislature; delegate to the Continental Congress, 1775. 
 • Philip Livingston. Alderman, New York City. 
 • Carter Braxton. Virginia House of Burgesses, 1770-1785; delegate to the Continental Congress, 1774-75. 
 • Thomas Nelson Jr. Member of the House of Burgesses, 1774; Virginia provincial convention, 1775. 
 • Francis Lightfoot Lee. Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses 1758-1775; elected to Continental Congress, 1775. 
 • Benjamin HarrisonElected to Virginia House of Burgesses, 1764; member of the Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • George WytheMember of the Virginia House of Burgesses, 1755-65. 
 • William Hooper. Elected to general assembly of North Carolina, 1773; member of Continental Congress, 1774-1776. 
 • Joseph Hewes. Member of the colonial assembly of North Carolina, 1766-1775; member of new provincial assembly, 1775; elected to Continental Congress, 1774. 
 • John Hart. Member of the New Jersey Assembly, 1761-1771; member of provincial assembly, 1775; elected to the Continental Congress, 1776. 
 • William Williams. Town clerk, selectman, provincial representative, elected state legislator, delegate to colonial conferences, 1770s. 
 • William PacaDelegate to the Maryland Legislature, 1771; elected to Continental Congress, 1774.
Feature image via Wikimedia commons.
End AddictingInfo

A few walk-away pieces regarding the GOP candidate Bernie Sanders wants the media to cease probing. 
Ben Carson says West Point uses the words "full scholarship" on their website. That's Mostly True, though experts say he wouldn't have been offered one without applying.
Posted by PolitiFact on Sunday, November 8, 2015
A gallery of Carson with Mother Jones as the star of the following gallery.