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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dylan Davies Lays A Path of Lies and 60 Minutes Follows

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The ongoing story about an alleged rescuer of the remaining Americans at the Benghazi Consulate (and Embassy) is becoming increasing convoluted. After separate stories from Fox News and (we hate to keyboard it) CBS's 60 Minutes ran stories from British security "mercenary", Dylan Davies, we are finding how Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) has permeated networks with past records of investigative credibility. 60 Minutes producers have allowed themselves to be drawn into a vicious web of deceit and lies. There is no network television news magazine considered as credible as 60 Minutes. Even the 1970s Iranian hostage crisis day to day countdown and reporting on ABC's Nightline took second tier to 60 Minute's weekly must see segments. The CBS News magazine has storied history of a television news segment giant. 

Yet, even giants fall when the giants place themselves on ground that is supported with nothing more than book deal, ratings grabbing and politically expedient foundations. Fox News fits the profile like a conservative glove. 60 Minutes's step onto the quicksand of ratings baiting was deplorable act and led to a quick immersion into "yellow" journalism.

If you are only peripherally aware of the 60 Minutes credibility hit, we have linked articles from three pieces from Media Matters.

60 Minutes Takes a Huge Credibility Hit 

Fox Rushes To The Defense Of Benghazi "Eyewitness" Who Admitted He Lied

Fox Goes To Bat For 60 Minutes Benghazi "Witness" Who Admitted He Lied

One piece from The Daily Beast

Exclusive: Benghazi Whistleblower Says He Was Smeared

Dylan Davies says he was smeared. Davies reminds of many on the political Right. Once caught, they seek excuse, rational and deflection.  

We view Davies as an opportunist with dollar sign "sugar plums" clouded above his psyche and his motives. 

Fox News? 

We do not expect better and would be surprised if Fox had taken a different perspective on the Davies report. If anti-administration comments are stated by any source, Fox News will broadcast the story. The network must save millions on daily broadcasts without the backroom probing of a research department. Why pay for researchers and competent journalistic minds while paying millions to host who will read anything placed in front of their eyes? Feeding viewers and "LIVS (low information voters) misinformation simply does not require investigation and questioning minds. 


If the Davies and Laura Logan's episode is non-credible the network should broadcast comment about following the wrong path.