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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News

We realize Fox News appeals to a segment of the US population that has little to no regard for humanity, the environment, the Obama Administration, progressives and liberals, and Fox News viewers seem to love the prospect of violence focused on the nation's minorities. Fox viewers also tract right along with the GOP regarding a lack of regard for the nations poor and less privileged. So, what you are about to read does not surprise in any way. However, that does not mean Fox management decisions regarding their positions of current events isn't report able.

All things considered, does it surprise Fox would drag two former New York City cops on-air to defend police military style mobilization of an American community? I am wondering if the wrong mobilization should be supplanted with the word "occupation." Looting is an unacceptable set of behaviors. But, in the case of Ferguson, Missouri, we are seeing what appears like Soweto South Africa and black struggles against apartheid. It reminds of authority heavy handedness against peace protesters during the 1960s Viet Nam War protests.

On the other side of life in America and associated privilege conferred or denied(based in race), we did not see anything similar to the gassing and smoke bombing during Cliven Bundy's tax evasion confrontation. I never once heard any law enforcement official, cop, nor federal government official refer to the militia and assassins in Nevada as "animals." Nor, did I see one military style armored vehicle in Nevada. What could be different about the two cases of unrest? You might find that question rhetorical!

Think Progress reports on Fox News and the typical fox deployment of "whites only" panels to discussion issue regarding African-Americans. Of course, business give their customer what they want. I suspect any black people on certain Fox News panels would draw the ire of those who tune-in.

Think Progress

“The response last night is what needs to happen,” retired NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik told Fox News on Monday morning. 
Bo Dietl, a Fox News contributor and former NYPD detective, went even further. He argued that authorities in Ferguson must “take charge” and defended arming local precincts with unused military equipment from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars by invoking the threat of global terrorism. 
Kerik...ex-convict (felon)?  Really Fox and CNN, really?

New York Daily News....

Kerik, 57, will likely serve out the rest of his term for eight felony convictions under home confinement. 
Kerik was sentenced to four years in prison in February 2010 after a federal judge blasted him for using his high-profile part in the city’s 9/11 response to make money.

Kerik leaving court in February 2010. He has just been released from a federal prison in Maryland.SABO, ROBERT, NEW YORK DAILY NEW/NEW YORK DAILY NEWSKerik leaving court in February 2010. He has just been released from a federal prison in Maryland.

Kerik’s guilty plea in a November 2009 plea deal including admissions that he lied to the White House, filed false tax returns and lied about $255,000 in work done by a mob-linked contractor.
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Fox really?