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Monday, July 6, 2015

Life Changed Is Life Saved: Racism, Bigotry, Callousness Banished

The following post is based on a story from an American who changed his life to a better life.  For some of you this screed might work better if you read Josh Clark's experience, and comeback to the opening and body of the screed. In any case, I have only experienced knowing of a few cases of that which is so eloquently stated by Mr. Clark.   

There are times when you read something that grabs you and delivers a signal to your brain: "This is serious, this is heartfelt, this is relevant, this is right all while feeding the brain's frontal lobes and Hippocampus." The experience runs the full course of cognitive processes from sensory perception thorough mental assimilation and the ultimate mental activity: Leaning.

Such external sensory experiences remind of personal epiphanies and personal experiences that upon reflection resonates with the person as an awakening, inducement for a paradigm shift and personally rewarding. A literal cognitive bundle not often experienced throughout the full measure of our full lives. We have sensory experiences as we grow through our formative years that induces learning (e.g. first real kiss to companionship to love). We certainly learn to exercise acquired skills to the level of proficiency leading to a career (e.g. attaining that first big promotion). The person learns while providing healthy nourishment for a well-rounded and humane psyche. A psyche at peace with life is without fail accompanied by a healthy emotional state. 

Some never experience life shattering experiences that result in a "changed" person. Imagine living a life that embodied learned social intolerance regarding race, religion, national origin, gender or social class. It is like being taught (by your parents) to avoid the rich kid from "The Heights," because "they are raised differently." Latter in life you find with the first experience, the rich kid you have in front of you isn't a bad person at all. Our parents, family and early social choices environment shape the individual.

For sake of developing what follows (below), supplant the "rich kid" with a black kid. A learned experience far more prevalent than caution and bias regarding America's kids of wealthy families. Actually, chance of interacting with the uber wealthy kids is almost as remote as being struck by lightening. Examples aside, "social shaping" affects us all, the only differences in our respective experiences are where the learning takes us in life.

 or this   then to this     ending like this     

I often refer to the following diagram to show how social "shaping" and social leaning from early childhood through our formative years, leads to adults who are either "ism" intolerant or who are tolerant of people who are is some way different. Intolerant adults are socially shaped to bigotry, racism, over the top gender bias or homophobia; they arr "ism" driven creatures. If the individual doesn't take steps to counter social development that leads to the bigot or the racist, we experience what we have today in increasing numbers. Imagine Rand Paul, Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz raised from childhood with an iota of tolerance for others. 

If you take a few minutes to review the diagram you will notice there is a point at which the person can take affirmative steps to counter social development that leads to bigotry and racism. In the absence of direct personal action or intervention in the "Direction for Change" stage (opportunity), the person will development through stages of bigotry and racism that could lead to manifestation as such:

                                                     Image result for racist flag waving 

Or this...listen carefully. You will not only see first hand the result of being raised to be a racist, you will see the racist (as is often the case) also has issues with sexism. According to Think Progress and official part of the CPAC archive....
At one point, a woman challenged him on the Republican Party’s roots, to which Terry responded, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

The Cycle of Oppression diagram very basically places visual light on the social a social disease that affects so many Americans.

The Cycle of Oppression
"Isms" make close bed fellows that can be broken via concerted intervention as in the diagram and via the personal testimonial of a Facebook poster.
   Josh Clark's photo.
Josh Clark 
Something has been weighing pretty heavily on me the past few days. I have had a few small discussions on the issue, but haven’t gotten too far into it. I wanted to share this, not for attention, but because I thought it needed to be done. 

It’s no big secret to my friends that I love to hunt, fish, camp and do pretty much anything outdoors. I have always considered myself to be a country boy stuck in the city. One of the ways that I used to show pride for my lifestyle was wearing t-shirts with the Confederate/ Rebel flag on them. In high school, I even had a bumper sticker on my truck that read “Keep It Flying”. I had grown up seeing the flag regularly, and although I had seen it used in negative ways on occasion, I chose to accept the “Heritage not Hate” and “Pride not Prejudice” interpretation of the flag. If you had asked me back then, I would’ve told you that it was a symbol of southern pride and had nothing to do with racism. 
I was raised pretty close to downtown Nashville and grew up with kids of all races with all kinds of backgrounds. I played baseball, basketball and football on teams where sometimes whites were minorities. I am very thankful for this. As I continue to grow and learn, I realize that we tend to fear things just because we don’t understand them. Because of where and how I was raised, I never feared people of other color or background. I was able to realize that we are all the same underneath. I have had white friends, black friends, Asian friends, Middle Eastern friends, Latino friends, Christian friends, Muslim friends, Atheist friends, etc. Thankfully, I have never had a racist bone in my body.
It wasn’t until well into my college years when I began to start thinking for myself. I no longer let the people I was raised by tell me how to view every issue and tried my best to be more open-minded. I believe that one of the most important things for us to do as humans is to try putting ourselves in others’ shoes before we make any kind of judgement. 
Although I never meant anything racist by sporting the Confederate flag, I couldn’t help but think of what some of my black friends thought about it. I really can’t think of a time that I was confronted about it. Did it not offend them? Were they too nice or afraid to confront me about it? The more I researched about the history of the flag, the worse I felt. What I had been told about its history was wrong. Thousands of southerners still fly the flag with no racist intent. They still defend the good things they’ve been told about the flag. They, like I once was, are WRONG. The flag is a symbol of a way of life that was wrong. Not that it needs to be stated, but slavery is one of the most evil and cruel things this world has ever seen. The Confederate flag represents this evil. Where is the pride in that? The Confederate flag is also a sign of division. How can you truly be a patriot of this country and fly this flag? Do we really need to fly a flag to show that we are southern, or that we like to hunt and fish, especially when it’s offensive to so many? It is not a kind thing, a good thing, or the right thing to do.
To those against removing the flag, I do not think you are a bad person. I know what it once meant to me. I do, however, challenge you to do your research. Step outside of what your family taught you and be open-minded. Even if you believe in a different history lesson, is flying a flag worth the pain it causes others? Please try to view these issues from the other side of the argument.
To those I may have offended in the past, who never confronted me, I apologize. I was WRONG. 
As our country continues to move forward on equality issues, I believe the only place for the Confederate flag is in our history books.
It is refreshing to know there are many Americans who stand against social shaping that leads to oppression of people based on "isms." While some never know it, such oppression also oppresses the oppressor.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Philadelphia Train Crash Due to "Gayness Factor"

While running through a few headlines over the weekend, I ran into the usual right wing bigotry from Fox News as feed to its viewers. I also ran across yet another example of white privilege, or the perception of such via a business owner, that illustrates a metastasized example of conservative racism. A couple of items from Crooks And Liars stand out as noteworthy in it level of shamefulness.

Sandy Rios On Train Crash: Engineer's Gayness A 'Factor'

Hmm. Since we're playing make-believe and all, let's suppose the engineer was a fundamentalist, God-fearing Christian and was so worried about a gay couple being on his train that he COULDN'T EVEN THINK STRAIGHT. Could we blame Jesus? Amateur train derailment investigator and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios told radio show audience today that the engineer…

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Man Who Would Be Vice-President Evokes Charles Murray (Libertarian Racist)

Yet, he forays into social engineering with a decided slant against people of color (and other "inner city" denizens).

Paul Ryan, November 12, 2012, one week after suffering a defeat by President Obama and the majority of American voters. 

The Caucus, The New York Times.
The surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race,” Mr. Ryan said in an interview with WISC-TV. “When we watched Virginia and Ohio coming in, and those ones coming in as tight as they were, and looking like we were going to lose them, that’s when it became clear we weren’t going to win.”
A couple of Tweet responses to Ryan's 2012 post election comments.
“Paul Ryan emerged from dustbin of nothingness 2 blame his & Romney’s defeat on “urban” vote,” one person tweeted. “These 2 losers continue 2 demean minorities.” 

First, let me state we realize "Urban" areas have denizens of all races and ethnicity within racial groups.  Additionally, it is a fact Democrats have a constituent base in urban America, so one could make the case any suspicion of Ryan using a racial dog-whistle across the GOP should tread with caution. Point taken!

Now, as we consider recent comments from Ryan, let's first take another spin past the Romney/Ryan campaign web site.   

Read more after the break below


Monday, January 13, 2014

Indiana Church Congregation Stands Up To Bigotry!

The power of resistance in the face of pure bigotry.  Sadly, the very same church management group that would stoop to such low levels of human existence, probably would do same regarding a congregation members based on race, and in some cases gender.

And, what we have hear is the perfect example of why religion has been used to oppress and discriminate for millenia.

If we saw or experienced more of such "extinguishing acts"  (the 80% protest) from people, perpetrators would be forced to acclimate to our changin world far more readily.

Photo: Priest wearing purple robe gives sermon via Shutterstock

Eighty percent of congregation quits after Indiana church forces out gay choir director (via Raw Story )
A church in Indiana has seen about 80 percent of its members leave after a gay choral director was forced out over his sexual orientation. Adam Fraley told The Herald Bulletin that he worked for the United Methodist Church in Alexandria for six years…


Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Two Examples Of Why The GOP Is Dying!

...and as good progressives, we have been very diverse in our depictions. Below you will find two of the very worse from this week.

Sarah Palin

The "Wicked from Alaska" has adorned a bit of make-up and brighten the room around her to relish in the demise of a competent and truthful journalist.  How tragic is she?

And, I am seriously failing to understand the logic behind her 'victim" syndrome in the case of Bashir.

We offer yet another example of why Republicanism is a dying breed. MSNBC actually booked a person who works for the RNC, and works for the republicans as an African-American. I wonder what percentage of African-Americans in the GOP does he represent. One of 6% of all African-Americans? Interesting to say the least.

Imaging working with people in a political environment where bias, bigotry and racism lives behind the nearest door, or the closest wired phone receiver. Think of actually sitting in strategy meetings on depriving black people, Latinos, college aged kids and the elderly the right to vote. Of course, we assume the guy below is an invited member to those meetings.

Could you exist where millions share email-chains full of lies and in some cases as disgusting as an email those we have seen over the past five years?  Could you actually work in a party that has taken a hand-off of all comments against overt racism in the GOP.  I did not recall Mr.Watson speaking out against Rick Santorum  and his "BLAH PEOPLE."  Nor, do I recall Mr. Watson publicly commenting on the racist who stood and waver a Confederate Flag in front of the White House. An act never before perpetrated in US History. Wonder if Mr. Watson can make the connection to why the racist waved the flag?  I believe I missed Mr. Watson's comments after learning of Ted Cruz's affinity and wish for life as it was for Jesse Helms.

How much would you wager Mr. Watson was very quiet as Mitt Romney and his team of bigots rolled this out for the public. No African-American outreach.

Orlando Watson RNC

My Dear Watson, 

There really is a serious problem!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

ABC News Offers A Good Bigotry Story (Some Do Not Tolerate It!)

An experiment in bigotry!  

We are running another of the series on racism and bigotry in America.

These segments require no introduction.

ABC News

A good story!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Fabric of Oppression!

The time have come for people to work at reversing increasing and instances of bigotry and racism spreading through every fabric of the nation.

Eric Smith blesses us with a timely and relevant screed!  Images added by The Pardu and linked to sources via  click ing the the image.

Eric Smith
The beauty of our time and yes there is beauty in our time in spite of all the prevailing ugliness is that while there are those who would divide us along the lines of race by way of racially oppressive laws and practices, that there are still many more who are uniting across racial lines in a shared hatred of the injustice inherent in all racist laws & practices; serving as a stirring reminder that our common humanity will ultimately prevail over all barriers erected out of human fear, bigotry, and ignorance.

The same is equally true of oppression based on gender, sexual orientation, and religious Faith. All across America people of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and Faith, are uniting as one people in a concerted effort to collectively turn back the clouds of darkness and forever shine the light of equality & justice upon this great and noble land. 

Let us never never lose sight of that fact and let us never lose faith in the inherent goodness of humankind; that our love of beauty and all things good and decent will ultimately overcome and forever conquer those forces of darkness that continue to slow our march towards progress; towards creating the just nation and world of our dreams.
It matters not if we see it, if our children see it, or our grandchildren see it. What only matters is that our united front against injustice remains united; that we never allow personal despair to cause us to fragment and to give up just because final victory does not seem near at hand. 

Final victory over racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious intolerance may neither be near at hand nor as close as we wish but make no mistake, it is far closer than we think. Our coming together across racial, gender, and sexual orientation lines is proof of that and as such there is nothing wrong with acknowledging our fellow warriors in arms with a nod of the head, a smile, and two words which should be foremost in our hearts "thank you." Thank you for being there for me and thank all of us for being there for each other.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Rubio, Kochs, John Birch Society!!!

The following involves a bit of reading. Reading takes time.  Time is of no consequence, for people who truly are seekers of information. Information helps free the mind from dogmas, manipulation and plutocracy.

Marco Rubio accepts Koch Brothers invitation to speak where!

Down With Tyranny
Marco Rubio To Give Keynote Speech For Koch Brothers' New John Birch Society  

The linked article above provides perspective on how far down the ladder Marco Rubio has fallen.

Rubio knows the history of the John Birch Society as well as anyone in the United States. Yet, he is the classic example of a politician who benefited from large infusions of cash from moneyed plutocrats. He is (as they would say in the Old West) "Obliging."  A few words about the John Birch Society.

Although anti-socialist and anti-communist as its core mission and value, never underestimate the fissures of the John Birch Society that most assured reached into anti-Civil Rights.  If I am not mistaken, the JBS also had, and continues to maintain,  anti-Semitic belief paradigm.

Racist roots: The John Birch Society today denies any racial or anti-Semitic animus, but it wasn’t always so. The society joined others on the far right in accusing Martin Luther King of attending a “Communist training school” in the 1960s. WILLIAM LOVELACE/GETTY IMAGES

The man pictured at the meeting was so obviously not Martin Luther King, Jr. Does the 1964 image remind of anything today. How about and the Fox News broadcast model.  
The resurgence of the John Birch Society (JBS) is no surprise.  As with the exponential growth of militia groups and hate groups post the first inauguration of the nation's first African-American President, groups such as the JBS and the Tea Party should have been expected as resurgent off-shoots.
JBS Founder, Welch
If you are a consistent reader of the TPI, you know that David and Charles Koch are major supporters of the Tea Party, Freedom Works and The Americans for Prosperity Foundation.  In fact, we think it safe to posit, were it not for Koch money, the nation would be free of a Tea Party infested 112th and 113th Congress with approval ratings reaching single digits.  Whether you have a personal affinity for the tea party (was you once perceived it) its impact on progress toward improving our economy is as reliable to the negative as the 24 hour clock.  The movement has also drawn support from groups who are intolerant against people who are not white Americans. I saw so despite the like of Allen West, Ted Cruz, and the former tea arty poster figure Marco Rubio.   The Kochs are also son's of  JBS founding member.

Earlier in 2013, The Southern Poverty Law Center published a piece about the resurgent JBS.

Southern Poverty Law Center:  Bringing Back Birch
Charges of racism and anti-Semitism have dogged the John Birch Society since its earliest days. It opposed civil rights legislation in the 1960s, saying the African-American freedom movement was being manipulated from Moscow with the goal of creating a “Soviet Negro Republic” in the Southern United States. The society was a close ally of Alabama’s segregationist governer George Wallace and reportedly had 100 chapters in and around Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, as well as chapters across the rest of the state. Thompson, the group’s CEO, said the society has never been either racist or anti-Semitic, going so far as to add that once a member is discovered to harbor such views he or she is immediately “booted out.’’

From Welch to Koch
The John Birch Society has been knocked down and counted out numerous times since it was founded in 1958 by Robert Welch, a brilliant, wealthy former candy manufacturer, high-ranking Massachusetts Republican Party official and board member of the ultra-conservative National Association of Manufacturers. The society was named after an American missionary and Army intelligence officer executed by the Chinese days after World War II. One of the society’s first members and major backers was Fred Koch, a multimillionaire businessman, who left a fortunate to his sons. David and Charles Koch have become the billionaire sugar daddies of today’s American right.
New Bottles, Old Wine
Back from the Birchers: Claire Conner 
grew up among leading lights of the 

society, but completely rejected its 
views later in life. COURTESY CLAIRE 
At 67, Claire Conner has been watching the John Birch Society up close and very personal for most of her life. Conner was once right-wing royalty, a princess in the court of Welch. Her father was a member of the 25-person national council of the society for 32 years. He was the first official Bircher in Chicago. Her mother was the second. They signed their daughter up when she was 13. Welch often stayed at their home when visiting the city on Birch business. “He was kind of off-putting when you first met him,” Conner said. “You expected this giant of a man. He had sinus problems and was forever coughing into a handkerchief. When he gave a speech, he just read it. But he was brilliant, and, at the dinner table, he was very animated.’’ 
Conner long ago turned her back on the society. Today, she is an unabashed, proud, Obama-loving liberal. She has written a funny and sometimes sad book about growing up Birch called Wrapped in the Flag: A Personal History of America’s Radical Right that is due to be released by Beacon Press in early July. She worries that her fellow liberals are making an old mistake, underestimating the John Birch Society and its ability to “create havoc.” 
“I always say to my liberal friends you better stop laughing at these people and pay attention,” she says. “The ideas that you hear today coming from the right were generated in the ’60s by the John Birch Society. It’s new language, but the same ideas. In terms of the intellectual framework of the GOP, it’s the Birch Society every single day.” 
She says liberals are still celebrating Obama’s re-election while the Birchers and the rest of the right are back at work. One lost election or 20 years of lost elections, she says, won’t discourage them. “If anything,” she says, “they’re going to be energized. They really believe President Obama is part of the socialist revolution that began with FDR. So, they’re going to dig in their heels. They’re going to get busy and stay busy. As the kids say, that’s how they roll.
Modern American conservatism is busting at the seems with wacky examples of people who desire a nation that is governed via various forms of plutocracy.  Billionaires and millionaires do not spend opulent sums of money without a pre-determined purpose. If they spend, as business men (and in a fewer cases women) they expect a very business-like common ROI (Return on Investment).  In fairness, the Left also has major contributors who give opulent sums.  We do not, however, find those contributors stoking the fires of liberalism to the point of advancing agendas comparable to how the Kochs influence right-wing politics. We do not find an organizations comparable to the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) on the Left. In fact, we do not even find efforts by Liberals donors to influence state governance as does the members of ALEC. I personally cannot recall Left leaning corporations forming bounds to shape legislation.  All said, Rubio accepts and invitation to speak at the John Birch Society existentially places the Cuban-immigrant descendant in a precarious position with no good end.  

The "price" (pun intended) we pay!

Video perspectives from the founder of the JBS.  You will notice a clear focus on socialism, communism and anti-government dogma.  What you do not see in the following video are clear anti-Civil Rights and clear anti-Semite views that accompany the JBS platform and paradigm-ed beliefs systems.

What is the John Birch society?

The John Birch Society (10 plus minutes)

The John Birch Society (9:00 Minutes) 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Tom Robinson Fights Racism

There are times when we posts related to Tim Wise. We have  also posted Facebook screeds from Mr. Tom Robinson. We offer yet, another from Tom Robinson.

Before we post the screed, know that facing racism and bigotry (or even bias) is not an easy mission to accomplish.  It takes courage (as you will read below), it takes focus, and it takes commitment.  Some have accomplished work unparalleled during the course of mankind to alleviate the world of such psycho/social mental deficiencies. All must be reminded of that in our lives that can be eliminated.

 I hope Mr. Robinson does not mind the following. 

You know Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King,  Ghandi, Susan B. Anthony (and company),  Malcolm X (Malik Shabazz), Medgar Evers, murdered civil rights and voting rights workers, and like the thought our not, you know the original (and real) Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  If you know of those people, you know they have one thing in common, "death to oppression and freedom for all people."   

Why did I reference Tom Robinson with regard to those names?  Because I think he is a humble man on a mission.  A mission that most of us dare not undertake (for various reasons).  And, it is people like Tom Robinson who have potential for impacting our world, if people will listen read and involve themselves.  I offer Tim Wise as another and much more recognized 'speaker of the word'.

Before Tom's short personal screed, Allow me to repeat an experience of a few years ago. The Cherry Hill House.  

Tom Robinson "Agitates".  Tim wise "Agitates".  We do not restrict our work to the elimination of racism, bigotry and bias, but we consider that we at The Progressive Influence also "AGITATE". 

Tom Robinson (Facebook screed unmodified)

Image courtesy Tom Robinson...Peace and tranquility

  • Please understand that when I say 'you',

    I am not talking about everyone, but the one's that I am talking about, know who they are. Yet I still have a question for us all of us; what are we afraid of ? Are we afraid of hurting the feelings of some people who might finds the ( truth ) offensive? Are we; who claim to be spirited fighters for truth and justice only willing to do it " under some circumstances? "

    So here we go...

    The fact that there has been unprecedented Black achievement in America is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and resilience of a magnificent people.

    Yes, in spite of not only throwing the kitchen sink at us, and all the appliances too, and putting every conceivable obstacle possible in our path and creating laws that only apply to us, so that we can be easily convicted and warehoused, and denying us a proper education with which we cannot get proper employment and treating us with disgust and disdain; for the last 450 years, ( still we rise...) And that is what burns your ass to the point that you have ( bought and paid for ) lawmakers; to re-double their efforts to strip away laws that were meant to help us and provide opportunities, and creating shams to prevent us from voting.

    Yes, yes, yes, we understand that you think that everything is our fault; that if it wasn't for us, your jobs would not have been out sourced or you wouldn't have lost your homes and the economy would be better, and gas prices would be lower, and your savings wouldn't have been wiped out. We understand that you've convinced yourself that we have international connections with multi national drug cartels, Customs and other law enforcement officials and the banking industry and are able to wash billions of dollars in drug money and have those same drugs shipped into the country, and then funneled into our communities', where they have caused generations of devastation and havoc, and you blame us for broken homes due to systemic high black unemployment, and a lop-sided educational, judicial and justice system. And our children's bright futures, have been dimmed, because we are lazy.

    And oh, yeah, lets talk about the guns too. You know the one's that are readily available and sold in this country; and protected by 2nd. amendment rights and the NRA and our corrupt politicians. Sure, you remember that, the guns that any sick lunatic can walk into any gun store and purchase, because some people are so fearful that some one is going to come and take them away, so they stockpile them as if their was going to be an apocalyptic invasion from another planet, or maybe a race war, that Fox News keeps warning you about.

    Yes we know; that you think that it is all our fault, as well. And you've managed to convince a good portion of Americans too. You've convinced them to continuously vote against their own economic interests and excoriate programs that also help them; for fear that they would have to share something with us; and they have and they still do? (WTF) How else can you explain the Tea Party?

    Man, talk about blind hatred and selfishness. And they teach this to their children and still call themselves' responsible parents?

    But guess what? The world has been watching you; and some of those Americans are beginning to wake up, and they are sick and tired of having a national identity and description in the world, that Americans are motivated by hate...

    We understand that you (some) refuse to take any responsibility for situations that you created or have allowed to happen right under your nose; because of greed, blatant racism and willful ignorance. We understand that you suffer from the psychosis of privilege and are so blinded by hatred that you don't realize ( or won't accept ) that you are getting played too. You refuse to admit to yourself that the views we are forced to peruse are the exact same one's that light your vista's too, because you have someone else to blame, right? Well, just let me ask; how is that working out for you? And guess what...

    You cannot hold a man down without staying down there with him.

    The only difference between us, and you is that you volunteer to stay down there with us; and you do it to protect the rich and the powerful, who tell you that if you just keep believing their bullshit, then scraps from their table will trickle down to you too. And they continue to demonstrate; time and again, that they don't give a rats ass about you, your future, your children, your homes, your outsourced jobs, your college loans or your families' health or well-being in general. But all of your problems are our fault; right?

    Oh, did I forgot to mention that they really don't care about your husbands, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, ( Some raped or otherwise sexually abused ) that they send off to wars for corporate profits who come home bruised and broken, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. Only to be denied benefits and discharged from the military because of a "trumped up" personality disorder.

    When will you get it; that we are all Americans and if this country is going to live up to it's potential and ideals, we are going to have to start to embrace our difference's and stop letting fear and hate cloud our judgement.

    Whenever I post this I get all types of messages. Some people tell me that that I am 'too' serious about this whole racial thing and I need to chill out. Others say that I am too angry and then they un-friend me. Some people just cuss me out for blaming them and then proceed to to tell me that they never owned a slave, and then they call me a racist. The saddest part however, is the silence that I get from people I thought would support the ideals of their country...

    Tom ~