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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Trump's GOP And Ryan Super PAC Malfeasance

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As polling goes, you might recall a few weeks ago Trump's White House Press Secretary openly commented about Trump's support in the black community at 36 percent. It is important to note, the data shows African-American respondents yielded approval at the level of over one-third supporting Trump. My suspicion of the comment was validated when I found which pollster Sanders referenced. Also, note (hypothetically and for sake of making a point) a 36 approval percent response could also mean of the black respondents 2.16 out of 6 approval; if the data is even accurate and honest.

It took less than ten minutes to locate the poll Huckabee Sanders quoted. She quoted Rassmussen. well, that answered that.  Take a look at how Nate Silver's 538 Blog rates Rassmussen on a biased scale

A much more reliable shows Trump approval in the Black community an utter modicum of Rasmussen's results.  The ABC/ Washington Post Poll.  The Week Magzine published a piece with links tot he poll:  poll by The Washington Post and ABC News.

Rassmussen (heavy Red lean) or ABC/Washington Post (Slight Blue lean)? 

But let's move away from polling for a bit. another political dynamic has manifest, and it is utterly disgusting and pathetic.

With polling numbers as shown above, is there any wonder the GOP is resorting to what can only be called underhanded tactics to win elections? The GOP has a history of dirty tricks politics, it has a history of voter suppression, and possibly regarding cases of voter ID fraud on election day than Democrats, but the current news regarding a Paul Ryan linked Super-PAC and the 2018 mid-terms is unbelievable.

What follows is six-plus minutes of a new phenomenon in GOP politics.

DC Tribune dot org and The Super-Pac malfeasance.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Wattree Chronicle: West and Smiley.....A Problem Within A Community But Not Of The Community


Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rand Paul (Delusional, Manipulative, Dangerous)

"I don't think there's anyone in Congress who has a stronger belief in minority rights than I do." "There is no greater defender, truly, of minority rights ... than myself." Rand Paul added.
Without a concerted personal intervention, apples do not fall far from the trees when it comes to issues of race. 

"The interesting thing about voting patterns now is in this last election African-Americans voted at a higher percentage than whites in almost every one of the states that were under the special provisions of the federal government," he says. "So really, I don't think there is objective evidence that we're precluding African-Americans from voting any longer." Rand Paul August 2013.
Rand Paul is actually pulling the whole over the eyes and brains of many who feel his opportunist and very charade-like traipsing into his form of out reach to minorities is sincere.  His acts are as phony and delusional as his logic in placing himself in the figurative role of US president while alluding the Ambassador Clinton, "I would fire you." 

I am at times challenged about why I have issues about Paul's strategy to win political and social acceptance among minorities.  Black people in America almost to the person recognize the extent to which white American conservatives view them.  Yes, we have this cadre of black people who are, in their minds, crafty enough to leverage differentiating themselves from the Black Community. They do so for economic gain, personal satisfaction (DNA back to plantation life and securing favored status), or they endear themselves to the GOP because they have garner a level of success and feels it qualifiers them as equals to conservative America. The vast majority of Black Americans find no reason to hold an affinity for the GOP and conservative America. Paul's efforts to reach into the 96% of African-Americans who avoid the GOP like poison Ivy, will be met with frustration and defeat.
"Wooo, GrandMa what big teeth you have!" 

The strategy-base deploy will fail. It will fail because conservative American is predominately paradigm-ed away from tolerance of people who are non-white. Yes, you Asians (in America) that includes you also, let there be no mistake. Paul will have no success as for the following reasons. 

As you know, I love video archives.  The archives cannot simply be explained as, "I did not say that."  Imagine not being able to see this......Linked. Now, imagine no video of the original and strategically stated statement (notice applause from the audience), and his frequent and awkward denials with in days. Linked

Rand Paul "Not falling far from the tree." 

Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul three years ago. There following video segments are a bit long, but you must realize Paul is one who subscribes to the practice of, "Fake it to Make it."

The video segments are bit long as Paul seems to ramble along with maniacal drivel until he talks himself into a corner. Rachel can at times stretch questions into long statements with an ending questions. As you view the following segments you will notice Paul rambles to the point of requiring an intervening "stop."

Part 1

Part 2

After 18 minutes we leave the interview with Paul's clear statement he would be hard pressed to force a private business owner to open her/his establishment to serving all people.  You may have also noticed my previous warning about Paul's tendency to talk himself into a rambling corner. 

Paul's ill-advised condescending visit to the nation's first black university spoke volumes about his lack of common sense, and his penchant for exercising "white privilege."

All that we have written above speaks to the irrational flightiness of Rand Paul.  He reminds of his father, "....legalize heroin."  
Rand Paul as reported by WFPL News, Louisville, Kentucky.

Paul says there was once a time for the Voting Rights Act and there is still justification for the federal government to intervene if an individual's civil rights are violated. 

But Kentucky's junior senator says any new provisions shouldn’t focus on southern states based on past cases of discrimination. 

"The interesting thing about voting patterns now is in this last election African-Americans voted at a higher percentage than whites in almost every one of the states that were under the special provisions of the federal government," he says. "So really, I don't think there is objective evidence that we're precluding African-Americans from voting any longer." 

In 2012, census figures showed black voter turnout was around 66 percent compared 64 percent among whites. 

Supporters argue those figures reflect the Voting Rights Act has succeeded over the past 50 years.
Paul is showing serious signs of delusion, or he is a poor liar. In either case, his judgment is seriously and pathologically deficient. 

Paul's comments do not pass the smell test.

Al Sharpton on the voter suppression (specifically North Carolina).
We cannot resist a slideshow related to one of Paul's most trusted and closes advisers. 
Sheeple across conservative and libertarian America may have fallen for Rand Paul as a candidate for 2016,. The Black Community will not buy into his bulls_ _ t!
Did Paul actually say: "I don't think there's anyone in Congress who has a stronger belief in minority rights than I do." 
Really, from the 535 members of the House and Senate, Rand Paul has the temerity to make such a statement? 
Did Paul actually say, he did not see any evidence of voter suppression based on the high turnout of black voters in 2012? One has to wonder why Paul's racist former adviser, Southern Avenger, did not tell him, the 2012 African-American vote may have been the result of resistance to GOP voter suppression.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don Lemon Steps Up Behind O'Reilly (And Claims It!) Part II: Racism, "Black on Black Crime" and White Privilege

As we started this set of screeds with Part I, we stated our primary issues were, Bill O'Reilly's Fox News racist diatribe in response to President Obama's press conference a week ago. A secondary, yet ever more important, reason for Part I was Don Lemon's, CNN News, out of whack judgment in following someone like Bill O'Reilly down any path that leads to contemplation and comment of the African-American community. 

Bill O'Reilly's criticism of black community "Doesn't go far enough. " Don Lemon.

O'Reilly's purpose was clear and concerted.  Lemon's purpose clouded, misguided and very poorly delivered (timing and setting).  As stated in Part I, the Right has turned the words "Black on black crime" into a very audible dog whistle  Every time the discussion of the heinous killings across the nation pop-up, we hear someone the Right yelp about "black on black crime."  I have heard such in the aftermath of the Colorado theater mass killing.  Relevance please? 

O'Reilly mentioned the dog whistle and promptly rampaged into a number of disparaging specious remarks about the black community.

Many of his remarks were groundless and accompanied by obvious visible hatred of President Obama. Lemon via his comments "Did not go far enough" folded his agreement with O'Reilly into his self anointed and shallow rage against some in the Black community. The vast majority of African-Americans also hold 'sagging pants" and use of the "N" word in contempt. Does Lemon believe that his ratings garnering rant will affect change more readily than action oriented efforts by key movers and shakers in the black community?
We offer a series of short videos that truly capture effective and productive dialog regarding the impetus for O'Reilly's rant and Lemon's ill-advised magnetizing to O'Reilly.  

We have taken a few clips from the Tim Wise web site linked above. The links are from a recent segment on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. While Wise shared the stage with four very notable panelist, we are going to focus on Wise for a couple of reasons. He is white and he is very effective at delivering messages that many people find tough hard to stomach language.

Black on Black crime anyone?

Two minutes of The Ed Show

Now let's drill deeper.

Twenty-three (23) seconds of pure truism from someone not of the black community: Tim Wise.

Tim Wise on Melissa Harris-Perry show July 20, 2013. We provide three excerpts from the segment.  The entire segment can be located on or Tim Wise Dot Org.

Full Clip 

Black on Black crime

What follows embodies the reason it was important for the president to speak on the judicial system, speak of recent murders of young black men, and speak about stereotypical reactions from whites and the need to grow beyond such. 

The race problem in the United States is not a problem born from African-Americans.  O'Reilly's deflection is as useless as Lemons efforts to reach into communities he, frankly, cannot reach.  

Others have spoken out against US racism. One very noted activist is a person not commonly associated with US racism and its oppressive impact on the Black Community. As we consider the person,  one can hardly criticize his liberalism one conservatism nor can anyone question his intellect. We offer Albert Einstein.

The Coli Dot Com 
Albert Einstein 
“As for the Negroes this country still has a heavy debt to discharge for all the troubles and disabilities it has laid on the Negro's shoulders; for all that his fellow-citizens have done and to some extent are still doing to him. To the Negro and his wonderful songs and choirs we owe the finest contribution in the realm of art which America has so far given to the world. And this great gift we owe, not to those whose names are engraved on this ‘Wall of Fame’ but to children of the people, blossoming namelessly as the lilies of the field.” [5]

“There is ... a somber point in the social outlook of Americans ... Their sense of equality and human dignity is mainly limited to men of white skins. Even among these there are prejudices of which I as a Jew am dearly conscious; but they are unimportant in comparison with the attitude of ‘Whites’ toward their fellow-citizens of darker complexion, particularly toward Negroes. ... The more I feel an American, the more this situation pains me. I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out.” 

Racism is America’s greatest disease” and “Racism is a disease of the white man.” 

Jones, Ronald. "The Human Genome, American Societies, “The Clinical Epidemiology of Pathological Antisocial Thinking”, and Albert Einstein" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Atlanta Hilton, Charlotte, NC, . 2009-12-02

Of course, any reference to white America and the "Negro" would fall on O'Reilly's deft ears. 

A reminder for DOn Lemon about Bill O'Reilly. If a mind would take a person to the following how can an intelligent being find any reason to align on any reason. 

We hope that Lemon and anyone of rational mind who would opt for more direct attempts at interventions. It does not take a genius to know that going on national (and international) television with messages (such as Lemon's) might have more impact if spoken directly to perpetrators of their perceived ills within the black community.  Lemon's audience is not predominately black and he and his managers know that as fact.

The questions remain, what was the point? What was the point of connecting with Fox New's Bill O'Reilly? What was the point of Lemon's delivering such a shallow message to an audience that will not share his sentiments with perpetrators of sagging pants? I will wager not one of Lemon's predominately white audience will counsel anyone in the black community on use of the "N" word.

Lemon would have been much better off dealing with false mantra related to "black on black" crime.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Don Lemon Steps Up Behind O'Reilly (And Claims It!) Part I 

Last Saturday Don Lemon, CNN's most visible black host, joined the post-Trayvon Martin (Zimmerman) Murder trial kerfuffle. He followed and linked to remarks from Bill O'Reilly, Fox News resident racist and bloviating demagogue, in attacking what each called as concerns in the Black Community. Both cable network hosts foolishly addressed the most carefully crafted, socially relevant, and, multi-audience centric speech related to race delivered by any US president. And, it was purposefully delivered in the form of a press conference vs. a national media buy.

President Obama carefully sent messages to the black community, the judiciary, white America and America in general, while on a macro basis sending a message internationally (existentially based on the stature of his position as a world leader).

O'Reilly's intent in attacking the president's press conference comments was obvious. He attacked President Obama for addressing what some consider a major miscarriage of justice and flawed Florida State law. His attack was evident in tone, focus and demeanor associated with his on camera remarks. 

Tone for O'Reilly is nothing new. He has an emotional side that verges on coming across as dangerous if one saw his flips into anger in the street. The viewer would surely consider calling the police. 

Focus is yet another item and as critical as it gets. O'Reilly works for Fox News and other conservative media. He clearly and intentionally took the president's speech in a direction that would appeal to his viewers, listeners and Obama haters, while literally and intentionally disparaging the African-American-Community. He served his network, feed his viewers, and he practiced more "They hate you..." against Obama. Factually speaking, he practiced what we often call, "The Fabric of Oppression." Mission Accomplished! 

I Digress! How many times have we witnessed O'Reilly crossing the line and divulging his racism only to follow with dragging a person of color on-camera as a co-signer? Lemon willingly followed the "piper."
Don Lemon is another matter. I should state, to be fair, prior to Lemon's Saturday fall into O'Reilly's demagoguery, Lemon adroitly defended the president's remarks on air with Ben Ferguson right-wing pundit. The president had every right, and a civic duty to speak about a failing in our society that is longstanding and has not been addressed at the Presidential level: the differences in covert racism from the perspective of the victim.  As the nation's first African-American President the message should have come forth and some posit with even more emphasis. When we do not call out unfair treatment, we effectively enable the behavior!

Later in the week, Lemon stepped squarely into the O'Reilly trap. Lemon placed himself in a position of cosigning the flawed and conservatively strategic message from Fox News, by joining and aligning with O'Reilly's comments. While we will not link to O'Reilly's comments, we are linking a YouTube clip related to Lemon's stepping into the same poop, albeit from a different perspective.  

If his comments were not based on the new conservative business model at CNN, Lemon's choice to practice remedies in the black community might have been better delivered via off-camera actions.  He appropriately addressed use of the "N" Word. He appropriately addressed the act of wearing one's pants well below the underside of one's butt. We find no problems with the message; we find major problems with how he structured his delivery of his specific message. His failure to address the dog whistle "black on black" crime was a glaring omission, once he decided to go after a specific segment of the population: African-Americans. 

Lemon clearly stated, "O'Reilly did not go far enough."  We will not rehash our sentiments that O'Reilly's message was best suited for his show and his audience. We will continue to state our concerns with Lemon using O'Reilly's clear racism and stretching facts as a backdrop and foundation for his on-camera message.  Lemon was probably "preaching to the choir" first of all, as his audience probably does not include the young offenders of decent dress. Second, I doubt anyone who watched the segment would not know the pathetic state of using the "N" Word.  All in all, his major mistake was aligning with one who has no good intentions towards, no good purpose of thought  for, and no interest in the well-being of African-Americans.

I am going to post a few comments from people that I hold in the highest of esteem as to opinion, high level of concern for the black community, and who posit without motive that might reach into dollars, contracts and viewers. The comments address use of the new dog whistle "black on black crime" in general and overall Lemon's choices and purpose.
Click and click image for details

James Hall and his .........
Open Letter to Don Lemon [CNN]:
Crime is committed by every race. The biggest crimes are committed on wall street and they brought this country to its knees. How were they punished? To this date I have not seen one wall street banker or CEO convicted and locked up by anyone. What percentage of them [on wall street] were black? They have done more damage to this country and to the people's livelihood than any penny-pushing black man in the hood could ever do.  
This is not just a black problem and to believe so would be stupid and naive. People say control your community and control this and that. I thought this is America?? United we stand and that blacks have reached equality in this country? Isn't that why the supreme court voted to remove affirmative action and strip the voter rights act? Show me one stat that proves blacks have reached equality from one reputable source? Prove me wrong! I dare you.  
They are basically saying to the so-called black community while using the media as a bully pulpit "Hey you people over there; control the other Negros," because we have no intention as a nation to help solve the problems in your neighborhoods in any form, other than just locking you all up as animals. We won't help educate, we won't help rehabilitate and we won't do anything to assist. We are going to cut all your so-called social programs. Again, just another obvious sign of how segregated this country still is and how they have no intention of treating or working with minorities as a people and never have.  
America is built on propaganda and no place on earth is better at it, "because we say so!" Even when real stats prove it to be ranked by economists as #13 [on propaganda]. As they say in Alcohol Rehab the first step to recover is to admit you have a problem. Not cast the blame on the liquor.  
Don Lemon is just another uppity negro who has no idea what the hell he's talking about. Don, you don't live in the hood, nor do you do real work in the hood. Reality is giving your financial status and notoriety you'll probably never live in the all black community. Just because you are black, doesn't make you a representative of the black people in the hood. You have no authority to speak about things you don't experience from day to day. You look like a clown siding with a man who insults you and your people on a weekly basis. Whatever it is you thought you were doing, don't. You should stick to just reporting the news because you suck at making it.  
I'd listen to a white man living in the hood every day, before I'd ever listen to you and your opinions., His assessment is probably a lot more accurate and sincere than you could ever be. Yes, you may know what it's like to be a black man in America, because your skin color and status does not give you immunity to racism. But you have no clue of what's wrong with the black community nor have any real answers to its problems other than criticism, so you are better off not saying a word.
End James Hall

Marion Young and her comments about Lemon's choices....
What angers me about Lemon putting down blacks with how they dress, trash their communities and do crime is that he doesn't come from, nor has he lived in these communities very long. He is an EDUCATED black man who grew up in white society with all the privileges of white America. So for the first time in his privileged life he lives in Harlem and doesn't fit in. Could that be coloring his view? 
I grew up in poverty from uneducated parents who had no clue of the value of an education. From the help of certain people in the education system and something within me that was NOT from my environment, I struggled, got the education and moved away from the cesspool I called home. This is not a put down of my parents. It is to say we are a product of our environment. Without a HAND UP, we most likely will be held down. 
Until I became an adult and could move out of the inner city with its crime and all that goes with it, it was a constant battle for me to not be influenced by it. When I became a college instructor, I could relate to the impoverished students and knew what to tell them to help them rise up. It was because of that experience of having lived it, I knew what it took to get out of it. 
Don Lemon and the right-wing media perpetuate the problem and hold down blacks and the poor. They criminalize the victim and give a free pass to the worst criminals who have taken down this country. The media is in cahoots with the real criminals. Their job: convince white America and the rest of society that blacks and the poor are responsible for their own problems. They stole from us, and blame us for being the victim. 
Reminds me of how Trayvon Martin was portrayed as being responsible for his own death. Do you feel me?
Anonymous Comment
Even if all of the ill's that he speaks about in the black community is the truth, why would you find it necessary to shake your head in agreement with a Right Wing Racist race-baiter like Bill O’Reilly has to say about a culture he has no idea what we are dealing with. 
This (O'Reilly) is a person who was shocked that we ate with forks and spoke with an inside voice when holding a conversation in a restaurant. I am disturbed by this analysis at a time when racial tension is reaching a pivotal peak in this country. What did you think would come out of this stereotypical criticism? Nothing good...(beyond) anger from the community to which you directed this one- sided opinion and boasting from the right racist who suffers from white privilege all while enjoying the fruits of our labor. 
I can hear the conversation now, "See I told you we were right even he agrees with us."  Instead of falling into this trap of divide and conquer he should have challenged Bill O’Reilly to look at the cause and effect instead you choose to feed the frenzy of hate and bigotry, you now Mr. Lemon can hang your head in the hall of shame right alongside: West, Smiley and the rest.
End Part I

Many people in the Black Community have commented on the very same topics as Don Lemon.  Some of the outspoken are national leaders and fighters for Civil Rights.   With an exception for Revered Al Sharpton, most of those leaders are not media 'darlings' and earn no money based on viewers.   They also are not bound to management teams that frequently interject their paradigms via their employees. 

Lemon should carefully consider the manner in which the posits on topics, that really do need attention.  Following Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are not models to which one should align. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

James Hall And An Appeal To Sanity And Self-preservation

James Hall, co-founder and charter member of Obama for 2K12 Supporters posits.
Our African American kids are literally wiping out our future and our people in America. Is this why the GOP refuses to do anything about it? It's apparently working better than abortion, it seems to be working better than Eugenics, and it seems to be working even better Narcotics. 
Black Folks we need to wake up and take control of our house because the Government does not give a damn about this epidemic in our major cities. It's funny how when 9/11 happened we formed countless anti terrorism agencies and spared no expense to run two wars going after those who attacked us. We fight tooth and nail to keep guns and bombs out of the foreigners hands who could kill us. We wrote the Patriot Act and passed all types of legislation to spy on American's cellphones, follow suspects and installed cameras in all the major city centers to catch these folks on camera if it ever happens again. All this because since 1980 there's been 3,400 deaths due to terrorism.
The American GOP President at the time screamed "One American life lost to terrorism, is one to many." Which is true!! Here on American soil we have had over 900,000 gun deaths committed by american citizens against each other since 1980 and we cant even f**king pass a single bill that would require a background check for internet and gun show sales! On the internet those gun could be going to who the hell knows, because nobody would ever lie about who they are right? I guess here in America we'll do whatever it takes to keep the rest of the world from killing us because how dare them! Killing our own citizens is our job and we'll drone your ass for even thinking about it. What a pathetic system we have, when a few people with personal agendas and motives can ignore the will of 90% of the population who put them in office.

The following piece says it all and is both cogent and poignant in its message. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rise of the (Midwestern) Black Conservative

GOP Strategy or Real Concern for the Black Community 

As I watched news from across the nation,  I noticed that a group called, alleged black conservative group, held a conference in St.  Louis, Missouri on Aug. 13, 2011.   After watching newscast I decided to seek a bit more information about the conference and the organization.    I located the preceding link, but quickly became disappointed when I realized that I cannot embed the 2:17 minute video on this site. If you navigate to the newscast the video is towards the bottom of the page, but it rotates with other videos and may not appear as available.  The video is labeled Conservatives in St. Louis.  

The video included a young black GOP Chairman from the St. Louis Metro Area.  The spokesperson,  Eugene Dokes - African-American chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Party, eloquently spoke about how had been instrumental in his interest in politics and continuing his education.  The webpage also included the following.

A Navy veteran, Dokes now runs his own real estate agency and is working on his PHD in business.  He said the convention showed participants “you’re not a bad African American for being a conservative."


Monday, May 30, 2011

An Assault on A President

An Assault That Should not Surprise. 

An assault that is unnecessary, lacks credibility in its focus, and should be modified for effectiveness. 

It would be a huge mistake for people to assume that the Black Community is one big monolithic group of US Citizens. Yes, the nations black voters certainly turned-in a voting record of 96% for Candidate Obama. I opine that the nation would have experienced similar results from other minority groups had a member of their community secured the nomination for, and ran for,  President of the United States. It is a fact of life in a multi-racial/multi-ethnic society.

I will assert however, that as time passes that dynamic will  surely change.  In fact, I will assert that had Senator Obama held a GOP membership card during the 2007/2008 campaign, he would not have garnered 96% of black votes.

Well, the election is behind us and President Obama has taken office and performed, in my opinion, admirably.  He certainly has not consistently decided within with my beliefs over the 2.8 years in Office but overall he has proven to be a nation saving President. (Opinion.....nation saving at a time when the nation needed a leader and a change in direction.)

Despite a underlying feel from many in the nation that the black community is a monolithic group and what is good for one is good for all, there are vast differences in opinion and support for the President. There actually is a contingent of malcontent that I feel is personally without basis and over the top.  Since, I have expended words in a previous writing and pasted it below, I will dispense with my personal thoughts on a couple of sources of Obama malcontent.

I am going to posted a video of Ed Schultz that includes comment form a couple of 'so-called' black leaders.I have strong opinions about each of the two subjects but my thoughts about De. Cornel West is not very complimentary.


As I watched the video, again,  West seems to be chopping at the bit to deliver a level of rhetoric that can be labeled nothing less than 'counter-productive'.

So much for the about the opinions of others. The following comprises a long read but it is a necessary read for those who harbor criticism of the President as potentially not caring about the black community. 

Curtain Please Act I (an Open Letter)
Ryan Mack

President and CEO

The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment
An Open Letter to Dr. Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and ALL the “Critical” President Obama Supporters:
tavis-smiley-and-cornel-westWritten By Ryan Mack, President of The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment, Inc. 

As I begin this letter I would like to say to Dr. West that I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. I have been and continue to be a long time fan of your work, your intelligence, and passion to assist the community…especially the underserved. As president and CEO of The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment, much of my time is spent teaching in prisons, working with those recently released from prison, and in urban public housing teaching financial literacy (from June through September I will be in Detroit doing a series of financial literacy workshops directed at this demographic funded by Fifth Third Bank). I have traveled from New York to Appalachia and to California because like you, I too have a passion for trying to empower the working poor and impoverished of this country. It is my belief that our country is developing an underclass of Americans who are continuously overlooked; I am sure you agree that this is a problem which must be addressed.

Mr. Smiley, I admire your work as well.  I was honored to be asked to write a section of your bestselling book “The Covenant in Action”. The fact that I was chosen to write in your book indicates that the work I am doing in urban communities is consistent with your vision of empowerment for the underserved in our communities. You represent a stable voice for many of us using your platform to discuss issues that plague this country …….issues that are not only Black American issues but  also  issues that concern all Americans.

To all the critical President Obama supporters…I understand your frustrations. I too was frustrated when Van Jones was ousted despite his positive work to create a green economy. I too was frustrated when Shirley Sherrod was “thrown under the bus” for a carefully edited video that misrepresented her remarks despite being a faithful/loyal employee.  ACORN? I had mixed feelings about this dilemma. Despite the good they have done in our communities, their indiscretions were targeted and emphasized. The treatment of our union brothers and sisters in Madison, Wisconsin and other union workers across the country have been targeted by a conservative movement that has opted to take away their collective bargaining rights ………….this makes me very angry!  While many progressives are speaking out on all of these issues, one has to wonder where is the President Obama voice in any of this? Where is the voice of the President for those union workers who put him in office? The silence is deafening. 

As many Americans I can go on and on with my less than positive critiques of President Obama: The expansion of the war in Afghanistan and maintaining a military industrial complex that seems more concerned with making money for those who profit from war than keeping our troops safe and bringing them home; the neglect of a public option and the creation of a health care reform bill that  is essentially a gift to the health care companies; the creation of a financial regulatory reform bill that continues to allow big banks to continue their harmful practices that resulted in the collapse of this economy while at the same time having no penalties to those who stole taxpayer dollars in order to pay high bonuses to top level executives; and even the failure to end the tax cuts for the rich that were never paid for and were the FIRST tax cuts EVER provided by any President during a time of war for any party. These are all examples of actions that I have disagreed with and will continue to speak out about until they are corrected. I adamantly believe in holding our elected officials accountable for their actions just as you do.

However, I was driven to write this letter after sitting on a panel discussion which was introduced by Councilman Charles Barron of New York whom I also respect even though I don’t always agree with his positions. He spoke in his usual rhapsodizing manner which got the crowd really excited. He then began to talk about President Obama, a topic about which he exhibited a great deal of passion. He went on a 10 minute tirade about the President and all of his actions that he found disagreeable. In fact if one did not know our President and knew nothing of what he has done, one would have thought that President Obama was nothing but an Africa bombing, war mongering, dictator who could care less about life or Black people.
Dr. West…I have heard you many times on television, and on many occasions I have also heard you speak negatively about our President. If someone were to listen to you on any of those occasions one would also believe that the President has sold out to the banks (or oligarchs as you so often say) and could care less about the working poor or impoverished in our society.   

Mr. Smiley…you as well are consistently stating your displeasure at the lack of specialized attention the President has given to the issues of the Black community.

Again…I do not disagree with analyzing the actions of our President and holding him accountable for these actions. I have done it and will continue to do it. However, I have a problem with bias and an inability to be completely objective particularly when your audience may be easily influenced. My problem arises when those “critical” supporters do nothing but criticize without taking an equal amount of time to discuss the positive actions our President has done for this country. Many people look upon you with a great deal of respect and admiration and because of this you have the capability to influence many people, some of whom do not listen to the radio talk shows or watch the political commentaries on TV. In many cases your dialogue represents the only source of objective guidance and analysis these people will experience. If your dialogue is biased and presents only what our President has not done, many will be denied the opportunity to formulate an educated or fair opinion. As highly respected role models you have a responsibility – an obligation – to present an unbiased account of what our President has done. If you feel there are those people who have done nothing but provide praise for our President with positive bias, the answer is not to provide nothing but critique with a negative bias to provide balance…the answer is to eliminate the bias and be objective, fair, and balanced showing ALL sides of his performance (good AND bad). 

Yes…there are many things I did not like about the health care reform legislation, but I did like the fact that it was the largest and most sweeping reform in this system in a lifetime and was a tremendous step in the right direction. Pre-existing conditions…gone; lifetime caps on coverage…gone; shrinking the pool of coverage to more who didn’t have access…gone; and many other components that were accomplished that WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED UNDER MCCAIN OR ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT! This was a great step in the right direction. Not only will it expand coverage to 31 million who did not have coverage before, it will also reduce the deficit by over $2 trillion over the next two decades (it is often called the biggest domestic achievement since 1965 DESPITE all its imperfections).
Yes…financial regulatory reform didn’t go as far as I would have liked, but it was another great step in the right direction. Nor did I like the expansion of the war in Afghanistan, but the President did remove 100,000 troops from Iraq and has scheduled a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan soon (in his campaign the President promised he would do just this…remove troops in Iraq and focus on Afghanistan – again many critical supporters forget that he is just sticking with this promise). However, there is never mention of the positive components of his legislation. Dr. West, Mr. Smiley, and Councilman Barron…I challenge you to consider how much more you would have had to complain about had not President Obama been elected? Have you thought about the fact that your constant biased criticism (it is biased if it only comes from one direction with no regard for the other side) could be causing Black America, the working poor, and the impoverished in this country to get so discouraged that they just stay at home on election day? Your words are only inspiring many in this country…those who are working class, working poor, and impoverished…to stay home in 2012?!
Did you see what happened when people stayed home in Wisconsin and Governor Walker took office? The unions were attacked. Did you see what happened when the people in Michigan stayed at home and were discouraged causing the victory of Governor Snyder? Benton Harbor, Michigan was taken over and other EFMs are now positioning themselves to take over other cities in my home state.  Did you see what happened when people stayed home for the 2000 election? We suffered 8 years of policies from a President who did nothing but end budget surpluses, expand the national debt, cut taxes for the rich, increase our dependency on foreign oil, bankrupt this country with wars we never should have fought while killing thousands of troops, and cause the largest recession since the great depression. This is what happens when people in our urban and working class/poor communities are inspired to stay at home on voting day. This is what can happen if people hear only a biased account of what our President has done and decide that it is useless to vote in 2012.

So Dr. West, Mr. Smiley, Councilmember Baron, and all other critical supporters…I am NOT asking you to stop with your critiques. What I am asking you to do is to make sure that you provide your listeners with a COMPLETE picture of what the President has done…..that is an obligation you have to the people who respect you and admire you! When you are discussing the President’s disagreeable actions, also discuss any of the following accomplishments so people will be encouraged (not discouraged) to vote and force the President to go further in his efforts to please everyone (which is never possible):
  • The recovery of the Dow Jones which almost doubled since its lows during the end of the Bush presidency and the start of the Bush recession (Dow gained 30% in one year)
  • The GDP contracted as much as 6.8% in the final quarter of the Bush Presidency to within A YEAR we had expanded 5% which is almost a 12% turnaround – the largest turnaround in such a short of a time frame in the history of this country
  • We have created 2 million jobs in the past year with almost a third of those jobs coming from the first quarter of this year alone
  • Through it all TARP funds were almost all returned (have to give President Bush half the credit on this) and will only cost approximately $25 billion
  • He signed the Lily Ledbetter Act for equal pay for women
  • The drastic increase in investments in alternative energy that will finally decrease our dependence on foreign oil
  • He has issued the toughest ethics requirements for those working in his administration than any other previous President
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…gone!
  • He signed into law the State Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • He enacted the largest reform in the history of this country of the student loan program through the Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act (SAFRA) making college more affordable for those who wish to further their education (Dr. West…I assumed you would have loudly praised this as the banks lost billions of dollars on this legislation because they were previously the middle man in the transaction between the US Government and students….President Obama took them out of the equation. A clear example of you Dr. West highlighting how the banks profit under President Obama but disregarding discussing with as much assertiveness those instances that disprove your argument of his “selling out” to the oligarchs.)
  • He instituted the largest reform of oversight through the Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act in 2009 which also caused the banks to lose out on billions in revenue (Where was the praise from this Dr. West and Mr. Smiley? He certainly didn’t sell out to the oligarchs with this legislation.)
  • He was able to accomplish the most comprehensive nuclear arms treaty with the Russians making us more safe through smaller amounts of nuclear arms availability (START Treaty ratification)
  • He has improved America’s image and reputation abroad
  • He has started construction on a new high speed rail system
  • He actually put $4.3 billion into the previously unfunded “No Child Left Behind” legislation to help schools improve their performance
  • Don’t forget about the negotiated rescue of the Americans from Somali pirates
  • He has made more major terrorist captures in two years than the entire 8 years of the Bush presidency including the most obvious Bin Laden
  • He SAVED the Detroit automotive industry from collapse  through bailouts of Chrysler, GM, and GMAC which have largely been paid back (Don’t many of those in my home town who still have jobs count as assistance to working poor and the working class Dr. West?)
  • He poured $18 billion in tax breaks for small businesses into a jobs bill through the HIRE Act to spur hiring and also gave $20 billion for transit and highways programs (Dr. West and Mr. Smiley…I do a lot of work in providing jobs for those in construction and many of these jobs are filled by people who would be considered “working poor”…doesn’t this count?)
  • He extended unemployment insurance again in the middle of one of the most productive lame duck sessions in the history of the country (More money given to the unemployed…aren’t they are part of the impoverished since they don’t have a job? Doesn’t assistance towards them count as help for the underserved? How much more tangible can you get outside of directly giving them a check and putting billions into community colleges and job readiness programs which our President has done?)
Again…please understand, I am not asking that you should stop being critical of President Obama. I ask only that you are mindful of your awesome responsibility to many others. If you are truly in favor of helping the working poor and impoverished in this country, your slanted chastisement of the President serves only to discourage many and therefore discredit the one politician who has the best possibility of doing the most for these people.
If your sole purpose is to provide your listeners with impressive rhetoric, you have succeeded and there is no doubt or question about your intellectual prowess.  However, if your purpose is to help the working people and the impoverished, you must ensure that you are providing a more balanced critique of our President so those who listen to you who won’t be discouraged, will have a basis to form an educated opinion, and will be encouraged to vote in 2012. Bottom line…don’t hurt our best chance of helping the people!
I hope you know that this was written in love and respect for you and all that you do for many Americans. I do many outreach programs across this country and would love to partner with you on these initiatives and/or receive your endorsement and support for them.  I adamantly believe that where the President has fallen short we can join together to fill the void through our collective efforts to empower the working poor, impoverished, the underclass, and ALL of America. 
ryan mack forehead
Ryan Mack
President and CEO
The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment

Act II -  Stanley Crouch - (editorial)


Description: Stanley Crouch

Cornel West is an expert showman but nothing more: The lead huckster of the Ivy League's takedown

Monday, May 23rd 2011, 4:00 AM
Description: Serious black intellectuals privately dismissed Dr. Cornel West many years ago as no more than an academic loudmouth.
Bryan Pace for News

Serious black intellectuals privately dismissed Dr. Cornel West many years ago as no more than an academic loudmouth. 
Cornel West, the Princeton professor of African-American studies who recently made some crude statements about President Obama, has never been much more than a six-figure entertainer, ready to bite the hand that pays him even while reaching for his check. He has never seen a microphone or television camera that he did not like.
Publicity, not scholarship, is his true tradition. West often gives his listeners no more than sound and fury, signifying nothing. And he is very good at appearing overcome by his passionate convictions.
This man would prefer to have himself seen as a "revolutionary" - one whose pay level is commensurate with his importance.
Everyone in academic show business knows that West can fill lecture halls with students roused by his performances. What they actually learn is up for grabs, but they do have a good time. That has resulted in his being the most famous and economically envied of the black public intellectuals.
The game is now getting old. The last straw may have come when West told the website Truthdig, "My dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men ... As a young brother who grows up in a white context, brilliant African father, he's always had to fear being a white man with black skin. All he has known culturally is white .... He has a certain rootlessness, a deracination."
How now, brown cow?
It fell to Melissa Harris-Perry, who has been a colleague of West's at Princeton as well as a columnist for The Nation, to take him down on MSNBC last week by rebutting his comments and saying that they "smacked of birtherism." Black-themed websites were abuzz with Harris-Perry's cool dismissal of the huckster.
Many were surprised she had the guts to speak so bluntly, probably because black academics are as cowardly as their white counterparts. One should thus not be surprised that they tend to steer clear of commenting on anything that West says, however removed from reality it may be.
Serious black intellectuals privately dismissed West many years ago as no more than an academic loudmouth with a good show business game. He has perfected a variety of poses - from academic to conciliator to rapper - that are intended to give the impression that a very substantial mind is mulling over something and will soon drop some rhetorical bombs that will blow away all nonsense.
The effect is usually the opposite: West is best at going beyond sentimentality to pure bathos. His answer to a teaspoon of unnecessary sugar is a barrel of syrup. His most faithful audience is made up of liberal white cornballs and the black cornballs who mirror them.
Harris-Perry is not one of them. Her own television appearances contain answers to questions about race and ethnicity that are well thought-out and articulated in a communicative speaking style. Whether or not one agrees with her, she is clearly not just another academic lightweight hustling for speaking engagements.
Harris-Perry, who is moving from Princeton to Tulane, has for the left the kind of integrity that Peggy Noonan and David Frum use to balance Republican entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. As her takedown of West on air and in The Nation proves, Harris-Perry understands that the conversation is actually about politics, not about the bruised egos and delusional babblings of college professors.
A staple figure in American comedy is the pompous, educated fool, drowning in narcissism. West has long fit the bill; Harris-Perry finally exposed him for those who didn't already know.

Stanley Crouch's column appears in the Daily News every Monday. Stanley, who has written for the paper since 1995, has received many awards for his writing, including a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant. His books have been widely praised and he was recently inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences
Since those who have preceded me have accurately stated my sentiments, I can only add a bit to the dialog. I will state that I am extremely disappointed with the actions from West and Smiley. Dr.West’s actions and behavior on the Ed Show a few weeks back was unbelievable and unnecessary for making his point. His point is one for which I vehemently disagree.

Mr. Smiley…oh well ……enough said.

While we are not at all a monolithic group (in our African -American Community), I do feel that we must find constructive avenues of criticism. Constructive avenues of criticism certainly do not include the spectacle that Dr. West exhibited on the Ed Show. 

We live in a world in which others and we constitute a minority. The first non-traditional President was elected in 2008 and he happened to be a black male. Is it realistic to think that the President would come to office wearing a Dashiki and spewing ‘black manifesto’? I posit quite the opposite. Since I started this paragraph with a reference to the world in which we live, let me explore that just a bit more. 

The President must win a second term. Mr. Mack more than adroitly explained such in his open letter. What good would it do to have the nation’s first black president, take office and feed the propaganda and racist baiting machines on the RIGHT? We all see how very easily they manipulate their base and millions of independents. Think for a moment about their effort if they had opportunity to say, “See we told you, and look at what he is doing. We need our ‘traditional president back”. They already are doing so with their mantra of “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK”. What do you think they are saying? 

Yes, realize you know that already, but I am wary of people who want Obama to go completely “in-your-face’. The ever-present label of ‘uncle-tom’ sits out on the horizon. Even with that as a prospect, I chose to think that circa 2010, our community is best served by working to keep our Congress from going to the GOP in 2012. How many black people will be better served (assisted if they need assistance) by a Republican in the White House and a Congress with both Houses showing a GOP majority? Look at the Supreme Court. Would it serve us at all to have a couple of vacancies and have people such as Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Hannity, Kyl, Coburn, Pence, and many others influencing the nomination of the next Justice?

"IN YOUR FACE" administration would certainly lead to backlash that we as a community cannot afford. In fact, we as a nation cannot afford to have the GOP running federal governance.

It pains me to see the anger that flows from Dr. West. I know he is very much well intentioned but sometimes our emotions manifest in behavior that is actually counterproductive.

I am curious to see if Mr. Mack will allow me to post the Open letter on my web page. I have given my email address, and would love to post the letter; it is so relevant.