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Friday, July 31, 2015

The GOP Ignominious: GOP Fear Politics And Hillary As KKK

As we watch the various manifestations of conservatives making wild and insane analogies against the world's most heinous figures, despicable people and in- humane organizations, how can anyone avoid thoughts of such comment as "lock-step" strategy and campaign tactics.

After Ted Cruz spoke as such:

“If this deal goes through, without exaggeration, the Obama administration will become the world’s leading state sponsor and financier of radical Islamic terrorism.”

After Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke as such:

Cotton said that Kerry, who is appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday to sell lawmakers on the agreement, “acted like Pontius Pilate” by not drawing a line.
After Huckabee spoke as such:

MSNBC, Ed Schultz (first 2:08 minutes only

And this..... 
This GOP'er just out-Huckabee'd Mike Huckabee.
Posted by Mediaite on Friday, July 31, 2015
It appears The ED Show video captured a twofer. Huckabee and Trump.

The latest example of politics by fear North Carolina Republican Party Chair. North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Hasan Harnett, African American, has twice compared Hillary Clinton to the Ku Klux Klan via Twitter.

Ring Of Fire Radio (Linked)

We will not address the inherent disgust in a black conservatives use of the Ku Klux Klan as an analogous strategy. GOP minstrels are well documented in their love for a party that is by policy anti-civil rights, anti-LGBT rights, and anti-women's' rights (unmarried of child bearing age), and anti-veteran, . We also will not bother with the clear Twitter verbiage related to "God." Our point of criticism relates to a political party that is so beaten down by successes in the Obama Administration, they resort 'fear' and abhorrent imagery' politics.

After being caught with their pants around their ankles when public contempt flows, they create imaginary support from phantom supporters. Trump: "Hispanics love me." Huckabee: "Many Jews positive remarks about ovens analogy."  

The "black-conservative" state party chair whitewashes (word choice intentional) dismisses is abhorrent remarks as such via a spokesperson. Notice the black conservative reticence in being referred to as African-American. 
“The chairman isn’t going to comment or give interviews on tweets, but as the first black chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, he believes we have to learn from history and move past it,” he said.
Minstrelism is ugly. It takes on a fare greater horror when the minstrel uses  horrific chapter of African-American History as strategy and to receive "back-slapping" praise from white conservatives.


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lost Black Man Part II: The Insanity Report (March 2010)

The Insanity Report Dot Com uses A Soldiers Story (Denzel  Washington and  cast) to illustrate loathing at its very worst.
This screed is the promised in, The Lost Black Man Part I Post.  It is a cross post from The Insanity Report Dot Com web page and it is just over two years old.  

The vast majority of African-American's wholeheartedly respect the personal preferences of other African-Americans when one considers social and political preferences. We do so knowing an overwhelming majority of black people, due to a changed political  climate and politics of the GOP, are inclined to support the Democratic Party. Sure, we hear the arguments about how the Democrats use African-Americans for political expedience, and some may very well believe that assertion. For me, I lay my hat where I am most comfortable. There is no one in the nation who can point to the US poli/social Right and show me areas where there is true interest in minority rights.  One only has to watch the vile utterances of people like (from Part I) Jackson, Limbaugh, Neal Borowitz and many others to see there is no respect for the black community in the political right.  And there is even less for the nation's first African-American President. The Lost Black Man: Part I  One has to only watch the news of secret email from GOP officials that are purely racist and of vile demeaning intent.  I will retract all that I have just stated if anyone can point me to evidence of voter suppression from the Democratic Party. 

Yet the self-loathing Jackson does not write about ills of his party; he writes about a President who has done nothing deserve being compared to a Section 8 tenet (See The Lost Black Man Part I). 

As stated above the following screed is just over two years old. I suspect it was written as the likes of Jackson and other of his ilk, emerged from obscurity after of the election of Barack Obama. As opportunity president itself, there is always a 'carnival barker' there to attract the unknowing and the inclined to believe and yes the outright gullible.